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Chapter 9

A Love Supreme

May 21, 2003

10:56 AM

Oak Creek Residences

Apartment 216

"Sarah, do we have any more packing tape?"

"Yea, there should be one more roll on top of the refrigerator."

"Thanks roomie..." Carina's breath hitched a little as she realized that she was probably calling Sarah that for the last time. She closed her eyes as she felt the tears welling up within them.

"Carina are you sure you don't need..." Sarah said as she walked back into the living room with another box of books she was going to put in Chuck and Morgan's storage unit at their apartment before they headed to Burbank. "Carina sweetie, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing really, it all just kind of hit me when I called you 'roomie'."

Sarah placed the box in the corner with her other stuff. "I know. I've been thinking about it all morning."

"We've lived together for four years and after today that's never going to happen again. I'm really going to miss you Sarah."

Sarah walked over and pulled Carina into one of the many hugs they have been giving each other over the past coupled of weeks getting ready for today. "I'm going to miss you too, Carina. But when Chuck and I get to Burbank in ten days I promise we are going rock LA!"

"I know but its gonna be tough living at home again."

"Carina, your parents are great and its only until you find your own place. How's that going anyway?"

"Well I've got some leads but the ones I like are too expensive and the ones I can afford I wouldn't want my dog living in."

"Still don't want to get a roommate to make it more affordable?"

"I would but the roommate I want is going to be three thousand miles away."

"Carina, I'm sorry..."

"No Sarah, it's ok you don't have to apologize. I get it really. Your career is in DC, mine's in LA. We've always known that. Besides you have Chuck now and you don't need me hanging around anymore."

"Carina! Don't you ever say that. I'm always going to need you. You are my best friend. I love Chuck but I love you too. I'll always want you in my life. There are just some things I would never talk to Chuck about and I need to talk to you. It's the same for him. He talks to Morgan about things he couldn't talk to me about. We both need that and the fact that he get's that is one of thousands of reasons why I love him. We won't be living together anymore but you will still be my best friend."

The two college graduates pulled each other into a warm and comforting hug.

"You'll always be my best friend too, Sarah." The redhead said after they pulled apart.

"I don't say it often enough but thank you Carina."

"For what?" Carina's head pulled back questioningly.

"For everything. For being my best friend, for always looking out for me, for taking care of me and most of all for bringing me to meet Chuck. I don't know if I could have done it on my own and now I can't imagine my life without him in it."

"God, you've got it bad for the nerd, don't you?"

"You have no idea." Sarah said as the two chuckled.

"Well for what it's worth, I'm really happy for you both. Chuck is a great guy and you'd have to be blind not to see how much he loves you. I know it hasn't been that long for you two but when it's right, it's right and you two together are the definition of right."

"Thanks, he is pretty amazing isn't he?"

"That he is and so are you Sarah. I'm glad you found each other."

The two friends attention was suddenly diverted by the sounds of two other best friends coming down the hall towards the small apartment.

"Speaking of Mr. Fantastic and his sidekick Robin."

"Hey Carina, Hi Sarah."

"Hi Chuck, Hi Morgan."

"Hi Sarah, but Carina that was just wrong on so many levels. Mr. Fantastic was in the Fantastic Four, and Robin was Batman's ward. Fantastic Four is Marvel and Batman is DC. Besides..."

Chuck interrupted. "Ok Morgan I think they get the picture."

Sarah rolled her eyes. "I can't believe I actually understood what Morgan was saying."

"See beautiful? I told you I was going to make you an honorary nerd some day." Chuck walked over and passionately kissed the woman he loved.

"I'm not sure why but if you keep kissing me like that I guess I can live with it."

"Get a room, will you?" Carina said with a smirk.

"Actually, that's why I'm here, Carina." Chuck smirked back.

"Ok, ok I get it. Just keep the sordid details to yourself ok?

"Jealous much?" Sarah spoke while holding back her laughter.

"Actually, I am ok. You got a problem with that blondie? I'm not used to being the ...oh never mind ok?"

"So Carina, are you sure you don't need any help with all this stuff?" Chuck said as he looked around the apartment realizing that the majority of the stuff wasn't Sarah's.

"Thanks for the offer Chuck, but I got things covered." The redhead said with a wink.

"Ok, but if you have anything left over you won't need right away, Morgan, Sarah and I can bring it down in the truck we rented, well Ellie rented for us, after Memorial Day."

"I'm good but thanks."

Sarah looked at her roommate and noticed the sassy gleam in her eye. Carina was up to something and it made her smile. Carina could definitely take care of herself.

"So Sarah what do we start on first?"

"Well lets put the stuff I'm putting in the storage unit in the car first. Those two suitcases have the clothes I'll be needing until we head to Burbank next week so those go in last. I'll just carry my backpack with my laptop."

"Ok let's get started Morgan."

After about forty-five minutes all of Sarah's belongings were packed carefully into Chuck's car. There was only enough room left over for Chuck to drive and Sarah would ride back to the apartment with Morgan. Just as the three were getting ready to head out for the final trip to the car they each grabbed a bottle of water.

"Carina, are you sure you don't want us to come back and give you a hand? It wouldn't be any trouble." offered Chuck.

"Now why would she need any help from a bunch of loser nerds like you clowns when she's got a champion like me to help her?" A booming male voice said with a laugh from behind them in the doorway.

