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The Beginning of the End

"I'm tired," Saguru whined, letting his head rest on the café table. "Whenever we spend time together nowadays, he always tries to get me in bed with him. I've tried saying no, but he pouts and I feel guilty and I end up sleeping with him anyway, but I'm tired. I don't know where he gets his energy, but I simply can't keep up anymore. This past week and a half has been exhausting."

Conan just giggled. "Sorry. It's just that some people would call you lucky, but I get it. He really does have the sex drive of three people, doesn't he? It's hard to keep him happy."

"What am I supposed to do then?" Saguru sighed tilting his head to the side so that he could look up at his friend.

"How many times per week would be reasonable for you?" Conan smiled, taking a sip of his battery acid masquerading as coffee.

"Two nights a week...three if both of us feel up to it, but I want one night to myself, and the rest I just want to spend time with him. I don't care if we end up making out at any point in time, but I want it to be clear that making out is all we're going to be doing. Nowadays I can't even touch him without having to worry about ending up naked, and it's draining. Part of me is hoping he'll lose interest in me soon so that I'll be able to climb into a bed without having to preform acrobatic feats."

"I'll talk to him," Conan chuckled. "Poor Hakuba."

"Honestly, Ku—Edogawa, how have you been keeping him at bay all through December, January, and February?" Saguru sighed, lifting his head and taking a drink of his now lukewarm tea.

Conan smiled innocently. "We may only get to truly be together one day out of the month, but Kaito and I have devised other ways of keeping him happy. I was wondering why he hadn't requested my services lately. Seems like you're keeping him pretty satisfied."

"I'm afraid we'll need to share that responsibility; I'm spent at the moment." Saguru sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"We'll get this worked out, Hakuba," Conan assured. "I mean, we can't have you so exhausted when we'll both need to be in top shape for when the Kid heists start up again. It could be any week now."

Saguru blinked, Kudo's words getting through to his slightly foggy, sleep-deprived mind. "That's right. Chikage-san grounded him for three months, and that time is almost up. I'd forgotten…. I don't want him to go out there again."

Conan nodded, a pensive look coming over his face. "I know. Me either, but…he says it's something he's gotta do, and he says he has to do it on his own."

"I just wish he would let us help…at least tell us what's going on so that we could combine our intellects and come up with an alternative solution." Saguru sighed, peeling himself off of the table and sitting up straight.

"Hey, let's talk about something else," Kudo suggested, trying to distract them both. "I was looking at that article you mentioned the other day, and I noticed…"

Saguru returned home about two hours later, after he had finished his pleasant chat with Kudo—it really was nice to have a real discussion with someone who understood—and he found none other than Kuroba Kaito in his kitchen with Baaya.

"Hey," Kaito greeted, noticeably lacking the enthusiasm he usually had in abundance. "Welcome home."

"Hey," Saguru returned, going over to give Baaya a kiss on the cheek before turning and doing the same to Kaito. "Something the matter, Dove?"

Kaito shrugged, motioning upstairs.

Saguru nodded, saying a few words to Baaya before following after his boyfriend.

Kaito took a seat on their couch, shoulders slumped and hands resting between his legs on the back sides of his knees. "So…Shin-chan called me about what you guys talked about."

Saguru blinked in confusion for a moment.

Kudo had called Kaito to talk about the various portrayals of Irene Adler?

Kaito continued before Saguru's tired mind could grasp the topic of conversation. "I mean, is there something I'm not doing right? Or something you don't like about it? We could always play around with positions…or maybe, if it's not exciting enough, toys or costumes or…I mean I'm willing to try pretty much anything once, if you—"

"—Oh." It finally clicked. "Kaito, no. I…Sorry. I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, so I'm not really functioning at my usual level. I had no idea what we were talking about for a minute there. No. Clearly Kudo didn't explain very well when you two spoke. Quality is not the issue. It's quantity. Your libido is running me ragged. I'd very much like to make love to you just as often as you'd like, but I'm just not able to. I don't have your stamina, so I'm afraid that we won't be able to keep going at this pace."

"Oh." Kaito hummed, uncurling from his defensive position. "Hm. Shin-chan says that about me too. So…I'm not doing anything wrong?"

