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Chapter Uno: Just The Beginning.

Dave Strider. The name even sounds cool. Dave Strider, the coolest kid on the face of planet Earth. Every girl at school loves him, and who wouldn't, he was tall, thin, had gorgeous blond hair, the whole coolkid charade was so consistent and so perfected that it was real.
Surprisingly enough, Dave Strider wasn't one for girls. But of course, keeping up his act he had to at least pretend, at least fake it. He let girl after girl ask him out, of course accepting just to spare their feelings but dates never happened but one time per girl. Because, Dave Strider was in love.

John Egbert. The adorable dweeb. Who would ever think someone as cool as Dave Strider would fall in love with such a nerd like him? No one. And Dave didn't want anyone to know. Except John, he always made little slips that could barely show him how he felt about him, but John would never understand. He'd never pay enough attention to add up these little flirty moments Dave had, and when he did catch it he'd only laugh and think of it as a ironic joke or whatever. The point is he'd never take it seriously. And that always struck Dave, in just the worst ways.

Dave never let this shit show though, of course not. He had a reputation to uphold. He went to school day after day, like nothing has changed, like he wasn't hurt at all the previous day.
You wouldn't believe the sort of difficulties this kid had when he was at home, alone. When he had no one around to impress or any such thing. He wrote music, raps to be more particular, about his problems, whether they be past or present. And about his one true love. When he said true love he was quite serious. He had been crushing on John for about four years now and he doesn't see this dying down anytime soon.

There was one MAJOR problem with Dave's ever-lasting love for this Egbert kid. He was as straight as a fucking arrow. Dave knew he'd somehow change that one day, well he hoped at least. But then, four years and his heterosexuality hasn't even been the slightest bit dented ever once. That was AWFUL. And when Dave thought nothing could go any worse it did. John got a girlfriend. Little Miss Victoria Serket. She was perfect for him too, they got along so well. She loved that god-awful actor John loved so much, she enjoyed all his silly little pranks, she hated pastries as he did. Hell, they even shared the same peanut allergy. Dave was no competition to this heaven-made match. It crushed him because he felt that he would never have a chance.

"Hey! Dave, we're over here!" John gestured towards Dave who was striding through the lunchroom, scanning over heads in a attempt to seek out their group of friends. He sat down at the table, sitting next to Jade and across from John who, to no surprise, had Serket clinging to his arm like a small child. "Heeeeeeeey Strider!" She giggled a bit, grinning widely and showing off a full set of blue-braced teeth. Dave growled internally but of course his outer shell gave absolutely no reaction. "'Sup, Serket." He replied coolly. "Dave!" Jade cheered as he sat, giving him a friendly side-hug greeting. "Harley!" He mocked monotonously, earning a stern but weak punch to the should. "Shit, Harley. How dare you test the fragility that is my sacred Strider flesh." A bit much, probably, confirmed by another slug ftom Jade. "Wow, Dave. You should shut up." She laughed a bit, John and Victoria laughed along. "How are you, Strider?" Rose piped in, giving a small but kind smile. "Meh. I've been better I suppose, I don't really know. How about you guys? Do anything particularly less boring this weekend?"

John decided to talk about his weekend first. "Well. Me and Vicky went on a date on Saturday!" He cheered, nudging Victoria slightly. In return she grinned again. "Yeah! We out to dinner and a movie!" Dave cringed slightly, almost unnoticeable. "Cool story, bro. When does it end?" Dave teased. "Whatever, Dave you're just jealous!" John retorted, hugging Vicky even closer, causing Dave's stomach to go uneasy. "Jealous? I'm Dave fucking Strider, the eye candy of Skaia High!" Dave bragged, shooting a look at a table of girls, all of them squealing and looking away nervously.
"See what I mean?" He smirked slightly, looking back towards his own table. John scoffed and Victoria rolled her eyes. "Ooh, Mr. Strider, ooh." Victoria mocked, sticking her tongue out at him teasingly. "Whatever, Serket. You have serious issues if you can resist the signature Strider charm." Dave nearly hissed, regaining his composition quickly. "Gooooooood, Strider. I was just being silly. So defensive!" Victoria pouted pathetically, obviously faking. "Aww...Dave, you made her upset!" John whined, kissing the girl's head softly, a braced grin spreading across her face once more.

Ugh. He felt awful again, that achey, burny, stabby feeling in the pit of his stomach. Like someone punched him in the gut, stabbed him in the stomach, and then lit his body on fire. Okay, maybe that was over-exaggerating a little bit. But it still did hurt. And the look on John's face, the look of 'Dude. What the hell?' ate at him, almost. "Sorry man, didn't mean anything personal." Dave shrugged, he really didn't mean anything out of it. "Anyway, bros and broettes. I have classes to ditch, talk to ya'll later." Dave stood, grabbing his bookbag and exiting the lunchroom. Next stop, the bathroom.