Ninja of the Dead

Chapter 2

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The day after Naruto meet Rei, Takashi, and Hisashi, he spent it getting ready for school and getting the money for it. Now, how would someone like him, a ninja with no ability to do ninjutsu or genjutsu, be able to get money and place to say without getting into trouble?

Well, that is simple, the scroll that Jiriaya gave him of course! Yes, he still had the ability to use chakra, just not in the conventional ways. It was odd, but seeing no real danger in this world, he could make do with seals and taijutsu. Still, he was thankful for Jiriaya actually teaching him about seals.

In that scroll was indeed the man book series plus the only book that was not smut, which he found out was pretty good! In addition to those books, was a book on sealing, written by the Fourth Hokage himself. Along with that was two letters from the man and someone named Kushina. And…there were quite a few bricks of gold within the scroll as well!

After reading the letters, he found out that he was the freaking son of a dead Hokage and that explained all the gold! Still he would have like to know that little tidbit growing up. It was not like was going to blurt it out to a random stranger…right? On second thought, maybe it was a good idea, but it still hurt. It also seemed that this Kushina lady was his MOM! She was from another village that got destroyed. It seemed that she also helped to write the book on sealing. That was just awesome. Oh and Jiriaya was his godfather.

Thankfully, he was given a few pictures of them to remember them by. He would keep them close to his heart.

Ok…enough of all that sappiness. He then proceeded to cash in a few bricks of gold. Yeah, like he was going to cash in all of them. Jiraiya found out the hard way that Naruto was way smarter than he let on and this proved it. Maybe he would use the others later, but what he cashed in was all that he needed at the moment.

He then went over to their school and signed in himself in. He made it look like he was transferring in. Hey, in a way he was. Sure he was done with Konoha Academy, but they didn't have to know that and it is not like they researched that stuff…right? Of course not.

So with that, he figured he would be going to school the next day and got himself a nice little apartment by the school, which for the record, was WAY better than shit of shit he had back in Konoha.

After that, he took a look at Jiriaya's books and sighed. There was another way to honor him by. Publishing his books! Of course that would expose this world to the Icha Icha series, but whatever. They would still get his other, more worthwhile book.

Sure, he had taken up more of the day getting ready for stay in this world, but the publisher's office should still be open. Oh yeah, it was.

When he presented the books to the publisher, the man was shocked that a kid what to that considering what the Icha Icha series was. Thankfully, Naruto convinced the man that he was doing his for his dead Godfather. The man sympathized with him and decided to publish Legend of the Gutsy Ninja and the first book his Jiriaya's Icha Icha series to see where things went. Naruto thanked him and left.


"So, yeah, I heard we are getting a new student today." A girl gossiped to her friends.

Rei and her friend heard this and smirked. They already knew who it was because they met him the other day. Sure, people transfer in all the time, but not this late into the school year. Naruto had been lucky to get in at all!

"Yeah, I heard that too!" Another girl said. "So, do you think it a guy or a girl?"

"I hope it is a guy and a hot one at that!" a third girl said happily. Of course the guys of the classroom were talking about it and hoped it was a hot chick. Like they didn't already have enough of those! But they could hope.

Soon enough, the teacher announced the presence of the new student. "Ok, you may come in." the teacher stated. Everyone but a few watched with rapt attention as the door open slowly and in walked a young man with blond hair that was really spiky and had the sleek looking school uniform, but it seemed that he had an orange hoodie on. Takashi's group just smirked. "So, please introduce yourself to us."

Naruto smiled warmly at the group, causing the girls to have blushes on their face because they though he was quite handsome and the smile made it more so. The guys just rolled their eyes at this. "Yo! My name is Naruto Uzumaki! Remember that!"

"Thank you, now you may go sit down by Rei over there." The teacher replied and was about to have Rei raise her hand to show where Naruto would sit, but Naruto was surprisingly already there.

Rei smiled at her new friend from the beach. "So, what took you so long? I though you would have been here yesterday."

Naruto smiled as he closed his eyes and they just opened one in a teasing manner. "Oh you know, I just got lost on the road of life." He said, quoting his one eyed teacher. That made all who heard it, sweatdrop before the whole class started to laugh, even the teacher. Although, both guys and girls wondered how Naruto already knew Rei.


"Uh…this crap is so confusing." Naruto growled to himself on the stairwell. He was currently doing some homework before class, but he had still not gotten some of it.

