(Just thought of this new approach and thought I would see where it goes…hope you like it…none of the characters are mine just a love of our Jeddie)

Chapter 1:

Janet finally got home from the engagement party and tried to reflect on her day. She didn't think things would go well with Eddie when she told him that she slept with Rooster but she had no idea he would react the way he did. His eyes were so intense and his anger…words she would not soon forget. She always questioned how Eddie really felt about her because he never really talked about that but today there was no mistaking his feelings, he hated her this much she was certain.

She sat there on the couch staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what to do now. She felt as though she had reached a cross road in her life. The chapter that would have held promise with a relationship with Eddie was over. Along with that, she thought, was her future at Sully's. She remembered back to that day when he kissed her for the first time, "this is my bar…this is where I go…you don't like it go work at the Johnson Inn." Yeah, that first encounter with Eddie that day wasn't as positive but it ended amazingly, well minus the twirl part, that was just embarrassing, she thought and chuckled a bit to herself.

As she sat frozen in her thoughts she decided that this was the time to right more than one wrong. She confessed to Eddie what she had done and she knew it was the right thing to do but there was something else that was bothering her and that was her. She knew that her reaction in this situation with Eddie and Rooster was not something she would normally have done so what made her do it this time. She needed to find herself and figure out the parts of her that didn't have that confidence that she always felt she had deep down. She could handle drunk patrons and fights in the bar but for some reason she had a hard time with her relationship with Eddie. Sometimes she could confront him about things she was unhappy about, well most of the time but why couldn't she just have stopped right then and there and confronted Eddie and Rory…what made her drive past thinking the worst and of all people turn to the one person that she knew would not be supportive of her relationship with Eddie. The one person she knew had feelings for her but the one person she really didn't want to be with…so why? As Janet just there thinking of what had happened over the course of the last few days she decided that she needed a change. She needed to come to terms with her decisions and try to take this time to finally make something right that she wronged a long time ago and that was herself.

She always said she would go on to college from high school when she got the money. She knew she would need to take at least a year off but after a while she got comfortable at Sully's and 'found her place' she thought. She had saved up plenty of money to go to school but for some reason she put that goal on the farthest back burner she had. Years passed and somehow that goal just seemed to fade. It was as if she came to terms with working at the bar as her career and then she entered into this relationship with Eddie and school was the farthest thing from her mind. Maybe now is a good time to look at going to school finally. She thought, "I don't think I can continue to work at Sully's especially after Eddie is healed and starts going back there…to see him picking up girls and then looking at me with those hate filled eyes - no that is not something I can deal with everyday. I created this mess and now I need to do something about it."

Days passed and Janet began to do some research on line about applying for the Duf. It seemed to be the reasonable choice since it was so convenient. She filled out the on line application and got information on the admittance tests that she would need to complete since she was certain all the tests she took in high school so long ago wouldn't hold up any longer. Now, she thought, I need to find a different job in the mean time…something that is not in the Ridge…a little distance may be a good thing right now. So she started looking at the on line ads for the two towns surrounding the Ridge. They weren't too far away to drive but far enough, she thought, to get away from all her mistakes. She found two possibilities so she called each place and actually got an interview for the one set up for later that week. She looked at her watch and realized that she needed to get a move on as her shift started at Sully's in 15 minutes.

Janet was behind the bar when Hannah walked in. Hannah took a seat by the bar and looked at Janet as if she wanted to say something but didn't know where to start. Janet looked at Hannah and said, "What goes on, you look like your on a mission."

Hannah looked at Janet trying to figure out how to start, "Yeah, I kind of am…why did you lie to me Janet?" Well that wasn't what Janet expected her to say, "Lie? About what?" Janet had no clue what she was talking about.

Hannah, "Really Janet, about what…oh I don't know perhaps your trip to the hospital and that it didn't go quite as well as you told me it did."

Janet was shocked. How would she know that? She stared at Hannah as if frozen and not having a clue of what to say next.

Hannah said, "Why didn't you just tell me the truth, Janet? You pretended that everything was fine that day and it wasn't…you needed me and you didn't say a word and haven't since then, why?"

