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He didn't stop running until he'd slammed open the main doors and almost landed himself head first into the fountain outside Dalton. His reflection in the water stared back at him with wide eyes and flushed cheeks as he continued to gulp down breath after breath of air.

"Get it together Smythe," the boy shut his eyes tight. He shook his head, hoping the motion would help him forget about what had just happened. What the hell did just happen anyways? Of all the challenges he'd ever faced, people he'd had to step on to get to where he was now, never in his life had he ever met someone like Wesley Montgomery. On paper, the Warbler was just another high achieving, spotless record, rich family descendant – a typical Dalton student. There was nothing special about him and Sebastian was positive that he would have no trouble winning him over just like the rest of the boys.

Except… he had been wrong, and very wrong at that.

Who he thought was just another high-class, goody-two-shoe, afraid-to-walk-out-of-line-because-daddy-might-get-angry boy turned out to be something a little more unexpected and horrifying. A flash of those dark brown eyes sent shivers down Sebastian's spine, so much so that he had to dip his hands in the fountain and rinse his face to clear his head. God those eyes…

Where Blaine was the top-dog of the Warblers with his natural charm and adorable quirks and Kurt carried a kind of assertive 'I'm better than you and I know it' queen-bitch air to him – he hated to admit that it was one of his only redeemable qualities – Wes was…different. Just like Blaine, Sebastian had heard stories about the Head Warbler Councilman but he didn't think twice of it because, after all, taming the Warblers didn't seem to be much of a difficult task in the least so really, how great could the guy be? Hell, he himself had moved from new member to captain in a matter of weeks and did a damn good job doing so, or at least he had been up until this week.

He made his way back inside and into the main study hall, pacing raggedly around the carpet before deciding to crash down on the bay window seat. Staring out into the gardens now covered in snow, his breath still came in stuttering intakes. He leaned his head back with sigh, listening to his heartbeat speed up and slow down every time the memory replayed in his head.

"I'm not sure Dean Jones will be very happy about this. He and my father are close friends you see and if he were to hear that one of our newest students – even if it is a Smythe…If they were to hear a student was caught in the act of such ungentleman-like conduct such as deliberately blinding another student…"

"You —"

"—And with such damning evidence too. Well, how could they not expel you and put that big red stain on your permanent record?"

"You wouldn't—"

"You're right…But if you ever set foot in this school again, if you ever think or attempt to harm any of my Warblers or any of our friends…the next head on my gavel will be yours."

He shuddered again, but this time with a smile. Hell…no other Warbler spoke the way Wes did. His voice was strong with a power and authority that even Thad and David didn't possess, despite them being Councilmen themselves and by definition leaders of the Warblers. Both of them had just as much authority and say as Wes did. He remembered the way everyone crowded around the Asian, so happy to see him, and then how fearful they were when he'd glared at them after Wes had struck Sebastian. It hit him then and there that Wes was a leader capable of gaining loyalty as well as fear from his fellow men. Wes was definitely a man of power; the leader of the pack; the best of the best, and more importantly: number one.

And Sebastian would be damned if he didn't always have the best.

Blaine had the whole cutesy, bashful school-boy thing going on and it was true he looked like sex on a stick, but he wasn't the Warbler's leading soloist anymore. All he was now was another public school average Joe, even with his golden voice. So if Kurt wanted to keep his sub-par average boyfriend to himself, so be it. Sebastian had his sights set on someone else.

Sebastian licked his lips and dug out his phone to check the time before heading back to the practice room. It was time for round two.

~ xXx ~

"Good work everyone; we'll see you all tomorrow after school. David, myself, and Nick will be driving us all to Blaine's house so everyone be sure to pick their car wisely as warm-ups will be done during the drive. The time is now 4:53PM, this meeting is concluded." Wes rapped the gavel a few times before leaning back in his chair. As everyone filed out, Thad and David made their final notes and adjustments to their papers before packing up. Wes finally stood and tucked away some music into his bag.

"I don't think I've seen them work this hard since we rehearsed our goodbye number for Blaine when he transferred." Thad shook his head with a smile.

"Well," Wes shrugged. "Where Blaine is concerned, we've always stepped up our game. Remember our goodbye number to Kurt? He brings out the best in us."

