Ninja of the Dead

Chapter 3

Naruto glared out onto the city. This was not funny, but Kurama was a demon and must have seen this coming and thought it would be funny if he tried to survive in this world. Still, he wondered why it took three years for this crisis to come about. Now if he was still 13 or 14, he would be freaking out to no end about all this, but he was 17 now and had a calmer head about all this.

"What's your game, Kurama?" He said aloud, almost forget that Yuuki were still there with him.

"Who is Kurama?" Yuuki asked softly, still freaked out by everything.

"An old….friend I guess you could call him." Naruto said, not wanting to say too much. "It was like he predicted this."

"How can anyone predict this?" Yuuki shouted. "The dead are freaking coming to life and eating people like in those movies, but this isn't the movies, this is the real world. This shit should not be happening….no it can't!"

Naruto sighed softly before he put both of his hands on her shoulders, making her face him. "Listen to me Yuuki. This is happening and we will survive it! I promise that I will not let anything happen to you or my friends. That is a promise of a lifetime!"

Yuuki looked at his deep ocean blue eyes and saw that he was telling the truth. "I'll be right beside you then." She said before she took a step forward to do something she had wanted to do for a long time now. She kissed him.

Naturally, Naruto was shocked that she kissed him, but he should not have been that surprised. He could tell that she had liked him for a long time and despite what he said, she wanted to let him know how she felt about him. So he kissed back for a few seconds before he broke the kiss and smiled.

Yuuki smiled back before a blush appeared on her cheeks before that smile turned into a seductive smirk. She put a hand between them and started rubbing his crock through his clothes. "Like I said before, I am very open about sex and you seem to be very happy to see me."

Naruto blushed hard at that and turned his head to the side some. "Well….yeah. You your body pressing up against me during the kiss, especially with your breasts on my chest, can you blame me?"

"Nope!" she said with a smile as she backed off. "Now, we should get out of here."

"True, can you fight or use weapons?" Naruto asked, gaining a serious outlook.

"Well, my dad, fearing for my safety, had me learn to use two types of weapons. Knives and Katars. I don't suppose you have any pocket knives on you?"

"I'll do you one better." Naruto said as we walked over to his backpack and took out a small round and white bag. He opened it to reveal a few kunai. "These are Kunai, will these do?"

Yuuki blinked before she took the bag and attached it to her school skirt. "Perfect. These are rare, but my father trained me in these anyway."

"Good." Naruto said as he reached in his blazer and took out a silver rod about a foot long with a cylindrical arrow on the top. He pressed a button and with a swing of the rod, a long metal cable whipped out, revealing the weapon to be a whip of sorts.

It was at that moment that the door to the roof burst open and a flood of them came out. "If this is like the movies, aim for the head." Naruto said in a dead voice.

"Right!" Yuuki said with a frown, ready for almost anything.

"Let's go and get out friends. We need to find a secure place to get away from all of this." Naruto said as they rushed forward. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Yuuki duck under and swipe from one of them and then rise up to stab it in the temple. "Oh, we'll be fine." He said as they surround him and with a simple flick of his wrist, he brought the whip up and slices through their skulls.


Why are they eating people? This isn't even funny! Saya Takagi thought as she and Kohta Hirano stayed near the walls so they would not get in the way of the panicked masses.

"Can't be. This can't be happening. Can it mommy? It's not right?" A student boy mumbled aloud as he held the wound on his neck as he slowly walked the hallways. One of the undead then grabbed his face and had him for lunch. Saya and Kohta took that as a good distraction and ran past them.

"Takagi! Where do you think you are running to?" Kohta asked as they ran down the hall.

"And what exactly was your brilliant plan?" She shot back rudely.

"I was going to talk to the teachers in the faculty room and then-" He said but was cut off.

"That's pointless." Saya said they stopped at a door to look around before running again, this time out on a bridge on the outside of the school. "What do you think a bunch of stupid teachers can do about it?"

