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Down the street, right around the corner of Karakura Medical Clinic, is a rundown orphanage called Cookie's Home for the Parentless. It's a tall building, covered in lush green ivy, and it owns a large yard. Several tall, fruit-bearing, trees stand in the left hand corner of the lot. A nice stone walkway leads up to the front door.
But if you look closer, you'll see the cracks in the sidewalk, the dead vegetation in the flower beds, the holes in windows. The roof sags down, but not enough to need repair.
Madame Cookie owns the place, as the sign on the gate implies. She has eighty-three orphans; seventy-two boys, and eleven girls.
Six of these children have mental or physical disabilities; Autism, paralyzation.
Three of the remaining seventy-seven kids are disobedient, and have problems which could disappear through therapy. One kid is obedient, with a slight attitude, and is an outsider. One in eighty-three; she is the least liked in the orphanage; even Madame Cookie doesn't like the girl.
Her name is Sanura.
Madame Cookie had owned the orphanage for two weeks when Sanura showed up on her doorstep wrapped in an expensive silk kimono. Cookie had taken her in, and she became the first orphan. There was no card with the bundle, no jewelry or anything to tell where the baby had come from. Cookie was a plump woman, with olive skin and grey eyes. She had moved from Egypt to Japan and had started up the orphanage three years after moving. Cookie's real name was Emu; an Egyptian name for cat. She named the baby Sanura, an Egyptian word for kitten.
As the years went by Sanura grew, and the population of Madame Cookie's increased. Sanura was a quick girl, and Madame Cookie had her pickpocket the citizens of Karakura Town. She spent the money on herself and for meager food supplies for the children. Sanura was nothing but a pawn, and almost every day she would get beaten up; by Cookie or a gang of the seventy-two boys. Often, at night, she would climb from her attic room and scale the trees. From there she would jump onto the stone wall, and onto the house next to that. She would jumps several houses over, until she stopped on top of the Kurosaki Medical Clinic. She would climb down through the only open window, there was always one, and exit through the front door. She would run through the town, and then climb onto the school roof, where she would find the blanket she had borrowed from the Kurosaki's, and bread and cheese she had stolen from the store.
Sanura would lay there until the moon was high in the sky, make a wish, and return home; returning the borrowed blanket on the way back.

"Sanura!" screeched Cookie. "I need more money!" Sanura slumped against the wall. "Sanura!"
Yes, Madame." she called. "I'll go right away!" Sanura made a face. She padded across the yard to the door, and grabbed her coat. Jogging down the crack pathway, Sanura fled through the gate and made her way to a busy part of town.
She passed through the crowd, weaving in and out. Her hand flashed out every so often to grab a handful of money, or grab a watch. When she came to the end of the street, it had started to rain. She pulled the coat around her tighter, and bent her head against the rain. She made two more passes up and down the street before she was completely drenched. Seeing an open awning, and a store front set into a wall, she ducked under it for cover. The high school students passed this way, and if you were careful, you could earn a lot of cash from them. She watched the clock on the wall inside the store for the time, and waited.
Finally, the stampede came. She didn't ever take any from the son of the medical clinic, but his friends were free game. She waited for them.
Surprised, she found he had added six to his group. She kept her head bent against the rain, and splashed through puddles. Her fingers found the red haired boy's jacket pocket and several one hundred yen coins. The white-haired boy had candy; she took one piece of that. Her fingers found the tall, dark boy's pocket. She froze; his fingers had found her wrist, and his deep eyes had found her face.
"Chad?" the Medical Clinic boy stopped, turning to find his friend. "Hey, who's that?" the group moved closer. Sanura wiggled her hand, which had started to lose blood circulation.
"Pickpocket." Chad answered, pulling Sanura up so she hung in midair.
"Put me down." she hissed, raking at his face with her free hand. He grabbed that one too. She struggled against him, before admitting defeat and going limp. Chad set her down, but kept a hand on both of her wrists.
"Should we give her to the police?" the bald one asked.
"Naw. Let her go, Chad. I think my dad has a picture of her somewhere. She's one of the kids from the orphanage around the corner." The orange hair boy explained.
"Dr. Isshin Kurosaki treats the younger kids and attacks the older kids in the morning." she grumbled. "Cookie doesn't like it."
"Cookie?" Chad asked.
"Hai, she owns the stupid thing." Sanura shut her mouth.
"Oh." they nodded.
"Will you let me go now?" She shifted from foot to foot. Chad released her hands. "Thanks. Can I go?"
"Did you take anything from the rest of us?" The red haired teen leaned forward. Sanura put on a mask of innocence.
"No. He caught me before I could." she rocked on the balls of her feet.
"You can leave then." The white haired boy waved a hand. She smiled, and began to walk past the orange haired kid. Her foot caught on a crack in the sidewalk, and she tumbled to the ground. She stretched her arms out and brace for impact. The Medical Clinic boy made to grab for her, but his fingers only brushed her arm.
Sanura screamed, long and pain-filled. Her entire body burned like it had been set on fire.
"Ichigo! What did you do?" through the haze of fog someone yelled.
"I just barely touched her arm!" she could see him.
"Take her to Urahara!" The one with feathers on his face panicked.
Sanura felt herself being lifted, before passing out.