He was watching me again.

Now, I'm not saying it creeped me out, I'm an open minded enough guy. I don't mind a bit of playing the field on both sides of the fence. Not something I broadcast, but not something I really hide. But the way he watches me is just weird. I thought he was all into… curly haired one-Alisha! Hell, I had to help him break up with his other girlfriend so he could be with her.

Good times. Good times.

But he watched me, when he thought I wasn't looking, and he was totally ramping up the mutters of 'Prick'. It was like a faulty hot and cold tap. I'm never too sure if he's about to flinch if I go near him, or say something that's supposed to mean something to me but clearly doesn't.

But, being who I am, I can't really let it go on for too long before calling attention to it.

"Do you fancy me or something?" there we go, blunt as always. No one can say I don't know how to get my point across. "Only, if you do, I need to tell you. You're really not my type. You're rather lacking in certain things I'm rather fond of at the moment, in the chest area if you get my meaning." Which was true. I went through phases.

His eyes go wide and he struggled for a long time to come up with a response, which turns out to be an obligatory "Prick."

"Then why are you always making googly eyes at me. Won't Curly get angry with you?" I pressed with a grin.

He shakes his head before he meets my eyes with a heart stopping amount of seriousness, enough to make the smile slip from my face, to make even me serious for a moment. No, it was more than that, it made me nervous. Like he was looking at me, really looking, and seeing something I 'm not sure I wanted anyone to see.

"You can see ghosts." He said at last.

That completely derailed me. "What?"

He sighed and his eyes flicked away. "Your power. You can see ghosts."

"You're making that up. How would you know anyway?" I had to ask.

He shrugged. "I went back in time, changed some things, and I ended up in some kind of alternate reality where I hadn't been caught, so I wasn't here when the Probation worked went mental and everyone died." He swallowed thickly, and I couldn't even joke, because he was serious. "Except for you. You survived, and you could see their ghosts."

I very quickly backpedalled away from the gaping hole that begged for questions. Questions like; "What was I like in this other world?" "Did something happen to me, is that why you keep looking?" Instead I said, all bluster. "Ghosts? You mean I'm like that chick, in that show with the ghosts. You know the one, where she's all gorgeous and that, and can see ghosts. That's a crappy power, not on the A-List at all. I think you're just making this shit up man!" I forced a laugh, because he's watching me, dead serious, like he's reading me, and I don't like that one bit.

He sighed again and I felt like I was missing something, something absolutely huge. But I wasn't ready to find out what he had learned about me in this other world, because I realised now that he was looking for something in me now that he had seen then. I wouldn't have let anyone that close, not if I'd been in my right mind.

But I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I ended up pulling him aside one day to ask, for once in my life without the bluster and the insults, just genuinely curious. To my surprise he told me, just poured everything out. He didn't cry or anything girly like that, but I don't think I would have even joked about it if he had.

That was the start of it.

Me and Curtis had not really gotten on from the start. He was too uptight, and I really wasn't. We weren't friends now, not in the way I had friends. He knew things about me that I didn't like him knowing, I didn't like anyone knowing. But it made it easier too, made it easier to relax around him, to be able to drop the defences, even if just for a moment or two and know that he understood in a way that Kelly, with all her mind reading didn't.

And he had a wicked sense of humour when he got started.

It was weird, but a little bit nice at the same time.

But he still watched me sometimes, like he was expecting me to do something that the other me did. In my crueller moment I had been tempted to fake a dizzy spell just to see what he'd do; but I could never actually bring myself to go through with it.

So we were stuck in a kind of limbo, not friends, but not like we had been before.

It was strange comparing yourself with yourself. I was never quite sure if it was me he was seeing half the time, or the other me. But it was something I couldn't really look too deeply at. It wasn't in my nature, so I would ignore it. Carry on and hope for the best.

But seriously though.


I can see Ghosts?

I mean seriously. I survived having my head caved in by that prick of a probation worker. It couldn't have been Immortality or something cool? No. I got the power to see ghosts.


Right. The story isn't quite finished yet, but the continuation will be in a sequel. I will come back and write in the evolving friendship between Curtis and the original Nathan (though it may take a while), and knowing me, it may become slash, so consider yourself warned. I'm sorry these chapters are so short, but I've been busy.