He couldn't help but smile as he watches his wife and children. It had taken them longer to get pregnant the second time around, their sons were three years apart. It worked out in the long run only one child in diapers and Daniel was able to make his wishes known. Penelope nursing Mathew, their nine week old son, as she encouraged Daniel to eat his lunch.

"Hello, baby girl." He says then kisses her then the children.

"Hello my love." She whispers returning the kiss.

"Where is my mother?"

"She's with Rossi, brunch then a book reading. He knows the author and he is one of your mother's favorites."

"I'm glad my mother has someone to spend time with, I'm even happier that they decided not to get married."

"You really don't mind do you. I mean they spend some nights together and he takes her on vacation."

"He loves her and treats her well that's all I care about."

Nodding her head in understanding she changes the topic. "Did you have a good game with your friends?"

"It was good to relax and get away for a few hours."

"Was Lisa there?"

"No, but she is going to come over here with Tony and the kids. Tony and I are going to study and the babies are going to nap. With our secret weapons help that is, you two beautiful ladies are going out to for a few hours."

"How nice I haven't seen the twins since before Mathew was born."

"What's to see they are two year old carbon copies of Tony, same damn smile and green eyes they are twin terrors. Together with their sister they are giving their poor parents grey hair."

"That's something you don't have to worry about, now is it?"

"Very funny Penelope," Derek says dryly. "Mommy is funny isn't she Daniel?" He ask as he hands his son a green bean.

"How did Tony do on his last test?"

"He aced it, you know him burning the candle at both ends. If he didn't have Gibbs and Ducky helping with the odds and ends I don't think he would be doing so well. He'll be done in two months then he has to pass the Bar.

"We're lucky too having your mom and the team ready to help us." She tells him a she places a sleeping Mathew in his bassinet.

"Come on Daniel, lets go play." Derek tells him as he lifts him from his booster seat.

After making a snack for the incoming toddlers Penelope changes her clothes into something clean and unstained. Looking at herself in the mirror she is pleased with her appearance she gained only twenty pounds with Mathew and she was back into her pre-pregnancy clothes.

"Hot stuff, I forgot to ask you a question. Just what is this secret weapon that you speak of?"

"Gibbs is coming over too, he made a train set for our boys, just like the one he made for his grandchildren."

Leaving Daniel playing with Squirt, Derek brings Penelope into his arms. "Baby, Mathew is two months old now, when can we get reacquainted?"

She can't help but smile as she looks up into his dark brown eyes. "How about tonight?"


"Yes really, I went to the doctor on Friday he said I was good to go."

"Friday! Why didn't you say anything to me?"

"Honey, I was planning on seducing you tonight it was going to be a surprise. I even bough a new nightgown. A pretty shade of pink it looks so beautiful, on the floor."

He looks at her for a moment and is rendered speechless by her comment and by the way her face has turned a stunning shade of red. It still amazes him that after all the time they have spent together she still blushes and he loves it

"I'm looking forward to seeing this new night gown of yours. I wonder if I can make you blush the same shade."

Lowering his mouth to hers it is never to early to start on a little foreplay. He get to a fraction of an inch from his goal when he is almost knocked over by a hundred plus pounds of muscle, as their dog starts to bark and race to the front door.

"Let the destruction begin!"

"Derek they aren't that bad."

"Five children under the age of four and one nine week old baby. I'll be lucky if the house is sill standing when you get back?"

"Well Gibbs can always help you rebuild." She tell shim with a laugh.

"What am I rebuilding?" Gibbs asks as Squirt licks his hand.

"My house after these children destroy it." Derek answers.

"Do you want me to bring the baby with me?"

"I brought Ducky with me. He can tend to Mathew while my dad and I watch the little ones."

"Good I haven't seen Jackson in almost six months."

"He came to see his namesake, how about a little bit of help Morgan bringing in the boxes."

Traveling with small children was a skill that all parents quickly learned. Seeing Tony come in with two diaper bags and a large bag from the market. Penelope could only chuckle.

Soon the house is filled with the happy noise of children playing and old men gabbing while Tony and Derek tried to study for Toy's upcoming exams. Surprisingly nothing went amok by the time Penelope and Lisa come home they found a well ordered home with the children happily eating pizza and carrot sticks.

It was a good feeling things had been going so well for the two couples. Tony and Lisa had completed their family a year before Derek and Penelope. They had wanted one more child but they were planning on waiting until Tony finished Law school. That is until they celebrated his great first year grades that is how Jackson Donald and Morgan James came to be, carbon copies of their father.

No one could say they were sorry it worked out well the two couples helped each other out and covered when ever emergencies came up. With all those children there were always emergencies.

Two weeks later a frantic Penelope ran into the bullpen at NCIS her eyes darting wildly around looking for Tony or Gibbs. When she sees three men coming down the stairs, she starts to go them but does not get far as both Gibbs and Tony rush to get to her.

"What happened?" Gibbs asks getting right to the point.

"Derek's been shot, they're in Texas. I need someone to go help Fran she can't take care of Daniel and Mathew. She'll be worry sick about Derek."

"I'll send Jackie." Vance says leaving no room for argument. "Gibbs you go get her and bring her to their house."

"Penelope where was he shot?" Tony asks

" Leg and chest it went through the vest."

"Tony you bring her to the airport. Penelope don't worry we will take care of things here, go to your husband. Call if you need anything." Vance orders.

Hacking into the airline and getting a ticket was easy for her, it was trying to remain calm that was giving her a hard time. Tony left her at the terminal with a promise to get Brad to call the hospital to run interference and get the truth without the sugar coating.

Once in the airport she had a thought, she called Derek's aunt Yvonne maybe she could help. All it took was to say please and tell her what was happening for Yvonne to be on the next plane to Quantico.

She then called Gibbs and told him about the change of plans. Gibbs had no problems at all knowing that at times like this family was a better support than a friend.

He told her not to worry that Yvonne would be picked up an brought to her house and the he would call he later.

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