Hey everyone, sorry to say I'll be taking a short break from writing normal fanfiction stories in favour of giving self-inserts a try. And no I will not be abusing my power as the author to make myself overly-godlike, just felt like having a go at it for curiosity's sake. So I actually debated with myself for a while over this, wondering just which universe should I insert myself into. Definitely not Naruto or Bleach, those are way too overdone for my liking.

So I decided why not my all-time favourite game franchise, Halo! And since technically speaking, you are Noble Six in the game Halo: Reach. I have decided to insert myself as Six and see where my muse takes me from there~

Anyway onto the story!

Prologue: Spartans Never Die!

The whine of the covenant's plasma fire echoed throughout my helmet, streaks of blue, green and purple crisscrossing my cracked visor. My Heads-Up-Display (HUD) already flickering as if it were going to fail any moment, I could taste the copper tang of my own blood on my lips. I sprinted around a corner and skidded to a halt to catch my breath, my Designated-Marksman-Rifle (DMR) clutched in my right hand.

I boosted the range of my sound detectors, trying to slow down my pounding heart so I could make out the sounds. The sound of an armoured boot crushing the gravel under its foot, it was slowly coming closer every second. Pulling out a plasma grenade, I waited as the footsteps got closer.

'Closer... closer... wait for it...' I steeled myself as the mandibles of a covenant Elite rounded the corner, instantaneously I ignited the plasma grenade and side armed it as hard as I could. I could hear his warbled cry of surprise as the grenade adhered to his helmet, he stumbled backwards in panic and not two seconds later an explosion rang out.

Taking this as my chance, I sprinted out from behind my temporary cover with my rifle in one hand and standard issue UNSC pistol in the other. The explosion had taken out the Elite and a small group of Jackals that had been unfortunate enough to be standing behind him. As adrenaline pumped through my system, my brain worked on overtime as it processed all the viable threats in the immediate vicinity through my eyes.

'Three of those damned energy sword wielding Zealots... several platoons of Grunts and a handful of regular Elites and Jackals...' I thought as retreated into the building which housed the Mac Cannon, unloading a clip of my pistol into the closest Zealot. I cursed as the bullets ricocheted off his energy shields before the last one managed to pierce through the shielding and through its neck. It dropped its glowing plasma blade and fell to the floor clutching its throat, his fellows paying him no mind as they continued advancing towards me.

I dropped the empty pistol onto the ground, both hands holding my DMR steady as I opted to take out the Grunts first as I weaved my way back and forth to avoid the plasma fire. I managed to manoeuvre my way up the steps, dropping the spent magazine and slapping a fresh one in. Most of the Grunts lay dead with bullet holes puncturing their heads, leaving the two Zealots and the group of Jackals.

'Damn those handheld shields...' I cursed as the Jackals moved in front of the Zealots and overlapped their shields, grabbing my last frag grenade; I pulled the pin and chucked it at an upward angle. This seemed to amuse the covenant troops as they laughed in their odd way, I smirked behind my visor as I saw the grenade bounce of the wall and into their midst. The resulting explosion tore the Jackals apart and dimmed the shields on the Zealots, whom having discovered their protection detail were dead, decided to charge straight at me.

I quickly backed up as I fired round after round from my rifle, managing to knock down both their shields before my back slammed against the chassis of the Mac Cannon. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Emile's corpse still slouched against the railing that ringed the platform. The first Zealot raised its energy sword and brought it down towards my head, I rolled at the last second causing the plasma blade to slash into the giant cannon. I fired my remaining rounds into the wrist of the first Zealot as it tried to free its weapon, it howled in pain as the bullets tore through the muscles in its hand.

Throwing the rifle at the second Zealot that had started advancing on me, I crouched beside my fallen comrade and pulled his combat knife from its housing.

"Sorry man, I'm going to be borrowing this for a while..." I whispered softly before jumping out of the way of an enraged swipe from the second Zealot, right into the grasp of the first Zealot. I struggled to break out of its hold as the other Zealot advanced on me menacingly; I waited until it raised its sword before initiating my armour lockdown mode. The overcharged shielding caused the first Zealot to lose its grip on me, the second Zealot was not expecting this causing it to trip over my form and plunge its energy sword into its partner.

Quickly breaking out of armour lock, I took the moment of surprise to leap onto the Zealots back and slit its throat using Emile's knife. Combat knife still clutched in hand, I slumped back down beside Emile as I eyed the two Zealots for a moment to make sure they were actually dead.

