The Gilmore Girls meet the Evans Family

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Pairings: Harry/Jess, Remus/Sirius, Luke/Lorelai, Neville/Rory, Draco/Lane, and Richard/Emily.

Warning: Slash, Sexy Stuff, Blood, OOC/AU, Character Death, Child Abuse, Attempted Rape(only implied), and Drama.

Bashing:(HP) Ginny, Cho, Pansey, Hermione, Tonkes, and Dumbledore. (GG) Dean, Christopher, Emily, Max, Tristan, and Rachel.


Thoughts- ' Need coffee!'

Side note: Rory and Dean won't happened in my story. Oh and Jess has been living with Luke since he was eight(will be explain in more details later). Also Jess, Paris and Richard are going to be very OOC.

the story starts a month into Chilton and two weeks before Rory's 16th birthday (Which is october 8th).

Chapter 3

A Crush Around the Corner

(The Crap Shack September 25th)

(Lorelai's POV)

"Mom mom MOTHER!" yelled the voice of my sweet, kind- "Mom get up!" evil evil daughter.

"What Rory? It's Saturday the day before the day of rest and I need to practice for it." I whined as Rory draged me to the shower.

"Mom, Neville and the guys will be here in thirty minutes you need to get ready." That woke me up as I jumped into the shower.

"Sweets do you have your new notebook for the project in your bag and your pencils?" I ask though the shower curtain.

"Yes mom I packed everything last night and I checked my bag earlier. I have my money, ID, your's, Luke's, Lane's and Sookie's number in case something happens. I'm already mom."

After getting out of the shower and getting dress Rory run downstairs to make coffee for me. even though Rory wasn't allowed to drink any she was very good at making coffee.

It was quiet for a few minutes when Rory spoke again, " Mom how did the talk with Remus last night?"

I thought back to my conversation with Mr. Evans last night.


After checking that Rory was asleep I picked up the cordless phone and went into the living room. I was about to leave a message when someone answered the phone.

"Hello this is Harry speaking how may I help you. Shut it Drake."

"Hi Harry its Lorelai I was hoping to talk to Sirius or Remus tonight."

"Oh sure Lorelai one minute."

"Hello Lorelai, what can I do for you today?" said a new voice over the phone.

"Well you see Remus Rory and I went to my parent's Friday night dinner earlier tonight when..."

(end flashback)

"Remus just wanted to make sure we were ok after the argument. I told him that we were fine and that you were looking forward to seeing the boys today. Or sure I say that you are looking forward to seeing Neville."

"Mom!" said Rory while blushing a bright red across her cheeks.

Sorry that the chapter was so short I hope to make a longer one next time.

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