"What was that stupid?" came a voice full of mirth but forceful. The voice belonged to Saya Takagi. She was pinked haired girl with long hair that was always seen in two strange pigtails on either side of her head. Her hair also has two thin, long bangs at the sides, two thin strands of hair over the left side of her forehead, and a spiky larger portion of hair covering the left side of her forehead. She has fierce orange eyes and furrowed eyebrows. Her physique is slender, however according to one of Naruto's friends, she has bikini model sized breasts.

Naruto had met her through Takashi since those two had been friends for a long time like Rei was. At first, Saya was just his tutor in a few things since Naruto was not that smart in certain areas, but they soon changed. His carefree personality had rubbed off on her and she felt more comfortable around him. She had even gained crush on him, not that she would tell him of course. Although, if he ever asked her out, she was defiantly say yes. But of course, since they were friends, they usually hung out normally anyway.

Naruto smiled at his friend that he was sometime reminded of Sakura, but she never hit him for being stupid. Saya actually helped him. "Eh…just this math problem."

The girl said before she came up from behind him and leaned over the boy to better help him. Naruto froze a little since her breasts where on his back. Eh….this is going to be a long day.

Saya inwardly smirked as Naruto sweated from what she was doing, but outwardly, she ignored it. She was going to help her friend stay in school. Besides, he was pretty smart once he got the hang of things.


He still could not believe that Morita had made him do this. Although, after a while, he didn't mind being in the band. Besides, he was the singer of the group! Plus, he even learned to play the guitar, which was a plus for him.

He shook his head when Morita gave him a piece of paper with a list for girls on it. He recognized the names for them as he was friend with them. "Ok, what the hell is this?"

Morita smiled at that. He had blonde hair that is spiked in the middle and has light-green eyes. Like Takashi, he wore his jacket open to reveal a green checked sweatshirt with the collar bent downwards. Naruto was the same, but he had an orange shirt with the red Uzumaki Symbol on it.

"Aw don't be a downer Naruto." The carefree boy said. Yet another reason the two got along. They were both pretty carefree. "This list is Master Morita's Top Secret List of Fujimi Academy's Triple-A Grade Hot Girls. I mean, this is the whole reason I started this band. To pick up hot chicks!"

Naruto chuckled. "Just don't let any of these girls see this, they will probably kick your ass."

"Heh, I'll keep this in a safe place then." Morita said with a laugh. "But what makes you think I would get my ass kicked?"

Naruto looked at him like he was stupid. "Let's just say…experience. My Godfather used to do this type of stuff…but to a more pervert out look."

"Who was your godfather." Morita asked.

"His name was Jiriaya." Naruto replied but soon realized his mistake.

"TOAD MASTER JIRIAYA IS YOU GODFATHER?" Morita and the other guys of the band shouted in shock.

"Y-yeah." Naruto said, a bit freaked out, but he should have figured these guys would get that book. "But he died. I published them in his memory."

"WE'RE NOT WORHTY!" The boy all bowed to him, making the blond face palm himself.

"Alright onto something important." Naruto said before things got out of hand. "Let's get one with that song now."

"Hey, what is it called anyway?" Morita asked curiously.

Naruto smiled, thinking about his old home. "Hero's Come Back."

"Alright! Let's do this!" Morita and the other guys cheered. Soon drums began to get beat and then a guitar sound came took the mike and began to sing.

"Tooku de kikoeru koe wo hitori

Hitori mata hitori de chi agaru toushi

Kurikaesu dake no fudan doori

Itsu ga iku jumbi ii are you ready?

Karadajuu fuu no wa shinzou ni

Hageshiku chi narase yo stomping

Taeru tsuki wo ukasu call me

Kawarisugiru ga nuki ka story

Come on everybody stand up

Agero kyou ichiban no jikan da

Me ni mo tomoran no speed hunter

Dare mo nobinattori ko kanba yeah

Come on everybody hands up

Mata ashita no heroes wa comeback

Tsuujou kazoe hibi wo countdown

Let's go, 3-2-1 make some noise"

It was at this point, Naruto put on a pair of Romani sunglasses and sung in a deeper voice.

"Hey yo mou basho nori tsuku wa kakugo desho

Nankai korondatte tatsu keredo

Nade aida naze kami hito e no seisho

Irikunda kanjou kizuki ageta desho

Mochiagaru kansei ga yuuki to naru

Tashiagareba ima kurushimi tomonau

Sore demo saikou wa kitto aru

Subete sarau to shouri no kansei

Everybody stand up

Agero kyou ichiban no jikan da

Me ni mo tomoran no speed hunter

Dare mo nobinattori ko kanba yeah

Come on everybody hands up

Mata ashita no heroes wa comeback

Tsuujou kazoe hibi wo countdown

Let's go, 3-2-1 make some noise"

Down on the school grounds, since they were on the school roof, they heard people cheering them on, having heard them. Morita grinning like a mad man, knowing that with Naruto in their band, they would be successful. However, Naruto felt a disturbance in the air. Why do I get the dark feeling that some fan girls have been born?


