"You are full of it!" Maya said, laughing at his statement.

He had his back to her but judging on his behavior, Maya assumed his face had a mixture of confusion and annoyance. The strange Man lifted his head to the left, with his arms messily crossed over his chest. He furrowed his brow and in a semi-hushed tone muttered to himself, "nine hundred years of travel and that still doesn't make sense. Look!" that last word was exclaimed as the Man walked towards Maya, pointing at her like a small child who had run out of intelligent things to say.

"People don't just appear out of nowhere, in a Tardis that can go anywhere in time and space. I think you need sober up and lay off the narcs, pal."

The Man then grew an impish smile. "Oh humans, you and your small mindedness," private revenge to girl's insult.

"You never used to be like this," he said quickly and in a slightly higher tone, as if he were talking to himself out loud, walking away from her.

Maya turned toward him as he walked towards his blue box. Mockingly she asked, "And how would you know?"

The Man haphazardly leaned against the box; the heel of his right foot padded the wooden exterior. He idly crossed his arms, neatly across his chest. He tilted his head towards Maya and with a knowing, almost cocky smile, he slowly said, "Why is it so difficult for you to be open to possibility?"

With that, he lifted his right arm. Snapped his fingers. And with that, the doors that she hadn't really noticed before on a side of the box, opened, revealed a beautiful bright light from inside. Maya's eyes opened, albeit only slightly wider. Everything about the Strange Man's face was inviting Maya in. Like a bug to a zapper.

Though still convinced he was under the influence of some really strong substances, there was a strong curious spark inside her that she couldn't ignore. Maya felt that if she walked away right now, it would haunt her with regret for the rest of her life. Slowly and carefully, Maya walked towards the Man and his box.

Maya and the Man were now mere inches apart; she looked him over one more time. He didn't look crazy; he looked completely mental. Almost as if it were on purpose. "You're move," was all he said.

Maya stepped through the threshold and her face resembled a fish; wide-eyed and gapping mouth. Somehow, inside this small box, was a room that looked like it could fit a hundred people and still have room for a hundred more. The Man walked past her, and almost in a frenetic dance moved toward a large, oddly-shaped column in the room's center. And like a small child, in an 'I win, you lose' kind of way, he said, "That's never gotten old and I doubt it ever will! Now then." The Man started flipping levers, twisting knobs and pressing bright flashy buttons on the column. He looked over at Maya through the corner of his eye, she didn't notice his smile.

After the initial shock, Maya walked more into the Tardis and let out a breathy laugh. She whispered, "This can't be real."

A voice came from behind, "But it is, so don't waste my time with silly sentences like those."

Maya jumped, she had been so enamored by the massive room that she hadn't noticed that the Man was no longer standing at the large column in the center, with its exposed gears and bright switches and rope pulleys. He was now standing on her left.

"Would it help if I said 'sorry' and that I take it all back?" She asked with wonder in her voice. She still didn't look at him. She didn't even stand near him; Maya asked that question as she moved away from the Man. She couldn't help but explore this gigantic room. Maya touched the walls, the railings, just to make sure it was all real. This was a dream she didn't want to wake up from.

She found a staircase and sat on it, took in a deep breath and then Maya looked up at the Man. He still stood where she left him, only now he was leaning on a handrail, letting Maya take in the Wonderfulness around her.

Then he looked up at the ceiling, hands in his trouser pockets and shrugged an answer to Maya's question. "Mm, couldn't hurt."

"I am sincerely sorry," and Maya was. "But why me?"

The Man walked toward the console looking miffed. He mused to himself out loud again, with amazement in his voice, "Humans? What is the matter with you people?" His hands started to talk as much as his mouth.

"Something incredibly awesome happens and you have to ask questions." The Man stopped moving around the room and stood still. He then started repeating "awesome," saying it a different way each time.

He had a nostalgic look on his face. "I haven't used that word in nearly three hundred and twelve years," he mused and turned his head toward the young girl on his staircase. "I think I'm going to start again."

Maya shook slowly and mouthed, "No."

"Bah," the Man waved his hand at her and began to press more buttons.

Maya stood up and walked towards him. "You still didn't answer me. Why?"