"But Takagi, this is just…it's kinda…because of this I should…" He could not get the right words out and because of that, Saya stopped, prompting him to as well.

"I've got a question for you." She said calmly.

"What is it?"

She turned and pointed to him. "Do you want to die, or do you want to live?"

"Well…that's um." Kohta said as he looked at the dead teacher next to him.

"They had the same idea as you. Let's see how that works for them." Saya said, referring to a group of student pounding on a nearby door, which leads to a faculty room. The result was not pretty. As soon as the door opened, the students were mulled by the undead. "You want to live right? Then stick with me!" Kohta just nodded, seeing that the loud girl he was with was his best chance to survive. "Let's go chubby!" although he could do without the names.


"Takagi, I know it is against school rules, but do you have your cell phone on you?" Kohta asked as they sneaked through a hallway full of the undead. OK, they where near the hallway, near a stairwell.

"I'm a straight A student," She stated with irritation. "Besides, even if I had one, who would I call?"

"The police maybe?" Kohta offered.

"God you're so stupid!" Saya said, "Look how serious this is, there's no way people haven't called them already. But yet we have not heard a single siren. So now you know."

"So this…happening all over?" Kohta asked, truly freaked out now.

"You think?" Saya replied sarcastically. "I am sure the police are dealing with this already, but look how things are!"

"I wonder if we should call the self-defense force or something."

"I would not expect much from them."

"I know they can't do much without the government's order but-"

"That's not what I meant." Saya said with a twitching eyebrow.

"Well what did you mean exactly?" Kohta asked while accidently bumping into her.

Pushing him away, she said, "They're just like the police! What do you think would happen if people were eating people in all the cities out there? Listen, there are a hundred and thirty million people. How many of them do you think work for the self-defense force? And what if the same things have been happening inside the self-defense force?" That should have gotten the point across, but they didn't have much time left because one of them came walking down the stairs. "Come on! We need to go!"

"Ok!" stuttered the gun freak.

"You're lucky that Naruto is in here and one of your friends. I am such a nice person." Saya growled out, irritated that he was freaking out still.

"Huh? You know Naruto?" Kohta asked as they ran.


In the nurse's office, a student was freaking out while killing his friend…who had become one of the undead. While that was going Shizuka was gathering medical supplies to put in her bag. She was just act stupid and like nothing was bad, but she was actually worried and trying to ignore the undead kid in her room. "What should I do? I can't get a hold of the police or the fire department. I can treat them but they'll just die and once they die, they'll resurrect! This is just like that George Romeo movie I saw."

"I don't think it is time to be impressed." The student boy said, out of breath. "Let's get out of here Miss Shizuka!"

"Hold on a second. Let me take all the stuff I can carry." Shizuka replied as she reached in the medical cabinets. I hope Naruto-kun is ok.

"Just do it quickly!" The student freaked out before the windows to the office broke open and they broke through. He managed to get in front of the nurse and got bit in the shoulder for his troubles. "Miss Shizuka! Get out of here quick!"

"Hey." The nurse said as she backed up, clearly afraid, but putting up her stupid personality. In reality, she was much smarter thanks to Naruto and she liked that about him. She knew she was not that smart and he took the time to help her understand a lot. "Hey, I'm sorry, what was your name again, please?"

"What?" The student asked, not believing what he heard and his lack of attention got the better of him as he was pushed down and the undead fell on him as well.

They were about to get to the school nurse, but thankfully someone came to the rescue. If she remembered correctly, this was one of Naruto's kendo club members. Saeko.

Saeko easily took them all down in a flash. When the undead were dead yet again, she walked over to the student who had been bitten and said, "I am the Co-captain of the kendo club, Saeko Busujima, a sophomore. What's your name kid?"

The kid coughed out some blood and stuttered out, "Ishi."

