Ninja of the Dead

Chapter 5

Naruto yawned as he rode the motorcycle he and Rei were riding on in the coming evening. It was fast, but he was faster thanks to his ninja speed. However, he didn't feel like carrying the girl all throughout the city. So this was the best action. Plus, he wasn't going to fall asleep anytime soon, something Rei picked up as he didn't look all that tired, excluding the yawn. She knew that kind of yawn. He was bored.

He thought about all that happened in his life. He was born basically alone in Konoha and had to survive on his own. Then he was a ninja on a team….but that went to hell in a hurry, especially during the chunin exams. Sasuke's defection. Jiriaya's death. His insertion into this new world. Then this outbreak. His life was nuts, but he never let it get him down. He just took it all in stride, but this Outbreak, it was not natural. Something or someone must have caused all this. Question is…what?

Rei looked at her friend's face to see that it had gone grim. She then thought about what she knew of him. He was a 'normal' high school student with combat training. No…that was not right. He was not normal at all. Nothing ever seemed to faze him. Now, because of this outbreak, he starts to throw out all this crazy things. Like exploding marbles, that weird blade that was two blades and a whip, and walking up walls. At this point, she would believe what he had to say.

"Naruto….what was all that?" She asked.

"All what?" Naruto replied, although he knew what she was talking about.

"All that unnatural stuff you did!" Rei said. "How can you use this chakra stuff to walk on walls?"

"Would you believe me if I said I am not of this world?" Naruto asked nonchalantly.

Rei stared at him for a second in shock. "So wait, you're an alien?"

Naruto burst out laughing at that. "Oh, she thinks I am an alien. Geez Kurama, you really have it out for me."

Now that threw the girl way off. Was he talking to himself? Who the hell was Kurama? "Ok…so you're not an alien. Then what are you?"

Naruto sighed. He figured he would have to tell her or one of the others someday. He just figured it would be way later. Heh, he'd have to give the girl credit, she was smart and he knew that. "No, I am not from out space, so I am not that kind of alien. But when I first got here 3 years ago, this place was alien to me. You see, I am a Shinobi."

Rei blinked. Shinobi? Like some ancient ninja? Was he from the past or something? This was not making any sense.

"Not the shinobi you learned about in class, Rei. I am talking about warriors who not only fight from the shadows, but people who wield the elements and have epic battles. Stuff that this world would just think that they belonged in Anime and Manga." Naruto paused for moment. "You see the world around as is, but what don't see are the things that are hidden away IN the earth."

"Wait a second." Rei said, "Are you talking about those books about the Center of the Earth and The Mysterious Island? Those things are real?"

Naruto chuckled. "In a way, yes. But it is nothing like those books. My world is in the earth itself. I got hear thanks to a lava tube and that surf board you guys saw me ride in on…that was a dinosaur skull. If the history books are right…it might have been a T-rex's."

Rei narrowed her eyes. If all this was true, that might have a safe haven, but she wanted to know more. This was nuts of course, but, she wanted to believe him. He had never lied to them before, why start now? He just never bothered telling them about his past. "Ok, let's say I believe you. What is your world like?"

She saw Naruto's face soften and he looked sad. Why? "Well, I can tell you it is not peaceful. We have already been through three world wars and that is not counting the Shinobi Clan Wars. Don't really have a clue as to how that started. Yeah, my world…is world than this one, even with all the undead walking around."

"Did…did you have to fight in any wars?" Rei asked, feeling sick to her stomach. The wars here were bad enough with guns and those huge bombs. If must have been hell in his world if they could throw around the elements.

"Thankfully no, but I have had my share of battles." Naruto said. "I'll tell you the full story later, but I will tell you of my first C-ranked mission." Rei smiled as she nodded into his shoulder. He was surprisingly quite warm.

"My team was sent out on a mission to help his old bridge builder back to his home in Wave Country." Naruto began. "The old man was a drunk who insulted our team because were only 12, but our sensei, Kakashi, informed him that were capable and if thinks got to rough, he would step in."

Rei was shocked that they were only 12 years old and going in missions like that and fighting in that deadly world. She listened as he further explained that their team had run into a couple of chunin level ninja called the Demon Brothers while they were only genin. He and a boy named Sasuke quickly took them out when they thought their teacher had been killed. When their teacher revealed himself to be perfectly fine, they found out that a tyrant named Gato had taken over Wave and was sucking the place dry and basically destroying it. That was why Tazuna was building the bridge in the first place. She had to admit, it was noble to help one's country like that…even if he was some old drunk.

