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'Words indicate thought'

"Words indicate speech"

The Sadida Kingdom had grown quite a bit over the last six years. Qilby had been defeated and the Eliatropes had been freed from their seperate dimension. They had created a small kingdom just to the west and were in good relations with Sadida. There were still those who went about the lands, pillaging, robbing, and causing all other kinds of mischief but compared to Nox and Qilby they were minor problems. Yes, everything was nice and peaceful in the kingdom


Well...almost peaceful.

Looking at his daughter with a small bit of fear, King Sheram Shram was a little bit intimidated. In the past six years his daughter had grown quite a bit. Nearly a whole head taller than her father now Amalia looked much like his wife. Even had a bit of her temper. "As I said Amalia, I don't like it too much either but you are ninteen years old and need to start looking at eligible suitors."

Hands on hips, Amalia continued to glare at her father. She had always known that this would come someday. While being a princess did give one a large amount of power and luxury, it also came with restrictions. 'Far too many for my tastes' Amalia thought. "But I've seen all the 'eligible' suitors. They're all spoiled princes or courtiers who wouldn't last for a minute if we were attacked."

The King saw that Amalia did have a point. He himself had gone through the hopeful young men and had chosen what he thought to be the best suited to marry his daughter. If it wasn't for the fact that he feared that his daughter would remain single her whole life none of these men would have probably made it even this far to becoming her...groom. Shuddering at the word Sheram Shram looked back at his daughter, "Amalia, I am not saying that you have to marry before you next birthday or even in the next year. I'm only saying that as a princess you must try and find a suitable suitor soon. These men aren't the only choices but they are all that came for now."

'All that came for now' he thought, chuckling to himself a little. When Amalia had turned sixteen her beauty had become very common topic among young men. Thankfully she had not only grown up physically but also emotionally. She knew that she was very good looking but she was no longer as self absorbed as she had been when she was younger. There had technically suitors coming for the last few years but with a little "persuasion" from her father and her brother they had been delayed until now. Unfortunately they had just been delaying the inevitable and all that they had accomplished was just increasing the initial amount of hopeful beaus.

Looking at his daughter he could see she was about to start shouting again, "Now Amalia, just think about it. As much as I hate to say it like this our family line must continue. Armand is engaged, yes, but what if something happened to him? You would then have to lead our people and to provide an heir."

Amalia looked down at the ground. She could see that her father was right but she still didn't like it. It felt like she was being forced into an engagement and she never liked being forced into anything. It had all been so much easier when she was traveling with Ruel, Evangelyne, Grovy, Adamai, and Yugo. Unfortunately after the defeat of Qilby the brotherhood had begun to seperate. Evangelyne had been her bodyguard for awhile but some years ago she had married Grovy. This had taken away much of her time that was usually with Amalia. Then Evangelyne and Grovy became the proud parents of two little girls, Aimee and Michelle. Amalia loved her surrogate nieces very much but they did take most of Evangelyne's time away from her guard duties so the King had decided it would be best if Evangelyne was replaced. They were still very good friends but it just wasn't the same. The new girl, Maria, was a sweet young Cra and she and Amalia had developed a nice friendship but she was a bit flighty and not as down to earth and thoughtful as Evangelyne had been.

Ruel had been their for Grovy and Evangelyne's wedding but afterwords had gone off with Junior to seek gold and adventure. She and Evangelyne had got letters from them nearly once a month describing his adventures. If he was near a Zaap portal or in the vicinity he would even stop by for a week or two.

Grovy had settled down a bit into his new life as husband and father. He spent some of his day helping with the training of new Sadida warriors but much of it was playing with his daughters or he would go out for a day or two to vanquish evil with Rubilax.