"Ishi, you did a great job protecting Dr. Marikawa. I commend your courage." She said softly. "You do know what happens to you once you get bitten. Do you want your parents and friends to see you like that? If the answer is no, I will end your life as painlessly as I can. But I've never killed anyway before.

The boy stared at her for moment, knowing it was the end for him either way and smiled weakly. "P-please do that."

As she took up to get ready for this, Shizuka panicked, "Wait! What are you going to do?"

"You're the school doctor; I got it, but stay out of it. This young man is going to die with honor and I am going to make sure that he does." Saeko said as she readied her wooden sword. Ishi laid back and smiled before it all went black for him.

Shizuka looked on in horror, but she did not have time to grieve because they came in through the doorway this time. Saeko looked that them and gave off her sadistic smile.


"Ok, we are here." Kohta said as they entered what looked like a woodshop classroom. "What do we do now? Although, I do see some things that would come in handy."

"Just shut up you chubby geek!" Saya growled, clearly annoyed. "Lock the door so they won't come in."

Kohta quickly did that and turned back to the girl. "I-I locked it." Seeing the tools laid out on the desk in front of her, he asked, "Are you going to use those as weapons?"

"You're one of those basement shut-ins, one of those military nerds or gun geeks aren't you? Come one, you must have seen this thing before, it was in that Mel Gibson movie."

"A nail gun…and it's gas!" Kohta said as he observed it.

"Hell yeah! We won't be able to carry it around if it was one of those compressor types, right? God, you're fat and stupid." Saya sighed.

"So you like movies?" Kohta asked as he worked.

"Don't be ridiculous. I am a genius, so I know everything!" Saya stated like it was obvious.

As Kohta went through all their supplies that they found, he asked a question that had been bothering him. "So…how do you know Naruto?"

Saya looked at him stupidly before saying, "Simple, Komuro introduced us. The idiot was having trouble with some of his studies and I offered to help. Although out first meeting was…different to say the least."


"Takagi, I would like you to introduce a new friend of mine." Takashi said to his pink haired friend in the school gym. "He just moved here and well, yeah he is new."

"God you suck at introducing people stupid!" Saya shouted before she rounded on the new boy. She had to admit that he was cute, but she had to keep her genius intellect and not get a boyfriend yet. "So are you going to introduce yourself, stupid?"

Naruto's eye was twitching. In a way, this girl was almost as bad as Sakura. Almost the same attitude. Same pink hair. He just hoped she was not as violent as Sakura. Anyway, he smiled and said, "I am Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you!"

"Spiraling Maelstrom? Odd name." Saya stated.

"Yeah, anyway, I was wondering if you could help him for me. He is a little behind and since you are the smartest in our class…" Takashi suggested.

"Fine! I'll tutor the new kid, but he better not be as dumb as some of the other idiots in our class and you owe me for this Komuro!"

"Righ-" Takashi said with a wave, but was interrupted when someone ran past him, bumping into him and pushing Naruto forward. Naruto tried to regain his balance anyway way he could. Unfortunately, that meant grabbing onto Saya…or more specifically her breasts.

After that, it was deathly silent as Takashi stared and wondered if Naruto had some of the weirdest luck in the world. Naruto paled at what he did, this girl was almost like Sakura and if she had her temper, then he was screwed! He saw that Saya was about to make a move, so he quickly let go off her and got on his hands and knees. "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME MISS TAKAGI!"

Saya, who had been about to scream at him, blinked rapidly at what she heard from the boy. This boy was not like the others. If a normal boy had done that, they would have been a pervert about it; however, this blond apologized about like she was going to hurt him. Did he have some back experience when he was younger that prompted this odd behavior? "I-it is ok…just don't do it again…stupid." she said with a blush.

Takashi had his jaw on the floor. He was sure after all that, Naruto's head was going to be in the floor, but Saya just accepted his apology! It was just like with Rei! This kid was amazing!

End Flashback!

