Ninja of the Dead

Chapter 6

Here it is, the next chapter of Ninja of the Dead.

"I finished checking on the passengers." A man said as he came into the cockpit of the airplane they were going to pilot. "We don't have anyone that is injured, or has a high fever, or…was already dead."

The other man, who was a bit older, stared out onto the run way and asked, "Your family, they're in Tokyo, aren't they?"

"No one's answered any of my calls." The younger pilot answered. "I just hope they are alright. There have been reports that a giant mountain that sprang up in the middle of that place. Hard enough dealing with the undead, but a mountain with tropical vegetation on it is a little much."

The older pilot stayed silent at that. Not knowing what to think. The world was truly going to hell.

The younger pilot put on his headphones and called the runway tower. However, they weren't going anywhere for a bit. Why? Well…a load of them were mindlessly roaming the runway. Yeah, they had a problem.


"Oh son of a bitch!" Naruto growled as he knew he would have escape this crazy looking creature.

Rei was freaking out as well as she held on to the blond ninja. "What is that?"

"I am not sure, but if had to guess, these things are starting to mutate." Naruto said with a glare at it.


"The T-virus reacting with other viruses and diseases is my best guess and I am guessing that this freak is the result of Bird Flu…or some infected bat." Naruto explained as he weighed his options as the thing came closer. His eyes were going everywhere, from the bike to the bridge they were on and everywhere in between.

"What are we going to do?" Rei asked. "I can't use my home made spear like this."

"Just spear it by throwing it." Naruto replied. "I have a better weapon for you anyway."

"You better, just tell me when!" Rei said, determined to take this thing out.

Naruto nodded as he revved the engine and blasted chakra into the wheels of the bike to go up one of the rails that lead to the top of the bridge. It might have been a crazy idea, but it might just work. Ok…the police gun it out since the bullets are limited and my whip probably won't do much at this range. Time to use the Chakra Gun. He thought as he took it out of his coat.

Pointing the gun at the creature while steering was hard, but he managed. He smirked and pulled the trigger. The condensed bullet of chakra blasted forward and into the side of the creature…literally blowing out its side. It roared in fury but Naruto was unperturbed. "NOW!"

Rei nodded and threw the makeshift spear, aiming at its head. Only problem with that was that it moved and the spear pierced right through its shoulder, cutting off the mobility in that arm and making it crash hard into the ground.

Naruto smirked. "Great shot!"

"I was aiming for its head." Rei mumbled.

Naruto shrugged. "Oh well, it was good enough, now let's just get the hell out of here before it gets up. I am not sure how to kill it since this one is different from the rest. Oh and here." Naruto said as he pulled out a rod like his whip device.

"What is it?" Rei asked.

"Retractable Spear." Naruto stated simply before revving the engine of the bike and zooming off of the bridge all together. He knew that this was far from over. That thing…if intelligent, would try and get back at them.


An undead was surprisingly adjusting its glasses…or at least that is what it looked like anyway. "What a scumbag." A female voice said as she looked through the scope on her sniper rifle. This was Rika, Shizuka's friend.

"He's an actor. He came from Tokonosu for shooting the film." Her male partner said as he observed the scene. "Distance, 4500. Angle of elevation minus six. Almost no wind, no need for correction. Alright looks like you've got a green light."

Without saying a word, Rika started pulling the trigger on her sniper, taking out the undead actor and then firing off a few more shots to get rid of all the other undead freaking roaming about. "Bravo." The man said once he saw that all of them were dead…again. He then pressed a speaker on his ear to tell the runway tower, "Confirming that all targets on the runway are neutralized. Over." He then noticed that Rika had stood up and was massaging her breast under her vest. "What are you doing?"

"I've been laying on my boobs all morning. They feel almost numb." Rika replied.

"You know I can massage them for you." The man said with a perverted smile as Rika stripped the bulletproof vest off and zipped the shirt underneath down some to get them some air.

