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Margaret took a deep breath as she rubbed her stomach slowly. Her husband placed a hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him. "I can't help but feel a bit nervous." She admitted with a sheepish grin.

Malcolm, commonly known as Santa, tilted his head, "About what dear?"

Mrs. Clause licked her lips, "About telling Steven. What if he isn't happy? As it is, he's already upset that you didn't get him that pool table he wanted." She rose a brow at her husband.

Mr. Clause frowned and retorted, "Well he should have wrote to me! I had thousands of other children to think about!" He then smirked, "As for how he will react…well, there's not much he can do about it." Margaret sighed, "I suppose you're right."

With that, the two turned back to the closed door they were standing in front of, and gave a gentle knock before the current Santa slowly opened the door to their sons' room.

The seven year old was sitting at his desk, reading a large book on cars and other motorized vehicles. His light blue eyes flickered to his parents for a second before returning to the pages. "Hello mum…and dad." He mumbled without looking back up. He held no hard feelings towards his mother, but his father was another story. He couldn't believe his dad forgot about his own son.

Despite feeling the hostility his son was directing at him, Malcolm smiled, "Your mother and I have some good news for you." He stated while beaming down at his wife, who smiled back at him. Steve looked up from his book and stared up at them intently as if to say, 'Okay I'm listening'. Taking this as a sign to continue, Margaret decided to take it from there,

"Steven," She started while kneeling down next to Steve's chair so that she could see him eye to eye, "How would you feel about having a little brother or sister?" She questioned.

Steve furrowed his brow, "I don't know…why do you ask?"

Mrs. Clause rubbed her stomach again, "Because I'm carrying a baby right now and your father and I wanted to know if you would be excited to be a big brother." She explained. Steve frowned, "I don't know if I want to be a big brother. I heard all about younger siblings and how they get into their older brothers and sisters stuff." His frowned deepened in thought.

He had heard from the elves that had younger siblings and were constantly complaining about how the younger ones either took or broke something. Steve really didn't want to deal with that, especially since he was planning on inventing stuff when he was older. The last thing he would need was a younger brother or sister bothering him.

Hearing their sons' reply, Mr. and Mrs. Clause looked at each other before Malcolm sighed, "Well son, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but like our mother said, she's already pregnant and the babies going to be coming either way." He ran a hand over Steve's short black hair. Margaret placed a hand on Steve's knee, "I know you're not happy about this now, but once the baby's born and you see him…or her…I'm sure you'll change your mind."

Steve narrowed his eyes and tuned back to look at his book. Steve may be young but he certainly wasn't stupid and he knew that if his mother was already carrying, then there was nothing he could do and his opinion didn't matter. Like his parents said, the baby was coming either way. He just wished that they would have talked to him about this before his mother got pregnant. 'Although I highly doubt they would postpone having a baby on my account had they asked me.' He thought moodily while tuning the page to his book.

Mr. and Mrs. Clause exchanged looks before leaving their son in peace. They really hoped that their son would warm up to the fact that soon, there would be a new addition in the family.

9 Months later

Steve swung his still short legs as he sat in one of the chairs in the waiting room of the Elf hospital. His mother had gone into labor a few hours ago and was brought in to give birth to her second child. Grandsanta was sitting next to his grandson and would glance at the doors every so often.

The ex-Santa didn't want to admit it, but he was worried about his daughter in law. She was taking a while to push this next tyke out. When Steve was born, she had him out within an hour; now it had been just a little over three hours and there was still no news of any new baby.

'I thought the second birth was supposed to be easier than the first.' He mused while leaning back in his chair. As soon as he finished his thought, one of the elf doctors walked through the double doors and grinned, "Alright, you two can come see the new baby now." She announced and held the door open for the two male Clauses.

"It's about time, what took so long?" Grand Santa questioned as he walked down the hall, one of his hands was gently rubbing his lower as he tried to keep himself standing up straight. Unfortunately, due to his age, his back was forming a slight hunch and he would be needing a cane soon.

The doctor cleared her throat, "The baby was giving us a hard time and didn't want to come out. I guess he didn't want to leave his mummy's nice warm tummy." She explained with a chuckle. Steve looked at her, "It's a boy?"

A nod confirmed this and Grand Santa smiled, "Well what do you know…you've got yourself a little brother Mr. Smarty-pants Steve."

Steve ignored his grandfathers' name calling and nodded, "Yeah, a little brother." He repeated as they arrived at the room his parents and new brother were in. The doctor quietly opened the door and motioned the two boys inside before leaving so the family could have some time alone with their newest member.

Steve and Grand Santa walked up to the bed Mrs. Clause was partially sitting/laying on. The now older son looked up at his mother, who was cradling a small blue bundle. Margaret looked down at her first born and gave a soft smile, "You have a brother Steven." She stated while looking back down at her second baby. "I heard." Steve replied before giving a small gasp as he felt his father pick him up and gently place him on the bed with his mother.

Margaret motioned Steve to come closer and shifted slightly as the older boy carefully crawled so he could get a better look at his new sibling.

The tiny baby had his eyes closed as he slept peacefully. He was wearing a small blue baby beanie that partially covered his large ears, tiny little mittens, which Steve assumed matched the baby booties that the baby was most likely wearing as well. Protruding from the infants' mouth was a binky that would move every so often as the baby sucked on it.

"What do you think Steven?" Margaret asked softly while fixing the blanket around the infant after he shifted in his mother's arms.

Steve stared at his brother for a few seconds before replying, "He's so…little. What's his name?"

Malcolm beamed, "His name is Arthur."

Grand Santa nodded in satisfaction, "Not a bad name."

"Arthur." Steve repeated and rose his brows as Arthur's little eyes slowly started to open. "He's got light blue eyes like me!" Steve observed once Arthur's eyes were fully open.

Arthur meanwhile, was staring at the two new people in the room. He had already met his mother and father, but he had no idea who these other two were, yet he knew he had heard the two strangers' voices while he was in his mommy's womb. Margaret shifted her baby once more, "Arthur, say hello to your Grandfather," at this, Grand Santa beamed at his second grandson, "And your big brother Steve."

Arthur's blue eyes looked over Grand Santa and Steve before he let out a happy coo. Grand Santa reached over and grasped Arthurs' hand gently and gave it a small shake, "Hello there Arthur, you little tyke."

The new born giggled at his grandpa's antics before looking back at his brother. For a long moment, neither one of the boys did anything but stare at each other in awe. Finally, Steve swallowed before licking his lips, "Hi little brother." He greeted. To everyone's surprise, Arthur let out a loud excited squeal, followed by a cute baby laugh that caused his binky to fall from his mouth.

"My goodness Arthur! Where did all this energy come from?" Mrs. Clause chuckled as her younger son started to kick his little arms and legs in excitement. Malcolm ruffled Steve's hair, "He really likes you Steven."

"Yeah, I guess he does." Steve replied while fixing his hair. Arthur was already starting to settle down and Margaret returned the binky to Arthur's mouth. She then began to bounce him softly and watched as her child drifted off to sleep once more.

While the three adults continued to gush about how cute Arthur was and what not, Steve watched his brother sleep and shrugged his shoulders.

'I guess it won't be too bad having a little brother.' He thought to himself with a smile.

End Chapter

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