I know I should be doing my other stories but I just couldn't help it so yeah... 'The Impossible Astronaut' Begins! With... my own character Sapphire! you get the idea!

Disclaimer : I don't own Doctor who (though I would love to if your offering) but Sapphire is my own creation.

Warning! :- Don't read if you haven't see all of season 6 yet. (although I'm sure everyone has)

Part One The Impossible Astronaut.

Hello my name is Sapphire Smith. Sometimes my friends call me Saph or if I'm mador angry and possibly about to punch someone... My friends call me Fire. I am 17 years old, I NOW live in Utah. We moved because... well my parents call it a phase, it lasted a year.

I was totally Obsessed with Doctor Who. The TV show, you know what I mean, right? In 2005 when the 9th Doctor was travelling with Rose they went underground in a Alien Museum. Now that was In Utah, and In my 'Phase' I begged to move to Utah to see if it were real. I know crazy Right? So I'm originally from Scotland, Just if you wanted to know. Can I just say, After the Impossible Astronaut my 'Phase' came back... sort of.

The diner they were in, I found it. Or rather a place like it... I go quite often now. The 'Phase' lasted only a month that time though. So here's my interesting story, about what happened one of the times I went.

So, Here I was enjoying some Dr Pepper and Chips, and some guy thinks it's alright to drop some envelope right in front of me and knock over the Dr Pepper all over the Chips! I was even about to get up and punch the guy but when I got up he was gone. So I ran to the door, grabbing the envelope on the way. Thinking he must have went outside, and I slammed straight into someone and fell on my back.

"Sorry. Did you see where that guy went?" I mumbled trying to get up. I slipped somehow and fell again.

"What guy? Here let me help you up." A voice that seemed familiar had said. There was a hand in my way now. So I took it getting helped up. I didn't even look at the person I turned round fast. Muttering a quick "Thanks" and then a "Crap he's gone." And then my eyes turned to the four people in front of me and I froze, my mouth starting to hang open. I shook myself thinking I was dreaming or something and blinked a few times. They didn't fade.

"What happened? What guy?" the woman who looked a lot like River Song said.

"Hello? You alright?" The Man who just so happened to look like the Doctor said, waving his hand in my face. I blinked a few times.

"Fine." I muttered, Before I frowned down at the envelope. TARDIS blue... My eyes went wide as I ripped it open quickly. Envelope 1.5? What? I saw River looking at the envelope confusedly for a few seconds she seemed to get it after a few moments. My envelope however didn't have date's, times, or map references like Amy, Rory and River's. Mine just said And now your journey begins! Yes I'm real, this is actually happening to you! This is not a dream! From the Doctor. My eyes widened more and I looked up at who I guess was a real life version of the Doctor. He smiled at me and winked but no one saw.

And guess what, That's when I fainted. For the first time in my life I really fainted. It was alright though, when I woke up I had more Chips and Dr Pepper.

"Oh, Jim the Fish! How is he?" River said happily completely waking me.

"Still building his dam." The Doctor replied, noticing I was now awake. "Ah, Sapphire your awake!" He said laughing. Amy and Rory sat with us so I was now wedged in between the Doctor and Amy.

"Wait..."I muttered. "I never said my name."

"Oh, I already know." The Doctor and River said at the same time.

"Right, Oh yeah... This is... Ok can I wake up now?" I mumbled clearly not making sense to Amy and Rory. Where River laughed. The Doctor just smiled, and Pinched me. "OW!" I yelped. "Don't do that!" I shouted hitting his arm. Everyone laughed more.

"So introductions?" Rory asked.

"Um, well I'm Sapphire Smith. Hello Ponds!" I smiled, they were definitely confused.

"How? How do you know us?" Amy asked, sipping her drink.

"Ah, Well Smithy here knows everything."The Doctor said.

"Well, I wouldn't say everything... Anyway, act as though I've known you for ages. Ok?" I said laughing. This has got to be a dream! I thought. "Wait, Smithy?" I frowned.

