Chapter 9: Delaying the Inevitable

Donovan: Raidou.

Raidou sees that he's in a capsule. He then punches it, shattering the glass, and then jumps out of it toward Donovan.

Raidou: Why am I here? What have you done to me?

Donovan: You are here because your niece killed you. As for what I've done, I've spent all of this time reviving you. And here you are, at the peak of your power once again.

Raidou: And who is this old hermit? Some dried-up old fart that you found on the street.

Heihachi: I'll show you who is an old fart, you…

Donovan: Now now gentlemen…you two must not fight one another. Instead…you must battle our enemies.

Donovan turns on a screen to reveal Xiaoyu, Panda, Kazuya, Raven, Ein, Hitomi, and Hayabusa.

Donovan: Raidou…you shall take care of those four.

Raidou: They are all weak. Even the one with the red eye.

Donovan: And Heihachi…you will be given the honor of destroying my enemies.

Heihachi: I cannot believe that you would have me battle such weaklings.

Donovan: You two are not so different. Now destroy them.

Raidou and Heihachi leave towards the Containment Centers.

In Containment Center A, Hayabusa stands with Hwoarang and Nina lying on the ground in defeat. Then, Xiaoyu and Panda come running inside. Hayabusa then unsheathes his sword and points it at them.

Hayabusa: What are your intentions?

Xiaoyu: I'm here for Jin.

Panda [roars]: Yeah…what she said.

Hayabusa: And why should I let you pass?

Xiaoyu: Please…we can't let anything bad happen to him.

Hayabusa: Very well then.

Hayabusa sheathes his sword. Then he, Xiaoyu, and Panda enter the door to Jin's chamber.

In Containment Center B, Raven stands with Ayane and Christie unconscious. Then Ein and Hitomi come running inside. Raven then takes out his kunai and gets into his stance.

Raven: What do you two want?

Ein: We are only here for my sister.

Raven: Kasumi…right?

Hitomi: Yes. Now please let us pass.

Raven: Fine.

Raven places his kunai back in their holders. Then he, Ein, and Hitomi enter the door to Kasumi's chamber.

Nearby the entrance to the separate corridors, Heihachi approaches Kazuya, who is surrounded by nearly an army of fallen DOATEC troops.

Kazuya: Father…I have become stronger than you will ever hope to become.

Heihachi: Not for long my son…and you are the one that is outmatched.

Raidou emerges from behind Heihachi. The three of them charge into battle.

Ein, Hitomi, and Raven walk towards a capsule to see Kasumi inside of it.

Ein: Kasumi…why do they want him?

Raven: In case you haven't noticed, she's more than meets the eye.

Hitomi: You mean she's…

Raven: A ninja, yes. Once she's free, don't go telling everyone you see.

Xiaoyu, Panda, and Hayabusa walk towards a capsule to see Jin inside of it.

Xiaoyu: What do they want with Jin?

Hayabusa: He plays a greater role than you know.

Suddenly, Kazuya goes flying through the wall, nearly missing them.

Xiaoyu: Mr…Mr. Kazuya!

Panda [roars]: Ha! I knew he was in over his head.

Xiaoyu: Quiet Panda! Have some concern for Jin's father!

Hayabusa: Who could have done this to him?

Hayabusa is then struck by the Torn Sky Blast, throwing him into a wall.

Raidou enters from the wall.

Xiaoyu: What have you done to Mr. Kazuya?

Raidou: You two are nothing compared to me!

Panda [roars]: Bring it on Mr. Muttonchops!

Raidou: And you…

Raidou points to Kazuya, who is looking at him.

Raidou: Your demonic blood is your only strength!

Kazuya: Easy for you to say when teamed with Heihachi.

Kazuya gets back up.

Kazuya: Fighting me alone…is another story.

Just as Raven is about to free Kasumi, the wall is broken and he is knocked away. Heihachi appears from the wreckage.

Heihachi: So you pathetic worms are my opposition? No matter.

Raven tries to get up, but then falls down. Ein and Hitomi run over to Raven, but see that he has been greatly weakened by the attack.

Heihachi: Come.

Ein: You watch over him.

Hitomi: But Ein…

Ein: I won't have you hurt because of me. Now then…

Ein approaches Heihachi as he gets into his stance.

