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To say that Ruel was surprised at the letter he had received that day would have been an understatement. He and Junior had been about to move from their most recent digging site when the local postman came running over. Thanking him and begrudgingly handing over the few kamas that were necessary, not before he cried about his woes of being destitute for several minutes, Ruel went over to a stump and sat down.

Junior came over and hopped onto his and snuggled up against his stomach. Patting the Phorror on the head he began to examine the letter. Only his name appeared on the front but there was an official seal that kept the group of papers together. Upon closer examination he realized that it was the official seal of the Sadida kingdom.

'Ahh, Amalia must have sent this, bless her heart. She is probably missing my company and has decided to let me have all that gold I found under the city'

Upon this thought he took out a small knife he carried and hurriedly cut upon the letter.

"Well Junior, let us see what dear Amalia has written."

Coughing to clear his throat he began to read her letter out loud for the Phorror.

From Amalia.

Dear Ruel,

Do not think for an instance that I'm thinking of of letting you have any of that gold you found all those years ago.

"Why that ungrateful girl! I help her people out during their times of need and I don't even get to have any of my gold!"

Leaping off of the stump he began to pace up and down remarking upon the folly of women, Sadida's, and all manner of other things. Junior only looked on with mild interest. He knew that Ruel would get curious about what the rest of the letter said so he was content to wait.

Ruel continued his tirade for a little while but slowly lost steam. Sighing and looking down at Junior he merely shrugged as if to say "Win some lose some." and sat back down to continue reading.

We are all doing well here. Nothing as interesting as our adventures but being a princess keeps me out of trouble. Armand is going to be married soon and our old group will all be there. Please come if at all possible.

I may as well tell you personally, as the news will be going around the kingdoms soon, that Yugo and I are seeing each other. We originally were going out secretly but due to extenuating circumstances we decided to make it official.

At this news the old Enutrof couldn't help but let a wide grin come across his face. Looking down at Junior he noticed a smaller grin on his traveling companion's face.

"You saw it as well, eh?"

Nodding rapidly, Junior lay his head back down as if to indicate that Ruel should continue his reading of the letter.

I hope everything has been going well for you and Junior and that you have been able to find all the gold you could ever want. Grovy and Evangelyne send their love as well as the twins. We all miss you and hope you can come.

Good luck old scoundrel,

Princess Amalia

Ruel slowly lowered the letter and looked at Junior sadly. He would have loved to go but he was a little to far from the kingdom or the nearest Zaap portal. He didn't think that he could get there in time. Sighing and closing his eyes he simply enjoyed the breeze while considering his options.

There was a sudden tapping on the letter and when he opened his eyes he saw that Junior was trying to draw his attention to a small amount of writing at the bottom of the page.

P.S. Alright, fine. You can have a small amount of the gold. Just get here as fast as possible.

Ruel's eyes started to water and he started to bless Amalia and her kindness. Leaping forward he ran around and took down his campsite faster than seemed humanly possible.

"Come along Junior! We have gold to collect!"

With that, the old Enutrof took off running as fast as he could. Snorting his approval, Junior took off right after him. As they ran off and over hill and dale they suddenly stopped as if realizing something for the first time. Ruel turned and looked at Junior as Junior looked at Ruel.

"Wait...Armand is getting married?"

I would like to once again thank all who have read this story. I decided to end it here because I had yet to write Ruel in and I felt this would be a nice way to finish. I may continue writing Wakfu but I'm currently busy writing some other things.

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