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I'm Back In The Future!

It was weird to begin with, working with Torchwood, coming up on the 2005 area i kept thinking the Doctor would show soon. Then I remembered I had to do the same as what i did when i was MUCH younger. Though the day came, apparently, Jack did say October 15th 2008? Right? I sighed as I was bored sitting around all day. I gave up on letting Jack message me. He was supposed to message when the Doctor had took me in the TARDIS and Jack had walked in on us well, kissing. Maybe it wasn't October 15th? I growled to myself before running out and taking the spare car we bought. Yeah, i drive a car now, cars are so not cool in comparison to the TARDIS. By the time i got there it was getting late. My hands went to fists, see that stupid man! Jack! I'm going to kill him again for all this trouble! Probably told me the wrong date or something. Maybe he's thinking of a planned date i arrive in my past. We have planned a time once. I stomped my feet as i stood on the one stone slab that is actually a lift, a Perception filtered one at that. I huffed quite loud, i seem to have acted a little like a three year old there. My eyes widened a second at all the people.

Ah, maybe not the wrong day. What was the first thing i had said?! Oh god what was it!

"Oh, Shit. I'm early. That's it." I whispered the last part. I frowned and folded my arms spinning on the slab a little. "Jack! Whats the date?" I yelled over at him, his eyes bugged out too until he checked the date and realized. Everyone sort of looked between the two of me.

"Um, 2008 after Journeys end, It's October the 15th." Jack answered. "Why? What are you doing here?" I rolled my eyes, typical.

"Oh she's about to disappear." I began trying to remember what I had said, so foggy now, memories. even the show was getting foggy. I promised myself never to forget the TV show I grew up with. RIGHT! This is where I slap him. Good. "Vortex manipulator problems again. Unfortunately, no one comes and I just lived from 1867 up until now! I'm 160 years old now!" I said fast as I caught up to him, i stared a moment and realized I could see the difference in his age, ever so slightly compared to the other. Its the eyes I think. I blinked as a group began to circle us three. So I slapped him.

"Uh, Sorry?" The Doctor tried, not sure what he was doing. I'll tell you what, missing out the past twenty years of birthdays and Christmas not visiting me. "You haven't even left yet!" The Doctor said with wide eyes. Yeah.

"Yet." I said through my teeth slightly. Right! Watch! "You have two minutes." I stated remembering and turning to my other self who looked so lost and confused. I tilted my head. Do I really look like that? I still remember my first incarnation, I suppose. Just a bit.

"Ok, so I end up in the past, and just live out a life? Just waiting for this date to come along, and then I come back?" My younger self asked trying to make sense of all this. I nodded felling a mixture of happy and sad for her. The past load of years, oh how terribly annoying. Younger Doctors, Future Doctor stop's at some point.

"Yep, sorry. You'll be 160 when your me. I counted." I answered her. What else was it. Ah yes! "At least I survived and didn't regenerate, again."

"True." I smirked slightly at my younger self and tilted my head again, had i... grown in height a little? Nah. The past version of the Manipulator flashed. "Can't I have just took it off and none of this would have happened?"My past self asked grinning slightly at that.

"You have to stick to the established chain of events, or you might cause a.." The Doctor began.

"Paradox?" My past self and I both finished for him, at the same time. Then we laughed, I suppose it was like when we had the Ganger.

"Well, yeah." The Doctor muttered, fiddling with the back of his hair a little looking nervous or something like it. My past self lifted her arm up to look at the manipulator.

"Well, see you in over a hundred years I guess." She said to The Doctor, They all looked at the past me just as she had zapped off to 1867. The Doctor grabbed my wrist ready to go heading in the direction of the TARDIS to begin with I had just about let him.

"Right, suppose we should be off then, places to go and a baby Pond to save!" He grinned waving at everyone, but if he gets in, and we leave... the past me. My eyes widened.

"No!" I shouted, everyone paused as I had yanked my hand out his grip, as he spun to me I managed to slap him again. "We can't just leave, you need to go sure, but not with me, your getting in that box and visiting my past self. Birthdays and Christmas's" I snapped, He blinked in confusion.

"So when you say alone..?" He muttered confused.

"I mean alone with frequent visits from you, yes!" I laughed, he can be so stupid. His eyes lit up realizing what I meant. He hugged me quickly before hopping towards the TARDIS. I watched as he got in and just before he actually left he popped his head back out.

"See you soon! Time machine remember! Two seconds!" He cheered before the blue box vanished. The Doctor with it. I sighed only just realizing how much I missed that box. I felt arms go round my shoulders and grinned knowing who it was.

"He will be back." Jack muttered and I laughed.

"Of course he will, but not in two minutes never mind two seconds. He's terrible with time and i know him more than basically anyone at the moment. so I just have to wait... again." I sighed huffing the last word out of annoyance. But just as i turned to leave the sound of the TARDIS began again. Jack laughed grinning at me.