"Hey, one beer pong victory doesn't make you a champion, Butch. I had three finals that week and was off my game. Besides if you hadn't left before the end of that rain delay the weekend before we would have had you two."

"Yea, woulda, coulda, shoulda. Chuck but I don't think my partner there is buying any of it. We won fair and square so that makes us Champions."

Sarah looked over at her roommate as she watched the interchange between Chuck and Butch. She saw a twinkle in Carina's eyes and it made Sarah smile. Carina turned to Sarah and gave her a wink. Sarah just nodded her head letting her know she was pleased.

"So Carina, I guess this is what you meant by having it covered?" Chuck asked with a smile.

"Well I figured if anyone could figure out how to get all my stuff into a pickup truck and my little car for the trip to LA, why not get an engineer that knows how to pack stuff into a spacecraft flying to Pluto."

"Ahh so we nerds are useful beyond just our beer pong skills."

"Well that but there are a few other things you do ok with too." Carina said slightly seductively while smiling at the JPL engineer.

Butch tried the hide the blush. Carina had a talent for getting nerds to turn red.

"You sure you don't need our help?"

"No but thanks Chuck. You go take care of my best friend and former... roommate and Butch and I will be just fine." Carina said with her voice cracking just a little bit.

Sarah walked over to the redhead who had helped both shape and change her life and hugged her tightly for the last time as roommates. Both woman's cheeks were moist as the tears flowed unabated.

"I love you Carina."

"I love you too, Sarah."

"Remember, we are going to rock LA when we get there in a couple of weeks."

"Don't you know it, blondie."

Sarah pulled her in tight and whispered into Carina's ear. "Maybe you could bring along your hot scientist friend too."

"Oh, I was planning on it believe me." Carina whispered with grin.

"Chuck, call me when you get to Burbank. You and Sarah can come by Pasadena and I'll show you guys what they don't show the public on the JPL tours. You too Morgan."

"Definitely. We'd love that."

After Carina and Sarah broke their hug, Chuck walked over and put his arms around the redhead and said quietly. "Thank you so much Carina. I don't know how to repay you for all you've done for Sarah and I."

"Just take care of my best friend and remember what I said to you a few months ago. You hurt her and I'll be on the next plane to DC to kick your ass."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

"But seriously Chuck, you're a great guy and you've made Sarah really happy."

"Nowhere near as happy as she makes me."

"Looking at the way she looks at you and talks about you, I think you've got that wrong. Lucky for her she met the right nerd. Take care of her Chuck."

"I'll do my best."

"See you in LA?"

"Wouldn't miss it."

The friends all shook hands and gave hugs before Chuck, Morgan and Sarah headed down to the cars for the ride to Chuck and Morgan's apartment. The couple was about to begin their new lives and they were excited to be in it together.

September 6, 2003

1310 33rd Street NW

Washington, DC

"Devon, can you swing that arm over the railing and then we'll push it in the door from here."

"Ok, Chuck on three, one...two... three. Push!"

"Ok, we got it. Sarah grab the end and guide us around the door jam while I swing this end around."

"OK, Chuck just give me a second to move this box of books."

"Come on Sarah these sleep sofas are freaking heavy."

"Alright, alright, alright. Ok got it. Swing your end a little to the left... a little more... a little more... Ok right there. Devon straight in from there."

"Sarah, you still want this against this wall?"

"Yes, that's perfect. The TV can go on the opposite wall and your stereo underneath."

"Damn, I can't wait till we can get some surround sound speakers in here. This room is going to be awesome!"

Just then Ellie Bartowski came out from the second bedroom. Her hair bundled up under a painters hat. A streak of Navaho White down her left cheek. Her faded Buy More t-shirt didn't fair much better. "Chuck I've finished the last wall and I should be able to put the second coat on in about an hour."

"Good, we can close the door to let it dry overnight and it should be aired out enough when the futon and computer desk get delivered on monday."

"I thought you start work on monday?"

"No, Sarah starts on monday, I just have to go in and sign some paperwork for my security clearance."

"I thought you were working for the EPA? Why would you need security clearance?"

"Well I'm working on some sophisticated underwater robotic monitoring technology for deep sea oil and gas well inspections that has a connection to some military applications. Besides, it's Washington, everyone has some form of security clearance. You should have seen what Sarah had to sign." He said with a grin.

Sarah walked over and put her arms around Chuck's waist and gave him a kiss on cheek. "Ellie, it was nineteen pages long and I had to sign six copies. One for the State Department, one for the GAO, my copy and I have no idea where the other three went."

"Wow, well I guess even an entry level position at the State Department would have access to some sensitive material. So I can see why they would make you sign a bunch of secret stuff."

"They had lawyers to explain it all but I still read it all on my own. I didn't want to sign anything till I had read it completely."

"Good thinking."


"Yes, my beautiful Blonde goddess?"

"Once we get the rest of the boxes up from the truck can we set up the bed tonight?"

"What, tired of sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag?"

"Well that and it is our first night in our first apartment together... I...I just think.." she said with a devilish grin that both Chuck and Ellie, who was still watching the couple, knew exactly what she really was talking about.

Chuck leaned in and kissed her tenderly. "Ok definitely the bed before the TV and my gaming systems. Got it."

