A/N: Hey everyone! Since the Arthur Christmas fanfic section is still painfully small, I decided to add another story while I worked on "Who Would have guessed". This one however is just some one-shots involving Steve and Arthur during their life and doesn't really follow a time line. Some chapters occur before the movie and some will be during or after.

This particular chapter takes place way before the film when Steve is 17 and Arthur is 10. :-)

Disclaimer: I don't own Steve or Arthur; they belong to Arthur Christmas which belongs to Aardman.

Steve yawned as he crawled under the covers of his bed. He had spent most of the day in his room working on some ideas to make the Christmas deliveries faster and more convenient. The seventeen year old closed his eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep.

It wasn't long till he felt something poke him in the shoulder. Poke, poke, poke. This went on for a few seconds till Steve finally opened his eyes tiredly, wondering who or what woke him up. His question was answered when he found the small form of Arthur staring down at him. The ten year old had a tired, yet frightened look on his face.

"Arthur? What are you doing here?" Steve mumbled as he looked over his little brother.

The younger Claus rubbed one of his eyes before replying, "I had a bad dream and got scared." He whimpered with a little sniffle. Steve rolled his eyes with a sigh, "Arthur, mum and dad already had a talk with you about nightmares. You know they're not real and there's nothing to be afraid of." He said while propping himself up on one elbow.

"I can't help it! This one was really scary; I was chased by a monster!" Arthur replied.

Steve brought up his other hand and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

The question completely caught the elder son off guard and Steve snapped his gaze back up to his brother. "What?" he questioned while furrowing his brows lightly. He really hoped he only imagined his brother making such a request.

Arthur licked his little lips before repeating, "Can I sleep with you tonight? Please? Look I even brought my own pillow!" He held up the pillow that was in his hands. Steve shook his head, "No Arthur, just…no."

Tears began to form in the younger boy's eyes and Steve gave a small frown. "Please Steve! Mum and dad aren't back from their trip yet and I can't sleep with Grand-Santa because he snores really loud. It's just for tonight I promise!" Arthur pleaded.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus had left a couple of days ago for a small trip to discuss some treaty with Greenland (again), and Grand-Santa's snores were incredibly loud. Because of this, the only other person Arthur could get comfort from was Steve and unfortunately, the eldest son knew that and wasn't totally for the idea.

After thinking this over for a moment, Steve sighed, "Arthur I really don't think-"

"But you're my big brother and you're supposed to help take care of me when mum and dad aren't here!" Arthur cut him off and added, "I won't be a burden, and I'll go to sleep really fast!"

The pitiful look on the ten year olds face was getting really hard to resist and Steve finally caved in.

"Alright fine, but just for tonight! Got it? Just this once." he instructed sternly as he moved over to make room for his younger sibling. Arthur's face lit up and he eagerly climbed onto the bed and crawled under the covers. He smiled as he laid his head on his pillow. "Thank you Steve." He thanked gratefully.

Steve laid back down, "Yeah no problem." He was about to drift off to sleep when he felt the other occupant snuggle against his chest. For the second time that night, Steve's eye's snapped open and he looked down to see Arthur cuddling against him. The teenager moved himself away slightly only for Arthur to snuggle against him once more.

"Arthur…" Steve whispered while trying to push his brother away. Arthur looked at Steve, "Sorry Steve but you're so warm." He apologized.

Steve huffed softly, "Well don't get so close." With that, he turned so that his back was to the younger boy. Arthur continued to watch the next in line Santa before he sat up slowly. "Steve?" He asked softly. A grunt from his brother indicated that he was listening and Arthur continued,

"I lied about my nightmare. There was no monster chasing me, but you were in it." He started while twiddling his fingers. When his brother didn't remark on that, he continued once more, "I was looking for you but I couldn't find you. You were gone and no one knew where you went and I never saw you again!" His eyes began to tear up at the memory of the horrible nightmare. In the dream, Arthur had gone looking for his older brother only to find that the elder Claus was nowhere to be found. Then to his horror, nobody knew where the teenager had gone off too, it was like he had disappeared into thin air.

Arthur sniffled at the mere thought of Steve just vanishing from existence. Steve turned to looked at his younger sibling, "Weird dream." He mused while rolling on his back to ease the strain on his neck. Arthur shook his head, "It wasn't a dream, it was a really bad nightmare!" At this, he began to cry before leaning down to hug his brother,

"I don't want you to go Steve! I love you!" He sobbed with large tears rolling down his cheeks.

Shocked at his brother's outburst, Steve brought his arms up to hug his brother awkwardly, "It's okay Arthur, I'm not going anywhere! It was just a bad nightmare like you said." He soothed as best he could. This seemed to work since the young boy's sobs slowed down till they finally stopped.

For the next few moments, Steve slowly rubbed Arthur's back till he was sure he was asleep. The teenager then adjusted the blanket so that it covered them both before he laid his head down once more and finally drifted off into his slumber. Just before he was totally out of it, he could feel Arthur cuddle against him again. And instead of pushing him away, he allowed his brother to snuggle with him.

'Just this once.' Steve reasoned as his own dreams over took him.

It was about one in the morning when Mr. and Mrs. Claus returned from their business trip. The parents' were exhausted and ready to get to sleep but first, they went to check on Grand-Santa and their children.

After seeing that the eldest Claus was fine and snoring his lungs out, they went to check on their sons. Mrs. Claus went to check on Arthur while Mr. Claus left to check on Steve. When she opened the door to her younger son's room, she was greeted with an empty bed. Confused and concern, she left the room and found her husband smiling down at her from the entrance of Steve's room and motioning her over.

Still wondering where her second son was, she walked to her first son's room and looked through the open door.

The mother smiled and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Arthur fast asleep in Steve's bed with Steve sleeping right next to him. Margaret quietly walked up to her boys and fixed the blanket before walking out of the room while Malcolm closed the door again, and the two left to their own room, allowing their sons to sleep in peace.

End Chapter.