Kohta wanted to laugh at what he heard, but he controlled himself as he worked on the nail gun. "You're right, that meeting was a bit different. But what made you be friends after that incident?"

Saya smiled, "He had a lot of problems with school work. He didn't understand a lot of what was taught, like he was from some other world. But when I helped him, he understood it very quickly. And from the way he behaved with other girls and me…it was different. He is not like the other guys in this school. He is…respectful. And that makes him…anenigma to me and I have always thought different. To me, he is one big puzzle!"

Kohta smiled at that. Naruto was an enigma. "Glad I am not the only one who thinks that, but it sounds like you have a small crush on him."

"Don't be stupid." Saya said quickly as she turned the other way. She had a blush on her cheeks. How could she not have a thing for him. That incident happened more than once and he was always saying sorry quickly, like he was afraid of something. He was such a nice guy that she needed to solve and that lead her to liking him.

However, those thoughts were put on hold as the door to the room was being banged on by them. Luckily, Kohta was done just as the door burst open and they flooded in and he managed to shoot them all down with nails. "Gotcha!" he said with an insane smirk.

"Hirano?" Saya asked, a bit shocked.


It was at that moment that Takashi and Rei decided to move out as well and they were using a nearby hose. Hey, all they had to do was knock them over and so they could fall on their heads and stay dead. It was simple…right? "Turn it on!" Takashi ordered. As soon as the water came, he was not prepared for backlash of the powerful water hose. They were starting to come through, so he needed to get this thing under control and soon.


"Yeah!" Naruto shouted as he used his whip to cut one of them in half…vertically. It was easy but those things were very stupid. It was like they could not see and relied on hearing. If that was the case, this was easier that he thought.

Still, he could not find his friends anywhere. That and chakra sensing was out because something of interfering with his senses. He just could not figure it out, but he did feel something…dark.

Looking over to Yuuki, he was surprised that she was using 6 kunai. Three in each hand and was stabbing and slashing with ease. That made things easier for him because she knew how to fight.


"You see the drill and the nails over there?" Kohta asked as he kept on shooting. "Will you put them in a bag or something?"

"Excuse me? You're nobody to me, what makes you think you can order me around?" Saya said, clear offended.

He looked back at her with his killer face, freaking her out, before the face changed into a smile. "Pretty please with sugar on top?"

Sighed, the pink haired girl relented. "Alright."


"Takashi!" Rei shouted in worry.

"I'm ok! I didn't like most of you fucks then, and I sure as hell don't like you now!" He replied before he managed to redirect the hose toward the blockage they set up and blasted all of them away from them. This hose was powerful! He had to wonder what it was even used for in this school.


"Here! You hold this bag!" Saya ordered her chubby partner before she headed to the door.

"Can I ask you something?" Kohta asked.


"Well, why are you with me?"

"Why? Because I am such a nice person." Saya said, so full of herself.

"Yeah…I can see that. Oh well." Kohta said with sigh as he should not be surprised. He then straightened up and became serious as he held his nail gun at the ready.

"Hey, you're on the ball all of a sudden." Saya said with a smile. "Something click in you or what?"

"I think I found my calling!" Kohta said excitedly before they rushed out of the room to escape this place. "Now let's go and find Naruto! I am sure he had found some other survivors!"

"Right!" Saya agreed. With the both of them, they would surely survive this ordeal!


"We can get out of this together, right Misuzu?" a girl asked as she and her friend ran through the library. They had been smart enough to not run with the masses and get caught in the panic.

"Right, Toshimi!" Misuzu said with a confidence. "Thanks to Naruto, we knew how to fight like street fighters and use swords. We should try and find him!"

"Good plan." Toshimi stated before something caught her foot. It seemed that one of them had caught her foot as it crawled up the stairs in the library. It was about pull her down, but a whipping sound was heard and the undead freak reeled back and fell down the stairs, taking others with it. There were thunk! Sounds and they looked behind them to see more undead…dead.