"I don't think you'll be needing those set up just yet anyway. I've been all alone in DC for two weeks now while you and Morgan were back in LA getting ready to drive the truck cross country. I'm staking my claim on all of my boyfriend's free time for the foreseeable future." Sarah said in one of her many seductive voices. "I got used to snuggling up with my Chuck pillow while we were on our trip over the summer, I miss it and I want it back."

"Well I miss waking up with the most beautiful woman in the world next to me and I can't wait till tomorrow morning waking up in our bed, in our apartment, in our new city."

Sarah stepped up on her toes and kissed Chuck tenderly. They were finally home in their new place, about to start their new jobs and begin the next phase of their lives together.

After breaking the kiss Sarah turned back to Ellie who was standing there with moist eyes watching her kid brother that she had practically raised, step out on his own with an amazing woman who loved him deeply in his life. She wiped her eyes nodded her appreciation to the new woman who would now take care of Chuck.

"Ellie, I'm sorry the guest room isn't ready, we really wanted you to stay with us."

"Sarah, it's ok. Devon and I have a great hotel room overlooking DuPont Circle. Besides we know what it's like moving into a new place. There are enough boxes, bags and all sorts of stuff under foot, you don't need us getting in the way."

"Well, next time you come to DC you're staying in the room you painted. It only seems fair."

"Thanks Sarah. We are looking forward to it. But remember, you two are coming to LA for Thanksgiving, no excuses." Sarah nodded with a warm smile and Ellie gave Sarah a signature Bartowski hug. The month Chuck and Sarah spent in Burbank before they left on their summer long, cross-country journey had bonded the two women together like sisters. Next to Carina, Ellie Bartowski had become Sarah's second best friend.

Chuck stood off to the side and looked over at Devon. The handsome Doctor had a wide smile on his face and he and Chuck gave each other a nod of appreciation. They both loved watching these two important women in their lives build a family bond that would last a lifetime.

"Hey guys, dinner has arrived!" The four friends attention was diverted to the arrival of Chuck's bearded best friend who had been sent on a mission to scope out the best Chinese and Sushi take out in Georgetown. Morgan had helped with bringing all the boxes up the stairs to the second floor apartment but the rather significant height difference made it awkward for him to help Chuck and Devon with the larger furniture. So he was given the task of getting dinner, a case of Sam Adams summer ale, and two bottles of Shiraz.

"So I see you completed you mission, buddy. I expect you have a recommendation for us?"

"Please Charles, who do you think you're talking to? Have I ever steered you wrong about affordable dining?"

"Well there was that time in tenth grade you had us go to, what was it called ... ahhhh... Phu Ket?"

"Hey, that wasn't my fault. I thought the name was funny. How was I supposed to know the place had been closed by the Health inspector."

"I think the real reason you wanted to go there was that hostess Hannah, or Anna... Wong I think."

"Ahhh, Anna Wu." Morgan sighed staring off into space for a moment. "What can I say I'm a sucker for an Asian woman in a naughty schoolgirl outfit."

"Aren't we all my friend, aren't we all." Sarah punched Chuck in the shoulder.


"Is this something I should know about Chuck?"

"Nope, nope just tenth grade hormones that's all. But if you happen to have an old Catholic Schoolgirl uniform lying around..." Chuck said with a devilish smile before he leaned in and kissed Sarah before she could punch him again.

"You're lucky those kisses are like my kryptonite." She said weak kneed. But as she grinned, in the back of her mind she made a mental note that she would surprise him with when he least expected it.

The five friends ate off paper plates, drank wine from plastic cups and beer from the bottle all while they sat among the mounds of boxes, unassembled furniture, and suitcases. But for all of them, the chaos of Chuck and Sarah's new apartment felt like the finest restaurant in DC.

After about an hour the group all got back to work. Chuck and Devon assembled Chuck and Sarah's bed in the master bedroom, Ellie put the kitchen items in their appropriate cabinets, Morgan put together the TV, video game machines and Chuck's stereo while Sarah began to organize their clothes in the closets.

"Hey Sarah there isn't enough room for this old boombox with all of Chuck's DVD's and video games. I can bring it down to your storage space in the basement."

"Oh please be careful Morgan, I have a special place for that. I'll take it." Morgan handed Sarah the boombox and she held it like it was priceless. Her face slightly aghast at the idea of putting it in storage.

"Ok but Chuck has a great stereo system. I don't think you are going to need it."

Chuck and Devon had walked back into the living and heard the exchange. "Buddy, we most definitely need that" he said with a knowing look as he caught Sarah's eye as she headed into the bedroom with the special item.

Ellie walked over to Chuck and whispered. "What was that all about? It's just an old boombox. Sarah looked like she was holding the crown jewels."

"To her it is. Her father gave that to her when she was a little girl. She hasn't seen him in years. It's the only thing she has from him."

"Ahh, that's kind of sweet and sad at the same time. But why does it have a special place in your bedroom?"

"Well I know this sounds kind of cheesy but it's also what she heard my radio show on that first night when she called in and changed our lives forever. So it's kind of special to both of us." Chuck gave a soft smile to his sister.

"Then its very special to me too. It brought Sarah to our family." She leaned in and kissed her brother on the cheek.