"Now, being the idiot I was back then, I decided we should continue the mission to help Wave, even if Tazuna lied about the mission difficulty. Soon, I got Sasuke and Sakura to agree with me and that was what made Kakashi to keep on going. We all knew that whatever came next was going to be a lot tougher and we were right. We ran into Zabuza, The Demon of the Mist. His blade is what I based my broad blade off of; only his was a lot bigger."

Rei pale at that. When his sword shifted into that broad sword of his, she thought that was big. Now there was a bigger blade out there?

As he continued his story, he explained Zabuza's origins from the Bloody Mist and she was very glad she was not born in the Mist. That place was just plain crazy! She listen on as Naruto explained their battle with him and how they had to free Kakashi from Zabuza's water prison through tricks, which she thought was pretty funny that a hardened killer like that had been tricked by a much of kids. He and this Sasuke were pretty smart to do that….and ballsy. Though she had to wonder why that Sakura girl was even on their team if she never did anything other than be a fan girl.

"So after the hunter ninja took his body away, we continued as best we could as we carried Kakashi's body around. He was a jonin and he passed out from a battle like that. Hard to believe considering his rep." Naruto said as he shook his head as he actually thought about that now. "So when we actually made it to Tazuna place, he recovered a day later and told us that Zabuza was not dead."

Rei was shocked to hear that and even more shocked to find out how hunter nin do their jobs. As Naruto continued his story, she found out how he was able to walk on walls because of his tree climbing training. This chakra stuff was pretty amazing. She even smiled when she learned that through that training, him and Sasuke because friends…even though it was mostly a rivalry. After that, the blond told her about the second battle, including him saving Inari and inspiring him to stand for what is right.

"I am still confused about who is Kurama guy is and how you can draw on his energy, but most of what you told me is a little nuts, but I just drop it for now." Rei said noticing he was a bit uncomfortable with the subject.

"Yeah, I'll tell you about him later. But I will tell you this. He is the reason I am here." Naruto said as he went on to tell her about how he and his team buried Zabuza and Haku and ended the mission.

"This is all still hard to take in, but considering the situation we are in, I'll believe you for now." Rei stated. "Still, a whole other world. Maybe that is what we need."

Naruto didn't say anything but he agreed with her. Although, going back to his would be pointless. Feh, and I was street fighting the night before all this crap happened.


The duo on the bike one a hill and it was night time now, around 10 p.m. or something like that. Down below, they saw a part of the city street and it was littered with cars and the undead. They defiantly not going that way. Rei looked dishearten by it all and said, "I wonder if anyone will come to rescue us."

Naruto closed his eyes and then opened them as he said, "Look, I am not going to lie to you and I really don't like being a downer, but I highly doubt it."

"Huh, why not?" Rei asked, surprised he would say that.

"Well, those helicopters didn't bother to land at our school where a bunch of kids were at and not of them landed in the city. They just let them rip into everyone." He paused and said, "The main problem is with the government. They are a bunch of corrupt politicians that really only care about their own well-being."

Rei growled as she remembered Shido and his father. "Yeah, I know that more than anyone."

"Exactly and they are not going to both with the commoners like us and the rest of humanity." Naruto replied grimly.

"But…what are we supposed to do about help?" Rei asked.

"Well, we'll do whatever we can to survive, because that is what the world is like now." Naruto replied grimly before he smiled and winked at her. "But don't worry about that, if there is one thing I know, it is survival. Stick with me kid and you'll go far!"

Rei blinked and then blinked again before laughing out loud, which made the blond smile more. She had a cute laugh. "Oh don't worry ninja boy, you're stuck with me!"

"Good to know." Naruto chuckled.

"Oh man." Rei said as she continued to laugh. "You can be serious one minute and then be a goof ball the next. Seriously, Takashi would have been such a downer if we had the same conversation."

"Hmm." Naruto sounded as he had a mock thinking look. "I wouldn't be surprised. He can be a reality downer and time and has anger issues, but he is a good guy, so I look past it most of the time."

Rei smiled. "Good. You know, you really are the glue that tries to keep us all together."

"I do my best." Naruto replied with a goofy smiled before he turned serious again. He looked behind them to see they were slowly making their way up the hill.

"Let's go." Rei said once they noticed that. She was clearly not happy that those things spoiled their friendly banter.