"So do you." David said simply, and Wes flushed.

"I do what is expected of a leader, that's all."

"You do a lot more than that Wes. You keep us on track; you keep us from doing stupid things—"

"Like Slushieing our friends…" Thad noted sadly. David nodded.

"—you're just and level-headed and you make us what we are: a group. Man, we were a mess with Blaine gone. We fell apart when you left." David stared at the floor as he stuffed his Official Minutes binder into his bag. His voice was soft when he spoke next. "We missed you."

Wes didn't know what to say so he just nodded and smiled.

Thad rolled his eyes and shouldered his bag. "Oh please don't tell me you two are going to be all co-dependant again."

The two snapped their heads up and glared at Thad, but their frowns quickly dissolved into fits of laughter when they met each other's eyes. David slung and arm around Wes who did the same –the two fit like two pieces of a puzzle—and smiled mockingly at his friend. "You're just jealous of our epic bromance."

"Bromance," Wes nodded animatedly with hand gestures. "Of epic proportions!"

"I think you're one letter off, my friends." Thad raised a brow.

"You mock us, sir!" The two flung back at him and Thad gave an indignant gasp.

"That's my line!"

"It's ours now." And once again, the room filled with bouts of laughter. Thad crossed his arms, pouting furiously while Wes and David were trying their hardest and failing to keep straight faces. In the end, David decided to treat Thad to a dessert at a nearby café while Wes stayed behind to finish off some work which David and Thad knew meant 'I need to spend the next hour polishing my gavel.' Wes punched them both lightly in the arm and shooed them out, closing the doors behind him and facing the empty room.

After a moment's rest, Wes walked back towards the Council table and dug out the polishing cloth in his gavel's drawer. He ignored the buzzes from his phone; probably David and Thad fighting over desserts. He was sitting in his chair, wondering if maybe he'd banged the gavel a tad too hard today - damn, where did this dent come from?—when he heard a sound coming from his left. Wes looked up and immediately got to his feet, all traces of laugh lines and bubbly nature vanished.

"I thought I told you to never come back." He narrowed his eyes but apparently it had no affect because the Warbler before him just smirked.

"Actually, I believe your exact words were 'the next head on my gavel will be yours.'" He chuckled deeply and licked his lips. His hands were in his pockets and he was leaning back in a cocky manner that suggested no recollection of the event that had just taken place an hour earlier. Wes bit his tongue, maybe the dent was from hitting his thick skull. He laughed bitterly.

"Your behaviour in the presence of your club members and fellow classmates has been both disgraceful and cruel. Your disregard for rules and boundaries are appalling. You walk in here all high and mighty expecting to take over without thinking of the repercussions of any of the actions you take. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't have you expelled right here and now!"

During his little speech he was well aware of Sebastian's eyes on him, how he licked his lips and blinked slowly, leaving a half-lidded expression on his smug looking face. The blond moved closer, trailing a hand over the Council table and stopping a few inches short from where Wes had placed his gavel. He eyed the hardwood mallet for a moment before looking up, flashing his teeth in a sultry smirk.

"You know…you're kind of hot when you're angry." His smirk widened when Wes' eyes grew large in shock. "You doing anything Friday night?"

"W-what?" Wes sputtered, unable to place the conversation anymore. Is this guy for real?

"There's this wicked night club, Scandals. It looks like you could use a night out to relax."

Wes raised a brow but the boy didn't looked phased in the least.

"Or I could take you out for a nice dinner if that's more your thing. My treat of course," His voice seemed to deepen as he continued, eyes growing dark. He leaned in closer, grazing his lips over the boy's ear, and slid his hand further down the table.

Oh, I see.

"You see, Wesley, there are two kinds of people in this world: winners and losers; the great and the expendable. I like a winner; I like the best. I only accept the best. And a guy like you? I'm sure you can appreciate the finer things in life and know the difference between what's good and what's trash. So let me lay this out for you plain and simple. I want you."

Wes slammed his hand down on the table, watching boredly as Sebastian drew his hand back with a wince. "Rule number one: never touch the gavel." He stalked forward and wasn't surprised to find that with every step he took, Sebastian matched him with a step backwards. He backed the sandy-blond into the door one step at a time. "Since you didn't seem to hear me the first time, let me be frank.

