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A Maternal Connection

Blaine arrived in the choir room and noticed his boyfriend standing on a chair and gazing out the window. This wasn't the first time he had come into the choir room and discovered Kurt with his face peering outside. Curiosity got the better of him and he decided to ask what was so fascinating out there.

He stood up next to him and placed a hand on the small of Kurt's back.

"Hello Sweetie. What you're looking at?" he asked in interest.

"Everything and nothing" Kurt answered, his face unreadable.

"Sorry?" Blaine questioned, worry pooling in his gut.

"This is something I like to do before Glee, the odd time I feel I need to connect with her" - Kurt whispered, glancing at Blaine.

"Who?" Blaine asked, though he had a slight idea of who Kurt was referring to.

"My mom"- Kurt said, tracing the glass with his fingers. - "I don't believe in angels and god but I do believe that somewhere, she is there watching and smiling and sometimes I can feel a gust of wind or a warmth. It's her telling me she's proud or that she just wants me to know that she's there." - Kurt murmured, his breath causing fog on the window.

"Kurt-" Blaine whispered, smiling sadly at his boyfriend. How was he supposed to say something now, nothing would sound right.

"I'm ok Blaine; this is my way of just still feeling close to her. The dresser lost her scent awhile ago and well as stupid as it sounds. This small gesture brings me comfort. I love Carole but I still want to keep my mom's memory and just knowing she's happy with something I've done then everything feels ok. This is just my tradition. Is that weird?" - Kurt said, glancing back at Blaine who just rubbed his back.

"No."- Blaine whispered in Kurt's ear. – "it's lovely." - and he continued - "Tell her I'm saying hey and I hope she likes me." Blaine blushed as he finished, he did want her approval even if he didn't have this connection to her.

He would only like to know if she thought he was good enough for Kurt.

"She likes you."- Kurt said and smiled.

Mr shue arrived in the room calling their attention. And Blaine helped Kurt down and they sat in their seats.

"Are You ok?" Blaine asked, gently caressing Kurt's hand.

"Yes" Kurt said, smiling as he felt the small warmth of his mothers contact.

"She's glad I found you and so am I."

"I'm glad I found you too" Blaine said, smiling and squeezing Kurt's hand as he faced the front.