"Er, Yeah." The Doctor said, "Think of it as a Nickname." He told me.

"Um, Ok. So, Doctor why we all here anyway?" Amy asked. There was a short pause and I felt like creeping him out by asking the question. But I tried not to.

"I've been Running. Faster than I've ever run. I've been running my whole life, and now it's time for me to stop. So tonight I'm going to need you all with me." The Doctor announced. But everyone could tell I wasn't really that interested. I knew why and I knew he escaped, So they were the only interested ones.

"Whats the plan?"Rory asked.

"A picnic, then somewhere brand new."I muttered the same time the Doctor said it. Amy and Rory had confused glances at each other. Before the Doctor continued. "Space. 1969."

"So, When are we going to 1969?" Rory asked, as we were all sitting on the blanket.

"Forget that. Since when do you drink wine?" Amy asked.

"Oh, he doesn't like it." I said, Amy looked at me then the Doctor.

"I'm 1103, Must have drunk it sometime!" He snapped.

"Yeah and you didn't like it."I muttered as he drank some and spat it out again.

"Oh, wine's horrid! I thought it would taste more like the Gums."The Doctor said, I rolled my eyes at this.

"1103 you were 908 the last time we saw you." Amy said.

"And you put on a couple of pounds, but I wasn't going to mention it!" The Doctor snapped back, I was still trying to get it round my head that this was all real.

"Who's that?" Amy muttered.

"Who's who?" I said, Knowing. She turned to me.

"Sorry what?" She asked.

"Never mind." I huffed.

"Ah, Look the Moon. 'Course you lot did a lot more than look. Big, Silvery thing in the sky, couldn't resist it." The Doctor said. I frowned, Here it comes. I hoped I could act out as if he really was dead. "Quite right." He finished. I started staring into the cloth we were sitting on. What was I going to do? How did this happen? I wanted answers!

"The Moon landing was in '69. Is that where we're going?" Rory said excitedly.

"Sort of." I mumbled.

"Oh, A lot more happens is '69 than anyone remembers. Human Beings... I thought I'd never get done saving you." The Doctor said with the sad voice. I looked up at him. It was time. The older version of Canton in the pick up truck pulled up nearby. The Doctor stood and waved, I did as well concidering I already sort of knew him.

"Who's he?" I heard Amy say.

I turned to see the space suit. I felt myself swallow, time can be rewritten Echoed in my head. What if he really died? Rory and River stood as River muttered an "Oh, my god." Now Amy stands and we all face the Astronaut I quickly look at the Doctor who gave me a look, Which yeah, I didn't understand. At my confused look he whispered to me.

"Don't do anything stupid when this happens." I gave him a annoyed look. "You all need to stay back. Whatever happens now you do not interfere." He told the Ponds. Yes Ponds which includes River. "Clear?" He continued. I just nodded and looked at the Ponds, They were really confused. The Doctor walked off and they looked at me almost begging for answers. I just looked back to the Doctor. I knew everything that they would say, well... as much as one would remember from a TV show... That they were obsessed with...

"That's an astronaut. That's an Apollo astronaut in the lake. Look." Rory said, we were all quite close together but at this distance we couldn't hear the Doctor. I looked at the Ponds again, Amy had to be held by both Rory and River if my memory was right. Meaning I could run for the Doctor easily. No, I can't do that! I mentally screamed. I found myself freezing up as the Doctor lowered his head and the astronaut lifted her arm. My eyes widened, this was it.

"What's he doing?" Amy muttered. Almost as if that was the signal the astronaut fired. I was still frozen to the spot. "Doctor!" Amy yelled being held back by River and Rory like I guessed.

"Amy! Stay back, The Doctor said stay back!" River shouted as the astronaut fired again.

"No!" Amy yelled managing to break free for a few steps before getting held back again.

"Amy you have to stay back!" River said again.

"No! Doctor!" Amy Screamed out almost crying now.

