Hey everyone, I'm back with a new story. FINALLY. Lost interest in my other story. It was rushed and I didn't really think it through. I'm hoping i do a better job with this story this time around.

This is a female Naruto fic in which she gains powers just like Poison Ivy. She does not have Mokuton. She does not manipulate two types of chakra to create her abilities. Things will be explained when they come up.

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"Demonic talking"

The Leaf That Never Wilts.

Chapter 1 "The Green"

Many years after the last great shinobi war, Konoha was enjoying a time of peace. All through the bustling town were children running up and down the streets playing games with each other. In the business district of town, the shop owners enjoyed a steady flow of customers foreign and domestic. Most of Konoha were carefree in the recent years due to the leadership of their Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Sandaime fought for peace in his long years and survived many wars from the past to do so. To him, the safety and well-being of his villagers was the most important thing in the world. Even more important then his own well-being.

Currently the Hokage was standing outside his office on a balcony overlooking the village from a distance. He could see his village enjoying the happiest/safest period in its history. Even so, he still couldn't help think it wasn't enough. And for one certain villager it wasn't.

Naruko Uzumaki was a 6 year old orphan. She didn't have many friends, except for the people at Ichirakus. Ayame was like a big sister to her and her best friend. The hokage on occasion would stop buy and say hello to her and take her out for lunch, which made her very happy. Not having friends her own age made her life very lonely. Most of her time was spent in nearby forests talking to the plant life and tending to flower beds. She had tried to make friends before, but any time she would get close to kids her age at a park, some grown-up would scowl at her and tell her to stay away from their children. Any young child would be hurt by this, so eventually she gave up trying to make friends. Deciding it was better to be alone then to be on the receiving end of all the hateful glares she knew to well.

One day a year was always worse then the others. Ironically, a day or celebration for the village was the one day her life was truly in danger. Her birthday, Oct. 10. While the village was remembering the sacrifice of their 4th Hokage, with a day long celebration bathed in lights and festivities, Naruko was trying to avoid drunk villagers and ninja who for some reason unknown to her, were more irritable then any other day.

To anyone who didn't know Naruko, when they first saw her they would see a sweet looking young girl with long crimson-red hair reaching down to her lower back. The beautiful color of her hair was always complimented by a different flower everyday, whether is be yellow white or purple, it always looked like it belonged there. Her skin, when not covered in dirt, was porcelain white. Her face had what looked like three whiskers on ether side of her face. To a stranger, they looked like cute birthmarks, but to a lot of the village, they were a constant reminder of a painful past. A past that Naruko had nothing to do with, but the villagers made sure to change that.

As the sun had set Naruko knew it wouldn't be safe for her to be alone in the village during the celebration, so she retreated to a place that was like a second home for her. A small flower bed no bigger then 20ft by 20ft. The flowers seemed to glow as the moon shown down on them. This place made Naruko feel safe. Listening to the distant hums of the nearby village Naruko thought she made it through the day unscathed, and drifted to sleep leaning against a nearby tree. If only that were the case.

Three particularly drunk males made there way into the forest nearby the village.

"Come on guys, I know the demon witch made her way into the forest, this way!"

The 3 ninja jumped into the darkness of the forest with grins on there faces and ill intent in their hearts.

The leader of the three jumped off a tree branch into the very area Naruko was sleeping in.

"What did I tell you guys? The brat doesn't even know what shes in for." The leader motioned for his two friends to grab Naruko and hold her down.

Naruko was suddenly jolted awake by a painful feeling coming from her head. One of the ninja grabbed a handful of her hair and slammed her small body into the ground and laughed when Naruko let out a cry of pain.

One of the ninja spoke "You think that hurt scum? You don't know what pain is! Because of you us 3 lost what family we had 6 years ago!" The 2 ninja grabbed onto Naruko and held her on the ground.

"Please, I didn't do anything to anyone!" Naruko pleaded, tears freely falling from her face now.

The leader took a step forward, his face shinning brightly in the moonlight. "Tell that to my dead wife and son you slaughter on this night 6 years ago!"

While Naruko struggled to get free the lead ninja opened up a pouch on his thigh and pulled out a syringe. "Ironic that the flowers you love so much are going to be your doom. This syringe is filled with every poison known to Konoha made from plant extract. Over 15 types of poisons all mixed together in one."