They looked up to see Naruto and Yuuki. "NARUTO! YUUKI!" They shouted with joy.

"I heard someone was looking for me?" Naruto said cheekily.

"Yeah, we are glad you found us. This is nuts!" Toshimi said, looking around her to make sure none of them were coming.

"I know, but we need to find my other friends and get the hell out of this place. We need a safer location." Naruto said seriously. The girls nodded before they took off with them to find the others.

However, the girls strayed behind him to talk to Yuuki. "So?" Toshimi asked.

"I managed to kiss him before we left." She said with a smirk.

Misuzu smirked. The three were friends thanks to the blond and had a rivalry to get his love, but they also banded together to make sure other girls didn't get him. However, now was different. She wondered of all three of them could have him. Only time will tell.

It was then Naruto heard what sounded like gun shots…but not quite the same. "Sounds like Kohta has a new toy…I think that is near the Faulty Room. Come on!"


"If you keep shooting them, how will we learn about them?" Saya said, having already learn quite a lot. Their senses, except for their hearing, were dead!

"You know, you could help me fight them too!" Kohta countered.

"You stupid, fat, idiot, that is what I have you for!" Saya freaked.

"The magazine is almost empty!"

"YOU THINK THAT'S MY PROBLEM!" Saya shouted, "Hurry up and just reload it!"

"But their…their right behind you. See?" Kohta said weakly. Saya looked and let out a shrill scream, alerted everyone and everything to their position.


"Fuck! That's Saya!" Naruto growled out. He knew didn't have much time left to save his friend. He was a floor above her…exactly above her. Tsunade….I hope this works. I have my chakra control up to snuff…even though I still can use Nin or Genjutsu. "Get behind me!" Naruto ordered the girls and they got right behind them, wondering what he was going to do. He lifted up a leg and…


"GET AWAY!" Saya screamed as her eyes searched for a way to defend herself. She had already used some of the nearby trophies, but they just shattered upon impact to the undead's head. Her last resort was the drill. As soon as it connected, Rei, Takashi, Saeko, and Shizuka appeared on the scene, and the room shook violently before some of the ceiling fell a few feet away from the girl as she fought for her life.

Naruto and the girls he was traveling with appeared out of the dust. It only took him a few second for him to analyze the situation before he ordered, "Go! Get Kohta and get behind the wall!" The girls nodded, not wanting to argue with him, before they grabbed onto the shell shocked boy and ran to the others. They all got to safety, but they were curious, so they peaked to see him in action.

Naruto was already upon Saya. He used his whip to grab onto the thing and pull it away from his pinked haired friend. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw four more of them appear in the hallway and smirked. He redirected the undead in his whip while also grabbing the drill away from Saya so that she would not hurt him or herself. As he dropped the drill, he took out two marbles with seals etched onto them before tossed them over to the slowly approaching undead as the whip left the undead it was holding.

The undead crashed into the other undead students just as the now glowing marbles reached them. Thinking quickly, Naruto grabbed onto Saya and shielded her from the resulting blast that shook the building.

All this happened in under a minute.

After recovering from their shock, the group came back into the hallway that lead to the faculty room to see the area with the former undead, full of burnt flesh and debris. Whatever Naruto had done had practically destroyed that part of the school.

Noticing their position before Saya did, Naruto saw that in shielding the girl, he had grabbed the girl's breasts…again. He quickly removed himself away from her while muttering sorry. However, she noticed none of this as she gazed a nearby mirror…that was in the trophy case. It and her were covered in blood…from it.

Rei and Shizuka ran up to her in worry as Naruto stood of to the side. Saeko, Misuzu, Toshimi, and Yuuki not far behind.

Saeko decided to speak, "You all know the school doctor Marikawa, right? And I am Saeko Busujima from class 3-A."

"Ah…Naruto's kendo club friend." Takashi said, recognizing her name. "I am Takashi Korumo from class 2-B."

