"If we're together, there are things we have to know." Sherlock had at some point risen to his feet and come to stand in the doorway. There's come smeared all over his stomach, but he doesn't seem to mind or care. He came forward and pushed the shower curtain over, stepping into the shower, despite the fact that John was obviously about to protest. "Move."

"And some things you don´t need to know." John replied and sighed moving over and giving Sherlock space to join him in the shower. It felt weird, the shower barely enough for the two of them to move around.

Sherlock, ignoring the look on John's face, gathered him close and pressed their foreheads together. "But you've got questions for me, I'm sure. You just never ask them." He gave him a squeeze. "I'll answer them. I promise."

John closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, the closeness suffocating and reassuring at the same time. "I´ll keep that in mind." He said silently, relaxing against him.

Sherlock pressed his lips to the side of John's neck. "There are things I don't think I want to guess," he said softly. He kissed a soft trail down to John's shoulder. "Ask me something. Something you really want to know."

John tilted his head, giving more space to Sherlock with a soft sigh. He hated it how fast this man made him weak for him. John lifted his hands and trailed them up Sherlock's back, swallowing thickly. "Us. What is this going to do between us? Are we going to wake in the morning and everything will be normal?" He asked quietly.

Sherlock looked a little crestfallen. "Do you...want to forget about it?" He'd do it if John wants him to - the whole act like everything's normal. But nothing's normal for them. Never has been.

John shook his head almost violently. "No, no, god no." How could Sherlock even think he wanted to forget it? So far this has been the best night of his life.

Sherlock kissed him, and it's deep and desperate and shockingly tender. "I don't either," he whispered. "I have no plans to forget this." He swept his hands up John's back, holding on to his shoulders and caressing whatever part he can. "I'd like to be your partner. Your...boyfriend, if you like the term." It sounded childish to him - a little endearing, but John needed to decide.

John looked up at him surprised, a teasing tune entering his voice. "Did I just hear great Sherlock Holmes using the word 'boyfriend?' He chuckled and his smile turned into a soft one. "I´d really like that. I don´t want anyone else, and defiantly anyone else touching you." John murmured pressing another kiss on his lips, coaxing them open and swept tongue in his mouth. A couple - that was what they were now.

Sherlock was full and deep in his kissing, alternating the roles - John took the reins, then he gently gathered them again, curling his tongue against the roof of John's mouth, water dripping from his brows and onto John's face. "You've got more questions," he murmured. "I can taste them."

John ignored how weird it sounded that Sherlock could taste his questions and pulled away panting, lifting his eyes to meet his. "You said I caught your interest because I´m not as dull as everyone else. Is that the only reason you want this?"

Sherlock knew that that's not it. It should be - his old self, his normal self wanted it to be so. But it's not true. "No," he said. "I want it because I need you." He's articulate, but he doesn't like the word coming out of his mouth - they made him sound...weak. "You...are my friend. My only friend, my deepest friend. I love you more than many things...more than Mycroft, more than Mrs Hudson at points...but...it's different. It's a different feeling, like you...complete me. You're my connection to the rest of the world. Does that answer?"

John blinked few times, staring at his eyes that seemed to avoid looking back at him. Sherlock was embarrassed, and he couldn´t help but smile at that. It was thrilling and interesting to see Sherlock at this state. "It answers more than I asked for." He replied softly, a hint of smile still on his lips. "I have you to know that that is how I feel about you. That´s why I got so hurt when I thought it was all an experiment."

"I'm cruel, John. You know that. But I don't try to be, especially not to you. Unless certain situations call for it...For instance..." He caressed John's backside and lifted him up slightly onto his toes, hearing him groan. "Little sore?"

"I´m not going to answer that question." John stated matter of factly, his eyes fixed on the wall before him. He did however nuzzle his face against Sherlock neck with a content sigh.