"Definitely not. I'd be hard pressed to identify any way in which you could improve…. It just comes back to what I told you at the beginning of our relationship. We need balance. I'd like a boyfriend and a best friend in addition to a lover. We need to flesh ourselves out in each of those roles for each other, if we are to continue to be successful."

Kaito smiled, getting up and giving Saguru's ear a playful nip. "'Kay. So everything's good between us now?"

"Yes, Dove." Saguru mirrored the gesture.

"Good. Then I'm gonna say goodbye to Baaya and head home. My mom and Hiro-san are leaving on a cruise tonight, and I wanna go see them off. You get a good night's sleep, Sleeping Beauty." With one last kiss, Kaito was out the door.

Saguru, however, did not get a good night's sleep.

His father came into his room at around two-o-three in the morning (Saguru was a little disoriented, so his count of the seconds was a bit off) and woke him roughly, saying, "Saguru. Get up and get dressed. There's a big case, and we need all of the help we can get. Come out to the car in ten minutes, and don't eat anything."

Dazed, the detective climbed out of bed and pulled on suitable clothes for the nippy March morning. He wondered at his father's order not to eat anything before going out to the car.

"What happened, Father?" Saguru tentatively asked the Superintendent as they pulled out of the driveway.

He could tell that his father was on edge. Whatever it was, it was very, very bad.

"No one knows yet, but there are body parts from multiple corpses in the plaza outside of Beika Station, and we've got less than three hours until the trains start running. We've got to get this cleaned up and sorted out before the media gets a whiff of this, so we need as many hands as we can get."

Saguru nodded and remained quiet until they arrived at a public parking garage close to the station.

The majority of the plaza was hidden from view by a large white tent that foreigners in crime scene wear were coming in and out of with body parts. They seemed to be taking them to another tent that had been set up in the middle of one of the lanes of the street.

Catching his son's eye, Superintendent Hakuba frowned. "Saguru, don't talk to any of those people unless you can't avoid it. They're dangerous."

Saguru frowned but nodded anyway. Now that he looked again, the foreigners were kind of freaky, the way they emotionlessly walked back and forth carrying the human organs as if they were completely indifferent to it all.

"You!" His father barked to an in-charge-looking officer as he flashed his badge. "What's the situation?"

The officer gave the Superintendent a sharp salute. "Sir, the Special Interests Unit is currently sifting through the scene inside of that tent there and bringing out parts as they find them. The parts are being sorted and recorded by some of our best in that other tent there, but…until we know for sure how many bodies there are and determine what parts go with which victim, we won't be able to identify them and find out who did this to them. I'm sorry, Sir, but until they've sorted through this mess, we won't know anything for sure."

"Dammit," Saguru's father growled. "Who can I speak to that knows more about this than you?"

"The Special Interests Unit's ambassador is the one that's mainly been in charge of things," the officer offered.

The Superintendent cursed again under his breath. "Their ambassador isn't still Crystal Monroe, is it?"

"OI!" a vaguely familiar voice shouted across the plaza before the officer could answer. "Coronel Mustang!"

"Why me?" Superintendent Hakuba sighed, turning to face the banshee of a woman that was storming towards them.

Saguru turned pale when he recognized her. It was that sniper from several months ago—Kaito's Kiku-chan.

"Monroe," the Superintendent greeted levelly as the smaller blonde drew closer. "You needn't shout and wake the entire city."

"I'll shout whenever I please," the fiery blonde spat, tearing the bloody latex gloves from her hands and throwing them to the ground. "This is ludicrous! My people are highly skilled human weapons. We were not breed like animals and trained from birth in order to pick body parts up off of the sidewalk. We are soldiers. We're supposed to be busting smugglers and human traffickers and drug lords and fighting crime from the shadows in ways that your police and self-defense force can't.

"And another thing! Even though we've been brainwashed from an early age to be desensitized to violence and indifferent to gore, that doesn't mean we should be used to clean up viscera. You have people for that."

Superintendent Hakuba sighed. "Look at your people, Monroe. They don't care. The people that were supposed to be doing this are busy enjoying their breakfasts a second time. They can't handle the carnage, so your freak squad got called in."

Kiku-chan looked at her people, calmly filing in and out of the tents with various organs in their hands. She sighed. "It's still gross."

"Brief me," the Superintendent sighed again.