Sarah walked back in and saw Ellie pull back and wipe a tear from her cheek. "You guys ok?"

"We're fine. Just a little brother-sister moment, that's all." Chuck then mouthed 'I love you' and Sarah felt a soft loving smile grow upon her face. 'I love you too.' She mouthed in return.

After a couple more hours of unpacking and organizing, an exhausted Morgan, Devon and Ellie said their goodbyes and headed back to the hotel. Morgan had an early flight out as he had to be back in LA for work on monday morning. Devon and Ellie's flight wasn't till monday. The two couples had planned to spend all day sunday sightseeing.

Coming back upstairs after saying their goodbyes, Chuck heard Sarah turn off the water in the shower. After a few minutes she walked out wrapped in a towel. "You're turn, Chuck." She said as she and headed into the bedroom.

"Ok, beautiful."

Chuck was sweaty, tired and happier than he had ever been in his life. He headed off to the shower to rinse off the labors of the day.

As he walked back out of the bathroom wrapped in his towel, Chuck stopped dead in his tracks. The apartment was a glow by about a half dozen candles spread around the room. Sitting on the rather large box that had held their pots and pans was a folded sheet that was serving as a linen table cloth. In the center of the 'table' was a large red candle surrounded by two plastic glasses filled with wine.

In front of the makeshift table, their spare bedroom comforter was spread out on the hardwood floor. Two throw pillows were laid on either side. But the most beautiful thing he had ever seen was the naked blond vision lying in the center.

"Wow, Sarah." He said, his heart full of love and a little bit of lust. Ok well maybe a lot of lust.

"Lose the towel and come join me." Her eyes equally joyous and her voice as sultry as he had ever heard it.

Chuck immediately did as she asked dropping the towel on top an empty box.

He walked over, lay down beside her and kissed her tenderly.

Breaking the kiss he sat up, reached over picking up the glasses of wine and handed one to Sarah. "Sweetheart, this is both unexpected and fantastic but I thought you wanted the bed set up first for a reason?"

"Oh, our bed is most definitely a part of the agenda for this evening but I thought we would begin 'breaking in' all the rooms in our new home in here." Her soft seductive voice sent chills down Chuck's spine. He truly was the luckiest man alive.

Chuck held out his glass "To our new home and our new life."

Sarah reached out and clinked her 'glass' with his and said. "To the amazing man I'm so lucky to share that new home and new life with."

"Welcome home, Sarah."

"Welcome home, Chuck."

The two lovers drank from their glasses and placed them back on the makeshift table their eyes never leaving the other. As they began to kiss and explore their bodies, the clutter that surrounded them faded away. The dim light of the candles danced along the ceiling and walls like a glorious ballet.

As their kisses grew deeper and their bodies became one, their hearts knew that they were home. This place, this moment, was where they were destined to be.

April 18, 2008

Main House

Elizabeth Gamble Garden

Palo Alto. CA

6:55pm PDT

"Carina, where is the blue garter! I need the blue garter!"

"Ok, ok, ok. I've got it right here, Sarah."

"Thanks. I think that's the last of it."

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to be a part of breaking tradition." Carina rolled her eyes but smiled at the vision of her best friend in front of her.

"Something old?" Carina listed off.

"Chuck's mom's charm bracelet." Sarah jiggled the family heirloom Chuck had given her on their first Christmas in DC.

"Something new?"

"My dress." Sarah's classic sleeveless dress with the lace bodice and simple lines looked stunning, and Sarah most definitely had the model figure that highlighted the elegant yet understated beauty of the dress. It was a dress that as soon as Sarah put it on she knew it was the one. As she had stood in front of the mirror with her maid of honor in the bridal shop she felt like a princess and she knew her prince would love her in it. She couldn't wait to see the expression on Chuck's face when he saw her walk down the aisle.

"Something borrowed?"

"Ellie's shoes." Sarah lifted up the flowing lace and showed the shoes Ellie had worn at her wedding, dyed to perfectly match her dress.

"And here is your something blue." Carina bent down and took the blue ceremonial garter, stretched it over Sarah's shoes and lifted into position a little too high for Sarah's comfort."

"Carina, a little lower please. The only nerd that's going to see that part of my thigh today is my husband." Sarah took a deep breath and smiled brightly. She couldn't wait to call Chuck her husband for real.

"Aww come on, Morgan and the rest of the guys are not going to be happy with this."

"Well tell them to get their own damn brides then." Sarah and her best friend laughed and gave each other a light hug, neither wanting to mess up their makeup.

Carina took a step back and took it all in. Seeing Sarah so incredibly happy and about to marry the man of her dreams warmed her heart like nothing she had ever experienced. She felt her eyes moisten as she gazed at the woman before her.

"Sarah, you look... perfect."

"Thanks, I feel perfect and I'm about to marry the perfect man."

"He is. Did you ever think you'd end up here, marrying a nerd?" They both chuckled.

"Well, I don't know if I ever thought about it, but thanks in great part to you and your meddling ways, I am." Sarah had always been so incredibly grateful for Carina pushing her to finally meet Chuck. It changed her life and she couldn't be happier about it.

"Well, I'm glad I could help."

"Carina, I know I've said this many times before but thank you. Thank you for being my best friend, for taking care of me, for bringing me to meet Chuck, for loving me but most of all for just being you, someone I could always count on to be in my corner."