Sherlock brought his arms around to encircle John, enveloping him like he hasn't before. The intimate contact and John's sigh against his neck brought a delightful shiver to his skin, and he buried his face in John's shoulder. "I love holding you."

John let himself relax completely against him, pressing a small kiss above his pulse point and his eyes close. "I love it when you hold me."

"Don't go to the surgery tomorrow," Sherlock whispered. "I want you to stay here with me."

"I have to work, there´s bills to pay." John sighed.

"One sick day won't hurt you. People skip work all the time. Unless you're me."

John chuckled shaking his head. "I would be needed. What would we do all day here?" Sherlock's kiss was deep, toe-curling and promising. "Whatever you like."

"So I´m in charge now?" John asked with a lifted eyebrow, moaning into the kiss lowly.

"Never said that," Sherlock hummed, pressing his hips against John's so he's backed into the wall. "Suggestions are welcome for a limited time only."

"Oh?" John commented hissing as his back hit the cold wall. "And what is this time limit?"

"Til I get bored of waiting," Sherlock murmured. His hands had traveled to John's nipples, circling with both thumbs. "Guess how long that is?"

John gasped arching in the touch, eyes searching Sherlock's in a daze. "Five minutes?"

"Less." Sherlock dipped and left a sucking, biting kiss on John's collarbone. "Think maybe thirty seconds."

"That´s not nearly enough-" John murmured tilting his head back, letting it hit the wall.

"Twenty five," Sherlock murmured, taking a nipple between his lips. "Time's slipping away, John. Maybe I'll make it forty-five, just for you. Maybe even a whole minute, I know thinking with your cock in my mouth is difficult work."

"You´re making this hard for me." John breathed out clawing on the wall helplessly.

Sherlock had dropped gracefully to his knees, pressing a kiss just above John's half-hard cock. "I can make it harder." He's got his hands on John's hips, pressing them into the wall. "Staying home tomorrow? Or will you leave me here to mope?"

"Why would you mope?" He asked staring down at Sherlock, licking over his lips nervously. "I-I`m trying to think here Sherlock-"

"Because I won't have you in my bed to do with whatever I please," Sherlock whispered. "And if Lestrade calls, I won't have you to drag on an adventure with. I won't get to entertain the idea of another quickie in an alleyway with you. You'll be off treating colds and the flu and come home tired and I'll be so upset that I'll have to fuck you into the mattress so you're too sore to go to work the next day." He grazed the tip of his finger along the underside of John's cock, and it stiffened in front of him.

John let out a helpless whimper, his eyes closing as the images flashed in his mind, making his whole body tremble with want. He hadn´t known he could be so sexually active before this day. "-But human health depends on us doctors." He protested weakly.

"Human sanity also depends on release," Sherlock whispered. His breath was a hot ghost that splashed over John's cock. "Keep it in and your mind begins to deteriorate." His mouth was poised over the head, teasing and taunting, tongue flicking out to taste the tip.

John swallowed staring at the roof panting heavily. "I can´t think of anything.." He mumbled silently, trying to think, he really tried but all the thoughts pretty much fled his head when Sherlock knelt before him.

"Pity," Sherlock sighed. "Guess I'm just going to have to suck you into submission, then." And he dove down, deep-throating at once, down to the root - then pulled back completely, sucking hard on the tip, then let go. "Do you want to play this game?"

John gasped out, his jaw hanging low as he tried to muster words, sound, anything at all, but nothing could be heard. White pleasure washed over his body so suddenly it left him aching and feeling like he´d fall on the floor any minute. "G-Game? What game?"

"The game where I have to tempt you to an inch of your sanity, then suck you down and fuck you in this shower until you can't see straight. Then flip you over and ride you like you rode me. See how the old Captain feels about switching roles." Sherlock stroked his cock and moved to take his balls into his mouth, sucking and licking and pressing a knuckle behind to massage and bring John's hips into a semi-rocking motion. "The game where I wring you dry so you have no hope of at least remembering what you're coming home to if you decide to go in tomorrow."