The ninja took a step towards Naruko when she started to scream at the top of her lungs. SMACK* Naruko suddenly went silent as one of the ninjas holding her down slapped her across the face with the back of his had that wore a metal plate on his gloves.

Blood started to drip from her mouth when the ninja who hit her spoke. "Not another sound from you bitch, cant have you drawing attention to us!"

The pain Naruko felt was nothing compared to the sadness in her heart. Why was she hated by the village for something she has no recollection of? Naruko closed her eyes tight and gave into her fate.

The ninja with the syringe now bent down in front of her and grabbed a handful of her hair so she was looking directly at him now. "Don't die to fast, we wouldn't want your death to be over to quickly." And with those last word he injected the full syringe into her neck.

Within minutes Naruko started to convulse violently and uncontrollably. The 3 ninja saw this as a sign that the poison had her now and she had no chance to survive so they jumped away back towards the village to celebrate the destruction of the demon at last.

After a few minutes that seemed like forever for Naruko, she stopped shaking and passed out from the injection...

Naruko was laying in what seemed like an endless field of flowers. She heard a voice in her head that caused her to wake up. "Open your eyes child" The angelic voice spoke.

Naruko had no idea where she was or how she got there, but the motherly voice was comforting so she obeyed, believing she was dead and in heaven now.

"Yes child, open your eyes, you have nothing to fear. You are safe now." the voice spoke coming from no where in particular.

Naruko sat up and noticed she was not where she remembered. Her clothes had even changed into a yellow sun dress that made her smile. "Where am I? Am I dead now?" Naruko asked.

"You are not dead young one, you are still very much alive. As to where you are, this place is called the Green." The voice spoke, casing Naruko eyes to go widen in surprise.

"The green? Whats that, and why am I here?" asked Naruko in confusion.

"The green is the source of all botanical life. Every plant, flower and tree is connected with the green. As are you now."

Naruko had no idea what was going on, she thought she must be dreaming. "Why am I here? I was sure those ninja killed me for sure with that poison the put in me."

"That is correct child, that concoction would have surely killed any normal person, but you are not just a normal mortal. You are so much more. The villagers despise you, so you seek comfort in the flowers that were meant to end your life. Even with the evil and malice of the demon you contain, you heart is so pure that your love of the green caused the poison in your system to do the opposite of its intention. The poison made from life connected with the green brought you here. Something made from the green cannot kill someone like you who is pure of spirit and heart. You now have a direct connection with the green and thus, everything that is connected with it. Every single plant life now has a connection to you. You will now be able to use the power of the green, but also you are expected to protect the green. You will feel its cries of love and pain. That is what it means to be one with the green."

Naruko couldn't believe what she was hearing. The demon she contained? This explained why people hated her, but her love of botanical life saved her. She was now apart of some mystical force that she didn't understand but knew it was what she wanted. Not knowing what to say or how to act she asked, "Is there anything else I need to know?"

The green replied. "You will now have the ability to control the green as you are one with it. You will develop skills in the future. Whenever you need to feel your connection with the green simply put your hands to the ground and concentrate on this place, you will know what to do from there. But now child, you must wake up, you are not out of danger yet and I sense a presence nearing you. The power of the green is with you child, use it wisely and protect is with all your heart."

Naruko held her hands to her chest and nodded. Soon the world she was in drifted away and she was back in Konoha.

Meanwhile, as Naruko was still laying unconscious on the ground, one of the ninja from earlier had made his way back to her. Almost an hour after the incident, the ninja was thoroughly intoxicated from his celebration with his friends.

"Ahh there's the brat... you don't look so good, hahah" The ninja laughed looking down at Naruko's body.

She had on a simple purple dress that was now covered in dirt and flower petals from her convulsion. Her usually pretty red hair was knotted and covered in leaves. The ninja was standing over top of her now.

"Well u don't look so good but I'm going to make you feel great!" the ninja bent down and grabbed a handful of untouched flowers and placed them on her chest. Unknown to him Naruko's eye twitched from feeling the life of the green dying near to her.

The ninja bent down on one knee and lifted Naruko's dress up showing her panties. "There we go, now all we need to do is get these out of the way and we can begin!" The drunk ninja grinned manically. He pulled off Naruko's panties tossing them next to her and his grin grew even wider.

Naruko had no idea of what was happening, but could feel that someone was touching her. "What is happening? What was it that the green said to me? I am still in danger?"

