Summary: Failsafe AU. What happens when it's a different team member that dies first? Spitfire Two-shot.

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Got ya covered! Get inside! I'm almost there!

Wally turned at the sound of her voice in his head and watched as she fearlessly charged the incoming ships. She launched a succession of arrows, before retreating back towards the team. But she didn't see how her arrows, usually so straight and true, only hit one of the targets. Wally watched in horror as the other ship crash landed on the snow, fully intact, and swiveled its deadly head straight towards…

Artemis! Behind you!

Wally only vaguely registered Megan's frantic mental warning. Suddenly, his feet were moving as he vaulted himself off of the bioship and on to the snow below. He pushed himself faster than he ever had before with only one thought in his mind. Not her. Not Artemis, the girl who he sometimes liked, most of the time hated. The girl that sent mini Kid Flashes running around at full speed in his stomach whenever he was in her presence. The girl that never let him get away with anything. His spitfire. Not her.

Everything happened in a split second, but to him it felt like an eternity as he raced towards her. He watched as Artemis, in slow motion it seemed, pivoted to face the ship again, raising her bow in defense. Wally saw what was going to happen before her though, and he knew what he needed to do. Without hesitation, Wally ran at the blonde archer from the side and pushed her out of the way of the oncoming beam of light.

The last thing that Wally saw was a bright flash of yellow light.

Once minute Artemis was looking into the face of certain death, and then the next she was flung roughly on to the snow, her bow and arrows sliding across icy ground. Jarred, she looked up just in time to see Wally's body disintegrated right before her very eyes.

"Wally!" Megan's desperate scream pierced the air.

No. He couldn't have. "No…No! Wally!" she cried, reaching out to the spot where he had vanished, as if that would bring the young speedster back. Artemis knew she should get up and grab her bow in order to defend herself but her body was shutting down in shock. Wally, annoying, insufferable, immature Wally, had just pushed her out of the way of the alien's deadly beam, sacrificing himself for her, the replacement team member, the girl he hated. Why? Why would he do that?

Her face was cold and she realized that her tears (when had she started crying?) were freezing on her face as they were falling. Aqualad's strong voice broke through the fog as he commanded them all to the bioship while he took care of the ship. Artemis scrambled back up, grabbing her bow and arrows and joined the rest of the team by the bio ship. The all stood in a stunned silence as Aqualad took made short work of the ship.

"They're dead," came Robin's voice, mingled with despair and fury. "Every last one of them. If it's the last thing I do."

Artemis could feel herself shaking, whether from shock or anger, she wasn't sure. All she knew was that Wally was gone, and he had left this…hole: in the world, in their team, in her, that she was sure could never be filled.

"We must get on the bioship," Aqualad urged them all. "There could be more of them about."

He led the way and Robin slumped after him, followed by Superboy who was supporting a distraught Megan. Artemis turned and looked at the spot where Kid Flash had vanished, before reluctantly trudging along after them.

As soon as she entered the bioship and saw the empty seat behind her usual spot, however, she completely lost it. It was almost like an out of body experience. She could feel herself collapsing, but couldn't prevent it from happening. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, but could do nothing to keep them from falling. How she made it to her station, she would never know, but somehow she found herself sobbing against her console, even as Megan guided the ship away.

Wally's death kept playing over and over again in her mind like a bad record. The yellow light encasing his entire form. His body disintegrating right down to his skeleton until there was nothing left. No sign that Kid Flash had ever existed at all. But he had, and as irritating and ridiculous as he was, Wally was so much more than that. He was a science geek. He was loyal and noble; hadn't he just proved that by sacrificing himself for her? He was clumsy, and he was funny and charming when he wanted to be. Why was she just realizing this right now? Why had she fought with him, fought against him, fought her feelings for him, for so long? And now he was gone.

"Why?" she asked out loud, her voice piercing across the silent ship. "Why? Why would he do that?"

And then all of a sudden, her sorrow transformed into fury. She slammed her fists with all the strength she had into her console, raging against the world, against Wally for needing to be the hero.

"There will be time to mourn later," Aqualad said, rising from his seat. He was talking to everyone, but she could feel him looking at her. "Now we have a job to do. Defend the Earth and insure that Kid Flash's sacrifice is not in vain."

"Back to the cave?" Megan asked him.

"The Hall of Justice," he corrected. "The human race must know that there are still heroes defending them. There is still hope."

But Artemis, ever the cynic, knew that there was no hope to be had. What were a few teenage kids up against an alien invasion? And later, even when they had found Megan's uncle J'onn, all Artemis felt was a kind of dread, an emptiness inside of her. Then Aqualad and Superboy were gone, and she knew that if Wally had been there in her place, he would have found some way to solve this. He would have come up with something. If it had been him in her place, he wouldn't have been paralyzed with fear upon entering the alien mother ship. He would have stood tall and noble with Robin at his side. And if it had been Wally there instead of her, she was sure that his last thoughts as the mother ship exploded all around him, wouldn't have been of her, like her last thoughts were of him.

The heat from the explosions seared her skin. She was suffocating. Everything was fading to black…

And then she woke up.

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