tear down the stars

Firstly I apologise for the delay in updating this story. I sort of lost interest in writing for a while. Not really sure if anyone will still be interested in this but will give it a go. Please let me know what you think. Also please excuse any poor grammar, this is not because I do not have a grasp of the english language. It is because I am using note pad on my ipad to write this so I do no edit etc.

Enjoy x

Hey Ho Lets Go!

I have a date with Spencer tomorrow and I have no goddamn idea what to do. I have never actually taken a girl on a real date! I have never really dated before so I'm sort of panicking. Okay I am really panicking. To top it off I don't get to see Spencer today at all which sucks. She is in some day long work shop thing for smart kids at school so no sneaky make out sessions for me. Then to make it all that little bit worse the kids have a play date tonight and Spencer is busy.

Now I realise I sound pathetic so you don't need to tell me. I head over towards Kyla and Aiden knowing that my sister will have food that wasn't purchased from the school canteen.

"Feed me" I plead as I drop myself on to the bench. Kyla hands me half of her sandwich and I'm almost happy.

"Where's your new best friend?"

I'm assuming you mean Spencer. She is on a training course or something for dorks. Hey why aren't you on it?"

"I did it last year" Kyla admits which only makes me laugh some more.

"So I need to ask you something little sister" I look over at Aiden giving Kyla the hint that he needs to be gone. She nudges him and he leaves without saying a word. Pretty sure that guy is retarded.

"So I'm taking Spencer on a date and I have no idea what to do. What do normal people do on a date?"

"Ash you are far from normal so don't try to be. If Spencer has agreed to go on a date with you then she already knows this and will not be expecting a 'normal' date" Kyla looks quite pleased with herself.

"I guess you're right"

"I am! Now stop acting like a girl and start acting like Ashley"

The rest of the day drags a long and I head home. The house is eerily quiet as the twins are out and Spencer isn't here. I remember when the twins were first born, I used to resent them which is so stupid but they changed everything. My house used to be quiet like this but they brought noise and chaos with them. Now that I'm stood here in this giant house I feel bad forever thinking my life would be better off without them. I miss the noise and chatter but mostly the laughter.

I head up to my room hoping I will feel less alone in there but after half an hour of milling around and playing with my guitar I feel more bored than I ever have. Before I would have a few drinks and then call some random chick for a hook up. But I don't feel like doing that any more which sounds stupid but I feel like a different version of me, a better version or at least I hope so. I actually find myself thinking about my actions now rather than jumping in head first and dealing with the fall out when the hang over kicks in. At the fore front of my mind is Spencer which is crazy and irrational but the girl has done something to me. I just want to impress her and thought of upsetting her scares me. Once again I get that I sound sad and pathetic but I don't care. Damn it I want to see her...

Spencer's P.O.V

Today has been hell! I mean literally. My stupid English teacher decided that I would benefit from a day long course on writing which meant a whole day without seeing Ashley. I guess I'm so used to seeing her that I kind of get withdrawals when we are apart. Ashley Davies has well and truly won me over. The last few weeks have been strange, exciting and incredible. She is so different to the girl that I met when I first started at King. She is kind, caring, funny and sexy as hell. Screw it I'm calling her. I pick up from phone and dial her number. Her cute little face flashes up but there's no answer which disappoints me. I try to focus my attention back on my homework which is hard as now my brain is running wild wondering what Ashley is up to. My thoughts of Ashley's whereabouts are disturbed by a figure falling through my open bedroom window scaring me half to death but I soon start laughing when I recognise the figure lying on my carpet out of breathe and red faced.

"You do realise we have a front door" I state as stand up offering Ashley a hand to help her up. I pull her to her feet and she presses herself against me.

"I was trying to be romantic" She pouts.

"It came across as more stalkerish but the sentiment was cute" I tell her as I place a kiss on her forehead.

"So why are you here?" I'm glad she is but I'm curious.

"Just bored I guess. The monsters are out and I was home alone so I figured breaking and entering would add a bit of spice to my evening" She's lying and it makes me laugh.

"You are all about the spice" I play along and she quirks an eyebrow at me.

"Yes I am" She leans in and kisses me in a way that takes my breathe away. I return the kiss and I find my hands running up her body. God this body does so many things to me. I pull away and she looks offended.

"Now that you've done you're breaking and entering you should probably leave"

"I just got here?" She whines.

"Okay just a little longer" I kiss her again and from nowhere she lifts me up by my waist and carries me to my bed. She lays me down and then lies on top of me. Our kiss continues and I can feel the heat between us and I know in that moment that my resolve will not last much longer. My hands are exploring her flesh and it feels good. I start tugging her shirt and I'm about to pull it off when my door flies open. All I can see is an upside down version of my Mom looking slightly amused but not impressed.

"Ashley we have a front door dear" My Mom points out but Ashley doesn't respond. She is still lying on top of me and looks frozen. I nudge her and she jumps off me like my skin electrocuted her. I hear my Mom chuckle again and I could kill her.

"Sorry Mrs Carlin" Ashley finally mutters and I snort a little. Yes I should be embarrassed and I am but I know my Mom won't tell me off or make me cringe.

"It's fine just use the front door and maybe visit at a more reasonable hour" my Mom suggests and I realise it is gone 10 pm.

"Sorry Mrs Carlin"

"Stop calling me Mrs Carlin. You two say goodnight please" My Mom leaves the room and I start laughing but Ashley looks mortified.

"Ash I have never seen you look like that before"

"I have never been caught sneaking my girl...a girls room before" Pretty sure she nearly said girlfriend then and I suddenly feel very girly.

"Look my Mom is cool so don't stress and like she said use the front door"

She still looks unsure so I pull her close to me and kiss her again.

"Be ready for 8 am tomorrow" She tells me and I'm excited.

"That's early" I stupidly say.

"I have a lot planned" She tells me sweetly and I think I just swooned a little bit. She kisses me one last time and leaves me room. I hear her mumble an embarrassed good bye to my Mom. Within a few seconds my Mom appears in my room.

"Thought you two were just friends?"

"We are...sort of"

"I've never made out with my friends like that" I almost vomit at the thought of it.

"Okay we are going on a date tomorrow but that's all I'm saying"

"So you have sorted out the history?"

"Yes Mother"

"You sorted things with Carmen" Damn


"You should make at least try Spence. You guys have been friends for a while now" My Mom is sort of right but she doesn't know the history.

"I have tried Mom but things are different especially with Ashley in the picture"

"Okay Honey but just think about it please?" She kisses me on the head and closes my door. I know Carmen has been there for me but she also screwed me over plus she lied to me. All I can think about is my date with Ashley and I do as I fall asleep.