"I'd let you, if you were a better sniper then me." Rika replied with smile.

"Oh come on, you're one of the top 5 shooters in the force." The man said. "What do I rank? 15?"

"Guess you're not feeling them then." Rika said nonchalantly, making the man inwardly groan.

Deciding that wasn't important anymore, he asked, "So how do you think they got here? I mean, this is an airport…on an island. It could only get here by boat. They've been restricting the entry…right?"

"Only important officials and technicians that need to maintain the airport…and their family members." Rika said. "Someone among them must have gotten infected. It's not that bad right now, but we don't how long it stays that way."

"Who know what would happen if they hadn't had us come along." The man said as he watched the plane fly off. "These guys would have been fucked. Although, it is not like we have an endless supply of bullets or anything."

"So you're going to run away?" Rika asked while talking her sunglasses off.

"No I am not. At least not yet."

"I am going to the city…sooner or later." Rika said.

"You got a boyfriend or something?" The man asked curiously.

Rika smiled. "I've got a friend there…along with the person we both got the hots for."


Shizuka sat in the driver's chair of the bus with a very bored look on her face. As this was happening, she and Naruto's group had to listen to Shido drone on about how Naruto was unfit to be a leader if he was gallivanting all over the city like he was. It was really starting to piss her off.

Meanwhile, Saya was getting really annoyed by Kohta's snoring. So she woke him up. "Takagi, moring." He said sleepily. "Is it time to get up already?"

"Yes it's morning." Saya replied with an annoy expression. "Ugh and you're drooling."

"Oh…sorry." He said as he wiped off the drool and then looked outside. "Look at that." It was a deadlock out there and people were even on the sidewalks with backpacks on. "I think it is better to evacuate to the suburbs."

"Cars are not the only way out of here!" Saya replied, pointing to the plane in the sky.

"The airports on the ocean, you're right!" Kohta replied.

"It's far too dangerous to be anywhere in the city." Saya replied. "I bet a bunch of people are trying to escape to some island or some isolated area with a strong military presence or something."

"Like Okanowa? But the American military that is stationed there isn't there to fight…oh! But there's self defense forces!"

Saya put on a thoughtful look and said, "If the military has taken appropriate measures, then I am betting Hokido or Kiushu(sp) should be ok too. If planes are leaving then planes are heading to those areas."

"So you think maybe we should head that way too?" Kohta asked with a hopeful look on his face.

"It's too late!" Saya replied with a glare. "The areas with heavy presences of self defense forces and the American military maybe managing to keep them under control, but I am sure they have already started to adopt a stern policy toward letting anybody else in. No, sooner or later it is going to be that way everywhere else in the world. I mean what would you do in this situation?"

"I'd seclude myself." Kohta replied.

"What would happen in everyone in this world starts thinking that way? What if they start focusing only on keeping their community as small as possible in order to survive?"

"You asked some relevant questions." Kohta replied nervously.

"Of course." Yuuki replied. "She is thinking ahead. She is the smartest person in our group."

Saya smirked a bit at that before pointing her thumb at Shido, caressing the busty red head's face. "What are you taking about? Look at him, you can already see that in him. Although I doubt that he knows it himself."

"Yeah, he is already trying to exclude Naruto and Rei from the group." Yuuki replied with a growl, while Saya herself just glare ahead.

"You know, this all happened overnight." Saya stated.

"Should I interrupt them?" Kohta asked with a dangerous look on his face as he palmed his nail gun.

Yuuki smirked. "It would be fun to see him being put in his place…again."

"Ugh, forget the pervy teacher and slutty little sally over there." Saya replied annoyed. "I should consult with someone that I trust…geez I could have talked to Uzumaki if he was here. He seems to know what to do in these situations."

"I know, you like Naruto." Kohta replied with a bored look on his face as he looked out the window. Yuuki eyed the pink haired girl with interest.