Ein: I won't keep you waiting any longer.

Donovan is overlooking the battles that are taking place. Then his head scientist approaches him.

DOATEC Head Scientist: Sir…the data is now finished and the ALPHA's and DELTA's are nearing completion.

Donovan: Good. Very good. And their DNA's compatibility?

DOATEC Head Scientist: Once the conversion process is finished, we shall be able to combine their strengths without any problems.

Donovan: Now go and ensure that promise.

DOATEC Head Scientist: On it sir.

The head scientist leaves as Donovan continues watching the screen.

In Containment Center A, Raidou has the edge over Kazuya.

Raidou: Look at you…already nearing your inevitable defeat.

Kazuya [pantings]: You only won against me because of Heihachi…coward.

Raidou: SILENCE!

Raidou strikes Kazuya, knocking him nearby Jin's capsule.

Raidou: What do we have here?

Raidou turns towards Jin's capsule.

Raidou: So this is the puny child that I am supposed to protect. What worth is he?

Xiaoyu gets in front of Jin's capsule.

Xiaoyu: Get away from Jin!

Panda [roars]: No you fool! Don't you realize what you're getting yourself into?

Raidou: You're really going to protect him? This'll be amusing.

Panda [roars]: She doesn't listen to me anyway.

In Containment Center B, Ein seems to be tiring, with Heihachi still holding out.

Heihachi: You're quite the nuisance like him…I'll give you that. But your karate is nothing compared to the Mishima style!

Heihachi punches Ein into a wall.

Heihachi: As for this ninja…

Heihachi approaches Kasumi's capsule. Hitomi gets in front of it.

Hitomi: You're not going anywhere near her!

Heihachi: Even after your friend gave you warning, you still choose to fight me?

Hitomi: I'll die before I let you touch her!

Heihachi: [chuckles] You certainly have spirit…but that will not be enough for you!

In Containment Center A, Kazuya begins to recover and sees Jin's capsule lying in his reach. Then he witnesses Raidou's battle with Xiaoyu. He makes a fist.

Kazuya [thoughts]: Now is my chance.

Kazuya charges at Jin's capsule and punches through the glass, releasing the liquid from inside. Raidou then turns to Kazuya and strikes him.

Raidou: Trying to save him? What is he to you?

Raidou stomps on Kazuya's chest, who pretends to be struggling.

Kazuya: He is…my boy.

Jin grabs a hold of Raidou, twists his arm, then throws him to the ground.

Raidou: You…

Jin: Your evil…it's the same as him!

Raidou: You may seem important to Donovan, but I'll show him just how insignificant you are!

In Containment Center B, Heihachi notices that Hitomi is reaching her limits.

Heihachi: Isn't that a shame? [chuckles] Looks like you won't be able to protect her after all.

Hitomi charges at Heihachi, who then punches her in the stomach and lifts her up.

Heihachi: Just from the feel of your skin, I can tell that Jin didn't just bruise you.

Ein: Take your hands off of her!

Ein strikes at Heihachi, who then let's go of Hitomi.

Heihachi: As for you…

Hitomi sees Heihachi going on a devastating assault on Ein.

Hitomi [thoughts]: Ein! That monster…

Hitomi then sees that she's nearby Kasumi's capsule. She then punches the glass, releasing the liquid inside. Heihachi grabs onto Ein, launches himself into the air, landing onto Ein, then picks him up and puts him in a hold.

Heihachi: I hear your memory is not as good as mine. [chuckles] Maybe this'll help.

Heihachi is about to punch Ein's head when Kasumi grabs a hold of Heihachi's hand, then kicks him into a wall. Heihachi is unfazed.

Heihachi: So…you're awake…princess.

Kasumi: I won't tolerate what you've done!

Heihachi: You think this is the first time I've battled a ninja? They are nothing to the Mishima!

Jin tries utilizing all of his karate-based moves, but to no avail, since Raidou not only can read them, but can even use his best moves against him.

Raidou: I can read your inferior arts from a continent away!

Jin is on his last legs, with Raidou still going strong.

Raidou: You believe that you're a good person? How laughable!

Raidou ruthlessly beats Jin. After the prolonged beating, Jin is unable to move. Raidou then grins.