"We've been working a little less than an hour, and we've found thousands of little pieces so far. They're tiny, Corporal, and there's so much more left to go. A security guard stumbled across this mess at one thirty, and he's in shock right now. I'm used to seeing human insides, and even I feel a little queasy. You have to sit on this, Captain, until we know who these people are and how and why they were killed. Unfortunately, we don't have enough time, and commuters are gonna be flooding this area for the first train at five o'clock. The media's gonna be all over this and you, Lieutenant."

"What can you tell me so far? Is there anything that we can give them to keep them from knocking down my door and jumping down our throats?" Saguru's father bit his lip.

Chrisy shrugged. "Tell them we've found six hearts so far. That'll give them some semblance of a body count. Tell them…what you usually tell them, Major. Tell them your best people are on it, there's no need to panic, and you'll find the monster that did this."

"Hey!" another familiar voice called out, and Kei-san, the man that had saved Kaito's life when he'd been shot, came trotting up to them. "Lily 'n Ruby found some fingers, so the crime lab guys should be able t' run the prints an' see if we have a person to go with 'em. Also…Jay 'n Ai found a skull."

"Yeah?" Chrisy turned her head as her boyfriend (?) wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"It's a baby," Kei continued quietly.

"Dammit," the Superintendent hissed. "We need to cordon off this entire area, close Beika Station, and get surveillance tapes from the surrounding area. We have to get a handle on this before the press finds out and has a field day."

"This is bad," Chrisy whispered. "Kei, tell everybody to work double time. I want the mess cleaned up by six thirty, and then we're gonna help the police hunt this sicko down."

"Rodger." He gave her a salute and started to turn to leave. The corner of his mouth arched upwards slightly when he caught sight of Saguru standing in his father's shadow. "Hey, Hakuba-kun."

Chrisy blinked, suddenly paying a great deal more attention to her surroundings. "Goldilocks? What are you doing here?"

"He's wi' his dad, Chris." Kei shrugged. "He is a detective after all, and we're gonna need as many o' those as we kin get."

"You know my son?" Superintendent Hakuba seethed.

"We've run into each other before." Chrisy shrugged. "Didn't know he was your son until a few seconds ago, but I guess that makes sense seeing as you have the same last name."

"You stay away from him," Saguru's father snapped like a grizzly bear.

Chrisy laughed, easily shaking the implied threat off. "Don't worry; I wouldn't hurt him. His boyfriend is like a little brother to me. So long as the Kiddo's happy, your son's safe."

Saguru's face went just as white as his father's did red.

Superintendent Hakuba turned on his son. "Your boyfriend?"

Saguru froze, taking a deep breath before nodding.

"Is that the reason why there have been several hotel room charges on your card these past few weeks?" The Superintendent look downright rabid.

Saguru nodded.

"And here I thought you'd finally taken an interest in girls…" He raised his hand to strike. "…you disgusting, perverse little—"

"—I would think very hard before you finish that sentence," Chrisy Monroe said in a low growl, and when Saguru opened his eyes, he was shocked to see that she was holding a tiny pistol to the side of his father's ribcage. "I would think about what I said about how your son was dating my little brother. I would think about how many of my people are here verses how many of yours, Superintendent, and I'd think about how unhappy the ambassador of the Special Interests Unit would be if her little brother got his heart broken. You will not lay a hand on your son, and you will joyously welcome my little brother into your home as your son-in-law. They have my protection, Constable, and, if I were you, I'd remember that even though you don't like me, I'm well-liked by a veritable army of very dangerous people."

Chrisy turned to Saguru and smiled. "Consider yourself married."

"G-Gladly," Saguru stuttered. "Thank you."

Chrisy shrugged, putting the gun back at the small of her back.

"Chrysanthemum!" Another foreigner (that Saguru could only deduce was some sort of secret agent/assassin) came running up to their group. "Pearl and Elle found this attached to the fountain."

"Thanks, Em." Chrisy put on another glove and reached out for the piece of paper.

Her face paled.

"I think I know who our sicko is," she mumbled.

Kei raised an eyebrow, leaning over Chrisy's shoulder to look at the note. He sighed, shaking his head as he stepped back.

Saguru stepped forward to look as well, and what he saw chilled him to the bone.

On the bloodstained piece of paper, written in bold, rusty red letters was: "Come out and play." and a Kid caricature.

