Chapter 7: The Meeting

Allen Walker been walking around the Headquarter, because all his paperwork is all done, he could walk around for a while seeing Troopers, Elites, and also their family. He allow them to bring with them their family to stay close with them, On the past he keep noticing the member keep missing their family, so he decided to allow their family to live at the Headquarter.

While he was walking his jacket been falling down and he look. It was a child but a boy; he was least than 6 yrs. old

"What is it, Kid?" he kneeled

"I was lost, I can't find my father." He began to cry.

"There, there, let's try to find your father."

"You will? But, Sir. Allen is you busy?"

"No, I am not, c'mon let's go" while walking around the child finally found his father, "PAPA!" and let Allen and run to his father.

"Thank you, Sir."

"No, Problem."

"And, Sir you will have a meeting, a very important meeting Sir."

"Thank you, Zack"

He went to the meeting Room.

Meeting Room

Everybody was waiting for Allen.

"Sir, glad you made it."

"Yes, Indeed Ladies and Gentlemen." "Let's begin the meeting" he added. Every Member is Commanders, Top Elites, Head Scientist and Commanders of Branch (Same to Command).

The Meeting have talk about the problem, been solve, and other things can be easily big problem, to entire Soul Knight. Each part of having problem must be solving, and going to the important part for them.

Allen begin to say, "Gentlemen and Ladies, let's begin on our series part."

Everybody was watching each other; one of the Commanders stands up and said. "Of course, but our troopers just play role of finder are getting killed easily on the act."

"Yes, I know. There is another way"

And also one of the Top Elite said, "That could become an Exorcist, only a few our member have Innocence and that is also you sir."

"Yes, I know, Leo, but it is the only way to get more, some mission, troopers as finder, we lost a few, and remain on the Black Order. We can't take the body back here."

"Yes, we know sir. You are telling someone will get there and become Exorcist?"


"Sir, who will-"

"I will be one of the become Exorcist."

"But, sir-"

"Yes, I know, you can tell the troopers and elite, and everybody, and also they can come along, if they want to. And also for the last, I won't stay there, only a few days, with my assistant. After going back to Work, because I have lot work, remember."

"OK, Sir"

"The Meeting is over."

Everybody went out of the meeting, other we're talking, why Allen will be one to go. They have no reason.

*Next Day*

Allen is going to leave the HQ, but…

"Sir. WALKER!"


"I want to come along with you sir!"

"But, I need-"

"Sir, I am your assistance, even you go to the Black Order, I will come along with you sir."


"And, sir, everybody is saying good luck to us."

"Ok, George, let's go!"

They have left the "Soul Knight" HQ, and began to the journey, to the Black Order.

Allen know the Plan, the plan was simple. He will go alone, to know every floor, rooms, sectors, and what's so ever. He wants to see his own eyes. He found out that there is a last activity of akuma to some town on Europe, and they believe Lenalee alone going there. And there will be lot of Akuma, and he sure she cannot not take them all.

The Journey to the Black Order will continue on his way to battle of Akuma, and meeting his Elites and Troopers long the way.


"Yes sir."

"Are you ready for this?"

"Yes sir. Being your assistance all the way sir."


Black Order

At Komui Office.

"Lenalee, there a place of fill of akuma, there could be a Innocence in that town"

"Ok, Nii-san, you want me to check it, right?"

"Yes, Lenalee and be careful"

"I will be"

She gets her bag, and ready for some adventure, she didn't know that she will meet Allen again in that town and went to the Train station.

She didn't notice Allen, was also the train, but he saw her.

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