A/N this is really my first effort at writing a fic that isn't pairing based, so let's see how it turns out. It's obviously for black butler, I mean, if you're here you obviously know that. It will show the time that Madame Red and Grell Sutcliffe were Jack the Ripper. Obviously, it will end with Grell being taken away by Will, but it enjoy this prequel nevertheless.

Bloody Mary

I: The First Ripping

"Oh…. My myyyy! You've done such a glamorous job!" A slow clapping accompanied the happy, flamboyant compliment shouted at me from the towers, the sky. I dropped the bloody knife on the floor and looked up into the sky, my body covered with the blood. The blood of one of my patients, the one I performed an abortion on. If I can't have it what gives them the right to get rid of something they were blessed to have! Something I want but can never have.

"I've had my eye on you… all this time!" He shouted. I could do nothing but stare at him. Nothing but that.

"Thanks to you, the list of dead in this district is jam-packed! You've made me ever so busy you see." He said, jumping down from his high pedestal atop the building.

"I understand veeeery well how you feel. Those hideous broads deserved to die." He approached me and pulled me close to him and held me.

"I want a baby of my very own too, but it seems that my being male is a bit of a problem. You and I, we're like two peas in a pod." He said.

I couldn't speak. I couldn't respond.

"I will… lend you a hand."

So I could get revenge on those horrible women, blessed with conceiving, but wanting to rid of that wonderful gift of life. How could they. I lost everything, it was taken from me! They just want to throw it away! I can't, I could never forgive them! I can't, I won't, I'm not able to!

"Deary, while I do love this wonderful shade of red, walking around with blood in your hair isn't very inconspicuous." He said, wagging his finger. He helped me stand and I cut my blood caked hair.

"You, Grell Sutcliffe, will pose as my butler, the butler of the Burnett house." I told Grell, the red cloaked shinigami.

"But this outfit is so drab!" Grell remarked. I gave him a glare and he sighed.

"Yes," Grell said. "I supposed you'll want me to act in a more, lest eccentric way too?"

I nodded and he nodded in return and left to change into the butler uniform. As he left, I heard of the news.

"Ciel! Ciel is alive!"

I rushed to a Phantomhive estate where Ciel was rumored to have returned to. The puppy of the Phantomhive family returned. I rushed into the door of the mansion and saw Ciel.

"Ciel! Is it really you, Ciel!" I shouted. "So you were alive all along!"

He just looked at me with a sullen expression on his face. He had a black-clad butler at his side. I asked him repeatedly, but he would never tell me about what had happened to him. He wouldn't speak a word. But it didn't matter. Ciel had returned.

"I'm so glad…. At least you survived…. Come let me get a better look at you."

He had returned. At least I had him. He, my beloved, his and my sister's child, at least I had him. But I couldn't help but feel empty. Why had he returned when my beloved had not? Why did this child live when "he" did not? I should be happy for Ciel's return… but I just can't be truly, completely happy. I just can't.

Why could I not have been the one to marry him? This child… Ciel, was not him. This boy is the son of the elder sister that took "him" away from me. Yet, I can't hate him. No matter how hard I try. I can't hate the product of "his" and my sister's love. I can't.

He is the new dog of the military now. I have to be wary of him. I can't let my guard down, because this Ciel is a different person than before. He doesn't smile like he used to. He can't enjoy my company, or Elizabeth's company like he used to. That butler of his, I believe he has something to do with it.

I will continue to be this "Jack the Ripper!"

"It seems you've become quite the icon darling." Grell said, cleaning his precious death scythe. I sighed and looked out the window, a bloody knife in my hand. I burned it. I removed that horrid woman's uterus and burned it. She does not deserve such a thing, she does not deserve her own life, yet alone the ability to bring life into this world.

"The Scotland Yard is stumped at who this 'Jack the Ripper' is! They would never assume a woman was responsible those sexist bastards! Of course, these broads of prostitutes who would abandon the ability to give birth, the miracle, for their selfishness. Horrible creatures they are darling. However, you aren't so bad, you do deserve to wear red after all. The blood splatter shined in the moonlight splendidly tonight, it was pure wonder, pure ecstasy." Grell said, holding a conversation by himself with me.

"I know, I'm doing the right thing to these horrible people."

"You are indeed darling, just don't let your nephew catch on, sooner or later, he will be given the task by the queen, that woman, ugh." Grell said. I looked at the knife.

"Even though they deserved it I can't help but feel regret." I mumbled. "Should I be doing this?"

"Why not? You have nothing to lose my darling. Your love is gone, your sister stole him and now she gets to rest in peace with him for all eternity. Then your husband and child were taken. You've had such an unfair life, why not even it out a little and pass on your misfortune to others who deserve it." He said with a smile, showing off his sharp teeth.

"Yes, that's true…. I guess everyone here deserves hell."

"That's the spirit sweety, hmm, 'Jack the Ripper' isn't a suitable name, not aaat aaaall, to masculine, unsightly! Well, how about 'Bloody Mary', hmm? Doesn't that fit so much, it's feminine yet threatening!" Grell said happily spinning.

"I guess it is better, it fits this red that accompanies every attack, even though there's only been two."

"There's five more on the list isn't there? Can't wait!"

"I've decided we're going to go visit Ciel in his townhouse, don't you think." I said. Grell shrugged.

"I suppose, if I get to see his dreamy butler again!" Grell said, going to change into his butler uniform.

"Ah, maybe Lau will want to go visit Ciel as well. We should stop by and see…"