Raidou: This is the fate of the weak!

Xiaoyu lunges towards Raidou, kicking him in the neck, forcing him to the ground. It appears that Raidou is down, but then he quickly leaps into the air, grabs onto Xiaoyu, slams her into the ground, and then brutally stomps on her back.

Raidou: Tried to save him, did you? All you've done is given me a new means of breaking him.

He releases his foot from her back and sees that she is looking at him.

Raidou: Your expressions of innocence and fear…much like her's.

Raidou then grabs onto Xiaoyu's arms.

Raidou: I hope you are more entertaining than she was.

Jin is then enraged and becomes Devil Jin. He grows wings and flies towards Raidou, slamming him into a wall. Raidou, then gets up and though he is surprised by Jin's transformation, is still confident.

Raidou: You may have become a demon, but that will not save you!

Raidou charges at Devil Jin, but as he does, Devil Jin unleashes a devastating volley of attacks. Even Raidou, with all of his strength and speed, cannot block and evade all of Devil Jin's strikes and is then left wide open. Devil Jin grabs a hold of Raidou, who is then grabbed, smashed through the multiple floors of the facility, and is taken up into the air as Devil Jin takes flight. He then throws Raidou towards the facility, and as Raidou prepares to unleash the Torn Sky Blast, Devil Jin prepares to unleash his devil beam.

Raidou: Die demon!

Raidou launches the Torn Sky Blast, which Devil Jin evades swiftly. Afterwards, Devil Jin fires the devil beam, which Raidou cannot dodge.

Raidou: Damn you!

Raidou is hit and falls through the roof into an unknown part of the facility. Devil Jin then flies back into Containment Center A.

Kasumi manages to strike Heihachi with virtually all of her attacks, but then finds that she is not doing any sustainable damage.

Heihachi: Our bodies are harder than steel!

Kasumi is exhausted as Heihachi begins to show signs of fatigue. Kasumi then chants and prepares her Torn Sky Blast. Heihachi then grabs a hold of Ein.

Heihachi: Go on! Kill him!

Kasumi: No! Brother!

Kasumi then stops the Torn Sky Blast.

Heihachi: Now give yourself up and I won't snap his neck.

Kasumi then falls onto her knees.

Kasumi: I…I give up.

Ein: No Kasumi!

Heihachi: Good. Now you shall do exactly as I tell you. Understand?

Kasumi: Y…yes.

Heihachi: My first request is for you to…

Kasumi and Ein: Now!

Kasumi unleashes her Torn Sky Blast and Ein somehow does the same. Both of their Torn Sky Blasts collide. Kasumi's overpowers Ein's, pushing him and Heihachi towards a wall, forcing Heihachi to drop Ein. Ein then overpowers Kasumi's and stops, giving him just enough time to get out of the way. Heihachi, still dazed, then sees Kasumi's Torn Sky Blast moving straight towards him as such a speed that he will not be able to block it in time.

Heihachi: How?

Heihachi is hit by the Torn Sky Blast and is launches out of Containment Center B, through the walls of the facility. Kasumi then turns to Ein.

Kasumi: Thank you brother.

Ein: No, I couldn't have done it without you sister.

Hitomi: Hey Ein…how did you do that? That blast…

Ein: I don't know. Somehow, this feeling came into my head…then I saw myself do that…I…I can't explain…

Raven: I hate to break up this happy moment, but we need to hurry and stop Donovan. Now let's move.

Raven runs out of the room and Hitomi, Kasumi, and Ein do the same.

Devil Jin lands inside of Containment Center A. Xiaoyu then prepares to run to him.

Xiaoyu: Jin!

Hayabusa grabs a hold of Xiaoyu and leaps away.

Hayabusa: Wait…stay back! You don't know what he'll do to you!

Devil Jin then looks straight at Hayabusa and Xiaoyu, but instead of appearing angry, Devil Jin looks concerned.

Devil Jin: Xiao…Xiaoyu?

Kazuya then prepares to get back up.

Kazuya [thoughts]: Perfect…now to just take him before he can retaliate!

Kazuya gets back up and throws a powerful punch at Devil Jin, who then turns around quickly, catching Kazuya's fist with his own hand. He then tightens his grip, putting Kazuya in pain.