"Well you've got someone else there now and I couldn't be happier to relinquish that role to Chuck."

"I love you Carina."

"I love you too, Sarah."

As the two best friends smiled at each other there was a soft knock on the door.

"Come in."

Sarah's bridesmaid Ellie Bartowski Woodcomb walked back into the bridal room with Sarah and Carina. "Sarah, this place is amazing? Is this really where Chuck took you on your first date?"

"Yes, it was so romantic. I had been falling for him ever since that first night I heard him on the radio but by the end of that evening I was in love with the romantic nerd. I know it was kind of a hassle for folks to come to Palo Alto but once we got engaged we knew the wedding had to be here. The grounds, the gazebo, everything here means something special to us and we are glad we could share this place with everyone."

"Well it's perfect. I didn't think my little brother had it in him but he stepped up big time that night."

"That he did and he's been doing it ever since."

The three women heard a another knock on the door and the woman from the Garden's staff peaked in and said, "There ready for you Sarah."

"Thank you. We'll be out in a sec."

"You nervous?" asked Carina.

"I'm about to marry the most amazing man in the world. So no, not one bit."

"Well I wish I could say the same for my baby brother." added Ellie with a chuckle. I think the breeze from a butterfly could knock him over right about now."

They all laughed when they heard a third knock on the door. "May I come in darlin?" the warm male voice said. Sarah nodded and Ellie opened the door.

Carina and Ellie stepped out into the hall to give them a moment and Jack Walker stepped into the room to take his daughter's arm. Chuck, with the help of some folks at the State Department he had met through Sarah had found Sarah's father and Chuck had flown him out as a surprise last Christmas. Though it was awkward and at times kind of hostile at first, he and Sarah began to rebuild their relationship that had been so painful for her for many years. It would take time but they were getting there.

"Sarah, you are so beautiful sweetheart."

"Thank you dad and thank you for being here. It means a lot to me."

"I know I haven't been the best father to you but I wouldn't have missed walking my baby girl down the aisle for anything." Sarah smiled and gave her father a light kiss on the cheek letting him know all was forgiven for today and she was just glad to have him here.

"So you ready to marry the schnook?"

"I've never been more ready for anything in my life."


Elizabeth Gamble Garden

7:05pm PDT

Chuck and his best man Morgan stood along with his groomsman, Devon in the Gazebo awaiting the arrival of his beloved bride to be. Chuck was nervous and he was tapping his foot rapidly on the wooden decking.

"Chuck relax, you're beautiful real life Vicki Vale is about to walk down that path and marry you man. You are the luckiest man alive."

"Don't I know it, but buddy saying that isn't helping my nerves."

"It's ok bro, I was nervous as hell when I married Ellie. We were on the beach and I kept getting sand in my shoes I was shaking so much. I must have had a pound or two in there before the ceremony even started. But as soon as I saw her walking towards me all of that melted away. It will for you too, I promise."

"Thanks Devon."

Suddenly the guests all heard the sounds of the song Aurora by Oregon. It had been an important song to their story and Chuck and Sarah had picked it for the processional. Chuck's attention was drawn to the path that had been covered with a white linen roll and had petals from many of the flowers already in bloom here at the Gardens strew upon it.

The first person they saw was a beaming Ellie. She slowly walked up the path between the seated guests and then up the stairs into the Gazebo. Following her was Sarah's maid of honor Carina. She stepped in a slow steady gate and found her place next to Ellie.

The invited guests then all stood up and looked back towards the beginning of the pathway. Standing there on the arm of her father with her bouquet of gardenias and yellow roses was a vision like few had ever seen. Not only was Sarah herself incredibly beautiful in that perfect wedding dress but the love that shown on her face and in her eyes was breathtaking. Something that rare and precious was a sight all who attended would remember.

Chuck turned and saw his about to be wife and his smile grew even larger. He had always known that Sarah was beautiful from the first moment he saw her but right now in this moment he had never seen her so lovely. This amazing woman who awed him on so many occasions simply took his breath away.

As Sarah' walked down the aisle with her father her eyes never drifted from his. The two lovers had always connected of a different level when they looked into each other's eyes and this was no exception. Their hearts spoke volumes to each other and both wanted to memorize the image of the other as they were about to become one.

Jack Walker brought his daughter up to the Gazebo and gave her arm to her soon to be husband before shaking his hand, nodding and heading to his seat. Jack had grown a real liking to his new son-in-law over these past few months and he knew that Chuck was the right 'schook' for his daughter.

As the ceremony began the celebrant came to the part where the couple got to say their vows. Chuck was asked to speak first.

"Dearest Sarah. Five years ago on this date and in this place we kissed for the first time. If my life had ended after that first kiss I would have died a happy man having found my heaven on earth. Thankfully I have lived to experience more and more of that heaven first hand and right now five years later as you become my wife and I your husband, I vow to prove to you every day the depth of my love for you. God has blessed me richly with you in my life and I make a solemn vow to honor the love we share for the rest of my life and beyond.

