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"Jo, I think I need to change up my routine." Jane walked around her apartment, running her eyes over everything she could see, and taking mental notes of things she might want to considering dealing with at some point in the near future. "The apartment's pretty clean, I did the dishes last night, my laundry's done, and I am not waxing the floors. I don't care what Ma says, that's just not happening."

She walked around her living space, still searching for something but coming up short. "I walked you half an hour ago." She glanced at the little dog as she happily chewed away at a rawhide. "You're not even listening to me." She rolled her eyes. "Why do I bother? Okay, so it's a Saturday at noon, and the best I can do is pacing around my apartment and talking to my dog. God, this is so sad." She stopped moving and plopped down on the sofa. "Maybe I should do something… relaxing? What do you think?" Again, she looked over to her furry companion to find Jo curled up in her bed. "Right, relaxing it is. Not tired enough to take a nap, though. Mmmm," she sighed heavily. "I think it's bath time." She stood up and walked toward the bathroom, turning at the last second before disappearing into the other part of the apartment to comment to Jo, "Hold my calls, and don't answer the door, okay?"

Bath time for Jane was less about doing anything that someone might want to watch in a locked room with the lights dimmed down and more about taking a moment to pamper herself like the girl she pretended not to be most of the time. Hidden behind her towels and regular toiletries in her bathroom, she kept a stash of bath salts, bubbles, and bath oils that, when combined, smelled of lavender, vanilla, and just a hint of white sage.

As she let the bath fill with warm water, she poured in to combination of bath goodies, and then turned to pull out a small radio. Setting it carefully on the edge of her sink, she hurried off to her bedroom to retrieve her mp3 player. She popped it into place in the radio, and selected a music list marked "BT".

The playlist was filled with music that was relaxing and something she could hum along to if she wanted. She smirked as she thought about how many people wouldn't believe she had this kind of girly moment. With a snort of amusement, she stripped, pulled her hair up, and placed a fluffy towel on the commode. "Missing something. Oh!" She snapped her fingers as she dug around in her cabinet to pull out a few candles and a lighter. She set them carefully around, light them, hit the lights, and sighed. "Better."

Humming along to the music flowing around the quiet space she was creating, she turned the water off, pulled out a face mask, shaving things, a puff, and a body wash she only used when she was having a bath time moment. Setting the items on the side of the tube, she stepped over and sank down into the warm inviting water.

A scratch at the door was the only warning she had before Jo nosed it opened and slipped inside to settle on the bathmat beside the tub.

"Could resist, could you?" Jane chuckled. "Fine, but don't even think about trying to jack my bubbles. I'll lock you up for that." At the tilt of Jo's head, Jane just rolled her eyes and playfully pushed the bubbles around. "Fine. I'll think about it. I'm also thinking a manicure is in order. I wonder if Kelly can take me this afternoon?"