Ninja of the Dead

Chapter 1

It all happened so quickly. Naruto thought as he laid in a cave of some sort. He was alone now and he barely knew where he was. He didn't think that he would be able to return to Konoha….not that Kyuubi would let him anyway.


Fourteen year old Naruto boredly walked down a dirt part with his sensei, Jiriaya or as he called him Ero-sennin. He had finally figured out how to do the Rasengan with one hand and thanks to his sensei, made the rasengan a bit bigger.

As his mind wandered, he though back to the scroll that the pervert had given him. Sure he had asked what was inside it and the old perv said not to open it until the time was right. But he did say that his book series was in there and Naruto instantly had a dislike for it. For some reason, he only now remembered it.

He was so into his own thoughts that he didn't notice his impending doom until it was too late. He was grabbed from behind and was wrapped up in…paper? Really? He moved his head to see a woman in a black cloak with red clouds. Akatsuki! He thought in panic, but this woman was not a person from that group that he recognized.

"Konan?" Jiriaya said in disbelief and shock. He was told that is old students were dead!

"Hello sensei." The blue haired woman said. "We are talking the Kyuubi now."

"Like hell!" He said, but was pierced through the chest by a black rod. He had not even sensed the second person, who was now in front of him. "Y-yahiko?"

"No sensei." The man replied in a monotone.

Jiriaya noticed that the rinnengan eye were in his eyes and he instantly knew what happened from stories he read as a child. "Nagato…why."

"For peace. Only through Pain will there be peace." Nagato replied.

"No, that is not the way. I won't let you do this!" Jiriaya shouted, ripping out the rod in his chest and summoning both Ma and Pa toad.

"You don't have a choice." Nagato said before all his bodies appeared behind the Toad Sage and ran him through with multiple black rods, one even going through his head.

"P-protect….Naruto." Jiriaya said weakly to the two old toads before he fell over…dead.

The two toads nodded to each other and leapt towards the blond, intent on bringing him to their home before returning him to Konoha.

The never got the chance because Nagato blasted them back with a weird unseen jutsu. "Leave." He commanded and toads could not help but heed his command, but they would inform Tsunade.

Nagato turned to a glaring Naruto with tears in his eyes and the begins of Kyuubi's chakra seeping through. "WHY!"

"For peace. Your opinion does not matter Kyuubi. I will take you power now." Nagato replied as he held out a hand to the blond, who kept on glaring but that soon changed when the blond felt he was in his mind.


Naruto blinked and he was in front of the Kyuubi's Cage. The giant nine tailed fox was staring down at him. "Kyuubi."

"Boy…It is time. Set me free!"

"I am going to die either way." Naruto said solemnly.

"Wrong." was the Kyuubi's answer. "When I was pulled out of your mother, she stayed alive before she was killed. I have grown to respect you boy. Now it is time for me to help you. This world no longer holds the power to stand up on its own. It needs us to fight for it. No more. If this Nagato wants pain, he'll get it! NOW RELEASE ME AND I'LL SAVE YOU FROM THIS TORMENT!"

For once, the demon was right. He also hoped that Kyuubi was right about his mom. "Fine." Naruto said with determined eyes. "Give them hell!"

"I intend to!" The fox roared with glee. "And just so you know, my name is Kurama."

Naruto smiled faintly before he jumped up and ripped the seal off the cage. There was a flash of light and all he knew was pain.

End Flashback!

Then the Kyuubi had utterly destroyed Nagato and Konan, the giant beast took the blond's limp body and took him to the 'edge of the world.' There he just dropped the blond in this cave and said that a new world lied beyond and left. However, he did leave with a warning.

"No world is perfect. You might have to save that one since you could not with this one."

That made no sense to him, but he would deal with it when the time came. Right now he felt incredibly weak, but he pushed himself off the ground and walked down the dark walk way of the cave, leaning on the wall for support. This vaguely reminded him of one of Iruka's lectures…something about a lava tube. He did notice it was getting hotter as well.

Soon he came upon a large crack in the floor and looked down. Yep…that is a lava tube because there was a river of lava below. Continuing forward, he felt his strength slowly returning to him. Soon he came upon a large tunnel that went up and he tried to wall walk upward, but slipped and fell on the first try. Damn…now I felt that. Something is wrong with my chakra! That was bad. He tried making a shadow clone and not even a poof of smoke formed. Great…I have chakra but I can barely use it. He then heard a cracking noise underneath him.