Naruto smirked, "Sorry you suckers! But you ain't getting this human happy meal anytime soon!" he shouted as he revved the engine and rode off with Rei laughing her ass off. Heh, good thing she finds that funny because I was talking about her and her sexy a…NO! DAMNIT JIRIAYA! YOU HAVE CORRUPTED MY PURE MIND!"


Up in heaven, Jiriaya just gave the TV screen that was Naruto's life a thumb's up. "Oh yeah!"


"It dangerous to go outside! Do not go outside of your car no matter what!" A voice rang out through the congested roadway the lead in or out of the city. The cops were trying to keep order and so far…things were calm, but calm never lasts to long.

This traffic jam is what the bus that held the other group was in. "If we move any slower, we'll be going in reverse." Saeko complained.

"I really don't think the police are helping that much." Yuuki replied as he tried to get a good view of them.

"They are mostly dealing with those undead stragglers." Misuzu replied.

"That's a good enough reason to say inside." Toshimi stated.

"I agree." Takashi said as he narrowed his eyes at the traffic.

"At this rate, I am not sure we can cross the bridge before dawn." Saeko finished.

It was at that point that Kohta's stomach growed, giving Saya something to yell about. She need to vent after all, unfortunately for the yuts sitting next to her, he received all of it. "Shut up! Be quiet, you're so disgusting!"

"I can't help it, I've been so hungry ever since I started PX 90." Kohta complained.

Suddenly there were some gun shots again and the girls of Shido's group cowered in fear, which caused the sick man to hug them and tell them it was safe. That caused his group to clap for him. Naruto's word didn't even register to them as they were already within Shido's grasp, something Naruto's group was not and that kind of pissed him off. Still he would work his fingers on his group until they were completely loyal to him!

Takashi was really beginning to understand why Rei and Naruto hated that man. That…freak treated this like it was a game to him. Was this freak like that in school? Must have been. The sooner they found Naruto and Rei and got away from him the better. It was like Shido was trying to form some sort of cult.


As Naruto and Rei rode down the streets, they found it empty of the undead, but it was full of disturbing sights.

The building were all empty, with broken glass and doors, street lights flicked on and off, showing where all the blood splatters went, crashed cars with some of them burning, over turned pots of plants with blood splattered on them, ownerless cats inspecting the blood near a discarded hand bag, a destroyed bar with alcohol and blood all over the place. The place just seemed just displayed an air of melancholy as they drove past all these disturbing things.

They stopped at a nearby building…with penguins painted on it. Rei must have known the people in side as she was concerned. "There's no one here." Rei said gloomily.

"You think they got away?" Naruto asked. "Or did they die?"

"But if they died, they would become them!" Rei freaked.

"Hopefully they went to find others, the ones that are still alive." Naruto replied, and Rei nodded until she looked around to see a nearby cop car that was still on.

"Naruto! Look at that!" She said, pointing to the car.

Naruto smirked. "Oh man, that's rich. No license, no helmet, stole bike. Man, I am just asking to be arrested, but I never let that stop me before!" Rei just laughed at that as they rolled up to it, only to find out that it was half crushed thanks to a garbage truck. "Oooh…yeah that sucks." Naruto said as he saw the dead cop with it. Thankfully he was not undead.

Rei sighed and got off the bike before she walked over to see what the man had on him. Seeing this, Naruto got up and followed, making sure nothing happening….like the leaking gas exploding. Or the dead guy suddenly attacking her.

What she found was some handcuffs, a baton, and a Smith and Wesson gun. "Do you know how to use it?" Rei asked.

"Can't be too hard." Naruto said as he inspected the small gun. "Like don't aim if you are not going to shoot." He opened the barrel and said, "Only a five shot huh?"

"Naruto, here." Rei said as he handed him some bullets that she wiped the blood off of. "The grip on the other gun was broken, but I think that the bullets are still good. Their bloody but still useable."

Naruto laughed. "Man, I am impressed. I doubt Sakura or Ino would even bother to that. I am impressed."

"My dad collects guns, so I have been around them my whole life." Rei stated as he folded the cloth she used to wipe down the bullets. "Besides, do you think I'd freak out over a little blood now?"

"I guess you're right." Naruto said with a shrugged. "You've never been a girly girl anyway." That made Rei smirk as he pocketed the gun and got on the bike.

"Think I should keep this?" Rei asked as she held her broomstick spear.

"Yeah, it would be a good idea since our ammo is not unlimited." Naruto informed her as they rode off again.

"You right and don't you feel better that you have something with a little more Umph!" Rei said making Naruto smiled. However, he didn't saying


Naruto noticed that their all night driving had literally drained the gas tank, so he pulled over at self-service gas station. "I wonder if they still got gas." Rei said.