So she likes Naruto as well…

"Don't be ridiculous!" Saya nearly yelled with a blush on her face, but she was just lying to herself. Suddenly, she felt eyes on her back and looked to see Saeko with a straight look, Shizuka with a doopy grin, and Takashi, who was smirking. "What!"

"I am getting worried…about Uzumaki and the others." Saeko replied. "I hope they can hold on until we meet up."


Naruto growled at the scene ahead of them. People were blowing things up and shooting people, whether they be them or alive, these people didn't care. They had gone nuts, a clear example of this is a bald headed man wielding a shot gun, shooting everything that is not part of his gang and laughing about it.

"That's right, you run! Run like hell!" The man laughed.

"This is absolutely nuts, it is like a war!" Rei said. They were currently by an underpass, so they were safe for now.

"And we are front row center for it." Naruto sighed before revved the engine. "This a dangerous place to be, so hold on tight. I don't feel like going around, so we are just going to zoom on through." At this, Rei looked at him like was nuts, but shook that off, she trusted him.

Naruto went at top speed through the madness. The bald leader of the nut jobs noticed them and ordered his men to fire. Naruto rolled his eyes and dodged the bullets with ease, along with any of the undead that they passed. The idiots were nice enough to shoot them for the two as they passed.

"Ugh! We're not dead, why are these maniacs shooting at us?" Rei asked.

"Whole world went to hell and people like them just want to see the rest of the world burn." Naruto replied sadly. "We can't trust a whole lot of people now." Rei looked sad at that.

"We can't trust anyone." She muttered.

Suddenly, there was a loud screech and they looked back to see the flying undead creature from before. It arm looked healed, but the chunk of flesh that Naruto blew out was still there. That drew the attention of the nut jobs and they started shooting at it instead of them.

"Well…that works in our favor…somewhat." Naruto said with a sweatdrop.

"I guess." Rei said nervously. Why was that thing following them!

Naruto didn't think much on it and looked straight ahead to see something he didn't like, so he turned. Rei noticed this and said, "But the bridge is straight ahead."

Naruto slowed to a stop and said, "I know, but did you see it?"

Rei turned and gasped. The bridge was blocked by tanks and they weren't letting anyone cross. "At this rate, I don't know when we'll be able to cross. So…let's head over to Unbetsu Bridge and meet up with the others there." They heard a screech and high tailed it out of there.


"This guy's a goddamn maniac." Saya said as he glared at Shido's back as he preached to his group about pride in their school and their new 'family' and how Naruto and Rei were unfit to be in their 'family.' It was just a lot of bullshit that Naruto's side of the group didn't heed, but Shido's group was eating it up.

"You got that right." Saeko said with a serious face.

"Seriously, did he always preach like this?" Takashi asked, getting highly annoyed.

"All the time according to Naruto." Yuuki groaned. " And I had to listen to it as I was in his class. It has seriously gotten old." The twins, who were next to Takuzo and Naomi, agreed. The couple just wanted to get away from this freak and soon.

"It is like he is a recruiter for some sort of cult-religion." Saeko stated.

"It doesn't just sound like it, it is." Saya replied seriously. "And look at the slobbery idiots hinging on his every word, like a bunch of scientologists or rather Shidotologists…I need to get out of here."

"Given the condition on the road, we are going to have to give up our ride." Saeko said as they were still in deadlock.

"Fine by me," Takashi said with a growl. "I'd rather take my chances on finding Naruto and Rei then with the crazy cult leader. I trust Naruto more than I do this guy." Kohta nodded to his agreement.

Saeko continued, "We have to somehow cross Unbetsu Bridge and head to the east police station. We're still supposed to meet up with Naruto."

Saya adjusted her glasses with an annoyed smile and said, "Hmph, you're sure concerned about Naruto aren't you? Aren't you worried about your own family?"