The Doctor on hands and knees began to glow. He looked at us all and muttered something which I knew was "I'm sorry." before the regeneration began and the astronaut fired again. This time it was River to yell out for the Doctor. Somehow I couldn't bring myself to move. Before I knew it Canton came up beside me with the gasoline.

"Hey Canton." I managed. He looked at me.

"Hello, Sapphire." He replied we heard River shooting at the astronaut.

"We should go over there." I said, Canton nodded. By the time we got there Amy was full out crying.

"Maybe he's a clone or duplicate or something?" Amy cried out. I felt like saying 'Well of course he is.' and telling them but I couldn't, and it was making me feel bad.

"Maybe I can save you some time. That most certainly is the Doctor." Canton began. "And he most certainly is dead." I felt like yelling 'Not!' At that point. "He said you would need this." Canton said sitting the gasoline down.

"Gasoline?" Rory Questioned.

"Yeah, Gasoline." I said crouching to Amy's level. "It'll be Ok, You'll see." She mearly glared at me through tears.

"Yeah? What would you know?" She muttered. "You turn up we don't know you. Me and Rory we don't ok? And suddenly the Doctor is dead. The same time you show up." I stood up again to hear River finishing off what she said. Amy wasn't blaming me was she?

"... We can't leave him here. Or anywhere."

"Wake up! Go on wake up! You stupid bloody idiot!" Amy was crying with the Doctor's head in her hands. "What do we do, Rory?" Amy said now at the Doctor's chest.

"We do what the Doctor's friends always do." Me and River said in Unison. She rolled her eyes at me. "As we're told." She finished, Picking up the gasoline. I looked behind Rory at the boat.

"Almost as if it was planned out." I said hiding the fact I knew It practically was.

"If we're going to do this... Lets do it properly." Rory said.

I watched the Doctor's burning fake body. Amy and Rory came over to me as River went to Canton.

"Who are you?" Amy asked. I just smiled and turned towards River and Canton.

"Dr. Song... Amy, Rory... Sapphire." He named us. After showing River his envelope. "I'm Canton Everett Delaware the Third. I wont be seeing you again. But... you'll be seeing me." He picked up his gas can and turned towards his car.

"Wait!" I said suddenly. He turned confused. I gave him a quick hug. "Thanks for your help back then." I said to him. I heard him once he had turned muttering something about how I was confusing him all the time and I laughed a little turning back to River, Amy and Rory who were all looking at me. River turned to her parents who don't know yet.

"Four." She said.

"Sorry, What?" Rory asked.

"The Doctor numbered the envelopes." River explained.

"You two got three, I got two, Sapphire one point five and Mr. Delaware got four." River said as we entered the Diner again.

"So?" Rory asked.

"Where's One?" She asked. Rory confusedly pointed to me.

"No, I'm only half of one really." I told the Roman man, who now realized his little error.

"You think he invited someone else?" Rory asked. I nodded smiling looking at where the Doctor was sitting and I seen the envelope.

"Well, he must have. He planned all of this to the last detail." River said.

"Will you shut up? It doesn't matter." Amy muttered, she was now pale. Very pale.

"He was up to something." River said looking at Amy.

"He's dead." Amy said in a spooky sad voice.

"Space 1969, what did he mean?" River asked me, I think she knew I knew. I tapped the side of my nose and she rolled her eyes at me.

"You're still talking, but it doesn't matter." Amy complained frowning.

"Hey, it mattered to him." Rory said.

"So it matters to us."River agreed.

"He's dead." Amy said again.

"Sure he is." I muttered.

"But he still needs us. I know. Amy...I know. But right now we have to focus." River said as Rory spotted the envelope. He tapped River's and My shoulders, pointing at it.

"Look." Rory started.

"I know." I smiled. Rory jumps to the Bartender.

"Excuse me who was sitting over there?" He asked.

"Jus' some guy." Was the answer. I realized this was how the Doctor knew me and that he would be meeting me for the first time his perspective. I bet he wont faint like I did. I thought annoyed at myself. River went over and picked up the envelope.