"Who?" the Superintendent demanded, quickly getting over his son's impromptu coming out and Chrisy's subsequent threat on his life.

"How much do you know about my organization's Project 1412?" Chrisy sighed.

"That nut-job that my son's chasing? Is he responsibly for this?!"

"No!" Chrisy shrieked, the very idea preposterous to her. "No," she whispered. "Agent 1412 was killed nearly a decade ago by the shadowy organization he was trying to unearth and defeat. His replacement is currently after them now, and I think that organization is the one that did this…in order to lure Kid out." Chrisy tipped the paper forward, showing it to the Superintendent.

"What can I do to help?" Saguru demanded. He had to get to the bottom of this. He had to find out the severity of the situation and determine the best method of protecting Kaito both physically and mentally.

He would assure that those monsters never got their hands on his Kaito.

Chrisy blinked, surprised at the detective's sudden enthusiasm. "Well…we need help in the tent putting the bodies back together. There won't be much detective work to do until we have bodies to analyze."

"Right." Saguru nodded, heading towards the indicated tent.

After an hour or so of work, they had determined that they had at least ten different bodies, and half an hour later, the total had gone up to twelve.

At five o'clock, Saguru took a break to get a very light breakfast at Coffee Arabia, not five feet from the crime scene.

The media was starting to gather, snapping photos and taking video, trying to get an interview with anyone that would talk.

Saguru, of course, was accosted as he slipped past police lines and into the coffee shop, but he kept his head down, face turned away from the cameras, and kept walking.

He made a beeline for the restroom where he pulled out his phone and called Baaya. Next, he texted Kudo to alert him of the real situation. Finally, he called Kaito.

"Guru?" the still sleeping magician mumbled. "It's like four in the morning."

"Five, Dove. I need you to listen to me and listen closely. Are you awake enough to do that?" Saguru whispered, hoping his voice wouldn't carry.

"What's the matter?" Kaito sounded infinitely more awake than he had seconds before.

"Darling, when does your mother get home?"

"In two weeks. Why?" Kaito pressed, sitting up in bed and checking his alarm clock.

"Good. Just making sure that you were the only one I had to worry about, Love."

"Saguru, why? What's going on?" Kaito demanded.

"Darling, do you trust me?"

"You know I do. Now tell me why the hell you're calling at five in the morning, asking me that. Saguru, what the hell happened?"

"Something terrible, but I don't want you to worry, Dove. I'm fine. You're safe. Your mother is safe. Edogawa is fine for the time being, but you're going to be staying with me for…maybe a week or two. Baaya's coming over to get you now, so go with her and make yourself at home in my room until I get there.

"Just rest. Don't go to school, don't read the newspaper, and don't turn on the Tele until I get there, Dove. Promise me."

"Saguru, tell me what happened," Kaito growled, getting up and throwing everything he'd need for two weeks into a duffle.

"There's a case. I'm investigating right now, so I can't come be with you at the moment, but I swear to tell you everything when I get home. I won't withhold anything, Kaito, so please be patient and trust me. I'll explain fully then, but I want to be the one to tell you, so…please, Love," Saguru begged, willing his boyfriend to be less…stubborn and inquisitive for once.

"Fine. I'll go with Baaya and watch movies or something until you get home, but as soon as you do, you owe me bedtime and then explanations. 'Kay?" Kaito sighed.

"Thank you," Saguru sighed in genuine relief. "I love you."

"Yeah, yeah. Love you too, Weirdo." Kaito shrugged, hanging up and finishing his packing.

By noon the plaza had been sterilized, and the body parts were busy being sorted into fourteen different people. Things were moving fast since they had hundreds of people working to piece the victims back together again.

Even with all the manpower, it was still a daunting task, and at four o'clock Saguru decided it was time to go home and face Kaito.

He found where Kudo was lurking about the scene and smiled, beckoning for the smaller sleuth to come with him.

"New info?" Conan asked hopefully, relying on the seemingly older detective for clues since he was thought of as too young to be involved in an investigation of this sort.

Saguru shook his head, motioning for Conan to follow. "Enough for one day; we're going home to our wife. I'm tired, mentally scarred, and hungry as a lion. There's no more that we can do here until the bodies are reconstructed. Besides, Miss Monroe said that she'd give me a call when there were any new developments. Right now, we have to go explain all this to Kaito."