"Chuck, a little over five years ago a lonely college student sat in her bedroom doing her mundane chore of laundry. She decided to turn on some music to try and fill some of the emptiness in her room. But what happened next was truly magical. She heard a voice that made her feel happy and cared for even if she didn't know how or who that voice came from. It filled that empty room with warmth and a sense of serenity. Now the person whose voice she heard stands before her about to become her husband and she his wife. God has also blessed me richly and I vow to live our life to the fullest, love you with every part of my being, and show everyone that I am deserving of that blessing every day for the rest of my life."

"By the authority of the great state of California I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Chuck leaned in and took his brand new wife in his arms and kissed her tenderly to the applause and cat calls of those in attendance.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the new Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Sarah Bartowski, have decided to have their first dance here in the Gazebo. Chuck and Sarah turned to look over at Butch Landers who was standing off to the side with his iPod connected to the Bose sound system they had been using for the processional music. He smiled at the newly married couple, winked at Carina and pressed play.

As the familiar sound of the Nelson Riddle Orchestra began to play, a sense of deja vu engulfed the couple. As Chuck took his new bride in his arms and danced like he had five years before, the lyrics sung by ole' blue eyes were even more perfect than he remembered them.

Their love affair that started with this song, in this place had come full circle. Chuck and Sarah were dancing once again to Frank Sinatra in this beautiful Gazebo and just as last time when the song was over they kissed each other passionately, only this time they were husband and wife.

December 11, 2008

1310 33rd Street NW

Washington, DC

6:29 PM EST

"Chuck, dinner should be ready in about fifteen minutes. Why don't you put the news on, I want to see if they have anything on about my new boss."

"Oh, has Hillary been by yet?"

"Not yet. I think she will wait till after she is officially confirmed for the big meet."

"Ok, do you need any help?"

"No I'm good but you can set the table if you want."

Chuck walked up behind his newlywed wife, wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

"Mhhhhhm," Sarah moaned. "That is not helping."

"Hey, speak for yourself. It's helping me quite a lot."

Sarah swatted him with the wooden spoon. "Hey that hurt!"

"Wimp. Do you want me to make it all better?" She said seductively.

"Well, when you put it like that" Sarah smiled and kissed the back of his hand where she had hit him.

"Actually I have few other places that need some attention, like here, kiss, here, kiss, and most definitely here." Chuck pointed to his lips and his bride gladly obliged.

"Now go set the table Chuck." Chuck pouted but turned to take care of his role in tonight's dinner.

"This is the NBC Nightly News, here is Brian Williams."

"Good Evening, in a stunning raid in New York today, financier Bernie Madoff and three others were arrested on fraud charges stemming from a ponzie scam that they were allegedly perpetrating on unsuspecting victims. Millions of dollars were invested in fraudulent accounts...


Sarah hearing the broken dish, turned and ran over to her husband who was standing there with his mouth wide open. "Chuck are you ok?... Chuck?"

All Chuck could do was point to the wide screen TV in the living room.

"Shit! Is that? Oh my god it is!" Sarah's eyes grew huge and she matched her husband's open mouthed shock.

"Madoff, seen here along with his partner George Larkin, his accountant Bryce Larkin whose ex-wife Jill Roberts was recently dumped by New York Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez for allegedly having an affair with Red Sox captain Jason Varitek , and the reported architect of Madoff's ponzi scheme, Attorney Daniel Shaw were all arrested in their Manhattan apartments in a coordinated raid by the FBI and the SEC. All four were charged with various counts of securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and perjury. If convicted on all counts the quartet could be sentenced to 150 years in federal prison. In other news today, President elect Obama nominated..."

Chuck and Sarah turned to look at each other with matching stunned expressions on their faces. After a few moments neither could hide their growing smiles. They both leaned in and gave each other a passionate kiss that was only broken by the sound of the timer on the stove going off. As Sarah walked over and turned the alarm off, they both began to laugh. Neither said a word as it was all unnecessary. They understood each other's feelings perfectly.

After a few seconds they both went back to their tasks for tonight's meal. Sarah hadn't planned on this being a part of the menu for the evening but she stepped over to the wine rack that Ellie had given them as a bridal shower present. She selected a bottle of their favorite Merlot they kept for special occasions, grabbed two glasses and set them on the table.

Once dinner was served the young couple clinked their glasses in a silent toast. They smiled at each other and drank a very gratifying sip from their glasses and then leaned in to give each other a warm affectionate kiss.

"I love you, Chuck."

"I love you too, Sarah."

They clinked glasses once more and enjoyed the delicious dinner Sarah had prepared. The names Bryce Larkin and Jill Roberts were never mentioned again by either.

January 27th, 2012

3229 R Street NW

Washington, DC

2:55 am EST

Chuck Bartowski was seated in the rocking chair in the recently renovated nursery. When Sarah had found out she was pregnant they began looking for a home to buy. They loved the apartment they had lived in ever since they had moved to DC right after college but they had always planned that once their family was expanding they would hopefully be able to buy the home they had always dreamed of.

They loved the neighborhood they lived in and wanted to stay close by but Georgetown was very expensive. Both Chuck and Sarah because of their childhoods had learned how to save money and that trait had come in handy in their early years in DC. So after saving for almost eight years they had put together enough money for a good sized down payment.

One saturday morning while Sarah was in the shower Chuck had been reading the real estate listings online. After a few glances on some over priced "fixer uppers" he came upon a new listing that sounded perfect. It was only few blocks away and the listing said it was an estate sale. Chuck got up and walked into the bathroom and told Sarah about the listing. She said to call the broker and see if they could set up an appointment to see it later that morning.