"They say that each tank has enough gas to fill up a thousand cars. Besides, it's a day after the end of the world. I am sure they have plenty of gas." Naruto said as he walked up to the pump. When he got a good look at it, he groaned. "Ah man, this thing is self-service."

"So…put money in it." Rei said, not seeing the problem.

"Right." Naruto said as he rummaged around in his pockets, only to freeze as he didn't have that much on him. He turned to Rei cautiously and asked, you wouldn't happen to have any money on you, would you?"

Rei blinked, now seeing the problem. "I kinda…I kinda left my money in my wallet in the bag." Which meant it was back on the bus.

Naruto chuckled nervously. "Oh well, I'll just go and raid the place, not like anyone will care. Just be careful out here, I feel their chakra all over the place."

"Right." Rei said as she leaned against on the of the gas tanks and waited for him to finish. After a few minutes, she heard parts of the cash register clattering to the ground and money clattering everywhere. "Must be having a blast in there."

However, Naruto failed to notice the human chakra lingering with the dark chakra. It came in quick and grabbed her, making her scream out loud. Naruto cursed as he rushed outside and hide behind a tank to see what the damage was.

"Hey quit squirming." The thug said as he held a knife to her neck when he saw Naruto walked out from behind the gas tank. The blond saw that he was a dark skinned man with…braces. He laughed when he saw Naruto. "Hey. You got fucking hot piece of ass here, you know that?"

"Let her go, if you know what is good for you." Naruto said with a stoic face.

"HA HA! Why would I do that? You'd think I'd go for one of those stanky ass zombie bitches?" The thug said as he used his arm to push up Rei breasts. "Think again motherfucker!"

"I guessing that you lost your mind." Naruto said emotionlessly. He had dealt with their kind before in bandits. This guy was running on his baser instincts and one of them was to get a girl any way possible.

"Crazy? HELL YEAH I AM!" The thug shouted. "My family became them! I had to…I had to smash everyone's head! My father, my mother, my grandma, and brother. Even my little sister too! I can I be normal! You think I wouldn't be fuck up after that HA!"

Rei took the idiot's laughing a chance to get the hell out of there. "Naruto!" She shouted as she pushed him away. However, the thug caught her by the boob and started ripping into her clothes as he roughly fondled her breasts, making Naruto's eye twitch in anger.

"I sure like the way you scream!" The thug laughed as Rei cried. "And the way you feel. You got quite a hand full there!" He then smirked at Naruto and said, "Your fucking her, aren't you? I bet you're sticking it to this hot little bitch day and night! HA!"

Now Naruto had angry expression, but he didn't both to answer.

"Wait a minute." The thug laughed. "Holy shit you haven't! You haven't got on this yet? What a fucking pussy, man!"

"Feh, I'd rather be respectful and my force myself on her like you are." Naruto growled.

"Whatever, just give me your bike or I'll kill this slut!" The thug ordered.

"No gas." came Naruto's short reply.

"I saw you go in there, put the money if the thing and pump the fucking gas!" the thug ordered as he pointed his knife at Naruto. The blond nodded grimly and did as he was told. He would make it up to Rei later, but they had heard the noise and were coming.

He let it go on automatic and walked back over to the Thug and Rei. "Will you let us go? We are trying to find our families?"

"Shut the fuck up!" The thug said as he cautiously watched Naruto return. "I don't give a fuck about your parents; they're going to end up just like my parent did you fucking retard."

"That's what you think." Naruto replied, effectively pissing the guy off.

"Oh, I so going to kill you, you motherfucker!" he shouted as he lifted his knife in the air.

Naruto took that opportunity to reach inside his blazer and take out a gun and he used pure speed to get right next to the thug and Rei. Said gun noticed that Naruto had a different looking gun pointed at the thug's chest. She saw it looked to be a .454 Casull Auto and it was pointed right at the man's shoulders. She also noticed that gun had strange marking on it like those marbles.

"Turn your head Rei, this is pretty powerful." Naruto ordered, making the girl do just that as she closed her eyes, trusting her old friend.

"W-what the hell? How did you get over here so fucking quickly! Are you fucking nuts? The gas will blow us all to hell!" The thug nervously stammered out.

Naruto cocked the gun. "It is better that you stealing my girl." That made Rei smirk a bit and she found herself free of the thug's arm because Naruto grabbed that man by his neck, moved him away from the direction of the gas tanks and basically blew off the man's arm.