Devil Jin: Why must you persist upon tormenting your only son?

Xiaoyu, seeing what Kazuya had attempted against Jin, comes to realize that Kazuya had been playing her the entire time just so that he could kill Jin.

Xiaoyu: You're a monster, Mr. Kazuya!

Panda [roars]: See? I told you he was bad!

Kazuya prepares his other fist to attack Devil Jin, but Devil Jin then tightens his grip once again, forcing Kazuya onto his knees in pain.

Devil Jin: It's not the Devil that makes you do this…you have full control over it…you merely choose this path without any regret!

Kazuya's eye then turns red as he punches Devil Jin, only for Devil Jin to grab a hold of Kazuya's neck.

Devil Jin: You don't regret the heinous crimes you've commited…you don't regret tormenting your own flesh and blood…you don't even regret my mother's death!

Kazuya then fires his devil beam, which Devil Jin misses evades by tilting his head away from it. He then slams Kazuya into the wall repeatedly, each time harder than the last. Then Kazuya is lying on the ground, exhausted and nearly unable to move.

Devil Jin: You have no right to live!

Xiaoyu: No…Jin!

Devil Jin then picks up Kazuya, slams his head into the wall, then prepares his devil beam.

Xiaoyu: Don't do this Jin!

Xiaoyu breaks free from Hayabusa's grip and charges towards Devil Jin. As this occurs, Devil Jin's eyes turn red.

Devil Jin [demonic tone]: Once you die…your son's soul is mine!

Xiaoyu then grabs onto Devil Jin, causing his devil beam to barely miss Kazuya. Devil Jin drops Kazuya and attempts to shake Xiaoyu off, but she tightens her grip, causing Devil Jin's tattoos to begin to disappear.

Devil Jin [demonic tone]: Meddlesome human!

Devil Jin grabs onto Xiaoyu, then throws her into the side of the building. He then turns back to Kazuya, but the tattoos continue dissipating.

Devil Jin: I will not…kill my father!

Devil Jin [demonic tone]: No! This can't be! You can't disobey me! You can't deny me! [screams]

Devil Jin's tattoos disappear and soon after, Jin's wings disappear as do his wings. Then Xiaoyu gets back up and sees Jin.

Xiaoyu: Jin!

Xiaoyu charges towards Jin and gets on her knees next to him. Jin's eyes then begin to open.

Jin: What…what happened?

Xiaoyu then grabs onto Jin and hugs him.

Xiaoyu: Jin…I don't want the Devil to take you again!

Hayabusa then moves towards Jin. Jin then lightly pushes Xiaoyu off.

Jin: Xiaoyu. Please get back.

Xiaoyu gets back.

Jin: I am sorry for what I did to your village. Now…take your sword…and end my curse.

Jin gets on his knees, looks down, and closes his eyes. Hayabusa then draws his sword.

Xiaoyu: Don't do it! Don't kill Jin!

Hayabusa then moves closer to Jin and then swings his sword. Xiaoyu covers her eyes.

Xiaoyu: No!

Jin then opens his eyes and sees that Hayabusa's sword is inches away from his head.

Hayabusa: You did not do that. It was the Devil in your blood that made you. You've strived to stop it so that no one would ever again be harmed. You…are not meant to die.

Hayabusa then sheathes his sword. He then helps Jin back up.

Hayabusa: Now come. We must stop Donovan!

Hayabusa goes through the door as Jin, Xiaoyu, and Panda do the same.

After being hit by the Torn Sky Blast, Heihachi finally stops in a small chamber when a screen appears showing Donovan.

Donovan: It seems that she was more than just some mere ninja girl, huh?

Heihachi: [growls] Don't you dare!

Donovan: Though I must admit how impressed I am that the Torn Sky Blast did not kill you, despite you not having the Devil Gene.

Heihachi: The Mishimas…

Donovan: Are invincible, yes I know.

Heihachi: Why you…

Donovan: Do not fret, for you see, I have come up with a solution.

Heihachi: What could it be? More goons?

Donovan: Consider this…they have defeated many opponents…but can they defeat their inner demons?

Heihachi: What do you mean?

Donovan: Enter and you shall see.

