"Ducky, Gibbs come on in, just follow the noise. I be right there with fresh coffee and tea."

The sun room is bright and warm and very comfortable as the two men enter they are greeted by a enormous dog standing guard over two nine month old children. Playing on a large rug in the center of the room.

"Come on Squirt let Ducky and Gibbs in the room." Derek tells the dog using his Alpha growl at the end of the command.

The two men carefully sit then watch as Daniel and Elizabeth crawl over to the large dog and climb on him and over him. Pulling his ears and fur as they use him as a beloved toy.

Squirt looks at them and from time to time he licks a baby on the face bringing squeals and peals of laughter to the enjoyment of the adults in the room.

Penelope comes into the room and places a tray on the small table in-between the newcomers. "Enjoy the cookies and your drink. I'll be back in about ten minutes. This little one needs his nap and I need to recharge."

"I go with you Penelope, Elizabeth needs a nap too." Lisa tells her.

Squirt watch as the women take the little ones only then does he get up and leave, soon the four men watch as he runs after a squirrel in the back yard.

"How did he get out so quickly?" Ducky asks

"Doggie door it opens with a chip on his collar. Godfather can open the door too. The yard is fenced in so neither can get out. Well at least Squirt can't." Derek explains.

"I take it that he still brings you half eaten mice for your dinner." Gibbs says with hint of amusement.

"Yes and he will for sometime according to the vet. As far as the vet can tell the cat is only three years old."

"And where is your dear mother this fine afternoon?" Ducky asks.

Hearing Derek soft growl Tony snickers then answers. "She went on a date with Rossi."

"She could do worse Morgan. He is a good man and a good agent."

"I know but. . . ."

"What did we miss?" Lisa asks as she joins Tony on the love seat.

Penelope not far behind carrying two glasses of juice, after she hands one to Lisa she sits with Derek on the other loveseat.

"You're still nursing?" Ducky asks. "I'm surprised most young women today don't nurse after six months."

"We both talked to our doctor and well Ducky as they say breast is best we'll wean them when they get to be a year old." Lisa answers.

"I have to agree with your doctors but then I'm old fashioned and think sometimes the simpler the better."

"We made Irish stew and salad for lunch it still needs an hour in the slow cooker." Penelope tells them. "But first Tony wants to tell you both something. Don't you Tony?" Lisa adds.

"Is this another one of those safety in numbers things? I'm not going to like it am I?" Gibbs asks

"No safety in numbers this time, as for liking it yes you will like it." Derek answers then wraps an arm around Penelope's shoulder and brings her in closer to him.

"Well?" Gibbs asks impatiently.

"You need back story so don't interrupted please. Ever since that day that Lisa and I brought Elizabeth into the office so you could have the reports from Brad and the letter stating that I got my degree. My beautiful, lovely wife has been on a one women verbal assault team. She would like nothing more than to have Ziva and McGee needing her help with nothing but bent and dull syringes at her disposal to give the ordered medications."

Tony stopped and looked at both Ducky and Gibbs as both men tried to hide the smirks on their faces.

"We talked long and hard and we thought that you should know what is going on and what we have decided to do. Firstly I took the Lsat test I got a 175. Trust me that's good it also means that I get my pick of law schools. I went and talked to the dean and I took lot of tests. With Derek's help I've managed to knock out one year of law school. This is also going to save us a lot of money. It is still going to take me three years of night classes to get through. I'll be talking to Vance tomorrow and telling him of my plans. When I finish and pass the bar I'm staying at NCIS."

"Why in the world would you want to stay where you are not happy Anthony?"

"Simple Duck he is not going to let anybody but Vance and us know that he is going to law school. Once he is in the law department he can come into the bullpen wearing his best suit and new glasses, yes I know about the glasses, looking very much like a lawyer and inform me the team leader that there are problems in some report, or request. Or a question on the legalities of some search when ever there is a grey area on something that one of them did or didn't do. The rule of law is finite, it can be bent but never broken and both of them have been know to break it when it suits them."

"Is that wise. Anthony?"

"I don't know if it's wise, but it sure as hell going to be fun. At least until Gibbs retires then I'll go work for Fornell be his in-house law-man."

Tony lifts his arms and covers his face and head as he sees the small throw pillows come flying toward him from Derek and Penelope. Leaving him open to the sneak attack of one famous Gibbs slap from his wife.

"Thank you Lisa. Couldn't have done better myself."

"Anytime, Pops. That by way is what we are teaching Elizabeth to call you. And Ducky well you're Ducky!"

Later that night Penelope pushes her bedroom door leaving it just a two finger span open. She smiles as she looks at her husband already in bed his head and shoulders leaning against the headboard the sheet folded down to his waist leaving his torso bare.

"Tell me something." she says as she turns on the night light and turns off the over main light in the room.

"Sure what do you want to know?"

"Did you ever tell Tony that you got a perfect score on that Lsat test?"

"No, hey how did you find out I never told you? Never mind."

"See I knew you were a smart man."

She removes her robe and drops it on the foot of the bed. He can see that she is wearing his favorite pajamas, her birthday suit, daddy is going to get lucky. He thinks as he licks his lips and lifts the sheet for her so she can slip in next to him.

"Yes I am a very smart man. I know how to make my wife a very happy woman."

He says as he turns and lowers his head and kisses her with passion.