"It´s my work.." John tried quietly, slamming a fist in his mouth to prevent a moan from escaping. His hips moved in own accord, thrusting in Sherlock's mouth and his eyes squeezed shut at the warm, wet sensation it gave him. His whole body shivered at the thought of reversing roles, the thought of Sherlock riding him back arching and head thrown back making him whimper against his knuckles.

Sherlock sunk a finger to the second knuckle inside him, curling it instantly, licking from root to tip and then swallowing him down again. He's such a tease, and he knew it, adding a second finger and finding John's prostate, instantly beginning to massage it. He moaned around John's cock and gazed up at him, eyes hooded. He'd be smirking if his mouth weren't full.

"Jesus fucking christ!" John all but screamed out, fingers gripping into his hair and holding on tightly, his world making a 360 loop before his eyes. The sparks inside him, the way that Sherlock kept pressing against that over-stimulated spot in him made his knees buckle and he fought the gravity to stay up. Then he made the mistake to look down and meet those dark, hungry eyes and keened.

"What's wrong, John?" Sherlock crooned, licking up the crease of his groin and inner thigh. "Too much for you?" He added a third finger, gripping the base of John's cock to keep him from coming, and flexed all three. He loved it - it's not that he's sadistic, it's that John loved the pain, the pleasure, the thigh-quivering ecstasy that made him see stars. "Wondering what I'd look like on the receiving end?"

"Never too much." John managed to choke out, scrambling for purchase of the showerhead. He thought about sliding on the floor, his legs were trembling almost violently, but that would mean Sherlock would pull out of him and he didn´t want that either. "You´d look beautiful on me, riding me with such urgently." He whispered placing his hand on top of Sherlock's that was wrapped around him and tried to move it away.

"Mmm...how would it feel, John?" Sherlock spread his fingers inside John, splaying the others against his hip, stroking him off in quick, hard jerks. "Would you still wish for me inside you? What would you give to fuck and be fucked at the same time?"

John moaned out loudly, arching his back from the wall and thrusting in Sherlock's hand with gritted teeth. "How did you...think you´d manage to do that?" He asked between heavy pants.

Sherlock hadn't disclosed this, but...he nicked a few things from The Woman. "Few souvenirs. Courtesy of Miss Adler," he said, winking up at John. "Including..." His eyes narrow as he realized John hadn't protested the idea. "Would you like that John? Would you like to fill and be filled at the same time?"

"Irene?" John asked surprised and confused. The woman had been a whacko to put it straight and like they had talked, he didn´t like her. "What on earth did you take from her?" He asked more curious now, avoiding the last question.

Sherlock was smirking now, positively devilish, and he slunk back up, letting his fingers slip out to stroke John against his own hardening cock. "A certain...device." He kissed John very gently, opening his mouth and grinned. "That...may substitute. And aid."

"A device?" John asked weakly against his lips, running his tongue against them. "Do I even want to know…you´ll tell it anyway. What is it?"

"A vibrator." Sherlock said it so matter-of-factly, but he's practically crowing on the inside. "Technically just a very realistic dildo, but...with a few enhancements." A few is a bad word to use. He's used it once himself, and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of riding John, every bouncing thrust driving the dildo deeper inside John's ass...ohhhh, he couldn't think about that right now, he'd come right on the spot.

John licked his lips and thought about the idea. " A vibrator...never used one before." He stated turning his head slightly. He was thrilled and nervous at the same time about the idea of using it, but it couldn´t hurt, right?

"Oh John..." Sherlock's pupils widen, and it's obvious he's remembering his experience. "Come..." He turned off the water and, still holding onto John's cock, leads him, kissing all the way, back to Sherlock's bedroom. He pushed John back on the bed, not even bothering to dry their bodies, kissed him, and went to his dresser, reaching underneath a certain pair of socks, and pulled out the vibrator. It's no bigger than Sherlock is himself, made of silicon and very realistic, but it has a cord that leads to a remote for adjusting speed, pulsing, intensity... "Here. Feel it."

