This is kinda just a random quick idea I had. I don't know if I should continue or not so any feedback you could give would be great! To clear something up before it starts though, this is NOT if Sam was a girl this is what if a girl NAMED Sam got swapped out for Sam Witwicky in the movie. Now that that's out of the way; thanks, enjoy, and review -Rin

Chapter 1

"I am Optimus Prime. This message is for any remaining Autobot are hiding amoung that stars. We are here, we are..."

"Cari come on I'm trying to read here!" I grumbled so that my friend could here me interrupting the ending of the first Transformers.

My friend Cari and I were as my house alone and we were supposed to be doing homework. My friend said she had finished but I had yet to finish my family geneology report for tomorrow and we were learning about how some people are related to really famous people...yadeyada it's a bunch of whooy to me. All I was related to were fat Englishmen named Charles and James and Robert who own cow farms in Virgina.

The brunett paused her movie and turned to me with a frown, "What? You know this is my favorite movie ever,".

"Yes I do know cause you've watched it over a hundred time in the past week! But I'll fail if I don't finish this in time for the test tomorrow!" I growled back, aggravated by her obsession for Transformers.

Cari considers herself what is called in her fandom a "transfan". She's watched the movies to the point where she had memorized them, had read most if not all the books, has an Autobot insignia t-shirt, and pretty much eats, sleeps, and breathes anything else Transformer.

I on the other hand have come to...hate seems like too strong a word...but I am NOT a transfan. I like the movies and cartoons when I'm in the mood but other than that I know almost nothing about it. And at the moment I DEFINITELY wasn't in the mood.

"But Saaaam!" she whined giving me a puppy dog face with her big brown eyes and round faced framed by short brown hair it would be hard to say no for most people...but I'm her best friend and I'm not like most people.


"Pweeeaase Samantha!" she used me full name...now it was war.

"I've seen that fricken movie so many times, Cari! I'm ready to throw it into the microwave and watch it spark and fry!" I yelled, "so why don't you grow up and put the damn thing away!"

In hindsight I know I shoulda probably been a little nicer but I was pissed and didn't feel like being peachy this afternoon. And to add to the jerkyness of the situation I gave smirk as she gave a sniff and her eyes started to tear up. She turned and punched the eject button on the DVD player and as soon as it opened swiped up her disk and shoved it unceremoniously into it's case. Then she grabbed her backpack and ran out of my bedroom. Before she fully disappeared through the door she turned and spat at me.

"I hope you have to face this 'damn' thing, and I hope it bites you in the butt!" and then fled downstairs.

I heard the front door slam and I sat there fuming. Why did she have to be so childish! I was worried about things that really matter like school and grade while Cari was worried about what stupid robot was better than the other and that one of her posters had fallen off her wall.

'Face it? HA the Transformers weren't even real how could I FACE them?'

I got up and started pacing around the room trying to work off some of my angry energy before I punched something and either broke it or my hand. As I came around my room again for the third time my sneaker hit something and it flew across the floor and his the foot of my desk. I bent down and picked up a small silver necklace.

The charm on it was a small silver dollar sized disk with both the Autobot and Decepticon insignias stamped on either side. It hung from a thin silver chain and clinked as it twirled around in my hand.

'It must be Cari's. She must've left it behind and didn't notice,' I thought and suddenly had the urge to throw it out the window or into a garbage can but I thought better and slipped it into my pants pocket.

Suddenly feeling exhausted I fell backwards onto my bed and looked at the clock, it was seven o'clock and I gave a yawn. Cari was probably already home, she only lives about a half mile down the street from me.

"Should probably apologize..." I muttered but didn't move from my position on my bed.

"And good morning ladies and gents to WXLO's Music Craze Hour, starting us off at this early hour is Linkin Park with their new hit single!"

I jumped as my alarm clock went off, I didn't even remember falling asleep. I slammed a fist on top of the clock making it stop blaring some rock music and I got up. Suddenly the memories from yesturday rushed over me and I frowned...I would have to face Cari at school.

"Hafta apologize," I muttered then stood and stretched.

"HOLY CRAP!" I yelled as I looked at the time again, it was almost six fourty-five, my bus picked me up in five minutes.

I jumped out of bed still in my clothes from yesturday and grabbed my schools books and shuved them into my backpack along with the things for me geneology report. I then bolt down stair and nearly tripped in surprise. I was standing in a kitchen. But as far as I can remember my stairs led down into my living room. And since when did we have the fridge to the right and an island in the middle of the kitchen?

The more I looked around the more I was sure...this wasn't my house.

"What the hell!" I murmered staring around at everthing.

I peeked into a side room to see an empty living room then discovered that somehow, if this was my house, it had gain an extra bathroom and apparently my parents room was down the hall from the kitchen.

I moved silently down the hall and peered into the crack of the bedroom door to see two sleeping forms in the bed. This was freaking me out immensly. But I tried to ignore it, 'I'm just still tired...I dunno what I'm talking about. I just go to school and everything will be alright,'.

I turned and raced out the door letting it slam behind me as I bolted across the lawn and down the sidwalk. Just as I ran up to my stop the bus pulled up and the door swung open. But right as I was about to sigh in relief I noticed that the bus driver wasn't the same.

'Just a sub Sam, it's just a sub,' I tell myself and walk up the steps to another surprise.

I know nobody on the bus. There are about twenty kids on the bus and I don't recognise one of them. I feel myself start panic and I take a step back. That is until the bus revs forward and I fall flat on my face. A chorus of laughter erupt from the bus and I feel my cheeks grow hot as I stand back up and grip the seats to steady myself

My eyes suddenly lock onto a tall gangly boy waving a hand at me with a goofy grin plastered on his face, 'Do I know him?' I think but go with it and walk unsteadily towards him.

I feel someone elbow me hard in the side and then try to trip me but I ignore it, then I here some one call out "Having trouble today Witwicky?".

I finally make it to the blonde boy and sit down next to him, 'Witwicky? What do they mean my name's not Witwicky it's Devins, Samantha Devins!'.

"Hey Sam you okay dudette?" the boy asked nudging me with an elbow, his grin lessening slightly.

"Uh...no not really, I think I'm on the wrong bus and how is it you know my name?" I ask praying that I'm not going crazy.

"You bang yo head man? It's me, Miles...Miles Landcaster you're best friend?" the boy gives a laugh but then quickly stops as he sees I'm not kidding.

"Then who am I?" I ask dreading the question but needing to know.

"Are you playin' man? Haha! I giddit you're playing me aren't cha?" he laughed again but I continued to frown at him.

"Your Sam of course, Samantha Witwicky. Seventeen years old and a Senior in highschool," Miles said still thinking I was kidding and just played along.

"Oh yeah...right sure, just tugging yor leg..uh man," I say back trying to calm my thumping heart and tried to give a friendly smile.

He seemed pleased that I finally admitted me 'game' and then turned to look out the grimy bus window. I dropped the smile and put my head in my hands and tried to get my breathing under control.

'Alright...so I have no idea where I am, who I am, or what's going. I somehow got transported somewhere...or maybe I got my memory replaced...or maybe everyone it just fooling around with me. Maybe it's a giant prank Sam day at school. I bet Cari set this up to get me back for yesturday!' I reasoned but these thoughts didn't make me feel any better.

Then a memory popped into my head from yesturday when Cari was watching her movie...'Mr. Witwicky if you'd please," the teacher said and a dark haired Shia Labeouf went up playing as Sam Witwicky! I gave a shudder of horror as Cari's words came back to me.

"I hope you have to face this 'damn' thing, and I hope it bites you in the butt!"