Ninja of the Dead

Chapter 4

Sorry it took so long, but i procrastinated because of my car and other stories. Looks i might need a new one. Joy. That and i had yet another bloody nose. Seriously, how do you get a bloody nose while eating pizza!

After the remote camera shut off and the TV went to the studio camera, Naruto stopped paying attention to the TV. However, Takashi was growing pissed. He slammed his fist on a nearby desk and growled out, "Is that all? Why didn't they tell us anything else?"

"They're afraid of causing a panic." Saya informed.

"A panic?" Rei asked.

"Yeah you idiot." Saya declared, "First panic then chaos, and chaos causes a disruption of order. And then, when order is disrupted, well you should just hand it over to the walking corpses."

As the TV went on tell them about how the 'government' is declaring martial law, the group stopped listening as well. "So…they are everywhere." Takashi sighed as he they saw a picture of the white house, where the disease was said to originate…in America.

"That's crazy!" Kohta said, "Everything was normal when I checked the internet this morning."

Rei started mumbling about how everything was going to be alright…trying to reassure herself more than anything. She unconsciously grabbed a hold of Takashi and Naruto's sleeves for a few seconds. "Everything is going to go back to normal…right?"

"That's not going to happened." Saya stated bluntly.

"Why do you have to be so blunt about it?" Takashi deadpanned.

"This is a pandemic! There's nothing we can do!" Saya said.

"Oh a pandemic." Shizuka said worriedly.

"It is the outbreak of infectious disease. The entire world is experiencing the same outbreak.

"So, what? This is some sort of epidemic?" Takashi offered.

"Hmm…I don't think is could have happened by accident." Naruto thought aloud to himself as to what it all could be. Stuff like this doesn't happen in a matter of minutes…or even hours.

"This is exactly like the Spanish Flu in 1918." Saya said to herself aloud. "More than 600 million got infected and 50 million died from it. Remember how much a panic Swine Flu caused? Well square that."

All these diseases up top...this is just nuts. Naruto thought as he listened to the group.

"Not to be disagreeable, but I think this is more like the Black Death from the 14th century." Shizuka replied, making the twins sweat drop. They had learned about that and it was a scary.

"One third of the European population died, you're smarter than you look." Saya commented.

"So how did the outbreak finally end?" Takashi asked curiously.

"Well, there are many theories." Shizuka replied. "It usually stops when to many humans die, there wouldn't be enough people to spread the disease."

"But now, all the dead people move and start attacking you." Kohta replied as he looked out the window.

"Feh…we might as call this disease the T-virus." Naruto said making Kohta smirk.

"What are you two talking about?" Yuuki asked.

"Resident Evil reference." Naruto smirked, making the girl roll her eyes.

"That works though." Takashi said with wide eyes. "Hisashi said we shouldn't call these zombies, but…Them. So T-virus works for me."

Saeko decided to ignore the boys' conversation and asked, "Are you saying that there is no reason for this outbreak to stop?"

Shizuka tried to think up something while acting stupid by offering a suggestion about the summer heat, but that would take a long time for them to die. They didn't have that time.

"Ok…she is not smarter than she looks." Saya sighed.

"So what are you saying?" Takashi asked.

"Medical logic doesn't apply to those dead corpses that move around and attack humans. Worst case scenario, they might never decompose." Saya offered.

"First thing we must find out if our families are ok." Saeko said, "Then we need to find a safe place to hold up for a while. But no matter where we go, we are going to need a plan. Teams. We need to team up."

"I agree on that. Yuuki replied. "Going out of this place is the best way to survive since most of us know how to fight." She then noticed Naruto looked frozen…almost in shock.

Kyoko, was the one to asked however, "Naruto…is there something wrong?"

"Yeah." Naruto said with a gulp. "They still have chakra."

"Huh? The stuff you use for some of the things you do?" Saya asked, understanding his explanation of chakra.

"Yeah. Normally, when people die, they lose their chakra. It just dissipates. However, that dark feeling I got when I was trying to locate all of you was interfering with my senses. They have retained their chakra and it helps to make them stronger like we have seen. It is just so…dark." Naruto said.