"He's gonna blame himself," Conan sighed. "The organization's probably trying to call him out since he's been inactive these past few months. Poor Kaito."

"Maybe…we shouldn't tell him about the 'Come out and play' note with the Kid caricature in blood?" Saguru mused.

"He'd be absolutely furious with us, if we held out on him. Kaito doesn't take well to lies and half-truths," Conan warned.

"I know," Saguru sighed. "He's going to do something rash and get himself killed."

"Yeah." Conan stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"How do we keep him from the brave acts of stupidity he's so disposed to?" Saguru turned to his little partner in crime and prayed that the smaller detective had the answers.

Conan shook his head.

"Shin-chan?" Kaito cocked his head to the side when not one, but two detectives made their way into Saguru's bedroom. "What's going on guys? I've been trapped up here all day with very little entertainment and very little explanation, so…spill."

"Please sit," Saguru sighed, motioning to the couch. He signaled for Conan to come as well and take a seat on Kaito's lap.

"Yeah?" Kaito looked from one boyfriend to the other. "That serious?"

Conan nodded. "Yeah, Kaito. It's that serious. There were some murders this morning—a whole bunch of bodies dumped outside of Beika Station."

Kaito blinked, looking back and forth between detectives again. "How many?"

"Fourteen," Saguru confirmed. "They were chopped up into fine pieces of human mincemeat, and we've been trying to put them back together all day."

Kaito mouthed the word fourteen a few times before shaking his head. "Wait. What does this have to do with me? Why did you send me here and forbid me from using the TV and all that?"

"Because we were afraid you might do something foolish," Saguru confessed, placing a hand on Kaito's knee. "Dove, there's something you have to know, but you have to promise to remain calm and rational. We'll sort all of this out together."

"What is it?" Kaito gulped, wondering if he truly wanted to know.

"We think that the criminal responsible for this did it to draw you out, Kaito," Conan explained.

"There was a note found by the bodies that said 'Come out and play'. It had one of Kid's doodles on it," Saguru continued. "Kaito, Miss Monroe seems to think that it's that organization that you're after. I'm guessing these are the same people that have been shooting at you?"

The magician-thief's mouth flapped open and closed several times as he leaned back further into the couch. "They killed fourteen people because of me."

"Kaito, it's okay," Conan cooed, giving Kaito's torso a light squeeze. "We're gonna get these bastards together."

"No! You guys can't get involved!" Kaito shrieked, holding Conan tight in one arm and grabbing Saguru with the free hand. "I can't lose you two."

"We feel the same about you," Saguru pointed out. "So you mustn't do anything brave and self-sacrificing. Your father would not want you to give up your life for the cause too, Kai. Do you understand that?"

"But…if they're hurting innocent people—" the thief argued.

"—The police will take care of it," Conan replied firmly.

"Kaito, you are eighteen years old," Saguru growled. "Your father was an adult when he took up that mantle, but you are still just a child. Your father would want you to live your life and let the authorities handle it. I doubt he intended for you to put on that suit and put your life on the line in the first place. 1412 should have stayed dead and buried. Now promise us that you'll stay out of this."

Kaito frowned, pulling away from the blonde. "Saguru, how can I? Would you? Look me in the eye and tell me that you'd hide in your bedroom while some crazy syndicate from hell went around killing people."

Saguru sighed, closing his eyes.

"Kaito has a point," Conan spoke up. "Hakuba, neither of us would sit on the sidelines and let some killers do what they please. We can't tell Kaito to stay put while we and the police handle it."

"Hmph." Kaito smirked triumphantly.

"But," Conan added, "Hakuba's right, Kaito. There's nothing you can do without putting your life in danger."

"Then what am I supposed to do?" Kaito huffed, setting his smaller boyfriend down on the couch so that he could get up and pace. "It's obvious that they're getting agitated because I haven't shown my face in three months. More than that. Something's happened. Something big for them to risk being exposed to the light of day. Normally they're so secretive about their existence. If they say 'come out and play', I have to schedule a heist and—"

"—What? Get shot?!" Conan barked. "NO, Kaito."

"Then what?!" the thief retorted.