At the same time Naruko was trying to remember what was going on, the ninja was undoing his pants and getting ready to violate a girl who he didn't know was even dead or alive. When his body touched hers Naruko's eyes shot open and she screamed "NOOOOO!"

Instantly Naruko pushed her hands forward as if to push the man off of her when roots and vines shot out from her body and impaled her attacker. She looked at what had unfolded in front of her and was in shock of what she saw. Starring at the lifeless mans eyes in front of her she was jolted from her dazed state when blood dripped onto her cheek. Naruko swiftly crawled away from the man and sat against a nearby tree and hugged her knees to her chest and started to sob.

At the same time in the Hokage's office.

"report" spoke the Hokage in a commanding tone.

"Sir we cant find Naruko anywhere. She disappeared as soon as nightfall hit." spoke an ANBU with a cat mask.

The Hokage grunted in anger. "Find her now! You know how dangerous this day is for her."

The cat ANBU bowed and spoke " yes sir" then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

30 minutes later with Naruko.

Naruko was still sitting against a tree in the same position not moving starring into nothing, The cat ANBU jumped down from a tree after spotting the scene. Cat saw the man with his pants down laying face down. A few feet away from him she saw a pair of panties that could only belong to Naruko. Looking at Naruko motionless on the tree it wasn't hard to figure out what happened. Cat was barely able to hold in her anger and she shook. It was then that a ANBU wearing a dog mask appeared.

"Oh no" spoke the dog ANBU after analyzing the scene.

"Go get the Hokage now and a medic to check on Naruko!" cat said, her words not hiding her anger.

Dog jumped away, and Cat bent down try and console Naruko. "Its ok Naruko no one is going to hurt you anymore."

As Cat tried to put a hand on Narukos shoulder she was shocked as a root shot out from Narukos chest to stop her approach.

"mokuton..." said a surprised Cat.

Minutes later the Hokage arrived with dog ANBU and a medic nin.

"Whats wrong Cat?" asked the Hokage.

"See for yourself sir" spoke Cat

The Hokage was furious at the scene he had to take in. No child should be subjected to this kind of treatment. He blamed himself for not doing enough to keep her safe. He knelt down to comfort her.

"Naruko dear, you're ok now no one is going to hurt you again." spoke the Hokage as he reached out to touch Narukos hand. Another root shot out from Narukos body to stop his hand from touching her.

The Hokage took a step back and spoke, "How is this possible, how can she possess the mokuton." he said in a statement more then a question.

"None of us have been able to get near her sir, she doesn't even look like she knows what shes doing." said cat.

"Hmmm" thought the Hokage. "Go get Ayame from Ichiraku's, I think shes the only one who can get through to Naruko now." With that said Dog jumped off to get Ayame.

Returning a few minutes later with Ayame, Dog spoke before they arrived at the scene. "What you are about to see is a secret matter and you will not like what you see. Be prepared." Ayame was confused and didn't know what was going on. "Whats this about Dog-san?"

Dog led her to the scene where Naruko was sitting. Ayame couldn't hold back her tears as her little sister sat in the ground complete disconnected from the world.

The Hokage was first to explain the situation. "I don't think we need to tell you what happened here and we are all as upset about this as you, but we can not get close to Naruko to check if shes ok, can you try? You are the closest thing she has to family."

Ayame couldn't believe what she heard, "You think you are just as upset about this as me! You were supposed to protect her from this kind of thing! Don't you dare act as if you care for her as much as I do, if you did this would NOT have happened!"

Ayame approached Naruko as the Hokage and the ANBU bowed their heads in shame, and reached her hand out to touch her face. No roots defended her this time. Ayames hand cupped Narukos cheek and she spoke, "Naru-chan, are you ok? Its your sissy Ayame."

Naruko blinked for the first time in over and hour as she heard the comforting voice of her big sister. Naruko looked her sister in the eyes and immediately flung herself into a hug and started to cry hard.

"Its ok naru-chan, sissys here, you are safe now." comfortable Ayame.

Narukos entire world changed this night. No longer will she be a defenseless young girl. Using the power of the green she will never be afraid again.

Sorry for the short chapter but its more like an into. Would love feedback on what you think. There will be a pairing, most likely with another female due to Narukos experience at a young age, but not certain yet.