"So what does that mean?" Toshimi asked.

"It means we have to be more careful." Naruto said.

"Got it." Saeko replied, know they were n more danger now. "Let's try to pick up survivors where ever we can so they don't fall to this fate."

"Let's do it." Takashi replied, agreeing with his friend and the kendo girl. He was thinking like Naruto. This…was not normal.

"What's the best way out of here?" Rei asked.

"Sorry to break it to you stupid, but we're just going to have to go out the front." Saya said.

"Let's go." Naruto said as they were finally ready to kick some of their asses! As soon as they opened the door, they saw three zombies, which were easily taken down by Naruto, Takashi, and Kohta.

At the back of the group, Yuuki looked to Kyoko and asked, "So how did you survive?"

"Well…I was there when the first of them came to our school. It bit one of the other teachers. I stood in shock that he just died from the single bite, but when it seemed that he was ok. He got up, but I noticed the dead look in his eye and the already greying skin. He came for me , but I roughly smacked his head away and ran. I heard the screams of others and ran faster…like a coward." Kyoko said sadly.

"No, you were just scared and trying to survive." Saya said, understanding her teacher's words.


They soon were almost, but far from the bus. It was on another part of the school yard. "Let me make something clear. There's no need to engage in a fight unless absolutely necessary. Do whatever you can to avoid a fight, you go it. " Saeko informed them, but she had a feeling that Naruto wouldn't have many problems.

"Remember, they're sensitive to sound so keep it quiet." Saya offered her observations. "And they are strong enough to rip through regular doors and once they have a hold on you, they're going to tear you to shreds. So be careful."

As they made their way to an outside bridge, they heard a scream. On a walk way underneath them, a group of 5 students. Three average looking guy, one of which, Naruto knew the name of, Takuzo, he thought it was.

One of the girls Naomi, said her boyfriend's name in fright, confirming what Naruto thought. Takuzo has black hair and brown. He wore the normal school uniform. He also has a sports towel hanging around his neck.

Naruto growled as he saw they were being cornered by them, so he ordered Kohta to take it out. "Shoot it." Naruto said.

"Right!" Kohta said as he shot his nail gun at it and it slumped to the ground, something Takuzo was extremely grateful for as he relaxed somewhat.

Naruto brought out the odd rod he created and this time, it morphed into similar to his retractable katanas. Not wasting anytime, he jumped down the walk ways with Rei, Saeko, and Takashi, taking them out as they went. The rest of the group not far behind. Yuuki had more experience than the rest of the small that didn't already charge in. She took it upon herself to keep them safe.

"Uh…thank you." The girl, Naomi said softly.

"Keep it down." Saeko said softly as well. "Is anyone bitten yet?"

"What? No, no one." Naomi replied.

"It looks ok, we'll be alright." Rei said happily.

Takashi walked down to them and said, "We're getting out of there."

"Yeah, so come with us if you want to live." Naruto said seriously.

Takuzo's eyes widened when he saw Naruto. He had actually seen Naruto fight at some of the kendo tournaments and had to admit that Naruto was good. He felt safer already. He had his group nodded as they then made their way to the front building. Now was the time to leave this place.


The large group made their way to the front of the building and now they were once again in a stair well, only, this one lead to their freedom from this place. Al they had to do was get past the walking dead down below. Easy, right?

"Man, there are a bunch of them." Takashi said.

"Got that right. We'll have to move quickly. I should have figured that with all the panic, they would run for the front door." Naruto said.

"From what I can tell, the only things they react to are sounds." Saya stated. 'They can't see us, so it is pointless to hide from them."

"Why, don't you go down there and prove that theory." Takashi said rudely, making Saya growl a bit.

"But even if we keep going through the inside of the school, once we get attacked, we're going to be stuck." Saeko said.

"We have to go through the gate, we don't have any choice." Rei said, not wanting to stay there anymore.

"Someone needs to go and confirm Takagi's theory." Saeko said, "Don't suppose you want to."

Takashi sighed. He was getting antsy about all this and was about to volunteer himself…albeit reluctantly but thankfully, Naruto beat him to it. "Eh, I got it covered."

