Dreams and Visions: Chapter 1

By mercy_angel_09

Rating PG-13

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Notes: Ha!  After watching the ending of Escaflowne for the second time, this time round on my big screen (61 inches of Van . . .*drool*) and then kicking and screaming at it (and causing my brother to wonder about my level of sanity), I realized that the ending sucked!  I mean really sucked!  All of the heartache and angst, and that's just for the poor otaku in viewer land!  Well, I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands.  (*Cackles evilly*)  So it's four years later when the fic starts and it eventually reaches the point where it's seventeen years after the starting point.  Do I have your attention now?  Good, now read.


            She lay in her bed, staring that the glow in the dark stars that hung above her bed.  At the request of Yukari she had placed them there, but now she resented their luminescent presence. 

            She rolled over on her side and sighed, thinking of her king once again.  "Let me see, he was about five-four or five-five when I met him, so he'd probably be as tall as Folken was, if not taller, so that would mean that he'd be about six foot now, and I'm still a measly five-six," she muttered.  "And he had those reddish brown eyes and black shaggy hair that was always messy."

            She rolled over again and closed her eyes tightly.  "No, you shouldn't think about him!" she scolded herself.

            "Uh, Hitomi, are you okay?" Yukari asked, walking in.

            Hitomi opened her eyes and looked at her best friend.  The best friend she had told absolutely nothing to.  "No.  And I think that I owe you an explanation."

            She plunged into the story of Gaea and of her relationship with Van, only to have Yukari nod at the end.  "Wow.  That's some heavy-duty stuff Hitomi.  And where's Gaea again?"

            "Past the moon, somewhere orbiting Earth," Hitomi said.  "You can see the moon and the Earth hanging in the sky there."

            "So that's where you went.  And you fell in love with someone there?" Yukari asked.

            "Van," Hitomi answered glumly.  Even saying his name was painful for her.

            Yukari chewed on her lower lip for a moment and then stood up.  "I guess that you'll always have your memories of him," she said, "but you know what, you'll always be able to see him when you dream."

            Hitomi found a strange comfort in Yukari's words.  Strangely enough they made sense and she grinned.  "Well, I guess that means that I can see him every night if I want."

            "Yeah, just don't get any naughty ideas, or I may have to find a way to curb your dreamscape," Yukari giggled as she left Hitomi alone.

            Hitomi settled into her sheets and sighed contentedly.  "Van, I'm coming back to you . . . Van."


            The nineteen-year-old Fanelian king lay back in his bed, his arms folded beneath his head.  He sighed as he stared at the ceiling, making an attempt not to think of Hitomi.  He used to dream of her often, but now those dreams were few and far between.

            He closed his eyes and slipped into a dreamless sleep, but he found a visitor waiting for him.

            "Brother, you are troubled," Folken said.

            Van sighed and looked at his brother.  "Folken, were you ever in love?  Like, love love, not something that you thought was love."

            Folken chuckled.  "I wasn't as lucky brother.  Romance was elusive to me."

            "I guess.  But what about Naria and Eriya?"

            "I could have loved them, and I think that I might have.  But not in the way that you love Hitomi, or the way Hitomi loves you."

            Van sat still for a moment and then he smiled at his brother.  "Thank you Folken.  Thanks for the advice."

            Folken gave his younger brother a contented smile.  "Don't ever lose the memories of her.  That's why you have her pendant."

            Van had almost forgotten about the pendant.  It was the one that Hitomi had used to help him when she had been here, but now it was hanging around his neck.  "The pendant.  I'm so used to it, I almost forgot that I had it."

            "Van, do not forget the ones that mean the most to you.  Especially the woman that you love the most."

            "Of course," Van replied.

            "Lord Van?" a hazy voice asked.

            Van woke up and then looked up at Merle, whose blue eyes were looking intently at him.  He groaned and then asked, "What is it Merle?"

            Her long red hair hung past her face and was gently brushing Van's face.  He brushed it away and she took it as a cue to stand up.  "Lord Van, you were mumbling in your sleep."

            "And what were you doing in here anyway?" Van asked.  "If you keep on sneaking in here at night, people will start to whisper about us."

            "So what?  We know the truth."

            "Merle, unfortunately my appeal won't last if people think that I'm involved with you.  It just looks bad."

            "I guess so Lord Van."

            "So, was I worrying you?"

            "You always worry me!  Lord Van, I love you so much, and I know how much you miss Hitomi.  Do you think that she still remembers you?"

            "I hope so Merle, I hope so.  Well, good night Merle."

            "Good night Lord Van."  Merle left Van's room, leaving him alone with his memories of Hitomi.

            "I guess I should sleep," he murmured to himself.  He settled down into his sheets and closed his eyes.  "Hitomi . . ."


            Hitomi looked around the room.  It was just like her room in Fanelia and she found herself running and jumping to the bed.  She sighed as she snuggled down into the sheets and closed her eyes.  "Everything is the same."

            "I did it that way on purpose."

            She twisted and turned as she tried to see who was addressing her.


            "Yes.  It's been a while.  You look so much older now."

            Hitomi took a moment to study Van.  He was about six foot now, and his hair was little longer in back, reminding her of Folken.  His eyes were still the deep reddish brown that she remembered and his shoulders were a little wider and his voice a little deeper.  He had grown into a fine young king, and she was certain that he had found a queen.  "So, I guess that a lot has changed, huh."

            Van shrugged.  He looked at Hitomi, who looked a couple of inches taller, and her sandy blonde hair was at her shoulders now.  Her eyes were still that vivid green that had captivated him, and he noticed that she looked very much like a woman now.  "Not a whole lot.  Do you know what's going on?"

            Hitomi shook her head.  "I don't know.  The last thing I remembered was falling asleep."

            "Yeah, me too," Van mused.  "Do you think that this is a dream then?"

            "It must be," Hitomi answered.  She remembered a voice; she believed that it was her grandmother, telling her that Earth was connected to Gaea through the human race's pure emotions.  "I think it has something to do with our emotions Van.  We must have wanted to see each other so bad that we met up in our dreams."

            "But if this is a dream, that means that there shouldn't be consequences for our actions," Van said, walking over to the bed, kicking off his boots and removing his shirt as he went.

            "Van, we can't do that!" Hitomi said, sitting up and attempting to hide the blush in her cheeks.

            Van crawled across the mattress and sat on his knees behind her.  He brushed back her hair and gently kissed her neck.  This wasn't difficult to do since she was wearing a low cut white satin nightgown.  "It's just a dream.  What could possibly happen?" he asked between kisses.

            Hitomi shivered and then turned to him.  "I don't know, it's just . . ." her voice trailed off.

            "Don't worry," Van said, gently picking her up and placing her on the mattress.  "Nothing will happen that you'll regret, ever."

            He sounded so confident she lost any reserve that she might have had.  "Okay, I guess that you're right.  But uh Van, do you have a queen?"

            Van, who was over her, chuckled.  "As a matter of fact I do."

            Hitomi looked away in an attempt to hide the tears that had escaped from her eyes.  "I thought so."

            "Silly girl.  You're my queen.  For now, for always," he said as he turned her face back to his and planted a kiss on her lips.

            Hitomi's heart soared as she felt the tingle from the kiss.  He really did love her, so much in fact that he wouldn't marry.  Throwing caution into the wind, she gave herself to him.


This is my first serious Escaflowne fanfiction, so I really hope that no one finds it lame.  I'm currently writing it as a one shot, but dividing it up into chapters as I go.  I accept reviews, flames, pretty much anything.  I usually don't get much feedback and I would love to have some for a change.