Heihachi enters the chamber, where Donovan is residing.

Donovan: Observe.

Donovan clicks on his remote, revealing two screens. One of them turns on, while the other is inactive.

Ayane begins to awaken. Then she sees Donovan on a screen.

Donovan: Ayane…we had a deal. You were to do all that I asked and I would have left your village alone for good and had your half-sibling suffer a fate worse than death…and yet you have failed me.

Ayane: No! I'll do whatever it takes to make her pay…even if it means…

Donovan: That's the spirit Ayane. I shall excuse your moments of weakness and give you the chance to exact your revenge.

Ayane: Bring her out to me! NOW!

Donovan: Funny you should say that…because she is already waiting for you…and something tells me that there's something different about her.

Ayane turns to see Kasumi before her. However, she is not wearing anything and her skin and hair are glowing green. She appears to be enraged.

Ayane: I don't care what they've done to you…I'll kill you slowly!

Hwoarang begins to awaken. Then he sees Donovan on a screen.

Donovan: I am disappointed in you Hwoarang. I thought your bitter rivalry would ensure that you did all that you could to make your battle with Jin possible.

Hwoarang: It's that damn ninja! If he hadn't have shown up…

Donovan: Now now Hwoarang…in fact, despite your failure, I shall allow you to fulfill your wish.

Hwoarang: But…I…need to rest.

Donovan: Nonsense. I've already gone to the trouble of organizing it for you. Now get ready because he looks quite impatient.

Hwoarang turns to see Jin before him. However, he is wearing his black flame pants with red flames and red gauntlets. He also has a murderous look in his expression.

Hwoarang: Wait…you didn't wear that at the…

Donovan and Heihachi are observing it in their chamber when they see Jin, Kasumi, Xiaoyu, Ein, Panda, Hitomi, Raven, and Hayabusa enter the chamber.

Raven: Your game ends here, Donovan!

Hayabusa: And do not think that you shall escape either…Heihachi!

Donovan: I am so glad that you could join us…truly I am.

Jin: What do you want from me…from us?

Donovan: There is a very simple answer to that question…to make you two better.

Kasumi: And what does having us in tanks have to do with that?

Donovan: What I meant was to remake you two…but make them better. All of your weaknesses…doubt and compassion…all of those limits lifted and all of your strengths at full force…no, far beyond them.

Jin: And how do you propose to prevent us from stopping your plans?

Donovan: There are two individuals that I'd like you two to meet.

Kasumi: Who?

Donovan: May I first introduce to you…ALPHA…

The green clone of Kasumi appears, who is dragging Ayane by her arm.

Donovan: 151.

Then another individual begins to appear.

Donovan: And we mustn't forget…

The clone of Jin appears, dragging Hwoarang by his arm.

Donovan: DELTA-1.

ALPHA-151 and DELTA-1 stand staring at their opposition, simply waiting for the command to strike.

Donovan: Now…destroy them!

ALHPA-151 and DELTA-1 throw Ayane and Hwoarang towards them and charge.

Kasumi: Ayane!

Jin: Hwoarang!

Hayabusa: Look out for these beasts!

Raven: Take evasive action!

ALPHA-151 leaps towards Jin, Xiaoyu, Panda, and Raven while DELTA-1 charges at Kasumi, Ein, Hitomi, and Hayabusa. ALPHA-151 teleports around all four of them, delivering a devastating blow to each of them before disappearing. DELTA-1 begins a barrage of strikes, knocking the four back despite all of their attempts at stopping him.

Jin: ALPHA is far too fast. She's far too quick for us.

Kasumi: DELTA is completely without remorse.

Eventually, ALPHA-151 takes Jin and is about to finish him when Kazuya strikes her with a powerful uppercut. As she falls towards the ground, he reaches out his hand to Jin. Jin grabs a hold of Kazuya's hand and the two grab a hold of ALPHA-151 and slam her into the ground. Afterwards, ALPHA-151 teleports away.

Kazuya: I hope you realize that once this crisis is over…

Jin: Of course…how could I forget?

DELTA-1 delivers blow after blow to Kasumi, leaving her weakened. He then prepares a powerful punch when he notices a blade nearing him. He narrowly dodges a fatal blow, but is slashed in the back. Kasumi then sees that the one that delivered the blow was Shiden.