Naruto was glad he had joined the Kendo Club. It gave him a defined style of sword combat for him to use. Kurama's last words still echoed with in his mind and he wanted to make sure he was ready for whatever came his way. Sure he had his street fighting to keep his improving Taijutsu skills up.

He watched his sempai easily beat one of the other club members. He had yet to actually fight her to see how he stacked up to her, but it seemed that today he might get his chance. And he was right!

He got up and got into a lose stance. It was one he saw in Konoha, used by a purple haired anbu. He had seen the woman training and decided to watch before he got bored and left. He actually remembered some parts of her style and added it to his kendo style. Now was the time to test it out.

His opponent was name Saeko Busujima. She has long and straight bluish Indigo hair with a triangular fringe at the front that barely touches the ridge of her nose, and she has blue eyes. Like most of the students, she wears the normal school uniform, even though they do have kendo uniforms. Another notable thing about her is that she had large D cup breast.

He knew she was a year older than him, but he didn't mind much, she was cool.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds before two charged at one another. As their swords clashed, they observed the other. As he was fighting her, he noticed that she had a serious face on, which she usually had when fighting, but there was one time when he saw a spark in her eye when someone was about to give her a challenge. However, that died when she beat that person. Maybe he can provoke that side and really see what she could do. He felt that she was holding back….a lot.

Saeko noticed that the blond's expression was the same as when he fought the other members of the club. It was either bored look or a smile. Right now, he was smile without a care in the world. Like he was not even trying! Normally, she was a nice person to everyone, concerned about their well-being, but that smile provoked her other side. Her sadistic side. He was hold back like she was and she wanted to see how strong he was!

Like that, the shift happened. She gained her sadistic smile as he eyes showed her bloodlust. She strikes came more rapidly and with more force. Naruto had to admit she was good and man she was strong. He actually had to tighten his grip around his kendo stick. He looked back at her face to see that sadistic smile and he wondered off-handedly if she was turned on by this. That was a mistake to be distracted like that because she got in a hit on his cheek. The strike was so fast that it drew some blood. Damn you Pervy Sage…you corrupted me!

Saeko looked on wide eyed and she lost her sadistic side in concern for her fellow club member. However, before she could ask if he was alright, his expression changed to that of an emotionless mask that scared the other club members and made her a bit nervous. He reached up to touch his cheek and wipe the blood off. He took a look at it before his expression changed to that of a serious one and his eyes hardened and became slit like. "You wanna play? Let's play." Naruto said as he charged at her again, his blade in a reverse grip.

This was nuts! He was matching her blow for blow as she regained her sadistic side. Now this was a fight! He would switch grips every now and then. How was he this good? Did he practice at home or something? Those thoughts left her as the look on his face was actually exciting her. Those whisker marks and the slit eyes gave him a feral look and it was hot! However, those thoughts led to her down fall. Naruto got in a strong strike that knocked her kendo blade out of her hands and he pointed his stick at her neck.

The room was deathly silent after that. All the kendo members were in shock at what they had seen. Saeko was their best member and Naruto had not only matched her, but he beat her! They all wondered what would happen next.

The two stared at each other before Naruto took his kendo blade away from her neck and held out his hand with a smile on his face. Saeko was stunned that he such a nice person and a good fighter like she was. So she took the hand and gripped it hard with a smile of her own. The look in her eyes though told him this was not over but he had gained a friend. This event gained him a friend and rival, but there was something else in her eyes that showed something else, something he was not familiar with. Eh…he'd figure it out later.


"Hey, just leave me alone!" a voice said weakly.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this and walked to where he heard the voice. When he got there, he saw a slightly overweight guy near his own age getting bullied by some beefy looking guys.

"How about no you little prick." One the guys said, probably the leader. "Besides, we are going to put you in your place you little gun freak. Hey, it is not like you have any friends anyway. What, do you buy a gun and then stick your dick in it since you can't get a real woman?"

"No!" the dark haired boy shouted.

'I bet you do! Just say it and live with it freak!" The same guy said.