John took the toy hesitantly, twirling it in his hands. He noticed the cord and examined it curiously, leaving it be soon enough and tested the thickness and length with his fingers. It did feel realistic indeed and he found his mouth go dry at the thought of being filled and filling Sherlock at the same time. "It doesn´t look bad."

Sherlock clicked it to life. It's on the lowest setting, but still...the vibration is strong, and with John so sensitive, he knew it'll be something to play with. "Not bad at all." He smiled. "Want to try it?"

John almost dropped the toy when it started to shake in his hands. "I guess I could give it a try." He agreed handing the toy to Sherlock and settling more comfortable on the bed.

Sherlock was gentle as he kissed John, for once not going directly down. He'll have plenty of time to do so later. For now, he turned it on the lowest setting and skimmed it over different sensitive parts of his body, his nipples, his side, his belly, the crease of his inner thigh... "See? Not so bad."

John squirmed on the bed, a surprised laughter escaping his lips. "It tickles!" He released a groan as he skimmed the toy over his nipples and realized that it indeed didn´t feel so bad like this.

Sherlock turned it off, taking a moment to have John watch him wrap his lips around the tip, slide it into his mouth, sucking it as he had John barely minutes ago. He groaned and he does so, looking directly at the doctor - he could see the arousal, see the twitch of his cock below him. He slicked the toy with his saliva as best he can, came to press against John's hole, still slick with spit and lube and Sherlock's come. "Ready?"

Johns eyes had probably turned three shades darker, watching Sherlock play with the toy and making his body tingle with antipaction. He breathed deeply and nodded his head, wriggling on his place. "Yes, do it Sherlock."

Sherlock slipped it inside in one stroke - it's no different from his own cock, which John has gotten used to in barely a few hours. He thrusted it gently, angling up - John shuddered, and he grinned. "Good...now..." He turned it on to the lowest setting and twisted it about inside John, so he felt every single vibration along every single inch.

"Oh fuck-" John breathed out twisting on the bed, breathing out shuddering as the toy were vibrating in him. It felt weird, almost alien and still so good at the same time. Different but spreading pleasure in him.

"Too much?" Sherlock murmured, but even as he did so, he pressed upward, touching what he knows is John's prostate and teasingly rubbing back and forth. "You still want me?"

"Didn´t I say that it´s never too much?" John asked with a lopsided grin, gasping and arching from the bed when the toy was angled in him.

Sherlock straddled him, remote in hand, and he grinned down at John, cranking it up to the next level, grabbing John's hand and sucking his fingers into his mouth. "Then you get to prepare me," he whispered.

John let out a whimper of surprise as the vibrating in him increased, moaning lowly at the way Sherlock was sucking on his fingers. "Yeah, yeah I´ll do that."

Sherlock was playful now that he knows John's getting used to it. He leaned forward and guided John's spit-slicked fingers between his legs. "Then do it," he whispered. "And if you don't do it right..." He grinded down on John's hips, pressing the vibrator almost too hard against the gland inside with his weight. "Well...you know what I'm capable of."

"You can do it wrong?" John asked breaking off in a moan at the sudden added pressure in him, licking over his lips. He was thinking about the possibilities to be wrong or right, as he circled around the hole, loosening the muscles before pushing a finger in him.

"You know me," Sherlock whispered, sighing as he felt John begin to explore. "I'm the one who's always right. Now...if it's not how I like it, it's wrong. So..." He sat up, impaling himself on John's finger. "Hope you don't just see, but observe, this time." That first finger was lovely, and he moaned a bit. "See? Like that."

John nodded wordlessly, swallowing as he pulled his finger back out and pushed it back in hard, giving it a twist on the end and gauged Sherlock's reactions observing.

