Hold Still I'm Trying To Kill You

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That had been something far and beyond anything Kotetsu had ever experienced.

Obviously, it wasn't the first time someone had given him head. Definitely not. No, it had happened. Yes. Just. Not in this capacity. Not with someone so – um – openly lewd about it? And so very, very talented.

He tried not to think too much about how he had just come on Barnaby's face and the blond was simply sitting at his feet still, wiping his glasses clean as if it was a completely normal thing.

"Ah… er… um – "

Barnaby glanced up, eyebrows arched. Kotetsu shuddered a little. Fuck. Barnaby had some intense eyes. The way he stared at him – the way he had been staring at him with his cock between his lips -

Fuck fuck fuck. Don't think about it. Too much. Overstimulation. Overload of information – wait, he needed to say something, didn't he? Or cuddle him. Or pet his hair or something

"That was…"

"You enjoyed yourself, didn't you?"

Coy, as always, the little minx, and Kotetsu made some kind of strangled noise in the back of his throat. "Well, yes, but – "

"But what?"

"You weren't – cute."

Foot in mouth disease, Kotetsu had it.

The look Barnaby gave him was far from impressed and Kotetsu lifted a still shaky hand in an attempt to ward off any rage. "I – uh – I mean, it was good. Really good! But you're a lot more – um – you're a lot different – ah – "

"If you want me to act more innocent – or 'cuter', as you put it," Barnaby said without skipping a beat and returning to polishing his glasses, "then I'll make an effort next time."

Kotetsu wondered if it was his turn to sink through the floor, no matter how alluring the other man's offer. Good god.