"Argh! Asshole! Bleeding! I AM BLEEDING" The thug cried as he tried to stop the bleeding and it was failing…miserably.

Rei glared at the man with no pity. "Be glad I don't shoot your other arm off, you asshole!" Yeah, she was piss beyond belief.

Naruto sighed as he put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Calm down, company is coming and they can give him a fate worse than death."

"Alright." She said as she got on the bike with him and they rode off as the thug screamed from help as the undead came to him.

As they rode, he heard Rei crying silently into his back and he put on a grim face. Rei was a strong girl and didn't like showing anybody that he was crying, but sometime you just have to left it out, especially after crap like that. Soon, she had passed out on his shoulder and he decide to head to his small apartment that was nearby. He would have to wash off all the blood that landed on her from that gun shot.


Naruto stopped at a small apartment complex and carried the girl bridal style inside. It was small and just perfect for him. He went straight to his bed and laid her down before going into his bathroom to get a wet rag to get all the blood off of her head, arms, and legs. Since his school uniform was ruined by all the events to day, he took them off, only to be in his froggy boxers and a T-shirt.

He walked back into the bedroom to clean off the blood, starting with her legs.

Rei had woken up half way through the cleaning, but pretended to be sleep. She was secretly enjoying this. She had opened her eyes briefly to see that he had a massive blush on his face. He was so…different. He respected her, especially after he had finished cleaning her and debated on whether to strip her shredded clothes off to check and see if she was alright. That made her feel really happy that he would think that way and remind her why she had asked him first to be her boyfriend before Hisashi.


"Naruto!" Rei shouted as she burst through the roof top door that Naruto always occupied. Currently he was cloud gazing.

He raised his head to look at her and asked. "What can I do for you."

"Well." Rei said as she looked uncertain for a moment. "Will…you go out with me?"

Now that got Naruto's attention. He knew that she and Takashi were having problems so that is what he figured this to be about. He got up and put his hands on her shoulder so that they would look each other in the eyes. He did notice that she blushed at his touch. That meant that while she was gunning for Takashi to show his feelings, she did have some feelings for him.

"Rei I would love to but…your problems with Takashi is something that you both have to work out and I don't want to be the guy that ruins everything. I value our friendship too much for that.

Rei blushed at that. He wanted to help by not doing anything. He respected her and Takashi's relationship a lot and that meant a lot to her. She smiled and said. "Ok…thanks Naruto." She said as she kissed him on the cheek before leaving.

End Flashback!

She smiled at that memory and his actions today reinforced what she thought about him. She quickly got up and moved to the end to the bed, ready to interrupt the blond that was freaking out. "Naruto."

The blond blinked and looked to the girl and she had a smile on her face. "Yeah?" he asked, hoping that she would not mad at him.

"You can wash me if you want, I don't mind." She said as ripped off her clothes that were more like rags now. All that was on her now was her bra and panties, which were lacy pink. That made Naruto's face light up so much that Hinata would be put to shame.

"A-are –y-you s-sure?" Naruto stuttered, making the girl giggle and nod. Naruto hesitated before he went in and used the rag to rub the blood off of her shoulders and upper chest, careful of her bruised boobs. He then skipped over them, must to her disappointment, and rubbed the blood off her stomach.

After some time on that, Rei stopped him with her hand and they looked into each other's eyes. Rei then reached up and brought his face to hers in a kiss. It was a simple kiss that ignited a flare of passion between them. That simple kiss turned into a full on make out session as they rolled onto the bed with his back on the backboard and her on top of him.

(There was a lemon here)

She brought he hand up and said, "You are such a bad boy, you help me get all clean and then make me dirty again. I'll be in the shower if you change your mind." She said as she walked in and didn't even bother to close the door.

After that session, he was very tempted to join her and fuck her brains out, but he retained himself. "Takashi, you better appreciated what I did for you….damnit."


Back up in heaven, Jiriaya was screamed at the TV. "Are you insane? She basically came on to you!"

A little ways away, Minato stood their wide eyed at what his son and friend had done, but he sweat dropped at his old teacher. "What are we going to do with him Kushina? Kushina?" She was not next to him anymore and when he looked back to where Jiriaya was, he saw that she was right next to him, yelling at their son.

"Don't let her get away!" The red head yelled. "You get in there and make me some grandbabies, DAMNIT!"

"Oh boy." Minato said as he shook his head.


