When Rachel get's a movie role and moves out of the apartment she shared with Santana, they realize how much they need eachother.

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She doesn't expect the insomnia that makes her so angry, seclusive, and restless. Doesn't expect the way she always passes by Rachel's unslept in room with her eyes squeezed shut tight. Or the way Leaving their-her... her apartment makes her feel. Lonely and lost and more alone than she's felt in two and a half years.

She does the expect the calls she gets every night at ten thirty. The way Rachel's voice sounds so much further away when she cant feel the familiar warmth against the left side of her body. The singer finds herself waking up at five thirty in the morning. The sound of the garbage truck on the street below is welcome; her appartment is quiet. She wakes up and walks just as quietly into the kitchen, there's not coffee waiting, no vegan pancakes...none of that stupid fake bacon she let Rachel talk her into eating. It's stupid that she's still eating vegan now that her only reason for doing so is gone, but she cooks herself some of that egg substitute before finally leaving the apartment she used to share.

When she walks into the studio, tears filling up her dark eyes, Sean, the producer, looks like some idiotic words of comfort are formulating on his tongue, but she shakes her head and he just looks back at the board as she heads into the booth. It's been fifteen days and it's too much for her to take. The song she records makes it all too clear how she's falling apart. That's one thing she learned from Rachel. Sing it out...right?

Santana has honestly never felt so stupid. They weren't even...they're just fucking friends...were? Is it past tense now? Either way, the only other person to make her feel like a coward lives in Los Angeles, and being three thousand miles away from her feels like falling off an eighty story building and gaining nothing from it but a broken body, a broken heart. No one catches her. She wonders nightly if she's worth the burden of it.

But what could she say? What could she do? "Rae. I know you live in LA now, but I...Fuck- I'm in love with you and shit... I just...fuck...I'm incapable of living without you, okay?" This is what she does, and she figures that even if her best friend tries to let her down easy, she'll be okay.

"Okay. Come open the door, the pizza's getting cold." Santana doesn't even take the time to hang up her phone, it falls to their couch while she sprints towards the door, tears finally falling from her eyes when they lock with the clear brown eyes she loves so much. Rachel grins the way she does, eyes shining and mouth wide around white teeth. The actress has to drop the pizza. Suddenly there's a beautiful woman in her arms and tears in her blouse.

"You're here." Santana whispers when their lips seperate. Before she can speak, Rachel's lips are attacked again.

"Calm down baby. I'm right here, okay? Right here."