"Knew he wouldn't be late." I frowned as Martha had spoke up as even with the bunch of people, wait. Where did River go? Martha came up beside me too and the two of them grinned giving me a small shove towards the box that was beginning to appear. I smiled a little shaking my head as I took a few more steps towards the box. Once she fully landed I could feel the usual connection to the Doctor that I normally do. Weird thing was, it wasn't letting me in. I paused as he always lets me in so we can communicate. Always.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked eyeing the box, I frowned about to tell him when the door creaked open. Everyone's attention shifted. There was whispering and The Doctor stepping out backwards closing the door. He was dressed the same as usual except that coat. Its the one like what he wears in that, Town called Mercy Episode. He had a bright red fez on. Everyone including me was giving him odd looks, this... didn't happen, he hasn't had a fez on screen with that outfit. Maybe he has a hat room on the TARDIS? Who was he stopping come out? I'd come out anyway so I'm not with him. So Amy and Rory or Clara, Doubtful its Clara, he's totally different then, unless I change things, unless he did that outfit purely cause he's meeting me. UGH! Time travel! He turned to me though and grinned ignoring the others so far.

"Right! Yes! Hello, probably wondering whats going on, future stuff, sorry. Oh! I get to say Spoilers to you this time! Haha!" The Doctor laughed pointing at me and placed the Fez on my head. "No time to explain really should be off." I heard the TARDIS door creak open and besides my better side I peeked over his shoulder. Clara? No, no no no! This cant be right! What the hell's going on. He had been rambling again, but noticed I wasn't watching as I was busy watching Clara look round and wave at Jack. Who waved back... What the hell?! "Clara!" The Doctor well, yelped.

"How are along are you! You shouldn't be here! Judging on how you have Clara with you. Definitely shouldn't seeing you!" I huffed, how come he can go on about braking rule of time yet go round breaking those rules.

"Clara?" He frowned and his eyes widened before he spun. "Clara!" He yelped seeing the very woman who now blinked at him in surprise. "I told you! No!" He cried and she shrugged.

"Then Fire said that she remembers me coming out anyway and told me to get out." She sighed rolling her eyes. I frowned. I told her that. He jumped forwards holding his hand over her mouth.

"Spoilers!" He snapped at her gesturing to me. Clara noticed me for what seems the first time.

"Who's she? Do you just go round time and space picking up all the women?" She joked, at least I hope she joked.

"That's Fire." I heard him mutter an attempt at whispering to her.

"Oh." Clara had wide eyes looking me over. "Well, certainly looks nothing like her." She smirked another joke?

"Not whispering." I said fake hiding it with a cough.

"Right, yeah, you warned me of whispering before." The Doctor seemed to daydream before rubbing at his forehead and looking at the time. "Oh no! now we have to go! Really, really do!" He snapped shoving Clara to the box and closing it behind her. He ran back over to me hands going round my face and he grinned. "Annnd I'm sorry." He mumbled. "Future thing." He muttered, right before he pulled my head forwards and kissed me, right then and there in front of all of Torchwood and Jenny and Martha and Mickey! Oh god. I was too shocked to do anything. Just let him Kiss me as I blinked in shock. It was over as quick as it started though and I swallowed and blinked trying to undo the shock. Twenty odd years and suddenly a kiss from his future. In front of everyone. I licked my dry lips and was ready to say something only to have the TARDIS door shut in front of me and then fade from existence.

"Ohh! You and the Doctor, didn't know that." Martha smirked nudging me awake again as I seemed to have zoned out for a bit after the TARDIS vanished. Again.

"I did!" Jack grinned and I was about to slap him if he spoke a word. Which he did he's Jack. "Caught them kissing in the TARDIS earlier, so they've been at it a while now. He had her against the Console and all!" He seemed very excited and all and my slap turned into a blush and finger pointing at him.

"Pleahhhauhh... JACK!" Came out my mouth, even I didn't know what the first part was supposed to be.

"She's blushing cause its true ain't she?" Mickey put in and they all laughed making me blush more. Let me tell you something. I never blush! But, before I could whack one of them, what do you know! TARDIS materializing. I rubbed my face frustrated, annoyed and trying to hide the blush. The Doctor getting out made me realize the other left his fez on me. Oh god.

"What now?" I snapped before thinking on which Doctor it was.

"Well I was thinking, since we can travel now, looking for Melody?" He suggested, his eyes lit up on the fez. He reached for the fez so I smacked his arm away and he pouted.

"My fez." I told him going in the TARDIS. No need for goodbye Torchwood. I heard him copy me in a funny tone of voice waving at the others and turning into the TARDIS walking into me. Weird thing, I always wanted a fez. Huh. I smirked at him though as we seemed to be chest to chest after him walking into me.

"I'm driving!" We both came out with at the same time, the second he wormed his way in my head as usual. I don't hate that he does it. I'm happy with it. Just can be a little annoying sometimes. We both ran at the console. Two of us trying different dates, Him doing round about 1990's and me trying to see near future by going round about mid 2030's so of course we ended up 2012-11ish! Uh, I wasn't sure. Some random shopping center.

"Uh, where and when?" I asked and he laughed.

"Lets find out." He grinned and I darted into a shop. He had to follow me of course. I picked up a random newspaper. "Sunday 28th August." He muttered reading aloud before looking round. I frowned at the top of the Newspaper I'd picked. Wasn't that when... I pulled the bottom half of the Page out and Gaped at it. Oh yes, Of course.

"Doctor!" I called chasing him through the crowd of people. He sighed mid step spinning.

"Yes, what now?" He smirked trying for the fez again but I held up the newspaper. We both grinned and ran back to the TARDIS.

"Time to visit some Ponds!" He laughed as i sat in the chair looking over the Article on the paper. The crop circle in Leadworth. That one that say's 'Doctor' on the front page. Time for Let's Kill Hitler. Oh man, how will this pay out. I paused. With me and the Doctor together, how do we convince River to change? Well, Mel's to change to River. Oh no.

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