They were the first potential buyers to see the place the broker told them. When they walked in the front door they knew they were home. Sarah loved it. The previous owner had been an elderly spinster and it looked like it hadn't been redecorated inside in forty years but the outside had been kept nice with well done landscaping and it looked like it had been recently painted. The first thing she wanted to change however was to paint the front door red. She had always envisioned her home as a white house with a red door.

So they put in an offer. It turns out the home had been in the family since the early nineteen hundreds and they wanted a nice young family to move in. When they met Chuck and Sarah and saw the attractive couple with Sarah just beginning to show they accepted their offer.

Those first few weeks the young couple, painted the front door, set up an office for both Chuck and Sarah, had a contractor renovate the upstairs bathroom, including a double shower they both really enjoyed and painted the nursery. Neither Chuck nor Sarah wanted to know the gender of their new bundle of love until the day he or she arrived in their lives. Their OB/GYN had offered to tell them but they both wanted to be surprised. So they had painted the bedroom white and bought the crib set in soft pastels with both pink and blue. Once they found out who their new family member was they could accent the room appropriately.

Chuck looked down as he held three month old Lisa Emma Bartowski quietly drinking the bottle Sarah had prepared earlier. Sarah was breast feeding but three nights a week she pumped enough to allow Chuck to handle the overnight feedings so she could sleep. He had told her that he was doing it for her but she knew it was just as important for him to have these private moments with his daughter.

It was three o'clock in the morning and even though it was Chuck's night to change and feed Lisa, Sarah was awake. On his nights when Chuck got up to feed her, he normally turned down the baby monitor so as not to disturb Sarah but tonight he had forgotten. The sound of Chuck talking to his daughter while he changed her woke Sarah up. She heard him pick her up and then knew he had settled down in the rocking chair while he gave her the bottle.

She thought about turning the monitor down so as not to intrude on their private time but the sound of Chuck's voice coming through made her smile with a wonderful feeling of remembrance. She lay there transfixed as he spoke quietly to their daughter.

"So, my beautiful baby girl I'm going to tell you a different story tonight. This one is extra special to mommy and daddy.

"A long long time ago a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed princess was sitting in her castle doing her nightly chores. She may have been a princess but she always wanted to do her part to keep her place clean. Her red-headed hand maiden slept across the hall and she was the princesses' best friend.

"Well this night her room was a bit warm and the princess decided to open the shutters and let in the cool evening air. After a few moments she heard the sound of someone playing a wooden flute quietly below her window just inside the entrance to the barn. After a few moments the music stopped and she heard a man talking to the live stock while they ate.

"She had never heard this voice before but somehow it felt warm and like she had always known it. The sound made her smile.

"After a few moments he went back to playing the flute and something inside the princess made her call out to him. He stopped playing when he heard the beautiful voice of a woman from the window above. When he heard how beautiful it was, it made his heart flutter."

Sarah lay there captivated by both the sound of her husband's voice and the story she knew he was telling. The tears of love and joy began to flow freely from Sarah's eyes.

"She asked him what he was playing and he told her it was a song he had learned as a child. He said that one of the mares was having trouble delivering her foal and that the music seemed to calm her. The man then asked the woman what song she wanted to hear and she told him Greensleeves. It had been a favorite of her father's.

"He began to play it but suddenly he had to stop as the mare was about to deliver. He apologized and told the princess he would play it for her again the next night.

This went on for a few nights but neither of them ever saw the other as they both felt it was improper with her a princess and him just a farmhand. They just quietly talked and he would play her beautiful music.

"After a few days the princesses' handmaiden began to notice a change in the princess. She seemed happier and was a lot more fun to be around. The handmaiden asked the princess what was causing the sudden change but all the princess would do was smile.

"The next night the handmaiden heard the princess quietly talking to someone as she walked past the princesses' door. She listened intently and heard the sound of the princess and the farmhand talking and him softly playing the flute. The joy she heard in the princesses' voice was the same as she had seen in her for the last few days. Somehow this voice outside her window was making the princess happy.

"The handmaiden then decided to sneak down to the kitchen and head out to the barn to see where the man's voice was coming from. There she saw a tall curly headed man in scruffy clothes sitting on a hay bale by the door to the barn. She had heard that there was a new farmhand who came from a village to the south and this must be him. As she crept a little closer towards the door she saw his face lit by a small lantern hanging by one of the stalls. His smile was warm and he had a kindness in his eyes she had rarely seen. The happiness on his face was the same she had seen on the princess these past few days. What she saw on their faces and heard in their voices when they talked to each other was an unmistakably attraction.

Sarah heard Chuck pick Lisa up and place her on his shoulder. As he softly patted her back she let out a large burp. Sarah chuckled and the volume of the sound made her mommy proud. She then heard Chuck place Lisa back in the cradle of his arms. Sarah knew first hand how wonderful, safe and loved she must have felt when Chuck held her. It was the most wonderful place to be in both of these two women's lives.

