Star wars the old republic:

The breaking of the Republic

PLEASE DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE FINISHED SITH INQUISITOR Bioware put a lot of time into crafting the sith inquisitor story please respect them

I apologize in advance if this contradicts any current or future ideas already created by Bioware; I will do my best to keep it as true to SWTOR as possible



The story follows the sith inquisitor after the ascension to the dark council and eventually to the fall of the republic

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters all of the ideas are purely fictional and designed for entertainment

"Darth Nox do you have anything you wish to say?" inquired Darth Mortis. Vakarian awoke sleepily from his daze. He was finding it ever harder and harder to remain awake and active during the next to pointless Dark Council debates, discussing which system within the empire should receive the next deployment of troops.

Normally Vakarian would be interested in such talks but the entire charade was mired in politics. Each council member trying to get more troops to protect the system that held their power base or their allies power base, and worse behind this assemblage each dark council member twisted words and tactics to further enhance their own reputation and further their own power over the other members.

Darth Marr and Darth Mortis seemed to be the only council members that were immune to the political manoeuvres of there fellow councillors. Mortis and Marr were both extremely powerful sith, more importantly however they were extremely rational sith, and seemed to consider the death of the Jedi and destruction of the republic second only to serving the emperor to death itself. Any political movements performed was just background noise and unworthy of their attention. That doesn't mean they made it easy for Vakarian to gain any political foothold within the council.

The only dark council member that did support Vakarian in his statements was Darth Decimus and had aided Vakarian before in the past such as to help defeat Darth Thanaton. Unfortunately however Decimus was seemingly permanently dogged down in 'governing' Corellia and was unable to lend any true support and assistance. He did however support Vakarian's ideals of an empire where each decision leads to successes that would benefit the present and future Imperial Empire. The way the debates and meetings in the council occurred it was impossible to even voice his plans for the empire.

As Andronikos had once said to Vakarian, after he had explained the council's workings to him.

"You would get more results from hitting those damned sith over the head with a vibroblade than trying to talk with 'em"

"Darth Nox? Have you anything to further to report about the state of the empire?" repeated Darth Mortis this time impatience entering his voice.

Darth Ravage grinned wickedly and snickered at Vakarian's inattentiveness. Vakarian curled his hand into a fist on the arm of his chair as rage briefly shot through Vakarian's yellow eyes as he looked up to address the council.

"I have nothing further to add, aside from the continued battle raging on Ilum that requires immediate action, if the battle is to be won in the empires favour." Vakarian paused then added "Action that Darth Malgus has petitioned this very council for aid repeatedly I might add."

Darth Malgus' name drew many mutterings from amongst the assembled council members and more than disgusted face was thrown at Vakarian.

"We have already explained to Malgus that we have few forces to spare for that kind of a deployment and battle." Darth Mortis calmly justified. Vakarian shot out his chair in anger; his eyes alight with unbridled fury.


"If we were to deploy reinforcements to Ilum, what of Balmora and the hyperspace route to imperial space? It is critical that the next deployment be stationed there. Taking even a small amount of ships could leave the remaining forces vulnerable to a Republic strike!" replied Darth Ravage his anger matching Vakarian's

"It is something that we as sith should be able to endure if it meant the destruction of the republic and jedi!" snapped Vakarian

Ravage smiled "You would know all about endurance Nox, trying to keep up with that disgusting Jedi Togruta you keep as a pet."

Vakarian ignited his lightsaber and began moving across the centre of the room towards Ravage. The room's shadows darkening and the very force itself reverberating with power.

"Enough!" ordered Darth Marr his voice cracking like a whip. Marr sat up from his seat, his hands crackling with lightning. Vakarian halted mid-step, lightsaber in hand his eyes glowing purple with uncontained hate and power, glaring directly at Darth Ravage.

"It is a valid point you have made Nox but as Ravage has stated we do not have the resources to aid Lord Malgus" Mortis spoke clearly his tone completely neutral. The various council members around the chamber all looked on with different expressions, each in favour or opposed to the lord whose ideal they supported.

Vakarian sheathed his lightsaber but did not move from the centre of the room his eyes never leaving Ravage for a second. Darth Marr addressed the council.

"This session of the Dark Council is concluded." The holograms of the various lords being broadcasted across the galaxy vanished as the seated council members stood and made their way to exit the chamber. As the diverse sith exited the chamber Mortis made his way to Vakarian still standing in the centre of the room his eyes boring into Ravage as he exited the room with a smirk.

"Lord Nox you must compose yourself better while in council." Vakarian finally stopped staring at the space that Ravage himself had once occupied.

"Darth Mortis the power to destroy the Republic is within our grasp and yet the council refuses to embrace it?" Vakarian said

"Nox, now that you are a dark council member you must think of the defence of the Empire as well as the destruction of the Republic." Vakarian had nothing to say to that

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