"Hnng...yes. Like that. More. More fingers." Sherlock played with the dial on the remote, gazing at John from under hooded eyelids, his cock drooling on John's belly. "Find it...find my good spot..."

John grinned at the babbling Sherlock made, pushing another finger next to the other as hard as the first one, twisting them around and thanks to his medical experience, pressed right against Sherlock's prostate hard.

Sherlock threw his head back with a whimpering cry, momentarily cranking the vibrator all the way up to full and rocked against John's hips, driving it deeper and firmer into him. "Yes...yes, John, yes! Oh...more fingers, I need more." He eased the vibrator down to almost nothing, a tease for John who's just had a taste of the real thing.

John pretty much flew up from the bed as Sherlock turned it on full speed and let out a strangled cry, momentary forgetting to move his fingers. He was sure stars were exploding before his eyes before Sherlock eased it down again and he was left panting and aching for more as he added the third finger, scissoring and pumping them in him steadily.

Sherlock trembled on top of him, feeling his fingers spreading and stretching him, and suddenly, he doesn't need anymore, he needs John, he needs John's cock inside him, he hasn't been taken in years. "That's enough, that's enough!" he said hurriedly, swiping John's hand away and gripping his cock to line John up. "Touch me, I haven't done this in a while." He started to sink down, his thumb poised on the dial of the remote, ready to spike or stop the intensity at any moment.

Johns eyes flew open as Sherlock started to slowly lower himself on him, the feeling of tight muscles giving way for his cock almost too much and he bit his cheek hard enough to draw blood. His hands found their way on Sherlock's cock and obiedly thumbed the head, sliding back down and up the length, forming a tight ring of his fingers and used it to stroke him.

Not too hard, don't want me to come yet." Sherlock spiked the intensity for a heartbeat as a warning, then lowered it as his weight settles in the cradle of John's hips. John's knees were bent, his warm thighs supporting him from behind, and he rocked forward once bending down and kiss him, causing the little slide to press John's cock a little more forward. It's a less painful angle, and he sighs in relief. "Mmm...good. Better." He dialed up the toy a bit, propping himself on John's chest with his hands. "Ready?"

John took in a steady breath to prevent himself coming right there and then. The tight heat around him didn´t help much, or the toy in him which was turned up again; John noticed with a low moan and shaky nod. "Move, god move Sherlock."

Sherlock did so, tipping back and moaned like he never has before - it's a mid-pitched, keening sound that came from somewhere deep, deep inside. "Oh John...you're...so much bigger than I thought..." He quivered as he lifted himself up, coming down with almost cruel force, hard and short and harsh. But it's a delicious way to ride, and he continued, knowing that each rocking drop of his hips pressed the dildo right against John's prostate, and he wished at the same time that he'd brought a cockring, just to play with. "Well John," he panted, his voice unsteady, "how does it feel? To fuck and be fucked? What does it feel like?"

John chuckled darkly, moving his hips up to thrust in Sherlock every time he dropped back down. "I´ll..take that as a compliment.." He gritted out, writhing slightly on the bed as the dildo started to press against his sweet spot every time Sherlock dropped on his cock, making him throw his head back in pleasure and small string of saliva fall from the corner of his mouth. "It´s...so good...so so good..." John had never felt so full in his life.

Sherlock grinded harder. "Does it, John? Does it really?" He cranked up the intensity again, it's halfway there, but combined with his movement, he could only imagine what John's feeling, oversensitized and fucking and being fucked all at once. He moved his hands to thumb John's nipples, the remote laying across his thigh. He's a cruel bastard, that's for sure. And it wouldn't work with anyone but John.

"Y-yes!" John practically shouted out as Sherlock increased the speed again, making him tremble and sparks fly before his eyes. He was so sensitive, so completely fucked up and he still yearned for more. He wanted to see Sherlock lose it completely. Ignoring the toy in him the best he could, he started to pound up in him on his earnest, grabbing his hand and with a look at Sherlock, slid two of his fingers in his mouth. Johns eyes slid close again as he moaned around the fingers, sucking on them and rhythmically pumping them in and out of his mouth.