He barely had a chance to look down before the ground gave way and he was falling towards a part of the river of lava. He tried reaching out and caught something white. It slid down past him before getting wedged in the downward tunnel. He, of course, fell on it with a loud thump. Looking at it more closely, it was the skull of some crazy creature he had never seen or heard about before. The teeth alone were HUGE!

He didn't have time to look in awe at his finding because there was a rumble and it seemed the lava was coming up! "OH SHIT!" He screamed and panicked. How was he going to get out of this one!

Then it hit. One of Iruka's old lectures came back to him. Why? Well, it dealt with explosives of course. He took out an explosive note and attached it to a kunai and then threw it. He hoped the gases caught fire or this would be a painful death. Slow and painful. Not cool.

Please work! Naruto screamed in his mind. His chakra might be shot but he hoped it was enough to trigger the seal. He threw it into the side of the upward shaft and with a single hand sign…nothing happened! "COME ON!" Naruto screamed before it actually blew up. All the gases and fire reacted, creating a chain reaction. The gases all ignited, blasting the skull that Naruto was on skyward up the tunnel. "HOOOLLLLYYY CRRRAAAAAPP!" He shouted before his protection blasted through the ceiling and into…water?

The hell? He was ripping through water? Must have been in an underwater volcano or something. Finally when he broke through the water as well, he was finally able to breathe, but he did notice that the teeth to his skull ride were gone.

Looking around, all he saw was…water. Wait, was that some large ass village in the distance? The buildings were huge! And there were so many people on that beach!

Wait, why was he moving backwards? Looking back he deadpanned, "This is so not my day." Why? Well a huge tidal wave was forming and he was getting sucked in! Luckily this wave was heading toward the beach, so he thought he should make the best of it.


On the beach, a small group of people were watching the wave as it come toward them. A dark haired boy noticed that a person was it and announced that little fact.

"Wow, you right, Takashi. Wonder who it is." A gray haired boy wondered. The girl of the group, decided to be quiet and watch what would happen. Soon more and more people had noticed Naruto on his impromptu surf board.


Naruto slowly stood up on the base of the skull and thanks to his ninja like balance, he was on his feet the entire time. Of course, this was his first time surfing and he sucked. Why? Well as soon as the waved crashed down, he was blasted outward as his 'surf board' was shattered. While in the air he noticed that he was heading for a small group of people….more specifically the girl of the group.

He crashed into her and they crashed to the ground. Takashi took one look at the scene and paled. This kid was going to get killed by Rei…he just knew it. "Uh…Hisashi….do you think we should help?"

"I…don't know." Hisashi replied, blushing a bit because the blonds head was in between Rei's breasts.

Rei took one look at the guy on her and pushed him off. This was not something she wanted to happen today! "Hey! Get up!"

Naruto, who had swirly eyes, responded in a way that no one expected…but they should have. "Uh…but Ero-sennin…I don't want to train today. Gamakichi and I were going to go scare people for fun!"

Rei blinked.

Takashi blinked.

Hisashi blinked before they all started laughing. This kid must have really knocked himself out. "Come on, let's put him in the shade." Hisashi said with a smile.


When Naruto awoke, he noticed he was under an umbrella. Slowly getting up, a group of teenagers, probably the same age as him. There was a black haired boy with oddly spiked hair…not that he could say much since his own hair was crazy. There was a gray haired boy that looked calm and a brown haired girl with some of her hair acting like she had antennae and she looked slightly annoyed.

These must be people from this new and odd world he was in. He barely felt any chakra from them. "Um….hi." Naruto said lamely.

"Hey, I am Hisashi. These are my friend Rei and Takashi." The gray haired boy introduced them.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto paused, he could not say his normal introduction because then they would call him nuts. Yeah, he was smarter than he let on. "I am new around here."

"I thought so." Takashi chuckled. "And um….you kind of ran right into Rei when we first met."

Naruto noticed the blush on all three faces and figured out that in his landing, it must have been a bit perverted. Damn. "I AM SORRY!" He yelled out frantically as he closed his eyes, hoping her punch would not hurt that bad.

The three blinked and noticed he was bracing himself, so Rei asked, "What are you doing?"

Naruto opened his eyes to see the confused looks on their faces and sighed. "Sorry. It is that that back home, my friend Sakura would pound my face in just for saying something stupid or doing something stupid."

The three blink owlishly before Rei smiled. "Don't worry. I won't do that."

"Yeah, so tell us about yourself. Are you going to transfer to our school?" Takashi asked.

Naruto blinked before he smiled. Yeah, he was going to like it here.


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