"Course I am." Saeko replied with a smile. "But my father is my only family and he's at the dojo overseas. So the only people I need to be worrying about right now is myself and Uzumaki. Really don't care about anyone else." You could tell she was enjoying getting under Saya skin like she was. "And just look at me. I mean seriously, if anyone is going to make it out of this alive, it's going to be me, right?"

"Don't think you are the only battle ready person." Yuuki said with an annoyed grin as she took out her kunai. Saeko just smiled challengingly.

"So where is everyone's house?" Shizuka asked.

"The other side of the bridge. The same area with Komuro's" Saya replied simply.

"We're the same." Takuzo replied, answering for him and his girlfriend.

"Out of town." Yuuki replied, "Misuzu and Toshimi were living with me while their parents were out on a business trips."

"Oh, my parents are not in the neighborhood." Kohta replied as he stood up.

Saeko smiled, looking to strike up a conversation. After all, Naruto seemed to like this kid, so she might as well be a little civil. "So tell me Hirano, where's your family, they close?"

"My father is a jewelry merchant so he's gone to Amsterdam to buy stones, my mother is a fashion designer so she been staying in Paris to-" he said but was interrupted by Saya.

"Christ! You expect us to believe that crap!"

Shizuka laughed and said, "And if it were a manga, daddy would be a captain of a cruise ship. A giant luxury liner!"

Kohta smiled while rubbing the side of his head. "Actually my grandfather was! Just ask Naruto, we went on a cruise one summer. Oh and my grandmother was a concert violinist."

He finished by chuckling, making Saya's eye twitch while thinking why couldn't he have been better looking? Oh well, I am sure Naruto's background is far better.

However, that did answer many of their unasked questions of where Naruto was that one summer.

Shizuka pulled the parking break up and got up. "So? What are we going to do? I want to come along with all of you. Besides, I am sure Naruto needs a good doctor." Heh, in more ways than one.

"Are you sure?" Saya asked wondering what her connection to Naruto was. That last statement seemed to have a double meaning, but with her perpetual dumb look, it was hard to tell.

"Both of my parents passed away years ago and my relatives live far away." Shizuka replied before a worried looked came on her face. "I know I shouldn't be saying this, but I think Mr. Shido is kind of a Douche Bag." That made all the girls smirk while Kohta, Takashi, and Takuzo all chuckled uncontrollably.

"So what do we do?" Saeko asked. "I am not very familiar with this area."

"We really need to check on Unbetsu Bridge." Saya stated.

"Um, what's the matter everyone?" Shido asked as he turned to the front of the bus. "We need to work together, otherwise, none of us are-"

"Thanks for the offer, but I am going to pass Mr. Shido." Saya interrupted with a smirk. The same smirk Naruto used on the man and it pissed him off. "We've got our own plans and FYI, this is no field trip, I have no obligation to be with you. I never had any classes with you anyway and from Naruto's description of them, I would have never had one anyway."

"I see." Shido said with a dangerous look in his eye. He then did the finger pyramid of evil contemplation (Thank you American Dad). "If that's what you decided then go right ahead, I won't stop you Takagi. How could I? This is a free country, not some iron fisted dictatorship, heh heh." Yet. He chuckled and then licked his lips in a creepy way. "However, I am afraid you will have to remain, Miss Marikawa!" That made her jump. "Losing the doctor is a major blow to our current situation." He tried to put on a kind smile and asked, "Would you please stay, what do you say? There are students that are relying on you." He said as he threateningly walked over to them, however, Kohta had enough and shot at him, the nail slicing his cheek open a bit. "YOU SHOT AT ME!"

"I miss you on purpose…you douche bag!" Kohta growled. Now this side of him, Takashi had never seen.

"But you're not a violent student like that!" Shido said shakily, knowing if he said the wrong thing, he was as good as dead.

"How many of my fellow students do you think I killed in school yesterday?" Kohta yelled back. "And I could kill you too for all the ways you always made fun of me!"

This scared the man a bit.