Sherlock was a sucker for finger sucking. He's astonished that John'd figured it out, either that or it's just a lucky guess, but he's being more aggressive now, and it's causing the upward thrusts in him to spike adrenaline laced endorphin levels to the point that they may fry his brain. John has never looked so...delicious. That's the only way he could describe it, and it's hands down one of the hottest things he's seen in his life. "Oh...oh God, John!" John was fucking him so well, and he's blown away by the fact that he could move like that with a seven inch vibrating dildo buried inside him. "Hnn...hnn, almost there! God, yes, harder, please!" He flipped the switch to full speed and rode John like it's the last orgasm he'll ever have in his life.

John had a moment of triumphant feeling, enjoying the way Sherlock started to break in pieces above him. That was before the toy in him was hit on the full speed, making him shout out and bite on the fingers, his back arching high from the bed and legs trembling. On top of that (literally) Sherlock was moving faster and harder, making John push in him and brush past his prostate again. He tried to concerate on sucking the fingers pleased by the fact he found a weak spot of Sherlock's.

"John," Sherlock huffed, and his eyes were so blazingly intense, it was almost frightening. "I'm going to make you come now." He snapped his hips forward at an almost frightening angle, and it sunk John's hips so hard on the dildo, it had to be overstimulation. He snatched back his own spit-slicked and bitten fingers and started stroking his cock, making sure John watched as the head drooled pre-come, his lips reddened with kissing and biting, and then he's clenching on John, about to come, but no, he has to be next, he has to make John come -first-...

"O-oh god-" John panted his eyes fixed on Sherlock's hand and the head of his cock that peeked under his hand every now and then. He gritted his teeth hard together, hard enough to hurt as the release sneaked at him so fast and sudden it made him shout out, his heels digging into the mattress as he came deep inside Sherlock, the stimulating inside him just making it so much more intense and powerful that a tear slipped down his chin. Too fast, too hard, too strong. It was too much and John was on the edge of blacking out as he gasped for breath his heart hammering in his chest.

Sherlock threw his head back and let out a moaning cry as John exploded inside him, the sound dwindling to a dying whimper as he came, clenching around a still bucking John, and there's pain and pleasure and sweat and the hot, quivering skin on his thighs cradling John's waist, and John's practically crying in climax, and Sherlock ground down and watched his own come splatter all over John's chest, feeling the vibration through John's pelvic bone. "Mercy?" he whispered. "Y-you...want me to beg..?" John asked breathlessly, panting and staring at the roof with lust blown eyes, trembling on the bed of the overstimulation.

Sherlock grabbed him by the hair and hissed directly in his ear with piercing ferocity, "Yes. Beg for it."

John gasped snapping his eyes wide open and met Sherlock's eyes dead on. The soldier in him took control quickly as he shook his head firmly. "Never. Gonna. Happen."

Sherlock dropped his weight with sudden coldness and by god, he could feel the vibrations through skin and bone and sinew and through John's cock in his ass. It's directly on that spot, and he's so oversensitized, he knew John wouldn't last. "I'll make you come again. I'll make you come again in thirty seconds, John Watson, unless you beg for it."

John licked over his lips and stood his ground. There´d be no way to do that in 30 seconds, right? Besides, this was sort of a powerplay right now. He shook his head again with a smirk. "No. Why would I beg?"

"Because I get to fuck you however I want." Sherlock pulled off of John, flipping him over and positively fucked him with the toy, angling it so harshly that in a normal state he'd start to doubt the thought of this being a good idea. "Twenty eight, twenty seven, twenty six..." He continued in his head. "Don't make me break my record, John, I've done it before."

"Not..giving up-" John panted gritting his teeth together, his fists clenching on the sheets as his back arched with a high moan. It was on edge of pleasure and pain and it just added on the sensations driving his body and mind insane.

