Bloody Mary


The Final Gala Of A Human's Life

While I lived, I was suspended for my treacherous and illegal actions. Love makes you do crazy things. Jealousy makes you do crazy things.

While inside I do not regret killing her; I feel like I was jealous that she cared for a such a brat as family whilst she ignored my feelings for her. The only woman I had ever loved… I'm usually only ever attracted to men. Cruelty is a strong point…

After the harsh scolding I endured without a word; and the judgment of the Reaper Council was, as stated, suspension and the confiscation of the illegally modified Death Scythe. I loved it so, and was given permission, documented of course, that once I were to have gone through the legalization process for modifying a death scythe; I would be able to retrieve my precious again. It shouldn't be difficult with Ronald Knox as a friend; since he's well acquainted with the woman of the modification department. A womanizer, he is.

After my suspension, I was sent to return to my home and be watched if I ever was to leave until the suspension ended. I was not to work; therefore I would need a temporary job. But that can wait, I've got plenty of money from working as a butler at the moment.

I don't want to return to my home though. I have not been there for so long. I decided to visit the manor that I had become accustomed to. The Burless household, whom I'm sure are breaking apart the property to the various relatives of the late Madam's late husband.

I wonder how the brat will pass of her death. And accident? Unless that suspicious Undertaker can miraculously cover up wounds like that, it will be hard to explain such unique cuts; no Victorian technology can perform cuts like my precious death scythe can.

But on my way to the manor, I spotted the Undertaker speaking with children in front of a cathedral, bells tolling as a carriage made to arrive. I stopped atop a building compulsively, upon seeing the demonic butler at the reins of the carriage. The Phantomhive boy. I'm unarmed, surely can't let them see me.

I stayed atop the building and watched as the young aristobrat exited the carriage as the gorgeous butler made to speak with the Undertaker, that madman giggling as he accepted payment. I vaguely heard Sebastian speak of burying Mary Jane Kelly; the woman I had killed last, just before the Madam and I were ousted by the brat and his demon; and the last victim of Jack The Ripper.

I'd Prefer Bloody Mary. But without the brat revealing who the culprit was, it will always be Jack The Ripper.

If the madam was known as the ripper, it would ruin her name, the Burless's name, it may even well ruing the Phantomhive Name, since she is related to the current head. Whilst I don't care a lick for Phantomhive, I surely wouldn't want the madam's name slandered.

Despite how much a pale, bland woman she had become. How could someone so vibrantly red and decked with crimson, suddenly drain of color like blood swept by rain into the gutter?

Phantomhive pushed the door open while bearing a flowing red dress in her arms. I jumped from the rooftop and looked through the doorway, just as Undertaker rolled a stand filled to the brim with petals of roses into the wind. I heard the murmurs of the mourners as they suddenly stopped their tears and mourning and went to look at Ciel as he stepped into the cathedral. Murmurs of how inappropriate the action was turned to back into the solemnest as they realize it was it honor of the woman who always wore red. The petal blew in the wind, as the blonde girl from the Viscount's party looked out while she wore a black dress. I turned away and jumped back up to the rooftop.

"Rest In Peace lovely lady of crimson." I murmured.

"It's a peculiar funeral, I've never seen one that added red rose petals abundant to the solemn mourners tears." The Undertaker chuckled as he looked in with the butler.

"That is my young master, always making a scene of himself; even at the solemn event of a funeral." Sebastian responded in his normal calmed way.

"Final great gala of every human's life, you might as well make it a grand one, heh." Undertaker grumbled.

"You came to a funeral? It's not like you to stick around after a kill, Grell-Sempai." I heard from behind me.

"Well, it is a special funeral, probably something of a mistake; but I doubt I'll ever realize it." I replied, not even bothering to turn around; already aware that it is Ronald; the one ordered to watch me.

"But you just said it now." He replied, a confused tone in his voice.

"I may have said, it but I don't feel it. I still feel like It was the right thing to do to paint the floor with the organic crimson. It feels right but is logically wrong." I told him, turning around. "Like your womanizing behavior."

He shrugged and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I guess, but I still don't really understa-"

"I have somewhere I want to go." I said, jumping down from the building again; following the party of mourners as Undertaker lead the party to bring Madam to be buried.

"I'm sure the butler has already sensed I'm here, the peculiar Undertaker too."I said. "Which means he's pretty sure I'm not a threat right now, which means I can go ahead and see the madam one more time."

"You really do miss this woman you call the madam." Ronald said.

"She did inspire some jealousy in William. He was raving with that envy when he scolded me, it seems her death has proved to me William loves me." I said smirking. "To bad I had to fall in love and lose control again just to see it."

"Grell-Sempai fell in love with a woman? How would that even work if you're a lady yourself, eh?" Ronald asked, jumping down with me.

"I'll never know, she didn't even acknowledge my emotions." I said, pining up my blackened hair as I adorned a black suit and goofy large frame glasses.

"Sempai?" Ronald asked.

"could you wait here? You'll draw attention, I'll just be a moment." I said. Ronald paused but nodded and I joined the crowd.

"Butler Grell! It's so sad!" I heard a shout seeing the Phantomhive servants all lined up in the back, having known the madam as well. She visited her nephew quite a lot and was easy to bond with.

The girl, MeyRin I believe, was barely containing herself, hiding her sad eyes behind thick glasses while he body language said in all. The cook looked melancholy, but not the extent of the others; even the old man wasn't drinking tea and remaining still in a vigil. The gardner, Finnian if I recall, had called out to me.

"Your master is gone! It must be horrible!" Finnian shouted. I gave a sad smile.

"I'll try and pull through…." I mumbled in reply in my butler persona. Finnian just looked at me with big sad eyes.

"Where will you work? I know, I bet the Young Master will give a job!" Finnian shouted. Meyrin shushed him, reminding him he was at a funeral.

I shook my head. "You have all the people you need; I'll find somewhere where I won't mess things up." I said in reply, turning away from the servants. I heard mumbles from the cook about how I'm not even acting right I'm so depressed. I suppose that's right.

I reached the madam's coffin and watched as she was slowly lowered into the plot with the crimson dress laid softly upon her as the casket closed. Undertaker began to toss the dirt back over her as the party of mourners dispersed, a party of blondes taking away the sobbing blonde girl with curly hair. Only Sebastian and Ciel remained with Lau as I stayed back and out of sight. Sebastian gave me a look as Lau spoke with Phantomhive and I looked back. He smirked and returned to facing forward. I sighed and walked away, returning to my normal clothing.

I saw Ronald outside, sitting on a bench staring at his watch.

"I'm done, I'll be returning home from here." I said. "William should be there by now freaking out about me leaving once more."

"You really do love him don't you Sempai?" Ronald asked as he stood up.

"Of course I do! I couldn't love anyone more." I said as I strode away, feeling myself again after sneaking into that funeral.

"you always say that but then you have a fight with William and then-" Ronald said. I turned and glared at him.

"I. Could. Not. Love. Anyone. More." I said glaring. He gulped and nodded, I turned and continued jumping from building to building.

"They are right; you can't win arguments with a woman." Ronald groaned.