Minutes passed without either of them giving as much as a twitch, I let out a sigh before placing the knife back on Emile's lap and stood up. The adrenaline having worn off, I limped off the platform and back into the dusty open area. I found my eyes drawn to the sky, particularly to the spot where the Pillar of Autumn had flown off to.

"Looks like I'm on my own for now..." A dry laugh escaped my throat as I limped into one of the remaining bunkers that were still in one piece, the door sealing shut behind me. I hit a button on the nearby wall, illuminating the interior of the bunker with bright white light. With my visor damaged as it was, the automatic polarization failed to kick in and I was temporarily blinded by the sudden flash.

Eventually my vision returned back to normal, my eyes taking in the slate-grey titanium walls of the bunker before moving onto the small bathroom. My hands found their way to the lock securing my helmet in place as I stumbled over to the toilet, the slight hiss of escaping air accompanied the removal of my helmet. I turned it over in my hands, the once pristine black and red colour scheme defaced by plasma burns and scuff marks.

Unceremoniously dropping the headgear onto the floor, I turned on the tap and splashed the welcome cooling water onto my face and parched lips. Repeating the process a few times, I ran a hand through my short, wavy black hair as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I barely recognised my own face at first glance, a nasty bruise forming slightly under my right eye at the location where the visor had cracked due to a rather vicious punch courtesy of an Elite.

Picking my helmet up off the ground, I made my way over to a communications unit situated in the far right corner of the bunker. Flicking the power switch on, I watched as it slowly booted up and a hiss of static filled the room. Resting my helmet on the wooden surface of the table, I slowly switched from frequency to frequency in hopes of receiving any kind of signal.

My hopes were in vain as each frequency I scrolled through resulted in the same hiss of static, even the emergency broadcast channel was devoid of chatter.

"Argh!" I slammed a gauntleted fist down onto the machine, smashing the delicate equipment into scrap metal in my frustration. Spinning on my heel, I strode over to the rifle rack and scanned through my available choices. I quickly holstered two Magnum pistols before grabbing a BR-55 rifle (Battle Rifle) and a shotgun for close-range fighting, slinging the shotgun over my shoulder; I performed a quick reboot of my damaged helmet.

'Looks like the aiming reticule is still working... as are the motion trackers. The health and bio-signs reading are gone; ammo counter is gone as well...' After a satisfactory run-through of all primary systems, I resealed my helmet in place before exiting the bunker. And was once again greeted by a desolate battlefield littered with the corpses of multiple Covenant soldiers and the still smouldering wreckage of a Wraith tank.

Hearing the sudden whine of an incoming Covenant dropship known as a Phantom, I quickly ducked back into the cover of the bunker and peeked through a narrow slit in the doorway. A few moments later and the familiar sleek purple hull of a Phantom dropship glided into view, I shouldered the rifle and activated the two-time scope.

The gravity lift hummed to life, dropping off a small contingent of Grunts along with a squad of Elites. I felt a breath catch in my throat when it deposited two armoured behemoths onto the field, a Hunter pair. Swinging my reticule across the field, I let it rest on the Elite in the shiny gold armour that designated it as the highest ranking bastard in the area. He clicked his mandibles and gestured for the group to spread out, I let out a small sigh when the Hunters lumbered off in another direction.

'Apparently they're combing the area for survivors; the question is why... the Covenant never seemed to care before, all they did was glass the entire planet over and moved on to the next... that means there is something important here...' I deduced in a matter of seconds, my mind trying and failing to think up something important enough for the alien invaders to deviate away from their usual pattern.

Giving a cautionary glance across the area, I quickly moved from cover to cover as I made my way closer to the dropship. I crouched under a small rock formation just a few metres away from the still active gravity lift, only a pair of Elites remained behind to guard it. I contemplated just shooting them but realised that would just bring back the other troops, so I opted for a more subtle approach. Looking around, I hefted a rather sizeable piece of rock and chucked it at a destroyed bunker.

The two guards started at the loud metallic clang and readied their plasma repeaters as they walked slowly over to the wreckage, as they were doing that, I sprinted from cover and into the gravity lift. A few seconds later and I landed safely in the interior of the alien craft, the troop bay was empty as I had predicted so I silently slid into the cockpit. A lone Elite pilot sat in the control chair and had yet to notice my presence, a brief glance over its shoulder caused me to grimace.

'Fuck... the controls look nothing like those on a human plane... looks like I have to wing it...' I sighed mentally before pressing the muzzle of my shotgun at the base of the alien's neck and cocked it, smirking slightly as it seemed to shiver from either fear or the cold metal against its neck.

