Hey everyone. My sister suggested that I put a preview of the next story in this series up here, (even though I've already started posting the chapters for that story). The sequel is called, Travels with the Doctor: Remember Me?

Maya and The Doctor are on another adventure. This time they're bumbling about in modern day London when mistakes keep them from leaving. But the Doctor has to be careful, since he's spent so much time here:

"Fine. I was . . . less right."

Maya placed two fingers on her neck. Satisfied with whatever she wanted, she then placed the back of her hand on the Doctor's forehead. "What are you doing?" he asked in a deadpan manner.

"Making sure I didn't have a stroke and/or you weren't terminally ill with something." Maya took away her hand and smiled. "What were you 'less right' about?"

"Come on Alice, further down the rabbit hole we go." The Doctor said enthusiastically, ignoring her question, while pressing buttons. He pulled a lever, apparently too hard, because it broke off. Maya's eyes widened in panic.

"Don't worry, it's supposed to do that," he said panicky as he tried to hook it back up. There was a guttural beeping noise coming from the Tardis console.

"I'm guessing it's supposed to do that too?" Maya asked worriedly as she held onto a side railing. The entire room began to shake like an earthquake.

"Only if we wanted to die," the Doctor said in a stressed voice, still trying to get the lever back to where it belonged.

"How comforting," Maya shouted over the rumbling noise coming from below the see-through floor, where the engine continued to growl in fury.

OH NO! How will they get they get out of this one? How will the Doctor save the day? Did the Doctor just admit to being wrong! O.o Tune in to find out. =]