"The Doctor knew he was going to his death. So he sent out messages. When you know it's the end, who do you call?" River asked.

"Your friends people you trust." Rory guessed.

"Number one. Who did the Doctor trust most?" River asked holding up the envelope, I could tell she was basically gutted she wasn't number one. The Doctor himself came through the door with a straw in his mouth, I couldn't help it I let out a small laugh. He takes the straw out and points at the Ponds smiling.

"This is cold. Even by your standards this is cold." River said.

"Or 'hello' as people used to say." I say at the same time as him. He looks at me. "Do I know you? Have we met?"

"No, Never." I reply almost truthfully I wasn't going to say yeah five minutes ago when you died.

"But..." Amy started before I clamped my hand on her mouth stopping her telling him I did know him. The Doctor gave me a strange look. "Doctor?" She managed after licking my hand making me withdraw it wiping it on her.

"Just popped out to get my special straw. It adds more fizz." The Doctor said happily, Unlike the saddened type we seen not to long ago.

"Your ok? How can you be ok?" Amy said going round him.

"Of course I'm Ok, I'm always Ok."The Doctor said hugging her. "I'm the King of Ok. Oh, that's a rubbish title, forget that title." He babbled letting go of her she gave me a look and whispered to me.

"How did you know? You said everything will be Ok. I'm sorry I didn't believe you now." she watched the Doctor amazed.

"Rory the Roman! Thats a good title! Hello Rory." The Doctor said giving Rory a hug as well. He turned to River, I was grinning I knew what was coming. "And Dr. River Song... Oh, You bad, bad girl, What trouble have you got for me this time?" He asked. Smack! Just as I thought he got a great whopping slap across the face.

"Ok," He said basically fixing his jaw. I leaned over and High fived River who smiled at me shaking her head. "I'm assuming that's for something I haven't done yet?" he asked now looking between Me and River.

"Yes, It is." Me and River said in Unison. River turned to me. "Will you stop stealing my lines?"

"Hm, Nah!" I laughed. "You'll just have to not say anything." I smirked. She shook her head.

"And who exactly are you?" The Doctor asked me. He turned to River. "Friend of yours?" He asked. For once she didn't say spoilers she smiled a little as if she thought of a joke.

"No, Sweetie. A friend of Yours." She told him, I laughed.

"But, I don't..." The Doctor trailed off making me laugh more.

"No, You haven't met me!" I laughed. "I'm Sapphire. Sapphire Smith." I Shook his hand.

"Ok, Um... Moving on." Rory said confused. "How can you be here?" He said prodding the Doctor in the Chest.

"I was invited." The Doctor said snatching his envelope back and opening it. "Date, Time, Map reference. Same as you lot I assume, Otherwise it's a hell of a coincidence." Ponds all nodded I shook my head and actually thought about giving him mine but I wasn't sure if it classed under 'Spoilers.' Then I re read it and realized he had signed the bottom and I saw the Doctor about to try and read it so I quickly moved it away. He raised his eyebrows. Well its not as if I was hiding something really personal... just nothing he could see.

"River, Sapphire. What's going on?" Amy asked.

"Amy, ask him what age he is." I said, Surprisingly River let just me say it. I looked over at her and she smiled. This time I rolled my eyes.

"Bit personal." The Doctor said.

"Fine I'll tell her." I smirked.

"What do you mean?" The Doctor asked.

"Oh, I know everything about you." I smiled.

"Everything?" The Doctor questioned.

"Well, Most things..." I frowned.

"I'm 909." The Doctor said staring at me.

"Yeah but you said-" Amy started. I gave her a look while River said about Jim the Fish.

"So, Where does that leave us then? Jim the Fish? Have we done Jim the Fish yet?"

"Who's Jim the Fish?" The Doctor laughed looking at River. I laughed not knowing either.

"I don't understand."Amy managed.

"Yeah, you do." Rory corrected.

"I don't, What are we all doing here?" The Doctor exclaimed. River and I looked at each other unsure.

"We've been recruited. Something to do with space 1969." River started. The Doctor started to pace up the Diner.

