Falling From A Cloud

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As if Barnaby's day couldn't get any worse, it rains as he arrives at work that morning.

Perhaps it was too early to assume that his day was awful, but wasn't any day awful when he accomplished nothing? Round and round in goose chases he went with no end and sight, and after doing little but sit up awake the night prior, researching for naught, Barnaby finds himself exhausted as much as angry and frustrated.

And then it downpours.

Like hell he has an umbrella within his grasp, and so his normal walk turns to a sprint, and even then, he is still soaked to the skin. His hair is matted to his head, curls awry and sticking every which way, water dripping and sliding past the collar of his jacket to soak everything else, too.

What good is leather if it doesn't do a damned thing?

Hissing and spitting and trying, not to curse aloud, Barnaby strips off the jacket first upon Apollon Media's front steps, and stalks inside, uncaring (for the moment, at least) that he is simply tracking whatever everywhere.

And then enters Kotetsu, paces behind him, apparently, toting an umbrella and dry as he possibly can be.

"Oi, Bunny! Ah – " A pause, as Kotetsu takes in his appearance. Barnaby glowers through water-splattered glasses. "Didn't you know it was gonna rain today?"

A pause and silence reigns.

"Guess not."

At least Barnaby slowly, slowly is training the man to reach answers to such obvious things on his own.

Still, Kotetsu is another infinite source of frustration – a man that he should hate by all stretches of the imagination, and yet Barnaby finds himself repeatedly drawn to him, to his words, to his smile, to his warmth

But right now, he feels inclined to march back home and burn that sash he may or may not keep beneath his pillow – all out of sheer pettiness and impetuous irritation.

"C'mon, you should get out of those wet clothes," Kotetsu says as he shakes his umbrella off (splattering Barnaby with more water in the process, of course). "You'll get sick if you don't, and the last thing you need is that!"

"Forget about it."

Kotetsu just stares at him, then. "'Forget about it'? What are you gonna do, sit in those all day? Stop being stubborn."

"I didn't say that – "

But Kotetsu has already grabbed him by the arm, dragging him forward and beyond security. "I'll help you personally."

Barnaby is grinding his teeth, inclined to kick him in the face, inclined to do a great many things akin to violence, and yet -

Yet Kotetsu's touch, that simple grasp upon his wrist, is warmer than anything else could have possibly been.

"You actually kind of look cute with your hair like that, Bunny."

Now if only Kotetsu wasn't so dense, wasn't so oblivious to the way that he made Barnaby's heart repeatedly skip beats – then maybe this day wouldn't be so terribly awful after all.