"Ok Lisa, where were we? Oh yes. Well the next day the handmaiden decided she was going to figure out a way for the princess and the farmhand to meet. If just hearing each others voices made them that happy then finally meeting each other would be even better. The handmaiden knew that the princess had never treated her any differently because she was just a handmaiden and she knew that when they saw the warmth of their smiles and love in each others eyes for the first time position and propriety wouldn't matter.

"So the next day she went out to meet the young handsome farmhand. They talked for a bit and he mentioned that he and some of the other farm workers would be going to the town square that weekend for a festival. So the handmaiden hatched a plan to get the princess to come to the festival. She told her that there were some new clothes and fancy shoes from a distant city that would be on display in a small shop by the square. The handmaiden knew how much the princess loved new shoes.

"Well when the day of the festival came the handmaiden and the princess went shopping. After a few hours of trying on shoes and fancy dresses they left the shop to get something to eat at the festival. The handmaiden had picked a particular cart because it was just around the corner from where the farmhand had told her he would be. While the princess was eating some fruit, the handmaiden saw the farmhand and went over to say hello. She turned in such a way that the farmhand's back was to the princess and when she saw the princess looking for her she waved for her to come over.

"When the princess saw the handmaiden talking to a tall curly haired man she noticed a wooden flute in his back pocket. Once she got over to her side the handmaiden introduced the princess to the farmhand. He politely bowed at the waist and said a cordial greeting. The princesses' mouth dropped open and she hurriedly tried to hide her surprise. As he reached out to take her hand and gently kiss the back of it, it sent chills down her spine. When he looked up he saw the most beautiful pools of blue he had ever seen. Their eyes locked and when she said her greeting in response he knew who she was as well.

"After a few minutes or hours, neither knew which, where their eyes never left the others the farmhand asked the princess to meet him for dinner in the barn the next evening. She gladly accepted.

"All during this exchange the handmaiden simply watched with a beautiful smile on her face. She knew the beautiful princess and the handsome farmhand were perfect for each other.

Sarah's heart fluttered when she heard that part of their story. Carina had known from the very beginning that she and Chuck were meant for each other. She could never thank her enough for bringing her to the arts fair that day back in Palo Alto. Sarah sat up a little higher in the bed as she was anxiously waiting to hear about the first 'date' between the princess and the farmhand.

"So little Lisa the next day came and the beautiful princess went down to the barn and found that the farmhand had set up a small table made out of a water trough turned upside down. Beside it he had set two bails of hay down and covered them with some clean horse blankets. On the table was a lantern, two cups, a bottle of wine and a basket of bread and fruit. When the princess saw what the farmhand had done her heart skipped a beat. It wasn't elegant by any means but it was the most beautiful and romantic scene she had ever dreamt of let alone saw first hand.

"After they finished their meal the farmhand asked if the princess wanted to take a walk in the gardens under the moonlight. She happily agreed and gladly took his arm when he held it out for her. Once they had walked for a short while they came to a bench at the top of a small hill. The full moon lit up the valley below almost as if it were daytime. As they stopped and sat on the bench the farmhand pulled out his flute and began to play a beautiful melody. Once he had finished he stood up and extended his hand to the princess asking her if she would dance with him. The princess stood up eagerly and stepped into the farmhand's strong arms. They held each other close as they danced in the moonlight. Once the imaginary song was over they stopped dancing but never let each other go. After a few more moments of enjoying each other's embrace the princess lifted her head to look into the warm brown eyes of the farmhand. Their smiles were both radiant and full of love. After a few seconds they both moved their lips closer until they were tenderly kissing. It felt so right and neither could tell which was brighter, the glorious full moon or the spark of light and love growing between them.

"Once their kiss was over the farmhand suddenly got down on one knee. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small ring of gold that had been his grandmother's. He looked up into those pools of blue and no words were spoken, she simply kneeled down with him and kissed him her answer. And the princess and the farmhand lived happily ever after."

Chuck saw that his beautiful daughter was now fast asleep in his arms and he quietly picked her up and placed her back in her crib. He kissed his finger tips lightly, placed them on his daughter's brunette curls and quietly closed her door.

In their bedroom Sarah placed her hand upon her mouth. Her tears were still flowing freely. When Chuck entered their bedroom he looked over and saw his wife awake and she obviously had been crying.

"What's wrong sweetheart?"

"Nothing's wrong." she said with her voice cracking noticeably.

"Then why are you awake and crying?" He said as he climbed into bed and reached out to hold his bride.

"It's just... I didn't mean to... I didn't mean to listen to your private time with Lisa, but when I heard your voice come through the baby monitor it brought me back to that first night when I heard you on the radio. Then when you told Lisa that amazing story, our story, I couldn't stop crying because I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing man for my husband. I love you so much Chuck and it all just kind of hit me. I'm sorry for listening but I just couldn't help myself." Her voice cracking through the sobs of joy and love.

"Sarah, you have nothing to be sorry for. I love you too and I'm the lucky one. You are the most amazing woman in the world and I thank god every day that you agreed to be my wife. That story was beautiful because it was our story and it was real. I want Lisa to know how much love we feel for her and we feel for each other. Neither one of us had great luck with our parents but I'm going to make sure Lisa knows how much we love her each and every day."

"Me too Chuck."

Chuck held his princess tightly for a few moments before she leaned back and looked into his warm brown eyes so full of love. Chuck brushed away her tears with his thumb.



"Kiss me."

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