Pokemon Adventures

Chapter 1


The crowd roared as the finals of the Silver Conference were drawing to a close. Bren Tenkage looked over at his opponent and smiled. Both were down to their last Pokemon, this was it. Bren was tall with long black hair tied in a ponytail, he was dressed in a black jacket worn open over a red shirt, black jeans, and sneakers. His opponent, Russell Figgins, his long time friend, was slightly shorter, with a more pudgy body, shaggy brown hair shaped his face, two day old stubble covered his face, he was dressed in a blue vest worn open over a white long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

Expanding the pokeball, Bren threw it.

"Go Zaku!" he shouted, the pokeball opened and released a large purple and gold Pokemon with a gaping mouth.

"Exploud!" it said. Russell expanded his own and threw it.

"Go Belle!" he shouted, the pokeball opened and released a purple Pokemon with a dreamy look in its eyes that floated off the ground.

"Mismagius!" it said, it's voice soft

"So it comes down to this," Russell said.

"Our first Pokemon to end our greatest battle," Bren finished. "Zaku use screech!"

Zaku opened it's mouth and let out a shrill, piercing cry. Belle shivered slightly.

"Use nightshade!" Russell ordered, the ghost Pokemon's eye began to glow red before it fired two crimson beams of energy. Zaku was sent sliding back from the impact. "Now use Shadowball!"

Belle opened her mouth as a black ball of energy started to grow.

"Zaku use Hyperbeam!" Bren shouted, as Zaku opened his mouth and fired a strong beam of energy at the ghost Pokemon, as it fired Shadowball. The two attacks collided, causing a massive explosion that produce a thick cloud of dust.

12 months earlier

The two stood at the edge of the tall grass. The assistant had said Birch left on a research trip somewhere outside of town, and he'd taken the Pokemon with him.

"You sure about this?" Russell asked. "I don't like the idea of going out there with no Pokemon."

"We don't really have a choice in the- oh my god!" Bren shouted, pointing to the grass, Russell saw a pink and cream cat Pokemon come out of the grass. It eyed the two of them, before disappearing back into the green grass. "No! come back! I must pet you!"

Without another word, Bren charged off after the Skitty. Russell sighed to himself, not again, before running after his friend. The Skitty, seeing the maniac chasing it, began to full out run.

"Your so cute! I must have you!" Bren called. Russell groaned aloud, Bren was always like this with cute Pokemon. He was taken back as Bren suddenly vanished before his eyes, seconds later, Russell found his foot touching nothing, before he fell from the cliff. "Get off me."

Russell looked up at the short drop to the ground. Getting up he helped his friend to his feet.

"Now we're really lost this time," Russell said, looking around. "How are we gonna find professor Birch now?"

"Forget about him, help me find that adorable Skitty," Bren said, as he started pushing the long grass aside he found himself looking into the snarling face of a Poochyena. Jumping back, he plowed into Russell as the puppy Pokemon was soon joined by others. "Their….. Their…"

"Yeah, we're surrounded," Russell said.

"No….. their so cute!"

"What?" Russell asked, looking at his friend like he was crazy. "We about to be killed and you think their cute?"

"Boys! Up here!" the two looked up to see a man up a tree. "My bag on the ground, there's Pokemon in it. Pick one and drive the Poocheyena off."

The two looked to see a brown satchel lying against the tree trunk. Quickly, they opened the bag and pulled out one pokeball each.

"Here goes nothing, go!" Russell shouted, tossing the pokeball, it opened to reveal a black and purple Pokemon.

"Misdreavus," it said.

"Guess it's my turn- go!" Bren shouted, tossing the pokeball, it opened to reveal a small purple Pokemon with floppy ears.

"Whismur-" it was cut off by Bren picking it up and squeezing it in a tight hug.

"Your so adorable I think I'll call you Zaku," Bren said, as Whismur started to turn blue from lack of air.

"I guess it's up to me," Russell mumbled. "I'll call you Belle, it's French for beauty. Now Belle use Nightshade!"

Belle's eyes began to glow red before she fired two beams of crimson energy that impacted the ground in front of the Poochyena. The pack began to slowly back off, before vanishing into the grass once again. After they were gone, Professor Birch climbed down from the tree, slipping, he crashed to the ground with a thud.

"Ow! That hurt," he muttered, standing up slowly. "Looks like you boys did a good job-"

He looked warily at Bren, who still had Whismur in a tight hug, and said Pokemon had already passed out from lack of air.

"Anyway, I'm going to let you keep these Pokemon," he said, before retrieving his bag and pulling out two pokedexes, one black, the other blue. "I want you 2 to fill these with data on all the Pokemon you can."

After thanking the professor, the two left. Birch watched them leave, as he turned to go himself, he was confronted by the Poochyena again, as well as several Mightyena.

"Not again," he mumbled.

"So what now?" Russell asked, as Belle hovered around him.

"I guess we head to the first gym," Bren replied, Zaku was perched on his head, and staring all around at the surrounding area. A rustling of bushes drew their attention. The two stopped and waited, just as the Skitty from before came out into the open. "Now's my chance! Zaku go!"

Grabbing Zaku, Bren launched the baby Pokemon at the Skitty, unfortunately he threw him too hard, so the Pokemon slammed together, knocking them bath out. Russell sighed at this, as Bren began to openly sob.

"What have I done?" he wailed. "I've become a monster! I hurt two adorable Pokemon!"

"Are you gonna catch it or cry all day?" Russell asked, Bren almost immediately stopped crying.

"Oh yeah," he said, before tossing a pokeball. Skitty disappeared inside it, after shaking a few times the pokeball stopped moving. Running over Bren picked up the pokeball and released Skitty, and picked it up. "Look at you your so soft! I'm gonna call you Skitty Amazing cause that's what you look like! Just kidding your name is Nikki."

Russell quickly grabbed Bren by the front of his shirt and pulled him to the ground, just as the Mightyena leaped over them.

"That was close," Russell said, he stood up as the Mightyena turned to face them, and began to snarl. "Guess it's my turn now. Belle use Shadowball!"

Belle opened her mouth as a black ball of energy began to grow. As the Mightyena leaped she released it. The pack Pokemon was sent flying back into a large boulder. It tried to stand up, but fell back down. Tossing a pokeball Russell watched as the shaking ball finally stopped. Picking it up he released the Mightyena.

"Let me see here," he said, as he began to pet the large Pokemon. "I'll call you Lady. Do you like that?"

Lady barked in confirmation.

"Looks like we're both up two Pokemon," Bren said, as Zaku and Nikki began to play together, while Lady sniffed at Belle.

"Things are looking up already," Russell said.