"I was holding back. I was holding back for a long time! I was holding it back so could have a normal life! Thankfully Naruto saw it and kept me sane enough to do that! But there is no need to do that anymore!" Kohta smiled dangerously. "Nothing we know is normal anymore! That's why I am able to kill now! I can even kill living people as well, maybe I'll start with the ones who made fun of me!"

"I made fun?" Shido asked, backing up, clearly a coward. "You misunderstood, I have always held you in high esteem!"

Kohta regained some of his senses and said to his friends, "If you want to go, now is the time to do it. I'll make sure he doesn't stop you!"

Saeko smiled; clearly impressed with him, now seeing why Naruto was friends with him. He had a kind heart with gun skills, but was always treated poorly and misunderstood. She opened the bus door and said, "You're such a man. I'm impressed."

"Heh, later you creepy ass Douche Bag." Kyoko laughed as she left the bus.

Shido watched Naruto's entire little group leave the bus with the hot blond woman and the hot ym teacher and he grew very pissed. They would pay.


"It's the same here. What should we do Naruto?" Rei asked as they were stopped in front of another blocked bridge and the sun was starting set. "Should we try a different bridge of something?"

Naruto held the bridge of his nose in annoyance to the government. "I am sure they are all the same. I am guessing every bridge is blocked. Freaking idiotic cops. Hey, you got service yet?"

Rei checked her phone and shook her head. "No."

"Ah! This is getting why out of hand." Naruto complained. "Before we get separated again, I am making special seals on these phones!"

"What would that do?" Rei asked.

"Make it work like a normal phone, but it would work like a radio walkie talkie for our group." Naruto explained. "I am not sure if we can get to the east police station at this rate, we have to think of something though."

"Have any ideas?" Rei asked, hoping to find the others soon. However, their thinking was interrupted by a familiar noise. "Gunshot!"

Naruto smirked, "Nope. Nail shot. Seems they decided that they were finally tired of Shido." Naruto chuckled at that and Rei smiled. "Come on. We're the cavalry." He then speed off.


"Um hey, maybe we were better staying on the bus with Mr. Shido." Shizuka replied as she, Naomi, Saya, Kyoko, and the twins all stayed together while the others fought off the undead that they ran into. "Just throwing that out there!"

"Hold on, weren't you the one who thought he was a douche bag?" Saya asked with a smirk.

"As a matter of fact I did." Shizuka said with a thoughtful expression. "But he wouldn't be the first douche bag that I was stuck on a bus with.

"Just to let you know, I am running out of the nails!" Kohta shouted.

"A crap, that is not good." Takuzo muttered and bashed in the head of a nearby undead.

"Shoot only when you need to!" Takashi ordered. He understood they need the gun fanatic.

Saeko easily took out the undead freaks around her and said, "Do you want to borrow this?" She offered up her wooden sword.

"I really don't do hand to hand combat." Kohta whined.

"I can't say the same. I'm actually quite fond of it!" Saeko replied with a cruel smile as she faced off a few more of them.


Naruto and Rei were zooming down a hill and all the bottom of it was a large truck used to tow cars. The rails were pointing upward, leading to the bridge over head. Rei saw this and shouted, " Wait a minute! Are you nuts?"

"YEP!" Naruto laughed as he punched it with chakra and blue flames shot out the back, making them go faster as they made the jump.

The group heard the bike and looked up, with Saeko and Kohta expressing their thoughts. "Holy Shit!"

"Show off." Takashi said out loud with a smile.

Naruto heard this and turned his head to smirk at the boy, but his eye windows for two reasons. The shriek of the flying creature was above them and right behind Takashi was yet another new creature.

This one is more lean then the normal undead and its fingers were different. There were only three on each hand and had six inch claws on them. Other than that, they looked like any of the normal undead freaks and that also made it more dangerous.

Thinking quickly, he took out his chakra gun and took the shot. Takashi thought Naruto was going to shoot him for the remark, only the bullet never found him. He looked behind him to see the creature and half of its head just gone. Yeah, it was dead for good this time.

