Numbness. That's all it was anymore.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Dave sat in the stall, his stomach flipping around repeatedly, his hands shaky as he wrapped the gauze and bandages around his arm as he got up slowly, slightly dizzy once he was on his feet. "Jesus..." He growled, holding his forehead and throwing the stall door open, walking to the bathroom sink and staring into his reflection. God he looked awful, the damn rings under his eyes were dark enough they could pass off as a black eye. He pulled the shades back off the top of his head and adjusting them, fixing his hair to perfection. He grabbed his bookbag and threw it over his shoulder and walking over to the record shop near their school. This is where Dave normally chose to chill out, he'd just flip through the boxes and boxes of records, finding new mixing material and just good ol' alternative rock tracks. "Anything new, Gam?" Dave called, dropping the bag next to the check out register. Minutes later a tall, dark skinned man entered from a back room, a puff of smoke behind him. "Hey, Strider!" Gamal laughed, extending his arm, his hand clenched into a fist for a brotherly fist bump, which Dave of course returned. "Dude, I just got a shit ton more records today, some dude brought it in earlier." He grinned ear-to-ear, eyes half-lidded as he just smiled at him. "Sweet, bro. Lemme see man." Dave nodded, leaning against the counter. A minute or so later Gamal came from the back room with a box of records, smoke once again. "I think I saw Radiohead in here somewhere? And someone donated a whole BEP set." The tall man began, setting the box down and flipping through it, taking out the discs he mentioned before pushing the box over to Dave. "Take your pick man, on me today." He grinned, patting the blonde's shoulder before retreating to his back room again, not to be seen for the rest of Dave's visit.

He ended up with a Radiohead, some Beastie Boys, Black Eyed Peas and a CAKE track. This time skipping over to grab a coffee before he had Photography, one of the only classes he had he truly enjoyed. "Black, whatever you have made." He grumbled at the barista, itching the bandages wrapped tightly around his wrist, the woman eying said wrappings, a sense of pity and worry in her eyes, she handed Dave the drink, giving him a sweet smile and nod. "Here you go, sweetheart." She chimed, her voice silky and sincere. "Thanks, babe." Dave muttered subconsciously, handing her a five and muttering a low 'Keep the tip.' as he walked out the door and made his way back to Skaia High to get to class 1025, also know as Photography. "Tardy, Mr. Strider." The teacher, Mr Noir, droned, checking his name off a clipboard. "Sorry." He muttered, shrugging and walking over to his desk, pulling a camera bag out of his bookbag, and then a professional Nokia camera from that. "So this weekend you all were to take and edit a photograph of your choice and e-mail it to me. I must say I was impressed with a lot of your work, and if you all don't mind. I'll be presenting a few of my favorites in class today." Mr Noir smiled, setting up a small projector and pulling up a fantastically edited picture of a forest in sepia, minus some pink flowers. "The one was titled 'Fuchsia' by Miss Felicity Peixes." He stated, the small girl in the back squeaked in the back along with a short snicker from the hipster. Another picture was brought up, this time, of the wall of the record shop Dave was in earlier, with the record shape made of old record player pieces. It was a black and white picture. "And one of Mister Strider's." Dave nodded in approval, smirking a bit. Now, a picture of a beach shore, with two pairs of feet, one in purple converse, the other with pink and green toenails and pink flip-flops. "This one was from Eric." The hipster snickered again, a small, high pitched giggle bubbling up from Felicity.

Finally the bell rang, the teacher's slideshow ending. "Assignment for tomorrow, I expect to have a photo of a person, editing optional." He nodded and stood himself before dismissing the class. Dave was the first one out, flashstepping away so he wouldn't get caught in the crowd. "Dave! Where are you going?" John shouted from behind, Dave stopped and turned on his heel, John was to close for comfort and Dave- without thinking, mind you, shoved him away. John fell to the floor in a mess flying papers with a loud thump. "Crap!" John yelped. "Dude, shit. Sorry, I wasn't thinking." Dave mumbled, kneeling to help pick up the stuff that went flying. "It was sort of a reflex thing." He tried to explain, rubbing the back of his head nervously, his straight-faced mask cracked in a look of nervousness. "I'm really sorry, bro." Surprisingly, John was giggling, a dorky grin spread across his face, and his eyes teared up in what could be either pain or joy. "Dave! Dude you are acting so lame right now, it's hilarious!" He continued to giggle, picking papers up and shoving them in his bag, standing up and dusting himself off. Dave's face went a light shade of pink and he adjusted his shade uncomfortably. "Fuck you, Egbert..." He growled, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes, whether John could see it or not. "Now you're totally acting like some teenage girl!" John laughed even more. Dave just glared, before slugging John's arm and turning away. "I have Digital Art..." He hissed before flashstepping away, trying to avoid the boy and get to his class. No way he wanted any more contact with the dweeb today, he wouldn't be able to stand it. He itched at the gauze again, walking through the front door as he was greeted by Ms Paint. "Hey there, Mister Dave!" She chimed, as cheery as ever. "Dave! Hey there! Hehehehehe." Teresa cackled, at her normal computer next to his. "Sup, Pyrope." He nodded to her, bright red shaded glasses and teal eyes staring you down, a mischievous grin plastered to her face. "How's the webcomic going? Hehehe." She continued her maniac giggling as she pulled out her drawing tablet and plugging it into the USB port. "It's as good as always, should update soon." He replied. "Epic! Hehe, can't wait to see!" Teresa was such an excitable girl. "Today is a free day, draw whatever! It'll still be graded though, so no doddling, and no doodling!" Ms Paint recited, she herself beginning to draw some white woman in a black dress resembling outer space.

"See you on Pesterchum, Strider!" Teresa cackled, swinging a red and teal messenger bag over her shoulder. "Yeah, see ya Terese..." Dave nodded slightly, trying to hurry off to Spanish before John caught up. Shit, that Travis kid was there, huh? Should be fun.