Chapter Five

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Sam gripped the table hard as he took deep breaths. What the hell had that been?

It was a rush of images from what was, apparently, his life. But it couldn't be...could it?

Sam glanced across the table to see that Dean was gripping the table just as hard and breathing heavily. Dean's eyes rose and met Sam's, reflecting the same shock.

"Was that..." began Sam. "Was that real?"

"I don't know..." said Dean, looking closely at Sam. "Mom took the three of us and ran, but the demon caught up with us, killed Mom and Dad. We went into the foster care system-"

"Until you tracked me down at Stanford, and we got into hunting," said Sam.

Both of their eyes widened in shock.

"But...if the past changed and our lives..." said Sam, "then how come we remember how it used to be?"

Dean frowned. "Maybe because we used the radio. Whatever it is about the radio must have affected us."

"Maybe..." Sam breathed.

He looked down at his mother's necklace, seeing a new decoration. On each wing was a name; one said "Sam" and one said "Dean." It also said "My little angels" along the top.

"So...we got Mom and Dad killed," speculated Dean.

Sam shrugged. "Well, technically, Dad was already-"

"You know what I mean," Dean shot at Sam, glaring at him. He looked down at the table and suddenly froze, his eyes widening. "Wait a minute..." He looked up at Sam dazedly. "It changed..."

Sam frowned. "What?"

"It changed..." Dean declared, his face lighting up. "The past changed. It worked! Mom got the demon out of the nursery! You know what that means? She listened to us! She changed the past!"

Sam shook his head, not seeing the bright side. If anything, their lives were worse now. Both of their parents had died when Sam was a baby. Sam still had his demon blood and psychic abilities. Sam and Dean had bee separated their whole lives in two different foster families (they had been lucky enough to not have abusive families). Their lives since Jessica's death had run pretty much the same, except their father wasn't there to help kill the demon. Sam had still been killed by one of the other psychic kids. And they were still currently trying to get out of Dean's deal...Well, Sam was.

Sam felt all the frustration bubble to the surface. "Yeah, but what good did it do? Mom and Dad still got killed by the demon, Yellow-Eyes still dosed me with demon blood, you're still going to hell-"

"Whoa, what?" Dean exclaimed, the light leaving his face in an instant.

Sam froze, glancing uneasily up at Dean and realizing what he'd just confessed.

Dean stared at Sam in shock, narrowing his eyes. "You know about the demon blood?"

Sam's eyes widened. "You know?"

"Of course I know," Dean told him. "I had to watch him force-feed it to you. When did you find out?"

Sam sighed, looking down at the table. "Cold Oak...when he came in that dream. He showed me that night in the nursery...when he bled in my mouth."

"Wait a minute..." said Dean, leaning forward. "You knew before the reality trip...and you didn't tell me?"

Sam glared at him. "What was I gonna say? 'Hey, Dean, the demon that killed Mom infected me with demon blood, and that's what gives me my psychic powers'?"

Dean sighed, seeing where his brother was coming from. "Alright, alright, calm down. I...I'm sorry, okay? It's a lot of new info right now."

Sam nodded, looking down at his hands.

"Now..." Dean took a drink of his beer and put the bottle back on the table, "what do you say we go get that demon blood outta ya?"

Sam looked up at him with a frown. "What?"

"I mean, Mom's still gotta be at the house right now, right?" said Dean.

Sam smiled as he caught Dean's drift. "Probably."


John watched as Mary held her sons close.

"You saved me," Mary whispered. "My little angels..."

"Mommy..." sobbed Dean, clinging to his mother in fear.

"Shh, shh," soothed Mary. "It's okay. The bad man is gone now. You're safe."

"Mary, what just happened?" asked John. "What was that thing?"

Mary looked up at him, sighing. "I meant to tell you this ten years ago..." She settled herself on the floor, cradling Sam to her chest in protection. "I come from a family of hunters."

"Hunters?" asked John.

"We hunt supernatural myths," Mary explained. "Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons—they exist. My parents raised me to hunt them."

John stared at her, stunned. He glanced over at the devil's trap and the body inside of it. "And that was..."

"A demon," said Mary.

John looked back at her. "And why did he come after us?"

"Not us," said Mary. She looked worriedly down at her infant son.

John's eyes widened. "He's after Sam? Why?"

Mary felt tears running down her face. "I wish I knew..."

John wrapped an arm around her, holding his family close. "No one is taking our family away. I promise you that. I will help you hunt this thing down."

Mary looked up at him. "You want me to train you?"

"Something like that," said John. "How did you know the demon was coming?"

"I didn't," said Mary. She looked down at their boys. "They did."

"What are you talking about?"

"The people I've been talking to on the radio?" said Mary. "They said they were in the year 2007."

John frowned. "What?"

"I know. It's impossible. They said they were hunters and that they were Sam and Dean."

"So, you're saying our sons are talking to you on the radio in the future?" asked John skeptically.

"I know how it sounds. But then they said a demon was gonna come into Sam's nursery the night of November 2, 1983...and then kill me."

"Kill you?"

Mary nodded. "I think...I think I was supposed to die tonight. I didn't really believe them, but I got a weapon ready just in case. I was hoping they were just crazy. Looks like they really were Sam and Dean."

"Or they could just be some random hunters from the future," John pointed out.

"Maybe," Mary shrugged.

"So, if it is Sam and Dean...they changed their past," said John. "Would they even know?"

"What do you mean?" asked Mary.

"Well, their original lives now never existed," John reasoned. "They have a whole new set of memories."

Mary looked down at her boys. "I hope they're good memories now."

John looked down at his boys and then back up at Mary. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I just wanted out," Mary confided. "I hated hunting, and I just wanted to have a normal life with a normal family. I wanted to raise a family outside of hunting."