However, Naruto still had to deal with the flying creature that just won't die, along with them on the ground. They landed on the ground and skidded to a stop at they bowled over a few of the undead freaks. Rei instantly jumped off the bike and extended her spear, ready to take them out at a moment's notice.

Naruto took off as he put his gun away and took out the police gun and headed for Kohta. "Hirano!" Naruto yelled as he tossed the gun at his friend before heading over to Saeko and Yuuki, who were taking out their enemies with ease.

Of course Naruto saw the crazed look on Kohta and had to dodge a few bullets because they were behind him. "I was fucking born for this!" Kohta said once the dead were dead once again.

On his way to Saeko and Yuuki, he used the bike to bash away the undead that were converging on Saya and her part of the group. As he passed Yuuki he smirked as he put a few marbles in her hand. She smirked as well, knowing these things were live and used her expert throwing skills to blast them away. "What a bang!"

"That's what she said!" Naruto yelled over his shoulder as he took Saeko's hand and made a U-turn. That gave her the momentum she needed to be propelled in the air while spinning and took out the undead all around her.

Naruto smirked when he saw the flying creature roaring right to him. He back flipped off the motorcycle while taking out his rod. It shifted into whip form and he wrapped it around the bike and the then managed to fling it at the creature, catching it off guard as it was pushed higher into the air.

Naruto stood calmly as he took out his chakra gun, aiming for the chakra fill gas tank, and fired. "Say good night you ugly mother fucker." The reaction of the bullet of chakra hitting it was instant as an explosion rocked the sky, incinerating the flying creature, inside and out because of its wounds. It's burnt corpse fell on the ground, unmoving.

"Amazing!" Shizuka said breathlessly.

"Looks like it's all cleared for now." Saeko stated once she got over her shock.

"YOU DID IT!" Misuzu cheered and she and Toshimi latched onto Naruto's arms.

"I am so glad you're ok!" Toshimi cheered.

"Yes, I must agree." Takuzo replied with a smile as he walked up to them with Naomi. "I don't know how much longer we would have lasted."

"They sure were tough to beat." Shizuka stated.

"Tough for everybody but you maybe." Saya replied with rolling her eyes.

"Miss Shizuka!" Rei shouted as she hugged the big breasted woman.

"Oh Miyamoto, what a coincident!" Shizuka said happily.

"That's, what a coincidence." Rei mumbled.

"You too Naruto!" Shizuka said as Naruto walked up to them with a smile of his own.

"I am guessing the other bridge is blocked." Saeko asked as she came up to him.

"Right, there is no way out." Naruto sighed.

Saeko smiled and said, "I have to confess, I am really glad you're alright, Naruto."

"Glad you are alright too." Naruto replied although many of the girls knew Saeko had it out for Naruto and glared at the girl, including Rei.

"What about me!" Saya asked angrily with a small blush.

"Heh, I am glad you are ok too. Hell, I am glad you are all ok. But you know, I am even more glad I left you all in capable hands. Kohta, Yuuki, and Saeko helped to protect all of you like I planned in my head." Naruto said with a goofy smile.

That made all the women blush and think of him more highly. Kohta just rubbed the back of his head with a smile while Takashi rose an eyebrow. "What about me?"

Naruto smiled. "Oh I knew you and Takuzo would do well as well." He paused and saw that Kohta was freaking out about his new gun. "What are you doing?"

"NARUTO! What is this? Where did you get it? Where are the extra bullets? This is a Smith and Wesson M37 air weight that the police use, right?" Kohta asked in rapidly.

Naruto sweat dropped. "Uh…I'll tell you later man.

Takashi chuckled at the gun fanatic of their group and decided to comment on Naruto and Rei's new attire. "What's with the new clothes?"

"Well, we were attack by some thug, I blew his arm off with my gun, blood got everywhere, and we head to my apartment." Naruto replied nonchalantly.