"And a man called Canton Everett Delaware the Third." I continued.

"Recruited by who?" The Doctor asked.

"Someone who trust's you more than anyone else in the universe." River said.

"Who's that?" The Doctor asked turning back to us. Me and River grinned at each other.


The Doctor seemed to be annoyed at that and walked back to us again. "You still never really explained." He said looking at me. "Who exactly are you? How would you, know a lot about me?" I turned to River.

"Should I tell him?" I asked. She grinned at me.

"It's up to you, It's really funny if he keeps asking though." River smirked. The Doctor got a little annoyed.

"No, no no. You tell me now." The Doctor asked. I smirked and an idea popped in my head.

"Maybe later, Theta." I grinned seeing his gob-smacked, shocked face. I then ran for the TARDIS which I thought would most likely be locked, but it wasn't so I ran in and sat on one of the seats laughing. The Ponds, Amy and Rory came in but River and The Doctor hadn't yet.

"What did you just call him?" Amy asked.

"His name when he was younger. At the Academy on Gallifrey." I replied getting up facing them. They looked Amazed and shocked.

"Are you from his planet or something?" Rory asked. I shook my head smiling.

"Then how do you know that about him?" Amy asked. "Even we don't know and we know him at least I thought we knew him really well." I looked at her folding my arms.

"Really well, that's like asking me how I know you made Rory dress up as him when you were little. Of course that was after the Doctor had crashed in your garden, went through various foods, before settling on fish fingers and custard. Which by the way is really quite good." I said shocking them more. "Yeah where I come from, this is all a Television programme. Your played by Arthur Darvil and Karen Gillan. So I know everything that's going to happen and some of the things you will say." I said just before the Doctor walked in still shocked. He walked straight up to me.

"How do you know that?" He asked almost in a whisper. I answered honestly and truthfully.

"From Wikipedia." I said before bursting out laughing and the Ponds (Now including River) laughed too now they knew what I was on about.

"Why are you two laughing!" The Doctor said shocked at Amy and Rory.

"She told us!" Amy laughed. The Doctor mumbled for a minute before turning to the console.

"Back to Business!" He announced. I could see the colour drain from Amy again as she clearly thought about it. "1969, that's an easy one. Funny how some years are easy. Now, 1482, full of glitches. Now then, Canton Everett Delaware III, that was his name, yeah?" The Doctor flicked switches going round the console. Amy left and I knew it was her still confused I wasn't sure weather to go down or stay with the Doctor.

"Yep, good old Canton." I smirk.

"And how many of them could there be? Well, Three. I suppose." The Doctor said eyeing River as she followed Amy. He went over to Rory. "Rory, is everybody cross at me for some reason."

"I'll find out." He replied. The Doctor went to the scanner looked back towards Rory before turning back to the scanner again.

"Look, everything's fine." I said. "Trust me." I almost laughed.

"Yeah, trust you. I don't know how but you know more about me than anyone has for a long, long time. What do you mean Wikipedia?" The Doctor said fast. I rolled my eyes.

"Look this has internet yeah?" I asked he nodded. "Get me to google I gotta check something." He hesitated but did so and I typed in BBC, so that I could search on the BBC and show him rather than just type in Doctor who.

I found the BBC easily but when I typed Doctor Who nothing came up. I went back to Google and typed in Doctor Who and there weren't many results there was stuff about getting a Doctor for special needs or something. Clive's Website with the 9th Doctor was there. This whole time the Doctor was watching me. I frowned at the Computer screen. I couldn't have crossed Universe's could I? I had started backing away and never seen the stairs till I nearly fell up them. The Doctor grabbed my hand pulling me up then put a hand on my back to lift me more gently the rest of the way upright.

"You ok?" He asked now looking a little concerned.

"No." I muttered not really sure what else I could say. "I mean, No definitely not ok. Hang on." I said turning going down to River, and the Ponds. I hear River Finishing her sentence.

"... Would anyone?" She Questioned. Thats when the Doctor Popped his head over the edge.