"First impressions can be tough and when I saw you I knew it. If that smirky meerkat face of yours wasn't enough, that little stunt you just pulled blew it." He lowered his voice in a growl, "Now I don't know who the Hell you think you are but if you think I'm going to turn into another one of your mindless flunkies, you've got another thing coming. Come after me or my Warblers again and I'll have you nailed to the wall."

Sebastian, back to the door, gave a nervous smile. "You're a lot of talk you know that?"

"So are you."

"True," he took a step to the side and spun and in the blink of an eye, the tables were turned. Wes let out a grunt as Sebastian shoved him against the door. He reached for the door knob at his hip but another hand found his and squeezed, the crushing pressure made him wince. Sebastian chuckled low. "But I can be a man of action when desperate times call." He leaned in…

Everything seemed to slow in those moments as Wes went from being wide-eyed to shutting them with a gasp. His hand was still crushed against the door knob but the small hints of vibrations again the metal made his heart leap a thousand feet. Tightening his grip on the smooth metal, Wes twisted the knob as hard as he could and ducked.

For the second time that day Sebastian was knocked to the ground.

David leaned in, poking his head through the doorway. He took in the sight of his best friend crouched on the other side of the door and the former Warbler leader on the hardwood a feet few away, and frowned. "I think the power's finally gotten to your head Wes. Turning into the school bully really isn't very becoming of you."

The Asian rose and brushed down his jacket. David ran a quick gaze over his friend, who looked a little shaken but otherwise steady. "What are you doing here, David?"

"Didn't you get my text? Me and Thad were wondering if you wanted dessert."

"Thad and I, David. Not Me and Thad." Wes rolled his eyes. "I thought you were acing English class for crying out loud." That last part was drowned out by a droning 'lalalalalalala.'

"I take that as a no then?" Wes scoffed. "Well grab your bags and let's go!"

"David!" The Warbler Head scolded and wave his hand at the body to his left. "There is a fellow classmate lying unconscious on the floor not three feet away from us!"

"I am not buying dessert for him." He sighed after a moment's thought. "Should I go get Jones or should I?"

Wes groaned and ran a hand down his face, "I'll do it."

~ xXx ~

"So," The Dean looked over the young man on the floor. There was a rather large bump on his forehead where a bruise was starting form. "What happened here exactly?"

"Dancing accident." David held up his index finger and nodded as if making a scientific observation. "His shoes proved insufficient when attempting his ballerina turn and he slipped and bumped his head."


"It's true!"

"David," Wes pushed him away via hand in face and stepped forward. "Sebastian and I had a confrontation. He backed me into the door and attempted to kiss me." He ignored the way David snapped his head around and grabbed his wrist. "I'm alright," he whispered before turning back to the Dean.

"Anyways, before anything could happen, David opened the door as I ducked and it ended up knocking Sebastian unconscious."

"I see." Dean Jones gave a nod. After a short lecture on door safety, the two boys were free to go. Wes and David walked down the long corridors lit by the setting sun shining through the large windows. They walked in silence until they approached the parking lot and Wes could make out Thad's outline in the passenger seat of David's car. David pulled him aside.

"Are you sure you're okay?" His two hands rested on Wes' shoulders.

"I'm fine." He smiled at the familiarity of it all. All the students at Dalton thought Wes was a mother hen to his Warblers when in reality it was David who mothered over him more than anything else.

"Positive? 'Cause that guy drinks like ten coffees a day. We're talking major coffee breath here."

"David, I'm fine. You knocked him out remember?"

"By accident." He muttered and the two of them started walking again. When they got in the car Thad turned around and gave Wes a nod, asking what had taken both of them so long. The two friends just looked at each other and laughed.

"Dance incident," Wes pursed his lips.

"Insufficient shoe-hardwood friction." David narrowly kept in a laugh as he pulled out into the street.

The rest of the drive consisted of Thad playing his own version of Twenty Questions involving a round of, "What? What happened? What'd I miss? Guys? Tell me!" over and over again.

PS- can you catch the Hairspray reference?