"What?" Yuuki almost shouted. "That is a crazy idea!"

"Yeah, I'll go instead." Rei offered, not wanting one of her oldest friend to just die.

"No, I think I should go first." Saeko said, not wanting her kendo partner to die over this.

"Maybe I should go." Kyoko replied, still in teacher mode.

"Don't worry." Naruto said with a warm smile that made them relax a little. "Just please stand by. I have the ninja skills to escape them if anything should go wrong.

"But…why you?" Rei asked, afraid for her friend.

Naruto shrugged. "I don't know, if feels like the right thing to do."

Takashi put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and said, "Don't do something stupid, I already lost one friend to this, don't you be next."

Naruto just smiled before silently going down the steps. 'This would be so much easier if I could still use ninjutsu. I'd burn them all down." He said to himself quietly, getting an odd look from Takashi.

The group, mostly the girls, all looking on in worry for their friend as he made it to the bottom of the stairs and just stood there as they just walked on by him. Ok, they are blind. Good work Saya-chan. Now…to make a distraction.

He walked over to the wall and leaned on it before a foxy smirk crossed his face. He slid his foot along the tiles, making a loud squeaky noise that mostly happened when you have wet shoes. The group tenses at that as all of them converged on him. Naruto just smiled before he walked UP the wall, back over to the large group. "Ready to go?"

"What the hell was that!" Saya whispered harshly as she stomped on his foot.

"Making a distraction." Naruto offered weakly.

"Idiot!" Saya growled out.

Rei and Yuuki decided to punch him in the stomach while Saeko smacked the back of his head. Takashi held in a laugh at that as mostly all the girls in the group wacked him. Naruto glared and asked, "Are you going to help me?"

"Nope." Takashi said with a large smile.

As they were finally leaving the building, a student they picked up, who was rather slow, had his weapon accidently tap the railing for the stairwell. It echoed rather loudly. And here I thought he squeak was loud. What the hell!

"RUN!" Takashi yelled when he saw all off the undead stop what they were doing before and then converge to their spot. The group they picked up didn't need to be told twice, they were gone before they anyone could say anything.

"Why did you open your mouth?" Saya shouted. "We could have made it by taking care of the ones close by if you hadn't said anything!"

However, Takashi froze when he saw one of them appear behind the pink haired girl. Luckily, Saeko bashed it away. "The noise would have echoed anyway, just start swinging!" Rei ordered.

Kohta was trying to take aim at all the ones near them and said, "There are too many!"

Naruto put a calming hand on his friend's shoulder and said, "Don't worry about it." Naruto then gained a seriously outlook and in a commanding voice, said, "Kohta, provide long range support, protect us from the back. Yuuki, Misuzu, Toshimi , and Mrs. Kyoko have got you back in that field, Protect them along with Saya and Miss. Shizuka and they'll protect you. Saeko, Takashi, on my flanks, Rei, middle ground behind me. Let's move out!"

The group looked stunned at Naruto's combat/military commands, but soon got into gear. Saya's opinion of her blond crush was growing and more questions were popping up. He has military experience now? He never even acted like that before! She thought franticly.

And Kakashi said I never learn anything about teamwork from him. Feh…that was the Uchiha you hypocrite! Naruto thought as he bashed any undead that got him his way, Takashi, Saeko, and Rei got any that he missed. "Come on, we have to go and get out straggler back!"

Soon, they did manage to get a bit separated from the rest of the group because of the over whelming number of undead students. Thankfully, Yuuki and Kohta were taking a lot down fro their part of the group.

Naruto found himself alone with his three frontliners a little ways away from him, and he was getting surrounded by them. "Fine…you want you play, let's play!" Saeko heard this and here eyes widened. Naruto was holding back on these things? The more she fought alongside him, the more she learned, especially with Naruto's new stance. He had the blade over his shoulder like he was holding buster sword.

That was soon true as the strange weapon he was holding, lit up with the blue glow of seals and chakra and it morphed into a long buster sword that looked like Zabuza's sword, yet smaller since the blade was stretched out.