"I'm being Extremely clever up here, and there's no one to stand around looking impressed. What's the point in having you all?" He said.

"River." I said before she said about slapping him. They all turned, I think they could tell I was worried. "I searched on the internet. I'm not dreaming. This isn't some fixed thing cause you cant take away a Television programme just like that. So, I crossed Universe's yeah?" I asked she smiled at me a little and nodded. "Do I exist here?" I popped out. She looked at me shrugging her shoulders and gave me a one armed hug. "Ok, well carry on. Before I interrupted." I said trying to stop thinking about what happened.

"River, we can't just let him die. We have to stop it! How can you two be ok with this?" Amy asked.

"The Doctor's death doesn't frighten me, nor does my own. There's a far worse day coming for me." River said. I looked at her remembering the Library.

"Oh, my god!Um, Sorry River." I said my hand covered my mouth. She just smiled at me sadly. We all headed back up to the Doctor.

"Time isn't a straight line, it's all bumpy-wumpy. There's loads of boring stuff, like Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. But now and then there are Saturdays, big temporal tipping points when anything's possible. The TARDIS can't resist them, she loves a party, so I give her 1969 and NASA, cos that's space in the '60s, and Canton Everett Delaware III, and this is where she's pointing." The Doctor Told us as he flicked on the scanner.

"Washington DC, April 8th 1969. So why haven't we landed?" Amy said reading off the monitor. Oh crap I thought. This is where the Doctor got all 'The Oncoming Storm' on us.

"Because that's not where we're going." The Doctor told us turning to face us. I felt like saying oh yes it is. But that was a bit pantomime sounding.

"Oh, where are we going?" Rory asked.

"Home, well you two are off you pop and make babies." I couldn't help but I gave River a knowing look. "Dr. Song back in your cell and, Uh, Sapphire... I really don't know where your from yet do I?" He asked.

"No, and you can't take me home anyway. It's not possible." I said looking down, I can't go home. Parallel worlds are sealed off. I will never see my family again.

"Not possible?" The Doctor questioned.

"Yeah. Not possible." I repeated, he took this as the only answer he was going to get I guess because he continued to speak again.

"Well then, you could come with me. I'm late for a biplane lesson in 1911 or it could be knitting. Knitting or biplane, one or the other." He said flopping onto a chair.

"Hmm, or we could go to 1969 like we need to." I smirked he looked up annoyed.

"What? A mysterious summons you think I'm just going to go?" He said. Yes, I thought. "Who sent those messages? I know you know, I can see it in your face's. Don't play games with me don't ever, ever think you are capable of that." The Doctor stood his angry face on.

"Your going to have to trust us this time." Both me and River said. He raised eyebrows at us before he turned to River first.

"Trust you? Sure, But first of all, Dr. Song, just one thing. Who are you?" The Doctor started.

"She can't tell you and you know it." I accidentally snapped out. He turned to me almost shocked.

"And of course you would know?" He said. "You both want me to trust you and do this and you don't tell me anything." I shook my head.

"No, technically from River's point of view she already told you who she was. It's not like she can just tell you and destroy everything that happened. Thats like if every time you met she asked what happened the day you first met her." He seemed to look at me like I was impossible. "And you know you can't tell her just like she can't tell you. There are some things even I cant say." I said.

"She can't answer me... So, will you at least tell me the things I can know?" He asked. I thought for a moment what if he didn't believe me? But I just nodded.

"Really? Well, how do you know all the things you do which is impossible for you to know?" The Doctor asked. Everyone in the room was watching.

"Off the TV and Internet." I said truthfully. He shook his head obviously not believing me.

"And how would that be possible?" He almost joked.

"Because, like I said impossible for me to go home. I think somehow I have crossed parallel worlds, because where I come from there is a Television Show called Doctor Who following you and your travels basically, since Ian, Barbara and Susan until now... Theta, I found out on the internet." I smiled folding my arms when I seen his shocked face. "I almost completely understand what your talking about all the time." I said. He was doing a good impression of a gold fish by now. "So do you trust me enough to go to Canton in 1969?" I asked, He just mearly nodded and walked to the other side of the console. "Oh, and uh... Fish fingers and custard is Good!" I smiled The Doctor laughed before we all went back to going to 1969.