A few minutes later, Rei walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her wet body. Naruto could feel himself getting hard again at the sight. Rei smirked but said, "You…wouldn't happen to have any girl clothes on you…would you?"

Naruto blinked at that. He actually did have some. He nodded and took out a scroll from a nearby drawer. Rei watched in wonder as he opened it to reveal pictures of random items. Then there was a poof of smoke and some neatly folded clothes where there. Ok, now she believed him more, especially that chakra gun. Her dad had a gun like that and it never did that much damage.

She nodded and quickly put on the clothes in the bathroom where her underwear was. When she came out, Naruto thought she looked like a true kunoichi. She had on an orange, high collar shirt that showed her stomach and had blue on the underside of the sleeves, black skin tight biker shorts…that were really short, and female ninja sandals that rode up her perfect legs. "Who's where they?" She asked.

"Yeah, for some reason, mom put these in the scroll that she left me."

"Left you?"

"Yeah…I am an orphan." Naruto said, making the girl gasp, but he quickly changed the subject and handed her a small rod.

"What is this?" She asked, seeing that he wanted to drop the subject for now.

"A retractable spear. I thought it would be better than the broomstick handle you have." Naruto replied.

Rei smiled brightly. "Thanks Naruto. Hey, how did you make money for all this if…you know."

Naruto smiled. "My parents did leave me with some money and when I needed more….i usually got it through street fighting."

"What? But my mom usually put a stop to that!" Rei freaked.

"I know, I met her a few times." Naruto said before he shivered. "That woman can be pretty scary at times."

Rei looked at him for a moment because laughing out loud. Her eis a guy that fearlessly killed the undead and he was afraid of her mother! What a riot! Naruto chuckled too because he went into the bathroom to change as well. As he was doing that, she decided to look around some…mostly at the pictures spread throughout the room.

She saw a picture that Naruto described as his old team. He looked pretty young in that picture….and obnoxious. Then there was the teacher of the group. He was an odd looking one with only his eye visible. Did that mean his face was full of scars? The pink haired girl must have been Sakura and she did look a little weak and that made her wonder why their leader let her become a ninja. Then there was the raven haired boy. He looked like he had a lot of anger in his eyes. She just wondered what happened.

She didn't dwell on it for too long because she went to the other pictures. There was one with a young Naruto and two women on either side of him. There was a blond haired woman with two pony tails and huge breasts. Then there was a meek looked black haired woman with a pig in her arms.

There were more pictures of Naruto with different people, like some really old man in robes and funny hat where Naruto looked to be about 5, a man that was really tall and long spiky white hair, Naruto at a small ramen stand with an old man and a brown haired girl, and then a large picture with Naruto and a bunch of other colorful kids his own age.

Naruto smirked as he came up behind her and said, "That's the rookie 11 as we were called."

Rei jumped at that, making the blond chuckle before she punched him in the shoulder playfully. "I am guessing that these were all your friends…but I don't see that Sasuke kid in there."

Naruto smiled sadly, "He betrayed the village…..I'll tell you about it later." Rei nodded before she noticed his new attire. He had on black shinobi sandals, baggy white pants with multiple pockets, a black long sleeved zip up shirt, and a long faded orange trench coat with black flames licking the bottom and the short sleeves of it. She didn't see the strange gun, the cop gun, or the rod, so she assumed it was in his coat…or the pockets. She also noticed a green gem hanging from his neck. All in all, she thought he looked pretty hot.

"Come on, it'll be morning soon and we need to get on the road." Naruto said, making Rei nod. However, before they left, Naruto pulled out a sealing scroll and sealed EVERYTHING in the apartment in the same little scroll. Ninja Arts were incredible!


As they were crossing a large bridge, the sun was beginning to rise in the sky, making everything bright and lightening up the mood. Rei was holding onto him with a smile, but then they heard a noise, they looked and saw a large jet coming up to them. Rei reached out happy as it took a picture of them with Naruto just looking curiously at it.

However, as it was leaving, Naruto felt a dark presence ahead of them. He narrowed his eyes as he saw a black dot in the sky. It weaved around like it was lost before charging right at the jet and destroying it in a loud explosion. This made them both on edge and as it got closer, they saw a disturbing sight.

It didn't really have a face because it had enlarged ears that took up the top part of its face, longer fingers with webbing on them to act as large wings, its feet looked like bird talons and the crazy thing was, it had an extra set of legs! It also had a shredded business suit on, so they knew it was one of them. "What the in the fuck?" Naruto nearly shouted, catching its attention. "Oh crap."


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