Naruto spun and the heads of the undead student all started to roll on the ground. He then hacked his way to one of the first stranglers, Takuzo, who was being man handled by any undead student because it had gotten ahold his sports towel. Naruto chopped off it's arms before it could do anything and free the student. "GO! To the bus!" He ordered.

His girlfriend, Naomi cried happily as he boyfriend ran up to her, unharmed. "What is with the sappiness? Come on!" Saya ordered.

"I understand." Shizuka said as her hair covered her eyes and looked over to Naruto, but the Rei and Saya didn't notice that last part. "If the entire world turned into this. I'd rather die with the person that I love."

"Oh shut up Doctor Bleeding Heart!" Saya said, not fully understanding the concept of love yet.

"Look out!" Kohta said as he shot a nail past her so the zombie would die. "Don't you worry Takagi."

"Oh you rude little otaku! How dare you interrupt me while I am taking. Why would you do that?"

"Simple, You Naruto's friend so I'd like to think of you as a friend as well. Can't you die on me!" Kohta said.

"Nice to see that you two are getting along." Saeko stated when she saw that Saya had a small blush on her face. Though she didn't know why.

Thankfully, they had gotten near the bus. "Miss Shizuka! The key!" Takashi order as he bash in some undead heads with his bat.

"Yeah, now would be a great time to go!" Naruto shouted with his sword back to Katana mode as he sliced up some undead near them.

"I agree, I am getting tired of this!" Yuuki said, panting. The twins looked a little worn out as well alone with Kyoko. This was hard!

"Right!" the busty nurse said as she opened the door to the bus and got into the driver's seat. Of course this was a lot different than her little car, so she had to reacquaint herself with the controls.

While that was going on, Kohta had opened a window to the take aim at the nearing undead. "Come one, let's go!" Naruto said as the frontliners finished off most of the ones near the bus.

"You go." Takashi said to Rei and Saeko. "Ladies first?"

"So does that mean you are going in before me?" Naruto joked around with his friend.

Takashi gained a tic mark on his head, but smirked. "No! Just get in there!"

Naruto chuckled at that. Even in this situation, Naruto could still joke around. As he got in and opened a window himself, he and the other noticed more normal people rushing up to escape with them.

"Who's that?" Takashi asked.

"That's Mr. Shido." Saeko said, a little on edge from what Naruto said about him. Naruto and Rei got a bit angry when they heard about him coming to them.

"Wait just a little bit longer!" Takashi ordered, hoping to save more people.

"They're in front of us! Anymore and we won't be able to drive through here!" Shizuka replied, aloud.

"Run them down!" Takashi said.

"If doctor boobs tries to run over that many, we'll flip the bus." Saya stated.

As Takashi was able to leave to the bus to help the new group, Rei stopped him. "We don't have to save him!"

"Jesus! What do mean we don't have to save him?" Takashi yelled back.

"We don't have to help him; we should just leave him here to die!" Rei yelled back.

I agree Naruto thought with a grim look as he watched the man. "Shizuka, whatever happens, just keep moving the bus when you start to move."

"Huh?" The nurse asked, but just nodded anyway. Wondering what he was going to do.

Naruto jumped out of the window and onto the bus's roof, much to everyone's shock. He looked up just in time to see that Shido was talking rudely to a downed student and then kicking him into a group of undead students. "No…that kid won't die like that!" Naruto growl out and threw some exploding marbles out there, hoping to catch Shido in them, but the crazy teacher managed to escape into the bus with the other students. "Alright Shizuka, MOVE!"

"Hang on!" Shizuka told the group, hoping Naruto could from where he was and punched on the gas. The bus speed toward the gates, but there was a sea of undead in front of them and was about to stop, but Naruto's words kept her going. "They're not humans anymore, they're not people anymore, THEY'RE NOT ALIVE ANYMORE!" She screamed as she started running them down.

Naruto took at opportunity to throw out more exploding marbles, making larger explosions that the bus zoomed through before it finally broke through the gates and they sped down the road. Naruto, seeing no more danger, jumped in through the window he opened, shocking the newer group. "And that's how you take out a shit load of undead." He said with a bow as the entire group sweat dropped, but Shido narrowed his eyes at him, not trusting the boy who would not take his lectures to heart.


