We were inspired to write this by Mornen, who has a hilarious fic with the same idea called The Silmarillion Gets Silly Slogans. If you are at all into the Silm Fandom, you should read it. It's very funny!

Now, onto the slogans...

~You don't want Eragon as your enemy.~


Who would you have an Eragon with? (Let's see...)

Where the heck is Saphira! (With Eragon, you knurlheim!)

One goal, one passion - Arya. (If you're Eragon, I guess.)

The sweet you can eat between your meals without ruining your Roran. (My Roran? Can't wait to see how Katrina likes that.)

Sloan makes your day. (Are you sure about that?)

Garrow evolution. (No comment.)

Horst is back. (Oh really? Where did he go?)

Angela is a never ending story. (So true!)

Brom - as good as it gets! (You gotta love cool mentor-dudes!)

Nobody doesn't like the Ra'azak! (Riiigghhhtt...*shifty eyes*)

Durza after a long day. (*runs* I don't even want to meet him after a short day!)

Every Solembum has a story. (Okay! "What's your story?"..*tries to pet fluffy kitty*...AAEEII!)

Jeod - a class of his own (You bet!)

Murtagh for a professional image. (Are you sure? All the angst might look kind of messy...)

Genius has a name: Ajihod. (I would agree.)

The original Nasuada. (Implying there are knock-offs lying around?)

Everything is simple with the Twins. (Maybe for Galbatorix...)

Triana? You bet. (We are talking about plotting and coniving, right?)

Orik for your health. (Uhh...if you say so.)

You can't stop Hrothgar. (Not until Eldest anyway...)

Next Chapter Will Be... The Magic of Eldest!

What do you think? Blatantly funny? Intolerably strange? Please tell us!

~DarthMihi & RandomCelt