"Miss Busujima, I remember you won the national championship last year with Naruto. I'm Rei Miyamoto, I am in the spear martial arts club."

"I am Kohta Hirano from class B…just FYI."

"Nice to meet you." Saeko said with a smile, getting a gasp from the boy as he was not used to having hot girls talk to him.

"I am Yuuki Miku."

"Toshimi Niki." The girl said with a smile.

"Misuzu Ichijou." The other girl stated.

"All…I guess I don't need an introduction." Naruto chuckled, "But call me Naruto Uzumaki!"

It was at this time that Saya regained some of herself. "Why are you guys being so warm and fuzzy? Why are you being so polite to her, Miyamoto? You flunked last year, you are same age, she is not your elder!"

"What are you talking about Takagi?" Kohta asked while Naruto grimaced. He knew what going on. This was what he called, 'the snap' for situations like this. He had his in the ninja world early on.


Saeko put a hand on her shoulder and said, "It's ok. That's enough."

Saya looked at herself in the mirror again and mumbled out. "Look at me. All these blood stains now mom will have to…take it to the cleaners…" Naruto walked up to her and looked at her from the mirror. She saw the sadness in his eyes…like he knew what she was going through. Which was true since he went through the same in the ninja world when he made his first kill. Of course, they didn't know that part.

She couldn't stand it and begun to cry her eyes out in Saeko's chest. Naruto didn't like it when his friends cried…not at all. So he turned to the windows so no one saw the tear the escaped his eye.

It was a few minutes later that the door to the faculty room swung open, putting them on guard. Thankfully, it was normal human who had not been bitten. It was none other than Kyoko! She looked at them the state of the hallway in a bit of panic. That explosion must have been caused by them, she was happy as it got rid of the undead near the door. She half smiled when she saw Naruto but then got serious and said, "What are you all doing out there! Get in here!"


"My god! What happened to you back!" Kyoko asked when she saw Naruto's back. To be expected, Naruto's back was a little crispy. The school blazer was burnt in places and what looked like shrapnel was lodged in his back.

"Oh…uh…I kind of shielded Saya from the explosion I created."

"I have been wondering about that…along with that strange weapon you have." Saeko replied, thinking he would have a sword instead.

"Yeah…and why were you carrying around these kunai anyway?" Yuuki asked, now asking the question that had been on her mind for a while now.

"Let me take out the shrapnel while you talk." Shizuka stated as she got behind him and started her work.

"Yeah…thanks. These things were starting to get uncomfortable." Naruto stated. "First of all, Takashi, Kohta, don't bother with the barricade on the door."

"Huh? Why?" Takashi asked.

"Simple. MERCY!" Naruto started but cried out in pain as one of the shrapnel was taken out…as it was lodged deep. "Those things are not too smart. If we make a lot of noise, they'll will come and bang down the door. OW! I think it would be useless to make a barricade because if they get it, they will form a line just to get in and that makes it easier for us to kill them off. Now imagine they all piled up on the door –OH DAMN- to get in and they break through the wall with their unnatural strength. We would be fighting a horde of them instead of a straight line that could –OUCH- be easy for us to kill."

"Wow, I never thought of that." Takashi replied in shock. It seemed that the others were shocked as well. This was a new level of thinking for the blond that they had never seen before. It was…interesting.

"And the bombs?" Saya asked, coming out of the nearby bathroom with glasses on.

Naruto turned his head to her and raised an eyebrow. "Glasses huh? Nice, gives ya a more distinguished look." That made the girl have a light blush, something that most of the girls noticed. "Simple, they are marbles with explosive seals etched onto them."

"Seals? What are those?" Misuzu asked, seeing something new.

"Let's just say that I was taught how to use our body's natural energy and use these drawings by my god father and leave it at that." Naruto said serious, not leaving any room for argument as he did not want to tell them where he was from just yet.