"Can't believe we did it." Takashi said as Naruto plopped down in a seat near him.

"Yeah." Kohta said as he checked the tape on his nail gun.

"I knew we could Naruto said with a smile.

"Thank god we did." Shido said as he walked down the aisle of the bus before coming to Saeko and asked, "I take it you have been appointed leader?"

"There's no such thing. We just work together in order to live, that's all." Saeko replied with wiping the blood off her kendo blade.

"That's not good." Shido stated with sick glee in his eyes.

Here we go Naruto thought as he heard that tone of voice from Shido and somehow knew he was going to lecture soon.

"In order to survive we are defiantly going need a leader. A leader who bears everything." He said in a sick whisper, already thinking of how he is going to lead them. "With valor, with confidence!"

"You'll regret this." Rei said to Takashi in a harsh whisper. "I'll guarantee that you'll regret that you helped him."

"I agree." Naruto said under his breath.

"The city!" a student shouted out as they passed it. They were on the outskirts of the city, on high rise and they say the place in flames. Lots of shit had to have gone down in there.


The sun was beginning to set as they ran over an undead as they passed a Sevenson Station. Of course the caretaker in the little shop by the ocean was obvious to this as he stared dumbly at the TV.

"Shit," a deep voice male student with two colored hair, complained. "Like I said! It is only dangerous if we keep going! First of all, why do we have to go with Komuro, Uzumaki, and the others?" That made Naruto's group glare at the complained teen. "You are the ones who decided to back to the city! Maybe we should have looked for a safe place inside the school. If you ask me, we were better off where we were!"

"He's right, I kind of agree with Tsunoda!" Another student from Shido's group said. He had long dark hair. "We should barricade ourselves some-"

He was interrupted by Shizuka slamming on the breaks, "Ok you all that's enough! I can't focus on the driving with all this yelling!"

"Yeah…whatever." Tsunoda said as he was momentarily distracted by the nurse's huge jugs.

"How about you tell me what you want to do?" Saeko said to the two haired color boy.

Tsunoda grunted as he gained an irritated look as he pointed to Naruto and Takashi. "I just can't stand either of these guys! I hate them!"

"Jeez!" Kohta growled out and was about to shoot him if he tried anything, but Saya stopped him.

"Why? What the hell did either of us ever do to you?" Takashi asked. "I don't even know you."

"You know!" He growled out as he charged him, but Rei wacked him in the gut with the side of her hand made spear, dropping him in the ground in a heap.

"Asshole." Rei stated.

"Actually no, we don't." Naruto said lazily.

Clapping was then heard as Shido walked up to them. "Bravo! Simply outstanding teamwork. I'm impressed. I commend both of you." Takashi look harden when he heard that, they didn't even do much. And he left out Naruto. Maybe there was something to Rei and Naruto's hatred for the guy.

"A conflict like that only proves my point. We need a leader! We do!" Shido stated with a slight hiss in his voice. "Surely neither of you wants such a difficult responsibility on your shoulders."

"So…you're going to run for the position then." Saya stated as he adjusted her glasses, being mindful of this man.

"I'm a teacher Miss Takagi, and while mature, all of you are barely in your teens. That alone makes it very clear who's more qualified to assume such a roll! I have experience! Why, just moments ago I save all these brave students." He gesture dramatically to his little group. "What do you say guys?"

I am a teacher too. Jeez, no wonder most of the student don't like him and I can understand why Shizuka calls him a douche. He is such a dramatic ass. Kyoko though with a frown. Besides, from what I have seen, Naruto is a better leader.

Unfortunately, his group started clapping and Tsunoda smiled from his spot on the floor. Takuzo and Naomi were the only ones from their group who didn't agree with him. Thankfully, they were sitting with Naruto's group, who also didn't like Shido.

Seeing the students in the back clap for him, Shido bowed. "There, it's been decided. The majority seems to have made the choice quite clear yes?"

Naruto saw that Rei was shaking and was about to just walk out the bus door, so he decide interrupt Shido's high. "Bullshit." He said as he cracked his whip and made it go around Shido's neck, tightly. He also added a fair amount of KI right at the man. Some felt it, but Shido was getting the full blast.