"Calm down, the both of you," Saguru sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Arg! How can I?!" Kaito growled. "Fourteen people are dead, Sherlock!"

"Please," Saguru whispered, looking up pleadingly at his beloved. He stood and took Kaito's hands in his own. "Please, Dove."

Kaito took a deep breath and let it go, losing his steam. He let his head drop to Saguru's shoulder. "What?" he mumbled, sounding exhausted.

"Kudo and I are working to solve the murders," Saguru explained softly as Conan came over and attached himself to Kaito's leg. "We're going to discover who the victims were, how they were killed, where they were killed, and who killed them. Your organization may have managed to hide in the shadows up until this point, but there is no way that they can sweep such a public spectacle as this under the rug. Once we find them, they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. If you feel that you must do something, help Kudo and me with the investigation."

"Kaito, we're not trying to tell you that you have to sit at home and let the bad guys win," Conan sighed, squeezing a little tighter. "We just want you to be safe. I'm sorry, but I don't trust you to go out there up against those guys and then come back to me in one piece. They're deadly, and their aim seems to be getting better and better. If you go out there as Kid like they want, you won't be coming home, and Hakuba and I…we can't live without you. You know you'd just be throwing your life away, right?"

Kaito sighed again, bending down to scoop Conan up. He wrapped one arm around each boyfriend and rested his head right up against Saguru's neck. "Yeah. I know, but…I feel like I'm…like I should…I mean, it's my fault these people are dead, right?"

"No!" both detectives chorused.

"Kaito, you shouldn't blame yourself for what these sickos did," Conan insisted. "They did this to try to get to you. If you give in and start thinking that it's your fault, you're letting them win."

"Don't torment yourself over this, Dove. It's exactly what they want you to do," Saguru backed his co-boyfriend up.

Kaito sighed softly. "I can't help feeling guilty. Fourteen innocent people lost their lives. I feel like I owe it to them to go out there and risk mine doing the right thing too."

"Kaito, running out there half-cocked and getting yourself killed is the coward's way out," Conan hissed, running a hand through his lover's hair.

"Throwing away your life because of your guilty conscience will not solve anything, Dove. It will only serve to make me furious with you. Kudo and I do not wish to be widowed at such a young age. Don't you have any reservations at all about leaving us behind?" Saguru spat.

"Or do you not love us enough?" Conan challenged.

Kaito pulled back and looked imploringly at his two loves. "Shin-chan…Guru…of course I love you guys. Of course I don't want to leave you. It's just…I'm sorry. I'm so confused, and I…I'm not feeling so well."

"Shh," Saguru whispered, pressing his forehead to Kaito's and gently stroking the back of his dove's head. "It's alright. Why don't you lie down for a spell? Kudo and I will just be next-door in the study working on the case. We'll come and get you when dinner is ready; how does that sound?"

Conan was about to protest when Saguru gave him a look.

Kaito nodded, peeling away.

Conan surreptitiously stuck a tracking sticker to the back of Kaito's shirt before his boyfriend set him down.

Saguru took Kaito by the hand and led him over to the bed. "Will you be alright by yourself, Darling?"

Kaito nodded, taking a seat on the bed. He looked lost.

"If you need us, just call out. We should be able to hear you without a problem; we all know what your vocal chords are capable of," Saguru teased, patting his beloved on the head. "Promise us you'll still be here when we come to get you?"

Kaito nodded again. "Don't worry. I'm not going to run off and get myself killed the minute you turn your backs…at least not tonight, anyway. Go work on your case; I'm just gonna sleep."

Saguru leaned in and kissed Kaito on the forehead. "Sweet dreams, Love. Call if you need anything."

"You better be here when we get back," Conan growled, storming over to the bed and pulling himself up so that he could give Kaito a kiss too. "I'm gonna be super pissed if I find you gone."

"I know," Kaito chuckled weakly, trying to smile for his loved ones' benefit. "I promise I'll be good, Shin-chan."

"You know I'm only livid 'cause I love you, right?" Conan grumbled.

"I know, Shinichi," Kaito assured, lying down and getting comfortable. "Night night."

"Damn thief," Conan sighed, kissing his boyfriend once more for good measure before sliding off the bed and making his way to the door. He looked back and raised an eyebrow at Hakuba. "Coming?"

Saguru gave Kaito one last glance before getting up to follow.

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