"Didn't your mother ever teach you something about never looking a gift horse in the mouth?" He didn't look up; too busy fiddling with more levers and knobs.

"My mother also told me to never get in a car with a stranger, even if he offers you a bag full of candy." Maya smiled as he looked up. "So why the bag of candy?"

The Man closed his eyes and breathed. He deeply loathed when he had to purposely be serious.

"You know that planet out there?" He pointed at the Tardis door, referring to the one they were on.

Maya nodded, and in a confused monotone answered, "Yeah, I live there."

"Then why else are you in here?"

She stopped. Out there was Pathos, the worst world in the universe. She thought about her answer, "You want to 'save' me from this?"

"You just don't belong here, is all." That wasn't a question.

Maya breathed through her nose, there was an audible sound, the kind you make when you don't want to cry. Adventure, danger, mystery; it was too alluring.

"Because deep inside your bones you've always known that you were an explorer, a thrill seeker. You've always wanted to marvel those Egyptian pyramids you saw in those books as kid. Fantasize about those chocolate cakes and what they would taste like. I think I'll put that on our to-do list. See other humans. Touch them; make sure that is was all real. There is so much potential to the human race, and it is wasted on a dump like Pathos! Honestly how you've put up with it is remarkable. I couldn't, but then again I don't have to, because my box does this." He pulled down on a crank and then the whole floor shook like they'd been hit by a quake. They fell to the ground, the Man laughed in complete delight. Maya looked absolutely terrified yet there was a certain light in her face that she couldn't hide.

To a degree of difficulty, the Man stood. He ran around the column quickly flipping switches, toggling knobs and at one point rang a bell. Then the shaking stopped. Maya looked confused.

"Was that it?" She looked at the Man. "No offense, but that felt like no more than riding one of the broken carts in the mines."

In an odd tone, he said, "Well, fine, if that's what you think than, Pathos is right outside that door, then."

Maya was hesitant to move. "I don't want to go back. Never."

"Too late. You've already insulted my box. More than once, actually."

Maya looked apologetic, then turned to the door. She slowly walked out. Her hand touched the door, but before she opened it, she gave one last look at the Man, but he wasn't where he left her. So she opened the door and left.

But when she took her first step, her foot hit nothing because nothing was there. They weren't on Pathos, they were in space.

Maya couldn't appreciate it because she was holding on for life. When she took her step, she fell out of the Tardis and now was holding the bottom corner of the door.

"Whoa!" A hand grabbed hers. "Didn't think you'd actually step out here." He pulled her back into the Tardis. Maya breathed heavily, as both of the Man's hands covered opposite sides of his chest.

When she regained her breath and her heartbeat had slowed. "So you were full of it when you were kicking me out?"

He muttered, "That phrase again."

Maya stood up dusting off her pants. She extended her hand to help the Man up. "Sorry for doubting your box's ability."

"Oh, I do it four times before breakfast. But I'm the only one, got it?"

Maya raised her hand in a salute, "Oui, mon capitaine."

"Oh, don't salute. I don't like it," he turned to walk away, but quickly turned back to Maya. "How do you know French? You've never been to Earth, you're the only human in this galaxy, have been for quite some time, if I got my dates correct. Usually don't, but lets all pretend."

"Do you always go off on tangents?"

"You're not even speaking an Earth language, you're speaking Plath, lexicon of the oppressed miners of Pathos. So, where did the French come from?"

Maya was genuinely confused, "I don't know. The words just came to me."

The Man looked her over for a second, then walked away. "Ah, well, probably a coincidence, if I investigated every single spacey-wacey event I came across I'd never get of the ground."

"Spacey- wacey?"

"I've found that people don't like when I start using words that, really, lets be honest, only the people who invented them truly understand their meaning."

"But spacey- wacey?" the girl asked again, almost teasingly.

The Man didn't look up but started to talk really fast again. "Well usually I would question whether or not there was some kind of disruption in the Tardis's atomic connection with her translation matrix, micro-binding a chronon field to your DNA." Maya raised eyebrows. Not understanding a word he said, she simply nodded hoping he would stop. He didn't. The Man now had a look on his face, he was on a role. He pulled out a black and gold stick that glowed and made a weird noise, moving it over Maya's body.