Naruto scowled and had enough of this. He even saw that one of the teachers, Shido was just looking on with a sadistic smile. Oh he was going to wipe that smile off his face. He really did not like that man. After all there was a reason he skipped most of the man's classes. He walked onto the scene and said, "Leave him alone."

The beefy looking guys turned and glared at the blond. "This is none of your business Uzumaki! Just leave!"

Naruto's bored look turned into his serious look with slit eyes, freaking them out a bit. He then sent out some KI to scare them. "I am his friend now and I don't like it when people are picked on just because they are different and are considered weak. Leave."

The beefy looking boys looked ready to piss themselves and decided the smart thing to do was do as Naruto told them. They quickly left. Naruto shot Shido a glare and the man just scowled before walking away. Turned back to the chubby looking boy, he smiled and held out his hand. "Hey, name's Naruto Uzumaki."

"I am Kohta Hirano." The kid said hesitantly.

"Well Kohta, how about we be friends?" Naruto asked.

Kohta actually smiled. "I would like that, but you don't mind having a friend who is a gun enthusiast?"

"Not really since I don't know much about guns." Naruto said and kind of regretted it because Kohta then proceeded to talk his ear off about them and the one gun he wished was real. An energy gun. That peaked Naruto's interest as well. Kohta, you just gave me an idea!


"My god Uzumaki, you don't even look winded! Have you even running the track?" Kyoko, the gym teacher, who was known to be very strict, asked.

"Yeah, you watched me right?" Naruto asked confused. He did not know what the big deal was.

"Yes I have and I am just shocked is all. You must have a lot of stamina." The big breasted teacher stated.

"Yeah, I have always had that. I am just in really good shape." Naruto replied with a shrug.

Kyoko sighed at that. She had reddish-brown hair which she keeps in a loose ponytail with long strands hanging down in front of each ear. Her eyes are light brown and she wears glasses. She has a full figure with large breasts. However, this presented an opportunity for her. Why? Well her life kind of sucked at the moment and things were not going as she planned. If she got him as an intern helping her out, she could get to know him for when he got out of school. Hey…she would try anything once.

"Uzumaki, how would you like to be my intern? Help me whip these slackers into shape." Kyoko asked.

Naruto shrugged. "Eh, why not? I am going to run some more and motivate my classmates." Naruto said before he took off his sweaty shirt and started running again.

Kyoko blushed at what she saw. This kid was well toned for someone his age. It was now wonder why he was such a good athlete. Her thoughts started to wonder off into a more perverted land as she thought about his stamina. Naruto, of course, was oblivious to her thoughts and the thoughts of his female classmates.


Naruto was walking to the kendo club room when he heard a noise. School was over and there was barely anyone in this building, so he decided to check it out. Walking up to an empty classroom, he peered through the crack in the door and what he saw made his blood boil.

Two girls, whom he knew as Toshimi Niki and Misuzu Ichijou were chained up to a few desks where a teacher was groping Toshimi's breasts. He was a fat ass and was known to be a pervert and an asshole.

Toshimi was a dark haired girl that was tied in a pigtail and is slightly combed in the front. She wore the normal school uniform.

Misuzu was a brown haired girl which is tied in a bun. She wore the normal school uniform.

"Please stop!" Toshimi cried out with tears running down her face.

"Shh. You're about to have a mind blowing experience, so just accept it." The man said as he painfully groped her breasts harder.

"STOP! Leave her alone!" Misuzu screamed.

"Oh don't worry, you get you turn." The slimy man said.

Naruto growled as he had enough of this shit! He would not sit by and watch as these two girls get raped by this slob of a man. So he kicked the door off its hinges and sent it flying into a wall. This scared the crap out of the old man and the girls. "Leave them alone." Naruto demanded in a serious tone.

"No." the man said as he regained his wits. "Now run along before I purposely get you introuble for disrespecting a teacher."

Naruto didn't like that and his sent a blast of KI at the man, who basically wet himself. "I don't give a fuck about that. You will leave them alone! I don't care if you are a teacher, these girl obviously don't want you touching them. So suggest you get your fat ass out of this room before I do it for you and trust me when I saw you don't want that." He demanded as he sent more KI at the man, who just nodded and ran out of the room like the hounds of hell were after him while he was clutching his heart.

As soon as the man was gone, Naruto broke the chains on the girls and asked, "Are you alright?" The girls looked at him, then at each other, and then back again before they flung themselves at him and bawled their eyes out on his chest. He should have expected this.

He held them close as they cried and he whispered that it was going to be ok.