They all just looked at him with wide eyes. "The new clothes are just a plus! Her new clothes are where my moms." Naruto said again.

"Wait! That gun you used!" Kohta shouted. "What is that?"

"That energy gun you talked about, but I can only use it because it draws on my chakra."

"AWESOME!" Kohta shouted again.


The group was now under a bridge by the river. They figured all the noise, mostly Naruto's explosion, would attract more attention than needed. "We got off the bus because the road was blocked, but we haven't been able to cross the river." Saeko stated.

"That and we could not take Shido's preaching anymore." Yuuki said with a growl, making everyone agree to that statement.

"Well, I figured that. I mean, a sane person can only take so much of him." Naruto replied.

"Yeah." Kyoko said. "I mean, he tried to make Shizuka stay for his own pervert pleasures and would have made me stay as well if Hirano hadn't shot at him."

That just made Naruto laugh out loud at Shido's expense, but if Shido made another move on them…he would die!

Saya walked away from the river and said, "The water has risen, so going farther upstream won't help I guess."

"Then what should we do?" Rei asked.

"I have a thought; it's been such a stressful day, why don't we call it quits for now." Shizuka offered.

"Call it a day?" Kohta asked.

"Why yes." Shizuka replied. "My friend's plat is just a short walk from here."

"Your boyfriend's place?" Saya asked.

"Oh no no no!" Shizuka's replied while waving her hands around frantically while blushing and glancing at Naruto for a second. "Nothing like that! It just my girlfriend's apartment! She's always busy working and traveling with her job. She gave me her keys so I could look after the place when she's away."

For some reason, that made everyone imagine her as a maid. For the guys, it was a sexy maid and that gave them all nosebleeds.

"Is it a high rise?" Kohta asked after a second of day dreaming. "Does it have a good view of the surroundings?"

"Oh yeah!" Shizuka replied. "It's a Duplex standing along the river. There's a convenience store nearby too! Oh, and a car, you know the one that looks like a tank! The thing that drinks gas." She spread her arms out wide and said, "BIG! A really big one!"

That does sound like a good place to lay low for a while. Naruto thought seriously.

"I don't care about a car as much as a shower." Saya said exhaustively. "I don't think I've felt dirtier in my life."

Naruto had on a small blush on his face as he looked the way. That made the pink haired girl smirk. "We should go there." He replied before sighed. "I am really wishing I didn't blow up the bike now."

"Oh well." Rei said with a giggle. "It was almost out of gas anyway." The group sighed and trudged on as they followed Shizuka.

As they were walking, Takashi made his way next to Naruto and said, "Hey, thanks for shooting that thing. You know, we should think up names for those new freaks."

"I agree." Naruto replied.

"Well considering that claws on that one thing. We should call it a Reaper." Takuzo replied.

"Eh, good enough." Naruto replied with a shrug, not really caring. They were all undead and he was going to kill them.

"Oh! Since that one thing was flying and looked like a bat, and they come out around midnight, let's call them Midnights!" Kohta suggested and the group seemed to like it. Or they just didn't care because they were all so tired.

"I just hope we don't run into too many of them." Naruto sighed.


"HUMVEE!" Kohta shouted with excitement. "IT'S THE MILITARY MODEL TOO!"

"Told you. It looks like a tank, right?" Shizuka asked with a smile.

"Oh yeah, this could work out very well." Naruto said as he thought about fortifying the vehicle with seals. Then looked at the building to see that it was big and it looked to have multiple rooms. He would need to put privacy seal on it to make sure they didn't hear anything.

He then looked at the fence that Rei mentioned and thought it had good defenses, but first they had to deal with the dead coming at them for they went in. They geared up and rushed in.


There you go everybody. I hope you all like it. Now I know I said Naruto can't use jutsu but I do plan to recreate the Rasengan using seals, but if you guys want, I could get Naruto use jutsu again after a certain event.