"But the polarity flow shouldn't have reversed the hypersonic sound waves by itself. However, the energy in the arcrin circuits could have been manipulated. If I filter it . . . Ow!" Maya had hit the Man's hand away, taking with it, the glowy stick.

"Next time, ask permission before you start x-raying someone's body." Maya stepped over to the column and leaned against. "And next time, I won't say anything if you use spacey-wacey."

The Man smiled. Maya smiled back.

"What's your name?"


"Really? That's pretty, never had a friend called Maya before. Might be interesting."

"What's your name?"

"I'm The Doctor."

"Doctor . . ." her voice trailed.

The Doctor looked up, she couldn't read his look, but it resembled something along the lines of disappointment. "I like better it when they say Doctor Who, and when you saw the inside of my Tardis for the first time you didn't say that it was 'bigger on the inside!' Everyone always says that it's bigger on the inside."

"Well, then, I guess I'm just not like most of the people you've picked up."

"Not, at, all," The Doctor stared at her quizzically.

Maya raised her eyebrows. "Really, then, just the Doctor? Not Doctor Something-Or-Other?"

The Doctor looked at console and hit a button. "Just the Doctor."

"When you were born, your parents actually named you the Doctor?" Maya frowned. "Gees, and I thought my parents were cruel when they decided Pathos was an excellent place to raise a child."

The Doctor slowly lifted a lever, "I like it. What's wrong with it?"

"Talk about having high hopes. Either that or being a bit self-righteous."

The Doctor just stared off. But that lasted for about two nano-seconds. He snapped out of it quickly, and started walking around the column, spinning every once and a while. "Right, now, where should we go?"

"What?" Maya had been staring off into to space. Literally, the Tardis door was still open.

The Doctor turned and saw the door. "Awp!" He ran over to the door and closed it, locking it tight. "There. Don't want space pollen getting in. Nasty stuff. Makes you smell things that aren't there. For three weeks I was trying to find those peanut butter cookies. Turns out it was space pollen"

"Sorry, I was looking at the red dot."

Without looking back at her, he said, "Pathos."

Maya nodded and slowly said, "Yeah."

Not sure which answer he wanted, he asked, "You want to go back?"

Maya wasted no time. "Nope."

The Doctor smiled and laughed, echoing Maya's. "Now, this console can take us anywhere, to any when you can think of. Remember all those dots out there? Well, imagine a thousand more and then multiply that by that little sideways 8 thingy. This little beauty has access to all that and more." He placed his hand on the large hand break. "Pick one."

"Wow." Maya looked at the console, the Tardis door, then the Doctor. "You pick."

The Doctor was taken aback.

"What?" She looked at his face. "No one's ever asked you that before."

"That wasn't a question?"

"Nope," Maya looked at the console again. "I'm assuming you've been traveling for a long time. So you know this universe better than I ever will. This is a time machine. So let's go somewhere, anywhere where there are humans. Real humans. Somewhere where exciting things are happening. Danger. Somewhere you've never been but always wanted to go. Only one rule."

The Doctor looked at Maya almost impatiently.

"Where ever we go, it has to be. . ." Maya trailed her sentence and looked at the Doctor. She gave him an impish smile.

He looked at her, cryptically, not sure what she was playing at. She lowered her head, her eyes still on the Doctor, prompting a knowing smile.

The Doctor's eyes lit up as he got her meaning, "Awesome!"

Maya smiled and laughed excitedly; she and the Doctor turned to the console. He started punching a keyboard, twisting knobs.

"So, where are we going?"

"Oh, somewhere exciting!" He pulled a lever.

"Dangerous?" Maya smiled.

"Extremely," then the Doctor stopped. Hand on that crank he pulled the last time that made the Tardis shake. He looked at his hand, then at her, "You scared?"

"Exceedingly," she looked at his hand, then the Doctor, then nodded.

The Doctor's smile had never been bigger. He laughed, almost evilly as he pulled the crank.


The Tardis shook again; Maya and the Doctor fell to the ground, this time both laughing in sheer excitement.


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