John nodded. "Until I raised our boys as hunters to get revenge."

Mary nodded. "They said as much."

The radio speaker filled with static, and Mary and John looked over at it.

A voice came through the static. "Hello?"

Mary looked back at John. "It's them."

"Are you there, Mary?" came the voice again.

Mary and John headed over to the radio with the boys.

Mary sat at the desk as John stood behind her. "Dean? Sammy?"

They heard what sounded like a relieved sigh. "Hey...Mom..."

John stared at the radio in shock. Was that really his boys on the other end?

"You remember?" asked Mary.

A different voice emitted from the speaker, a voice that was more of a sarcastic slur. "It's kind of strange. We remember both lives at the same time."

"Really?" asked Mary. She looked over at John, who was still staring at the radio. She smiled and turned back to the microphone. "Boys...your father is here, too."

There was silence from the other end.

"I told him everything," Mary explained.

"Hey...boys..." said John.

"Dad..." said the first voice. "I'm Sam."

"Wow...this is..." began John. "Isn't this weird for you guys?"

The slurred voice—Dean—chuckled. "Well, weird's kinda in the job description. But, uh, this definitely makes the top five."

John frowned. "How can we be sure you're really our sons?"

"Well..." said Sam.

There was a quiet jingle from the other end.

"I have Mom's wing necklace here," said Sam. "It used to be blank, but now there's writing on the wings. Dean's name on one wing, my name on the other, and 'My little angels' on the top."

"Something better than that," said John. "You could have been eavesdropping somehow."

There was a good-natured chuckled.

"Good old Dad," said Dean. "Always paranoidly suspicious." He paused for a while. "When I would get sick...Mom would make me tomato rice soup...'cause it's what her mom made her. And instead of a lullaby...she would sing, 'Hey, Jude.' It's her favorite Beatles song."

John smiled. "Is it really you?"

"Yeah, Dad. It's me, Dean."

"Your name is Dean?" little Dean asked the microphone. "My name is Dean!"

Another small silence filled the room.

"Hey, there...Dean," said Dean.

"And my brother's name is Sammy!" said little Dean.

"Well, what do you know?" said Dean. "That's my brother's name."

"Cool!" said little Dean with a huge smile.

"Alright," said Mary. "Guys, we need to get going before he comes back."

"It'll take him a while to claw back out of hell," said Sam. "We need to talk." He took a deep breath. "Mom, why did the demon come after me?"

Mary froze, staring at the radio.

"What?" said Dean. "How would she know?"

"When the demon came to me in my dream that night in Cold Oak, it showed me what happened the night Mom died in my nursery," Sam explained to all three of them. "Mom ran back into the nursery, the demon turned around, and Mom recognized him. And two years ago, Dean and I hunted a poltergeist in our old house. Mom, you were also haunting the place. Just as the poltergeist attacked, you appeared, walked up to me, and said, 'I'm sorry.' I asked you what you were sorry about, but you turned and went after the poltergeist."

Mary looked down at the table as she felt John's eyes on her next to her and her sons' eyes on her from twenty-four years in the future.

"Mom, what happened between you and the Yellow-Eyed Demon?" asked Sam.

Mary sighed. "Ten years ago—uh, 1973—freak accidents began happening around the state, the first of which caught my family's attention. We interviewed the victim's family and found out that a man had taken care of the victim and would come back in ten years for something. Obviously, it was a demon, but then the guy said the demon had yellow eyes. We tracked the demon down, and..." she took a deep breath, "when he saw me, he said he liked me." She chuckled slightly. "I mean, it can't be good when a demon says he likes you. I ran to John, and he took me to the propose. My dad pulled me out of the car, and when John jumped out to get him to back dad broke John's neck."

"What?" Sam, Dean and John said at the same time.

"If Dad died in 1973, Sam and I wouldn't exist," said Dean. "How-"

Mary could tell the moment when Sam and Dean put some of the pieces together.

"My dad had been possessed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon," Mary went on. "The demon had killed my parents, and he said he would bring John back if I made a deal. I thought it was a standard crossroads deal—my soul for John—but he didn't want my soul. He said he just wanted permission to come by in ten years, that if no one interrupted him, no one would get hurt." A tear began falling down her face. "I let him have my son just so I could have a normal life."

"No, you didn't," Sam told her. "He doesn't want to take me."

Mary frowned. "You know why he was making those deals?"

Sam hesitated, and silence reigned for a while.

"About two years ago, Sam began having dreams about his girlfriend dying just like Mom had," Dean told them. "A few days later, she died. Sam began having other dreams like that until he started having them while he was awake."

"Visions?" asked Mary.

"Yeah," said Dean. "Every once in a while, we would run into someone else with psychic abilities. Max had telekinesis, Andy and his twin brother used mind control, Ava had visions. There were a few others. Some of them had nursery fires just like Sam, but others didn't. Turns out, Yellow-Eyes was running a celebrity death match to find the best of them. Sam is the only one left."

"So, why did he need to visit Sam tonight?" asked John.

The boys hesitated for a moment.

"To give me my psychic abilities," said Sam. "The first time around, he...he dripped demon blood into my mouth."

Mary and John's jaws dropped in shock.

"He fed you demon blood?" asked Mary.

"That's how I got my psychic powers," said Sam.

Mary realized what was going on. "But I stopped him, and that's why he's coming back."

"Yes," said Dean. "You guys go on the lamb, but he tracks you down, kills both of you, and infects Sam with demon blood. Me and Sam went into foster care before I tracked him down, and we got into hunting."

"So, it doesn't matter," said Mary, losing hope. "He still finds you either way. There's no way to stop him."

There was heavy silence from the other end.

"What?" asked John.

"Well, me and Sammy have a plan," said Dean.