After about an hour, the two had calmed down. "Thank you, Naruto." Toshimi said quietly.

"No problem, but how do you know my name. I just know about you from a friend of mine." Naruto stated.

Misuzu smiled. "You are one of the most popular guys in the school, kind of hard not to know about you. What they say about you is true."

"Oh and what do they say about me?" Naruto asked, curious.

"That you're one of the nicest guys around and cute." Toshimi replied with a blush.

"Heh…I knew I was nice, but cute is new." Naruto replied with a laugh. "Say, would you two mind being friends with me?"

The two girls smiled at each other before nodding and kissing the boy on the cheeks. "We don't mind." The girls said at the same with and giggled at the blond's red face. The two then looked at each other and had a gleam in their eyes that Naruto thought looked familiar….to Sakura and Ino.

Oh no… The blond inwardly groaned.


"So…you want me to be an intern for you Dr. Marikawa?" Naruto asked.

"Yes." The buxom blond said with a smile. She had heard a lot about the boy from student and teachers alike. It seemed that they were right. "As the school nurse, I know a lot of the medical field, but I seem to get lost a lot with other subjects."

"Eh? Well that is fine. I will help out when needed." Naruto said with a smile. "Hey, if I help you understand common stuff, will you teach me more about the medical field?"

"You know some of the medical field?" Shizuka asked, very interested in knowing what he knew.

"Yeah, my grandma taught me simple stuff like first aid and stuff like that."

"Oh. I don't mind helping you out if you help me out." She said with a ditzy smile.

"Sweet!" Naruto said excitedly. Shizuka smiled at his energy. Taking a closer look at him, she thought he was very handsome, but she sadly shook those thoughts away. While she may be lonely, she could not do that….could she?


Naruto was writing in his notebook on the roof. Well it was more like sketching because there was what looked like schematics for some type of whip and then a gun or sorts. However, he froze when the door to the roof burst open and crying girl ran over to the opposite end of the roof. He sighed as he figured that now he would not get any work done. He got up and walked over to the girl.

He noticed that the girl had light orange hair, just like his friend Rei, but cut much shorter and she used a hairband to keep her hair back and she had yellow eyes. She had on the normal school uniform and she had had large breasts. Naruto crouched down so he was eye level with her and asked, 'Penny for your thoughts?"

The girl stiffened at that and looked up to see Naruto and blushed a bit before looking away with tears in her eyes. "You probably wouldn't care." She sniffed.

"I am here aren't I?" Naruto deadpanned before he smiled. "I kind of don't know who you are, but that doesn't mean I don't care."

The girl blinked rapidly at that. He didn't know who she was? Maybe she had a chance. "I am Yuuki Miku."

"Nice ta meet ya!" Naruto said in his carefree voice. "I am Naruto Uzumaki!"

Yuuki smiled at that. She had heard about him. He was one of the nicest guys in school. Naruto smiled and asked, "So, what's the matter?"

Yuuki sighed at that. She explained to him that there were 'weird sayings' about her just because she was very attractive, something he secretly agreed to, and even though she was a virgin, she would openly talk about sex.

Naruto looked thoughtful for a moment before he said, "So? Guys talk about sex all the time. But still, I have heard those rumors and now that I have met you and you told me your story. I am going to say I believe you. So don't let what others say, get to you, especially when they don't know jack shit."

Yuuki looked at the blond boy in shock with a small blush dusting her cheeks. He was defiantly like the rumor said. He actually took the time to listen to her, which most didn't and he believed her! If he had not come when he did, she would have probably gave in to those annoying speeches that that Shido teacher blabbed on about. "H-how do you know I am not lying? Most don't believe me."

Naruto smiled as he stood up and playfully opened just one eye and said in a silly voice. "A ninja never reveals his secrets!" In truth, he could tell when people were lying and she was not lying at all!

Seeing Naruto's goofy nature, Yuuki actually started to laugh. That made Naruto smile. "There we go! A smile on the beautiful face, much better! So…would you like to be friends?"

Yuuki blushed hard at that compliment. Sure guys told her that she was hot and all, but they just wanted to get in her pants. Naruto was different; he was genuinely nice and wanted to be her friend! She quietly got up before giving the blond a hug. "I would like that." She said quietly with a blush on her cheeks and smile, happy to have a real friend.