The entire bus quieted down at that and some, mostly the back, looked in fear of Naruto. "What?" Shido got out.

"You are forgetting the front of the bus, we don't agree with you. Personally, I don't give a shit if you were a teacher. Like you said to that kid before you bashed his face in and left him to die, the world has changed. But you know, that last part is wrong. The weak do belong in this world. They are the brains while the rest are the muscle." Naruto started

"The world has changed, that much is certain, but choosing a leader right away is not the smart way of going through things. One has to prove to the others that they are leadership material. You don't just choose yourself through petty lectures that you are a great person."

At this point, Naruto's eyes gained their slits as he upped the KI on the man. Other then started to feel it as well but not as bad. "If you want to be a leader, prove your worth and not by those annoying lectures about how you are a teacher with experience. That crap has come and gone now. It doesn't matter what you were in the past, all the remains is the present."

His face grew angry. "However, I won't blindly follow someone with eyes like yours."

"W-what do you mean?" Shido managed to speak.

"Your eyes are the windows to your soul and I see dark emotions in them I see a twisted soul like a man I once knew. His name was Orochimaru. He was like you. He liked to manipulate people and use them until he was done with them and then he had them killed, but is the not the worst that he did."

Takashi and the other were listening intently. They didn't know much about Naruto's past because he didn't talk a lot about it. This was a chance to learn more about him.

"He experimented on people of all ages." Naruto said in a chilling voice, making everyone's eyes widen and shivered at that thought. "Although, he wasn't always a psycho. He was famous warrior in my old village. He and other man, my father, were in the running to be the next leader. But the old man didn't choose his student, he choose my father. Naturally that made Orochimaru pissed beyond belief and he grew twisted. You two are very much alike."

Shido's eyes widened when he heard that story. He was sweating bullets now. "You see, I heard about you in the news. Dear old dad didn't choose you to be his political successor…did he?" Naruto mocked the man, making his give off a weak glare despite the KI being directed at him. "The man chose the other son that he had with his mistress. A corrupt Politian didn't choose his eldest son and that says something."

"Shut up." Shido managed to say, but he was ignored.

"Daddy didn't see the potential in you. You didn't have what it takes!" Naruto growled out. "Yeah, I see that corrupted you. I see that within your soul and you are going to end up just like Orochimaru." Naruto said as he look surveyed the bus, looking at everyone momentarily. "I also see that not everyone on this bus gets along. So when we make it to a safer location, we can split if you all want, but not now." Naruto turned back to Shido and said, "Just know one thing Shido, if you harm ANYONE of my friends, I'll you myself with one push of a button. With just one push, I'll electrocute your ass."

Shido's mind was in a panic as he eyed the whip that held his neck. This kid….who barely attended his classes was challenging him for leadership. He was also scaring the shit out of him and all the brat is doing is sitting on his seat, speaking to him with a whip at his throat! This little brat will pay! This just made no sense! "And what makes you qualified to lead this group? What do you know about surviving?"

Naruto looked at him with a dead panned expression. "Simple, I know I am can survive in this new world because I have been surviving on the streets since I was kick out of the orphanage at 3. Trust me, I know how to survive." Naruto said as he tightened the whip around Shido some more.

Oh my, he is an orphan….wait, so does that mean his parents died when he was younger? Shizuka thought. The others had similar thoughts while also thinking on how he knew his parents. For Saya, this all just brought more questions to the table. She admired his will to survive though.

Naruto looked at the other again and said, "You should all know this one little saying that a mentor of mine once said. Those who abandon the rules are trash, but those who abandon their friends are worse than trash." He said the last part while glaring at Shido for the kid he got killed. He then let go of the man, who rubbed his neck as the KI dissipated.

