Wow. The last chapter! We can't believe it...yes we can. An extra long chapter, in honor of an extra long book.

Inheritance rules.


Eragon Shadeslayer - that's my style. (who are you?)

Visualize perfection. Visualize Saphira Bjartskular. (*backs away slowly* Nice, perfect dragon...)

Roran Stronghammer is a gift. (I think that everyone except the Empire and Sloan would agree. )

There's Katrina in every drop. (Every drop of blood! You have...9 seconds before Roran brutally kills you. Bye! *runs*)

Ismira II is your happiness. (Aaawww!)

Sloan means friendship. (Maybe in Urgalese. *rolls eyes* Get real.)

Arya - the real dream. (He's got a dream, he's got a dream...*is murdered by Eragon*)

Firnen can do. (Finish the sentence, please.)

Islanzadi keeps going, and going, and going...(No actually, no she doesn't.)

Bladgen for president. (...of what?)

It's not a dream. Glaedr is real! (No, you idiot - he's a big, shiny rock! *runs for cover*)

Vanir - Your personal entertainer. (I don't like where this is going..)

Step into the light with Blรถdhgarm. (Oh come on! Don't tell me he has his own magical, personal spotlight? Uurrg.)

I want more, I want Linnea. (More... of what?)

It's time to think about Yaela. (Yes, of course - her and Jarsha. Poor, underrepresented characters.)

Oh my goodness, it's a Jormundr . (Gasp!)

Keep going well, keep going Nasuada. (Murtagh agrees. *nervous smile* do I, of course.)

Murtgah makes me hot. (no, No, NO! He's the hot one!)

Anyone can handle Thorn. (If I were you, I would run, like, right now.)

I'd do anything for Morzan. (Fangirl.)

Every Galbatorix has a story. (Yes, and goes something like this: "Nobody loves me! Oh yeah, take that, haters! Killie,killie killie! Ooo power. Sorry, me king now. Not gonna stop. Haha! Killie some more! Power!" What? He is crazy.)

3... 2... 1... Shruikan! (Shruikan, Shruikan! It's time to wake up now sweetums. Yowww!)

Pure Orik. Pure Power. (Well,he is supposed to be strong...but something tells me, not that strong.)

Nar Garhzvog - The Revolution. (Well, he was part of it, but it's a bit pretentious to say he was ALL of it.)

Long live Yarbog! (Yeah! Oh wait, who was Yarbog again? Oh well, party on, dude!)

Heal the world with Carn. (*Sniffs* I miss Carn. Why'd he hafta DIE?)

Martland Redbeard brings out the best. (Well, he was a good strategist...)

It must be Trianna. (*puts on bluffing face* *in pretentious voice*Oh yes, without a doubt.)

Follow your King Orrin. (My King Orrin? MY King Orrin? *Lobs rotten tomato at slogan generator*)

Be part of Elva. (What, the part that Eragon magicked away? No thanks, no thanks anyway.)

Birgit groove. (Beware the grooovve!)

I want Angela and I want it now. (Well someone's being pushy. What do you say?)

Firstclass Solembum! (Implying there's second class?)

My Grimmr Halfpaw, your Grimmr Halfpaw, Grimmr Halfpaw for all! (Are you sure there's enough to go around...I mean, he's kinda small..)

I'd sleep with The Priest of Hellgrind. (That's just...*barfs under table* that's...we should have spared you the mental trauma. Sorry.)

Lord Barst wanted. (No, no thanks! We found someone else for the job. You can keep your big, hairy man. *looks horrified* *runs*)

Share moments, share The Ra'azac. (Yes, I'm happy to share! Anything to get them out of my house!)

The Eldunari, you'll love them! (*Nods convincingly* They'd be great in a catapult)

Vrael will do anything for you. (That is a lie! He's a king, not a servant!)

Worldclass Belgabad! (Yup! Big enough for the whole world, and irreplaceable too!)

Formora, whiter than the whitest! (Huh? her dragon was PURPLE! ...or was that Kialandi's?)

Go far with Kialandi. (Correction : Went far with Kialandi.)

I wish I was a The Forsworn. (Well then, honeybunches, you have got a death wish.)

King Palancar. The power on your side. (What? That old geezer?)


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