Shiden: You're safe now, Kasumi.

Kasumi: Father.

DELTA-1, suffering a huge wound, is enraged and soon grows horns and wings. Tattoos then appear on his body.

Jin [thoughts]: No! It can't be! They replicated…the Devil Gene!

Shiden: You will perish you foul demonic creature!

Jin: Get back!

Jin approaches DELTA-1.

Jin: He was created by me. I must destroy him.

Shiden then moves, as do Kasumi.

Jin: I will not give in to the Devil in order to defeat you!

ALPHA-151 reappears behind Shiden and strikes him, knocking away his blade. Kasumi then turns to strike at her, but then she teleports once again and throws Kasumi into a wall.

Kasumi: Father!

ALPHA-151 grabs Shiden by the neck, nearly snaps it, then takes her other hand and prepares to unleash an energy attack. Kasumi then strikes ALPHA-151, causing her attack to nearly miss Shiden. Kasumi then delivers another strike, forcing ALPHA-151 to drop Shiden. Afterwards, ALPHA-151 turns her attention towards Kasumi.

Jin is overwhelmed by DELTA-1's newly given powers. His wings enable him the ability to evade Jin and his strength is nearly bone-shattering. However, Jin soon finds that DELTA-1's attacks are unintelligible: based off of animalistic instinct rather than attack.

Hayabusa: Wait! When you were taken by the Devil Gene, it seemed intelligent and calculating. DELTA-1 does not seem to be in control at all!

Jin: The Devil Gene has control over me. Though the power of the Devil Gene exists inside of him, it is unstable because it is missing the Devil itself. That is why he is berserk.

Jin uses this to his advantage, almost playing mind games on DELTA-1, leaving him wide open for Jin's counterattacks. Eventually, DELTA-1 finds itself at a disadvantage and flees.

ALPHA-151 is incredibly powerful, being able to predict Kasumi's moves while also completely surprising her with moves and techniques of her own. Then ALPHA-151 prepares to use the Torn Sky Blast.

Shiden: Impossible! She can use it?

Raven: Considering ALPHA-151 is a clone of your daughter, I'd say that she can do anything that she can…including that.

Kasumi and ALPHA-151 unleash their Torn Sky Blasts, which collide with each other. Kasumi finds herself struggling because of ALPHA-151's strength, as she pushes harder. Kasumi, using all of her power, then pushes further, starting to turn back ALPHA-151's attack. ALPHA-151 continues strong, with both of them at a deadlock. Then a sudden surge goes through Kasumi, who then overpowers ALPHA-151, causing her to lose control of the Torn Sky Blast. Soon, she is struck by Kasumi's attack at full force, which sends her through a wall.

Donovan: Think you have won, don't you? ALPHA-151 and DELTA-1 are alive and well…and their strength will not perish so easily. And even if they do, we will simply make more of them.

Donovan presses on a remote.

Donovan: Behold!

Donovan reveals to them his chamber of clones. Half of the tubes include clones of Kasumi and the other half has clones of Jin.

Raven: How in the hell did you manage to clone Jin's DNA so quickly?

Donovan: Come now…a magician never reveals his secrets…and in a way, DOATEC consists of them.

Jin: Don't you realize what you're doing? If you add my blood to all of them, they will all go berserk! You'll have minions that you cannot control!

Donovan: A wise precaution indeed Mr. Kazama, but after witnessing DELTA-1, I now realize the issue and my scientists and I will come up with a solution. We'll simply add an agent to enable full control over them, even if they give in to the Devil Gene.

Lisa is in her La Mariposa uniform. She then places her mask over her head as she overlooks Donovan and the rest. She then takes out a remote.

La Mariposa [thoughts]: Time to shut you down Donovan!

She presses on the remote. Suddenly, explosions go off, destroying multiple systems throughout the complex. La Mariposa leaps down before them.

La Mariposa: You're through Donovan!

Donovan: Do you not realize what you've done? You've destroyed their control mechanisms! Now they cannot be commanded!

ALPHA-151 and DELTA-1 are suddenly driven berserk.

Raven: This is bad.

Hayabusa: We must stand back!

La Mariposa: What have I done?