Rei was a bit disappointed that Naruto didn't just kill the man, but she saw that her group all had smiles on their faces as they looked at Naruto. He was leadership material in their eyes and she agreed, but she was not going to stay on this bus with Shido especially after she heard him mumble about how this was not over as he walked in to the back and sat next to a bust red head. (yuuki's replacement for his group)

That set her off and he rushed out the door. "Rei!" Takashi shouted out after her, but Naruto sighed and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, I got it." He said, making Takashi relax since Naruto was the voice of reason in their group, despite his quirks. Naruto walked out of the bus and to her oldest female friend in this now corrupted world. "Come one, let's get back on the bus." He said gently.

"No way, I won't do it! I am not staying her with him!" Rei growled out.

Naruto sighed as he said lowly, "I understand how you feel, but it should only be a short time before we part ways with the pyscho. If I can put up with him for a while, I am sure you can as well."

"I told him, that he would regret letting Shido on. This how!" Rei shouted angrily, but Naruto did have a point.

"Rei, I think we'll all regret it." Naruto replied sadly. "I don't want our group to break up because of him."

Rei was about to say something, but there was a disturbance. What was it? Well a bus full of them was coming their way! "Ok you need to punch it!" Saeko shouted to Shizuka.

The bus full of undead hit a car and flipped and barreled toward them. "OH SHIT!" Naruto shouted as he grabbed Rei and dived into the nearby tunnel, with the bus blocking their way out and on fire. Never a good sign.

"Uzumaki! Are you alright!" Saeko shouted from her place on the other side. She had been the first to get out seeing if they were. Yuuki was right next to her.

"Come on! You can't be dead you crazy blond!" She shouted.

Naruto and Rei had landed in an awkward position. His head was once again between her breasts and his hands on her legs. Getting up quickly and muttering an apology to the deeply blushing girl, he turned to the blocked entrance to the tunnel. "Yeah! We're ok!" it was then he noticed the undead, which were not burning, were crawling out of the bus. They had to act fast. "Let's meet up at the police station! At the East Police Station!"

"What time?" Saeko asked, being wary of the undead, but she did not have to worry too much because they were dropping dead like flies because of the fire.

"7 'o' clock! If not today then tomorrow!" Naruto shouted.

"Alright! Come on Miku." Saeko ordered as they got back on the bus. "Looks like we are not taking this freeway anymore."

"Ok, I'll turn around and find another way." Shizuka said as she turned the bus around and speed away. She just hoped Naruto was alright. In the back, Shido was grinning.

Back in the tunnel, Naruto heard a spark and he knew they were in trouble. "Oh shit again!" Naruto yelled as he scooped up Rei bridal style and started to run. "Bus is going to explode, we need to get the hell out of here!"

"Can we make it?" Rei shouted in fear.

"I out ran a train when I was 13, I can out run this!" Naruto shouted as they were already halfway out when the bus exploded and the resulting fire rushed at them. Thankfully, they made their way out before they reached them, but they had to tuck and roll away because of result shock wave the tripped them up.

They ended up by some stairs that probably led to a park or something. As Naruto stood up, he felt the presence of one of them, turned, and kicked the thing away. Odd thing was, its head was covered in a helmet, so it survived the fall and got back up. "No, bad undead freak." Naruto jokingly scolded the undead biker and sliced its head off.

"Wow, that was quick." Rei said with a smirk, knowing that Naruto wouldn't be defeated.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head and said, "Yeah well, I didn't feel like dealing with these things at the moment."

Rei chuckled and held out her hand, "Come one, let's go Naruto."

Naruto chuckled and took her hand. "You know, you look better with a smile that that angry face you had."

Rei had a blush on her face. Naruto was always this nice and that made her feel good. Deciding to change to the subject, she asked, "So…are we just going to walk to the city?"

"No." Naruto as they walked a little further to a stop light to see a crappy looking motorcycle. "The guy was wearing a helmet, so I am guessing this is his." He said as he picked it and got it started.

"Do you even have a license?" Rei asked with mirth.

"Ah…no, but I am sure the coppers won't mind that much." Naruto said with a chuckle, getting one from Rei as well. "Come on, we got ground to cover!"

Rei shook her head at his antics and got on. As they rode down the highway to hell, Rei snaked her arms around his torso and leaned her head on his shoulder. He felt warm and she liked that.

Their world may have ended, but the new world was just beginning.


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