Rubilax had been a little...okay scratch that, VERY annoyed when Grovy had settled down. It had taken Evangelyne and Grovy nearly an entire week to calm him. However they had promised to take him out to fight at least once a week. Then the twins had been born. He would never admit it but he was quite enamored with Aimee and Michelle, he probably saw himself as a sort of an uncle to them and was very temperamental if something happened to them. Amalia pitied the poor boy who would try and date one them when she was older. Dealing with Grovy and Rubilax would not be fun. She had actually mentioned this once to Evangelyne and it took nearly five minutes to calm her down from her laughing fit.

Yugo was...well actually they hadn't been hearing from Yugo that much. With both Chibi and Qilby only little Eliatropes he was supposed to lead his people in the construction of their new kingdom. The last time she had actually had a conversation with him was when he came to see the twins for the first time. He had looked very tired but had seemed happy. Yugo didn't stay for long and had left in a few days. He would always send presents on everyones birthdays but he never came himself.

Shaking her head a little she broke out of her reverie to give an answer to her father "Daddy, you are correct in saying that we need to be aware of producing an heir, however I need time to decide how to go about choosing my future husband."

Sheram Shram looked at his daughter with a hint of pride in his eyes. She had grown into a fine young woman. "Very well Amalia. How much time do you believe you would need?"

Putting her hand on her chin Amalia thought for some time. "I believe that...one month would be adequate."

Nodding Sheram Shram said "Very well, I would like another option from you or at least a more narrowed choice in your beaus in one month."

Bowing to her father Amalia headed out of the throne room and headed toward her bed chambers. Her mind was still thinking about her old traveling companion though 'I wonder what Yugo is doing?

The sounds of the birds and wind was what woke Yugo up that morning. Squinting his eyes at the bright light of the sun it took him a moment to remember where he was.

Ever since the defeat of Qilby he and Adamai had been working on helping their people build a new city. It had started a small collection of houses but now it was a bustling capital with shops and restaurants and a college to help the Eliatropes learn about this world they had been introduced into. Because it was ridiculous to think that only he and Adamai could make sure that everything would be handled correctly and in a timely fashion they had appointed some other Eliatropes to help keep the peace and to help the people.

Despite the other counsel members help though, Yugo had been working almost non stop trying to make life easy for his people. He had started to drift away from his friends, Alibert, and even Adamai. Yugo smiled a little when he remembered what Adamai had said when he was forced into this vacation

"Yugo, you have got to take better care of yourself. Both me and the other members of the counsel believe that it would be for the best if you took a break." Despite how he argued with his brother and the other counsel members they had forced him to take a vacation.

While he had been rather bitter about the whole thing, Yugo did have to admit that it was definitely something that he had needed. He had gone and spent time with Papa Alibert for a little over a week and was surprised at how relaxed he was. Usually he was running around trying to help everyone and just taking this little break was doing wonders for his body and mind.

He had gone to visit his father for a week. It was great cooking for people again and talking with his dad as an adult instead of as a child was a new experience.

However he realized during his stay with his father that he had been neglecting his other friends terribly. He hadn't even seen Amalia or the others since the twins had been born. He told his father this and he just smiled and nodded his head. "I understand Yugo. You miss them and you're right, you should go and see them. Amalia would probably be happy to see you as well."

Yugo had blushed when Alibert had mentioned the Sadida beauty. He had always felt like she was special, someone he had to protect. He never thought on it to much when they were adventuring because he was only twelve. He was more interested in seeing the world than trying to understand his own feelings.

Now however he couldn't help but look back on those days and wish that he had realized what he felt. 'Oh well, Adamai always says that I should be careful when looking at my past.' The whole experience with Nox had taught Yugo that what has happened cannot be changed.

Getting up from the ground Yugo brushed off his traveling cloak and took Grufon out of his tube. "Grufon how close are we to the Sadida capital?" Looking up and down for a few seconds Grufon replied, "Not more than six hours to the east."

Smiling and putting the ShuShu map back into its tube, Yugo picked up his pack and started off eastward. 'It will be good to see everyone again' he thought.