"Listen carefully... I want you to fly this ship out of here; it doesn't matter in which direction as long as it's away from here... got it?" I whispered harshly.

"Why should I listen to you demon... instead I should crash this ship right now and kill us both!" The Elite hissed in reply, the lighter pitch of its voice signified that it was female.

Deciding to take a leap of faith, "Well I could just blow your brains out now and fly this ship myself but I thought you would like the chance to continue leaving, not everyone is as barbaric as your race..."

A slight clenching of what appeared to be a flight yoke was all that betrayed her anger, "Barbaric? My race? You filthy humans are the ones that are barbaric; you wage war upon one another just for your own personal gain!"

My eyes widened in surprise at the statement and my grip on the shotgun slackened for a split-second, enough for her to spin around and knock it out of my grasp. I heard it clatter across the ground as I was hefted off the ground by a strong grip, my hand reached for my sidearm but she caught on and proceeded to strip me of my weapons. While a male Elite's hand might have been too bulky to use a human weapon, the female pilot showed no difficulty in commandeering my pistol.

"I thought your race... found it heresy... to use our technology..." I grunted out through her grip on my throat.

"The dumb male warriors of my race have succumbed too easily to the Prophet's ridiculous notions of the Forerunner's so-called 'Great Journey'. Seemingly forgetting of our past as a proud warrior race, where we fought with whatever was at our disposal for our own survival." She growled as she dropped me onto the deck, pistol still aimed at my head. My hands unconsciously moving to rub my neck as I calmly assessed my situation but I couldn't deny the burning curiosity inside me from her statement.

"You mentioned you were a warrior race... why is it that all the Sangheili I encountered on the battlefield were males?" I questioned whilst using their actual species name to show a little courtesy, watching as her face contorted into what was presumed to be a mask of disgust.

"Those thrice damned San 'Shyuum and their accursed way of thinking! They treat the females of their species with contempt and declared them merely child-bearers; a fraction of this stupidity seemed to have passed into our race... the majority of the males now treat the females with disrespect, giving us menial jobs such as being pilots and taking care of the household..." She tightened her grip on the pistol so much that I could see the metal deforming under her strength.

'Sheesh... Kat would have castrated me if I had thought that way... not to mention all the other female soldiers and Spartans...' I cringed at the thought before a crazy idea started forming in my mind.

"Since you hate them so much... why don't you kick them off their throne?" I suggested with a smirk, not that she could see past my polarized visor. The female Elite seemed to pause at this, no doubt running those words through her brain a few times before laughing out right.

"Do you think it is that easy to defeat the Prophets? It is a foolish endeavour! Not only are they guarded by the strongest of my race, they also possess Forerunner technology beyond what you have seen so far! All traitors and rebels were killed on the spot; none of them stood a chance!" She spat in disgust.

Taking my chances, I stood back up with my palms held outwards to show that I meant her no harm. She eyed me wearily but made no move to attack me; I leaned against the purple wall behind me and crossed my armoured arms in front of my chest.

"Then why are you still standing there... shouldn't you have killed me already? Is that what an honourable warrior race does? Go around indiscriminately attacking and killing everything it comes across? Or is that what those so called Prophets reduced your proud race into?"

Her eyes seemed to widen slightly at this and her mandibles opened to respond but closed again as she appeared to be giving it some thought. After a moment, she crushed the pistol and tossed it to the side before sitting back down on the pilot seat.

"I'll take us to another location... we shall continue this discussion there without fear of interference by the commander..." She hissed in disdain. I removed my helmet and tucked it under my arm as I walked up beside her, she seemed to spare me a glance and a look of surprise crossed her face.

"You are... human?" She seemed genuinely surprised at the revelation of what lay under the ominous MJOLNIR armour and strangely I did not blame her.

"Yes... we 'demons' are humans too. However we have been trained since a young age to be the best of the best, the protectors of our fellow kind..." I replied as memories of my early childhood training came back, I was broken out of my thoughts by a strange sound. 'Did she just... laugh?'

"Raised to be warriors since young... it seems you 'demons' have very much in common with us Sangheili." She said as she steered the Phantom expertly through a hail of fuel-rod blasts courtesy of the Hunter pair when the commander had noticed their ship flying off. "Tell me what was it that the humans named your kind?"

"Spartans..." I exhaled as I settled my bulky suit into the co-pilot's seat, barely managing to squeeze in. "We are Spartans..."

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