"What all can you do with these seal things." Kyoko asked.

"The possibilities are said to be limitless, but I am not a true seal master, so I don't really have a clue what all they can do. I can make things explode and do other simple things." Naruto shrugged before he winced as he bit back a curse as another piece of shrapnel was taken out of his back.

"And that whip?" Yuuki asked.

"Something of my own design." Naruto said. "You guys have seen me writing in my note book all this year, correct?" They all nodded at that. He was always doodling and they often wondered what he was actually doing. Now they knew. "I have created a few weapon designs for later and made them at a local weapon shop in town. Took me by surprise that we have a weapon shop."

"What all have you made?" Saeko asked.

"Yuuki, hand me my bag please." Naruto asked politely. When she gave him his bag, he took out a notebook that they all recognized. Turning a few pages, they saw drawing of the whip; Kohta saw a gun design, and a few other things they didn't get a good look at. Soon he stopped at a page filled with intricate design that made them wonder what they were for. Reach to his back, he wiped some blood on his hand and then wiped it on the page.

Now that threw them off guard. What was blood going to do? Apparently more than they though because the drawings glowed bright blue for a second before three more rod like devices popped out. "Unfortunately I only have three of these so, Toshimi, Misuzu, take these as I have trained you in how to use Katanas."

"They are just rods!" Takashi interrupted.

"Nope." Naruto said with a smile before he pressed a button and a blade shot out. "Retractable Katana." The two girls blinked before they reach out and took the Katanas. "Saeko, are you ok with your weapon sword?"

"For now I am." Saeko replied with a smile, happy that he asked her about that.

"Alright then. Seeing as you two don't have a weapon, who wants it." Naruto asked Saya and Kyoko.

"I'll…pass," Saya deadpanned. She did not want to deal those things up close and personal again.

"I am more of a recreational bow and arrow user, but I guess I could use that." Kyoko replied as she took the weapon.

Naruto nodded before he rounded on Takashi and asked, "Where are Hisashi and Morita?" At Takashi and Rei sad look, he assume that they were dead.

"Right, so what the plan?" Naruto asked serious as Shizuka was finally done, but she wondered how he healed so quickly. She'll ask that later. "Are you all planning on leaving this place or staying here?"

"We were going to leave." Takashi replied. "Dr. Marikawa, do you have any car keys?"

"Oh…it's in my purse somewhere." The school nurse replied as she searched her purse.

"Are you sure your car is big enough to fit all of us?" Saeko asked which, was a valid question.

"Well now that I think about it." She said with a sweat drop as she thought of her little bug.

"What about the micro-bus that we use for the club's away games? Looks like the keys are on the wall hook." Saeko asked.

"That should work." Naruto stated, "It is big enough."

"Hey guy, I see the bus." Kohta offered as he looked out the windows.

"Now that we have transportation, where are we going?" Naruto asked.

Seriously, Naruto was like a different person now. Saya inwardly steamed at this. Just when I think I have him figured out, he pulls all this crap out!

"We are going to make sure our families are ok." Takashi said, "We'll start with the family who lives closest from here. If you are worried about your family we'll bring them with us. After that we'll look for a safe place and-"

He paused as he saw Rei staring at the TV screen. "What's wrong?" Saya asked.

"What is this?" Rei whispered in horror as they all got up to see what was on the TV.

*The government has been considering measures against the outbreaks in locations around the city.*

"Outbreaks? What do they mean outbreaks?" Takashi asked.

"So, it is not an isolated incident, this is really happening all over the place." Naruto sighed.

*It's been feared that more than 10 thousand have been victimized in the Satama Areas. For the governor has already-* Gun shots. *has already declared a state of emergency and requested the emergency disaster relief. It's a gun shot! It seems that the police are finally using fire arms! From what I can see here…No NO!* The camera fell over and they escaped them.

The group stared at the screen in horror. Naruto glared and growled out. "This is bad."


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