Janet looked down, she had every intention of eventually talking to Hannah about what really happened but she didn't want to ruin her day and in the days that followed she was more focused on what she was going to do with herself.

"I'm sorry Hannah, I just didn't want to ruin your engagement party and I have been trying to figure out what to do ever since." Janet said.

"What do you mean 'figure out what to do'?"

"I am thinking about finally going back to school…you know that was always my plan but I think I have been ignoring my future and maybe this is a good time to refocus…I also have a job interview in Grand springs." Janet said hesitantly wondering what Hannah would think of that.

"Grand Springs…why would you have an interview for a job there?" Hannah was concerned

"Because I can't stay working here Hannah, this is Eddie's bar and when he gets better he is going to start coming back here I can't deal with the hatred he has for me every time I'm at work, this would just be better especially if I am in school this job isn't going to work with my school schedule…really working until 3 am and then getting up to go to class…I'm not that young anymore." Janet said kind of chuckling

"Well I understand the school aspect of it and I am really happy that you are finally getting to that goal because I know deep down you have always wanted to go but I don't think Eddie hates you, what exactly happened that day that makes you think that he hates you." Hannah said.

"Basically he said that I should go find some place to rot and that the captain of the football team is rejecting me and then screamed repeatedly get out! That is what makes me think that and the look in his eyes Hannah, I'll never forget those eyes…they were filled with hatred and anger…and really who could blame him I did sleep with Rooster while he was apparently getting himself worked over…I hate me for what I did so I can't blame him for feeling the same way." Janet said sadly.

"Janet, what you did was wrong I understand but it was a mistake…everyone makes mistakes and Eddie was with Rory kissing her and blowing you off all day before getting 'worked over' so please don't make him the victim here…at least where your relationship is concerned. He made just as many mistakes as you that day and although I understand he has a right to be angry I can't believe that he would hate you for what you did, especially after some of the things he has done in the past." Hannah said suddenly looking like she was recalling a memory.

"What are talking about Hannah? Eddie has never cheated on his girlfriends well the few that he has had. What things would he have done in the past that would even come close to this?" Janet now intently staring at Hannah.

"There is something that you should know Janet, after Nick left for Europe and I got those flowers for my birthday I knew he wasn't coming back. I got really upset and got really drunk. I ran into Eddie and the long and the short of it is we had sex…it wasn't good or long but technically I was still Nick's girlfriend. So, when I say that he has made some mistakes I would say sleeping with your best friend's girlfriend probably ranks pretty high in that category." Hannah said hoping Janet wouldn't be too upset.

Janet looked at Hannah feeling like a bomb just went off in her head, "why didn't you ever tell me about that? Oh My God, is Sam Eddie's son?" Janet looked like she was going to be sick.

"No, Janet Sam is Nick's son, I took a paternity test shortly after Sam was born…I had Nick's hair brush still at my house and used that…I just didn't know where Nick was to tell him and after a while it was easier letting everyone believe it was Gavin's…he was willing to go along with it and so was I until Nick came back and well you know the rest. The point is the reason why I was confident that if you told him the truth he would forgive you was because of that. None of us are perfect Janet, including the famous Eddie." She said putting her hand on Janet's hand on the bar.

"Well I guess it doesn't matter anymore anyway because what is done is done and I have no intention of thinking or hoping that there will be anything between Eddie and I in the future not even friendship because it is over…all of it. In fact, my friendship with Rooster is over too. I can't believe he truly thought that I wanted to be with him when I was crying my eyes out over Eddie, drunker than I can ever remember and longing to hear EDDIE tell me that he cared about me or loved me or something, unfortunately those words came from Rooster and in that moment I guess I needed to be loved…I don't know it doesn't make sense to me either but now Rooster thinks we are a couple…WHAT A MESS!" Janet said throwing her hands in the air and walking off to help a customer.

Janet came back to Hannah a little while later and Hannah said, "You know what Janet your right. This is your opportunity to become anything you want to be and I support you 100%...just don't move away or anything…I couldn't live with out you!" Hannah said smiling

"I am not moving just working a little farther than a walk away…but I will be busy so we will definitely need to be creative with our girl time." Janet said once again having to wait on another customer.