"Wow." Amy muttered at me. "Who's Ian, Barbara and Susan?" I just smiled and tapped the side of my nose.

"Sorry, that one is up to the Doctor to tell." I told her.

"So, Canton Everett Delaware the Third! Who's he?" The Doctor asked loudly.

I blanked out for a while thinking about how all this was possible when all I was doing was sitting in a Diner. The next thing I heard was the Tardis screeching out a sound.

"Did you touch something?" The Doctor asked River. I smiled this was a funny part of the episode.

"No, Just... Watching." River replied with a straight face. I walked over to where I thought was the next leaver to be pressed after the Doctor mucked up.

"Putting the outer shell on invisible. Haven't done this for a while, big drain on the power." The Doctor said as he pulled leavers. The lights went really bright and I flipped the leaver back to its original position.

"Very nearly." River smirked at Amy and Rory, Who were probably about to laugh.

"Uh, Did you touch something?" The Doctor asked. Oblivious to what we were doing.

"No, Just admiring you skills sweetie." River said innocently.

"Good! You might learn something. OK." The Doctor said as he banged on the scanner. "Now, I can't check the scanner, it doesn't work when we're cloaked. Um, Just give us a mo." He then ran to the door with us following close by. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you lot, wait a moment. We're in the middle of the most powerful city in the most powerful country on Earth. Let's take it slow." He said popping out the door. I went to them anyway.

"Hey he said to wait here for a bit because of where we are." Rory said stopping me at the door.

"Yeah, Did you happen to notice that America is where I live now?" I said before opening the door. "Oh and uh, Stick the scanner on right now River." I said stepping out only just hearing her reply.

"He does this every time!"

I walked straight to the Doctor who now had the note pad and pen out. The Child recording of who I knew was young Melody Pond (Yes, River.)

"Jefferson, Adams Hamilton." The Voice recording said.

"Jefferson listen to me..." The Recording of Nixon said just as 'the Child' hung up. The Doctor just noticed me and motioned for me to go back to the TARDIS. I shook my head trying not to laugh at him.

"Surely this is something the Bureau could handle, sir?" Canton said, Which made me turn back to them the Doctor shook his head and listened in writing again.

"These calls happen wherever I am. How do I know the Bureau isn't involved? I can't trust any..." Nixon said turning noticing me and the Doctor. The Doctor did something silly and actually motioned for then to continue before actually noticing that he was probably going to be arrested.

"Sorry," I said before The Doctor could say anything. "We were uh..." I stopped what could I say?

"Just looking for the Oblong room." The Doctor said backing up where I just stood still. Nixon pressed a button on his Desk and some Guards came running in. "We'll just uh... Go then?" The Doctor continued hopelessly.

One of them and one only grabbed me and was trying to get my hands behind my back but I was pulling them forwards where the Doctor was now on the floor held by Canton and others.

"No, stop that!" The Doctor cried out obviously annoyed.

"River make the TARDIS blue again!" I yelled, hopefully she had the scanner on like I said for her to do. The TARDIS appeared before our very eyes. The guards stopped trying to get us and the Doctor and I smiled in relief. We weren't getting arrested anymore!

"What the hell is that?" Nixon said.

I stood behind the Doctor as he was sitting, his feet up on the desk and he flipped through a book of sorts.

"Mr president!" The Doctor said in some strange fake accent. The security guards pointed guns at him. "That child just told you everything you need to know, but you weren't listening. Never mind, the answers yes. We'll take the case! Fella's the gun's really? We just walked into the highest security office in the United States, parked a big blue box on the rug. You think you can just shoot us?"

"They're Americans!" River shouted coming out the TARDIS, the 'Fella's' as the Doctor put it all waved back and fourth between us not sure who to point they're guns at. The Doctor jumped up with his hands up.