Sherlock wished for a moment he had more control of his body, wished he could will himself hard again - he pulled the vibrator out, replacing it with three fingers, teasing with four. "Don't make me see how many fingers you can take, John."

John felt a shiver rock through his body and he fell against his hands on the bed gasping. "A..a challenge?"

"Everything will be a challenge with me, John. Every time I take you to bed, expect a challenge." Sherlock drove his fingers to John's prostate and pressed hard. "Fifteen. Fourteen. Thirteen..."

John opened his mouth, but managed to get out only a weak whimper. He hit his forehead against the sheets, fighting for breath as his whole body felt like burning up, trembling, shaking and every nerve in his body singing.

"Touch yourself," Sherlock whispered against the curve of John's ass, now kissing the spot where his fingers kept thrusting. "Now I'm begging you, John Watson. I need to see you come again. Need to see how good I can fuck you." He curled his fingers and dragged them back and forth inside him. "Ten."

"Christ-" John was sure his world spun before his eyes as he slid his hand down his own body and grabbed his already leaking cock, teasing the tip and throwing his head back with a cry.

"Six...oh John, you're so beautiful, are you coming? God, I can feel it, can feel you coming..." Sherlock bit a beautiful cheek, nails raking down John's back, thrusting forward one last time. "Come John, just one more time..."

"Can't...I can't-" John gasped desperately, it was all so intense and he had lost count how many times he had come already. Five? Six? And still Sherlock could make him hard in less than a minute, make him on the edge of coming in five.

Sherlock pulled his fingers out and dove down with tongue, licking in and out and devouring John for all he's worth. He could do it, he knew he could, he's got one more in him, even if it means he'll blackout, he doesn't care, he needs it, he -needs- it...

John cried out breathlessly, it was barely audible as his body seized up once again as release washed over him hard enough to knock himself off his feet..if he would have been standing. Gasping for breath, gripping the sheets with white knuckles and feeling like his body would never work again, feeling like he could never ever grow even aroused he fell limp on the bed and darkness took over him.

Sherlock came surprised after John, without even having laid a finger on himself, so enthralled by the fact that John, dear, dear John is so good at following orders...oh god. Oh god, yes, he's whimpering and his legs doesn't work, and he's sure he'd be reduced to a pile of barely recognizable goo had he been a normal person. He struggled, but managed to haul himself up on the bed to a slightly sobbing John, instantly pulling him close. "John, oh John...yes. That was so beautiful. You're so beautiful John. I love you so." He grinned to himself, knowing just how sore John would be tomorrow. "Did I...convince you to play hooky?"

John snuggled his face immediately against Sherlock's chest. His whole body was still trembling violently but he managed to pull up a grin. "No. I still have to work Sherlock. We have bills to pay."

Sherlock let out a groan. "You have got to be kidding me." He looked down at John and eyed him with a half-exasperated, half-mischievous expression. "Guess I'll just have to punish you tomorrow."

"Oh god." John exclaimed with a sigh, his eyes dropping close. "I´m too tired to think. I feel like I could sleep for weeks without waking up. He turned on the bed and set his alarm clock, groaning as he flopped back next to Sherlock. "I have to be up in five hours. How on earth am I supposed to have enough energy to work?"

The detective snickered, spooning up behind John and held him close. "Beats me. Could stay home." He nipped John's ear, settling in. "At least I'll be up for a lay in in the morning."

John snorted with a smile on his face. "I bet you are. But i need to go, but I´ll be back home at the usual time. Or maybe earlier since I don´t need to flirt with anyone..right?" He finished with a smirk.

Sherlock growled playfully. "That'd better be the case." He smirked, kissed John a last time, and settled in for sleep.

John hummed smiling to himself and nuzzled deeper in the pillow. A lot had happened in just one day and he could hardly wait for the days to come. With the thoughts like that John drifted in a peacefull dream.

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