Naruto had a blush as well seeing he was hugging a really beautiful girl…with rather large boobs. Still, he was glad he gained another friend. He then blinked stupidly and thought, You know, it is ironic. I am friends with all the girls on Morita's list. I wonder what he would think about this…


Naruto smiled softly he had laid down on the roof, staring out on the blue sky, cloud gazing. He had to admit, Shikamaru was a smart kid. Cloud gazing really cleared the mind, whether it be for reminiscing or actually falling asleep.

He thought about all his friends and sighed. It seemed that thing had changed over the years. This was his spot and his friends usually came up here to greet and hang out with him. Mostly it was either the band, the two he liked to call the twins…which was actually Misuzu and Toshimi, and Yuuki. His first friends all had problems of their own.

Takashi still would not open up to Rei's feeling for him, so she started dating Hisashi. Before she could ask him out, he said that this was their problem and he did not want to get mixed in all of it where he would be hated. Rei smiled at him and said thank for being a good friend. She and Hisashi would come up for lunch and chat with his still, but it was not same as Takashi often did not come with them and sulked on his stairwell. Sure, he still hung out with Takashi to cheer him up, but it didn't work that often.

Then there was Rei's main problem. Shido. She was held back a year because of that man grudge against her father for investigating him and his father. It was complete bullshit, but there was not much they could do about it.

It was because of that that Rei gained a hatred for the man and Naruto's dislike for the man skyrocketed. He often skipped his classes with Shido, not wanting to listen to the dribble that the man would preach about. It was just ridiculous most of the time. Besides…his eyes reminded him of Orochimaru.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Yuuki's voice asked.

Naruto looked over to the girl and smiled before he got up and leaned against the fence. "Eh…I just trying to figure out what to do about Takashi and Shido's 'I am god!' attitude. I seriously can't take much more of that guy."

Yuuki giggled before she sat next to him and laid her head on his shoulder. "Don't worry too much about it. Besides, if you hadn't helped me that day, I probably would have been one of his 'mindless idiots.'"

"Eh…you are strong enough to resist him." Naruto said with a smile.

"Not at the time wasn't." Yuuki said sadly. "Naruto…" She said, taking her head on his shoulder and looking at him instead.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked, looking her in the eyes.

"I want to thank you again for helping me that day and believing me. I don't know what I would be like if you hadn't been there for me." Yuuki said with smile as she lost herself in those ocean blue eyes of his.

Naruto smiled at that. "Hey, I was just doing what should have been done as a friend." He said as he begun to lose himself in her eyes. Over the years, he had gotten really close to all his female friends. He had grown feelings for them and he cared deeply for them. However, Yuuki really wormed her way into his heart at the moment.

Like a magnet, the two friends slowly leaned toward each other. T-this is really happening! Yuuki thought with an inward smile. However, before either of them could do the deed, Naruto put his finger to her lips, shocking her, however, that soon disappeared and turned into concern. Naruto rarely had that serious look on his face and he had it as he looked around in worry. Wait; was his finger on her lips because he was telling her to be quiet?

"Something is not right. Can't you smell that?" Naruto asked seriously.

"W-what smell?" Yuuki asked.

"Blood….and smoke." Naruto said with narrowed eyes, scaring Yuuki a bit.

Then the intercom came to life. *This is announcement for all the students* The voice said with a shaky voice *There is a situation taking place inside the school right now. All students must follow your teachers in an orderly fashion and evacuate. * the voice then repeated itself before there was loud noice the it was quiet for a moment before… *Get away from me! GET BACK! ARGH! HELP HELP! AHHH!*

With that, all panic let loose and the school was filled with screaming students trying to get to safety. Yuuki had a panicked look on her face and started to get up to run for her life, but Naruto's hand made her stay in place. "What are you doing? We have to get out here!"

"Think, running into the masses and getting stomped on is not the right way to go about this." Naruto said evenly, making her calm down. "We need to wait till the noise dies down and think rationally about this."

"Ok." Yuuki said, calmly breathing now as Naruto presence calmed her." What do we need to do?"

"Let me take a look at the city." Naruto said he as he jumped u on the fence and reached the top, looking out onto the chaos in the streets where people were being ripped apart by…the undead? What the fuck was going on? And that was what was yelled from a few roof tops by his friend Takashi. Yep, a shit storm had happened.

"W-where do you see?" Yuuki asked nervously.

"Hell on earth." Naruto stated.

No world is perfect. You might have to save that one since you could not with this one.


And we are done! Hope you all liked that! The pairing is not set in stone and I have added a few more people into this. Naruto will be saving a few friends from this. Now some of you wanted Kyoko in this and if she survives….how since she was one of the first to die!

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