"Technically so am I!" I snapped at River. "I did move here." I wasn't that bothered by the guns.

"Don't shoot, definitely no shooting!" He said trying to get them to stop.

"Don't shoot us either. Very much not in need of getting shot. Look, we've got our hands up." Rory said his hands up too. I sighed, this was just like in 'The God Complex' when he said 'It's Ok we're nice!'

"Who the hell are you?" President Nixon asked clearly amazed.

"Sir, you need to stay back." Canton said not really sure about us yet.

"But who, who are they? And what is that thing?" Nixon asked. I spoke before the Doctor.

"It's a police box can't you read?" I smirked.

"We're your new undercover agents on lone from Scotland Yard, Codename: The Doctor. These are my top operatives..." The Doctor started turning to me but I cut him off.

"I'm Fire." I smiled. The Doctor rolled his eyes and turned to Amy, Rory and River.

"The Legs, the Nose and Mrs Robinson." The Doctor finished.

"I hate you!" River muttered.

"No you don't." The Doctor smiled. (He got his own back for the slap.)

"Who are you?" Nixon asked annoyed.

"Boring Question, who's phoning you, that's interesting. 'Cause Canton Three is right, that was definitely a girl's voice. Which means..." The Doctor started.

"There's only one place in America she can be phoning from." I cut in. Hey I was saying what I remember! Not my fault they were mostly River and The Doctor's lines. The Doctor gave me a look clearly saying 'stop stealing my lines' but I just smiled arms crossed.

"Where?" Canton asked looking at me and the Doctor still trying to make his mind up about us.

"Do not engage with the intruders, Mr Delaware!" An agent, Mr Peterson if I remembered correctly.

"You heard everything we heard, it's simple enough. Give us five minutes, we'll explain." The Doctor said sitting back down again. "On the other hand, lay a finger on me, or my friends, and you'll never, ever know." He smirked. Canton looked amazed.

"How'd you get that in here? I mean, you two didn't carry it in." Canton asked.

"Clever eh?" Both me and The Doctor said.

"Love it." Canton smiled a little.

"Do not compliment the intruders, Mr Delaware!" Peterson argued.

"Shut up Peterson!" I said confusing everyone how I knew his name.

"Five minutes?" Canton wondered.

"Five." I agreed. The Doctor only nodding.

"Mr President, Those two are clear and present dangers." Peterson said his gun waving from me to the Doctor.

"Mr President, those two walked in here with a big blue box and three of their friends and that's the man he walked past. One of them's worth listening to. What say we give them five minutes, see if they deliver." Canton reasoned.

"Sir, I cannot recommend..." Peterson started.

"I said shut up Peterson." I whispered to myself as i jumped to sit on the table my back to them.

"Shut up Mr. Peterson! All right." Nixon ordered.

"Five minutes." Canton said holding his hand out. The Doctor spun his chair round and started fiddling with things as he spoke to them.

"I'm going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilise, street level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, Twelve jammy dodgers and a fez!" He grinned.

"Your not getting a fez." I said to him.

"Get him his maps." Canton ordered.

"Why Florida?" Canton asked as the maps were spread everywhere, almost everyone was looking at one. The Doctor took a huge one and went to the presidents desk and popped it down. Amy and River stood looking over one and Rory at the other end of the room, I just stood in the middle knowing what was going to happen anyway.

"That's where NASA is. She mentioned a space man. NASA's where the space men live. Also... there's another lead I'm following." The Doctor replied, I looked over at Amy and River just hearing their conversation.

"Spaceman? Kinda like the one we saw at the lake." Amy said. River looked over at me knowing I knew before replying to Amy.

"Maybe, Probably." Amy stood somewhat disappointed and looked through the door at what I knew was a Silent.

"I remember." Amy said blinking before Rory stood in her view I quickly turned just seeing it disappear at the side of the door. I frowned turning to Amy as she said she was feeling sick, I still remembered...

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