Hi everyone! Hope everyone is well. I needed to let everyone know that I have recently discovered a love for Ninja Turtles! So I wrote this (sorry if spelling of names etc. is incorrect) based of a video I found on good ol' Youtube. It can be a one shot, but if you like it, please leave a review and I'll write more :)


Alura xx


Raphael wandered the lonely snow covered ground, his eyes scanning the area desperately for any sign of his brother. He had tried to follow Leo's trail, but the snow was beginning to change shape as the sky opened up and began raining heavily around him. Raph's breathing was raspy, and he trudged forward. The hours of searching were beginning to take its toll, but he wasn't giving up. With Michelangelo and Donatello injured, he was the only one who was able to search. He took comfort in knowing that two of his brother's were safe and recovering, but his heart reached out to find his elder brother.

"LEO!" His voice began to crack as he called the name.

Raphael sighed and looked around in despair, trying to get his bearings in this foreign environment when he saw something in the snow. As he moved closer to it, he saw in horror what it was. Blood.

Raphael dipped his fingers into the trail. It was relatively fresh; it wasn't cold, which made Raph shudder at the thought. Determination filling his eyes, he stumbled onwards, ignoring the sheer cold that swamped his skin. He closed his eyes, searching mentally for Leonardo.

"Leo, where are you?"

His mind went unanswered, which just made Raphael more determined than ever to find his fellow turtle.

His shell began to shake with cold and fatigue as the rain became heavier, and he struggled on alone.


Raph shuddered as his mind suddenly connected with his brothers. The voice he heard was barely a whisper, but it gave Raphael what he wanted. To hear his brother's voice again, to know that he was alive.

"Leo! I'm coming for you!"

Raph sprinted as he felt the connection growing stronger, giving him renewed hope. Up ahead, through the freezing rain, he saw his brother.

Leonardo was lying on his back, not even making the effort to stop the rain falling on him. His own blood surrounded his battered body, and his katana was sticking out of the ground nearby. He barely saw the blurry figure that ran towards him. Raph had never felt as much fury as he did when he realized the extent of Leo's injuries. The membrane that connected his shell to his body was red and swollen, and it looked like it had been severed completely from his left side, and blood flowed from it as Raph knelt beside his brother.

Raph gently held Leo's face in his hands, checking for a pulse. It was there, but weak, like the heartbeat of a sick bird.

"Leo, look at me."

Leo didn't respond, his eyes staring into nothing. Raph pulled Leo onto his lap gently, wary of damaging the half severed shell and body of his fallen leader.

"Leo, look at me or I'll kick your ass!"

He felt Leo's breath cold and shallow against his chest. Raph softened, drawing back his usually harsh personality in order to comfort his brother.

"You're going to be ok, Leo. You hear me?"

Raph felt tears begin to fall from his eye as he looked down at his brother, his sadness masked with rain.

He didn't want to find his brother alive, only to have him die in his arms. He... He wouldn't be able to deal with that.

Leo brushed his bloodied hand weakly against Raph's, summoning the remainder of his strength and ignoring his pain in order to do so. Raph looked into his brother's eyes, and was almost stunned to see Leo staring back.

"Raph..." Leo whispered. "I'm... sorry."

"Leo, don't-"

But Leo didn't hear anymore. His head lolled back onto Raph's arm.

"No! Leo!"

Raph clutched his brother and sobbed into Leo's chest as the sky got darker, and the ground became a sea of red water around them.