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Chapter 10: The End

I screamed as another cannon blast shot by me, singeing my hair and clothes. But I kept running, my feet kicking hunks of damaged road and bits of twisted metal. Next to me Michael was running just as desperately, clutching the flare that Lennox had given him. I heard Ironhide rumble something but I was too scared to figure out what he had said.

I looked back up at the white building topped with statues. It was still a good two or three blocks away when there was a crash behind us. I looked back and saw that Ratchet had been forced to back down and the helicopter Decepticon was coming back.

"Keep moving Sam!"

I didn't need any more encouragment but my lungs were starting to burn and my entire body ached with each breath. But I refused to die here and now, I needed to complete this thing whether I thought it was still real or not. I turned down a street, still followed by Michael, and was immediatly forced to duck down. Starscream came barreling out of the sky and did a full slide the length of the street. Cars, people, and bits of rock and metal went flying everywhere and I screamed as Michael pulled me behind a parked Honda.

Ironhide shot at the jet Con as Ratchet tried to cover himself and get back up. But the Decepticon was fresh and unharmed when the Autobots were getting worn down and spred thin. Ratchet fell to the ground and Starscream did some sort of flip and resumed his chase in the air. Ironhide was forced down onto one knee, both bots were too battered to keep going.

"Sam get to the building!" he shouted and I stood from my hiding spot.

"Come on Michael!" I shouted and helped him up, then we both ran in the opposite direction, trying to keep the white building in our sights.

"MEGATRON!" I heard the voice of Optimus rumble and the Decepticon leader heaved himself at Optimus, tackling him to the ground.

I continued to run, not wanting to look back at the wreckage behind me as the building started to loom over us. I put my legs into over drive as I was able to see that the abandoned building's entrance. More gigantic crashes and booms echoed behind us as I wrenched open the gate that surrounded the building and I ushered Michael inside. Before I followed I looked back; Optimus and Megatron were crashing through the air, battering buildings, trashing cars, and to my horror even crashed all the way through a huge sky scraper.

Optimus was forced to let go of Megatron and crashed down in a roll and the Con transformed his arms into some sort of super cannon. But before he had a chance to shoot it Optimus brought a robot sized gun and shot an enormous bullet into Megatron. At first I was thrilled when the evil bot did some sort of twirl, and I thought that he was down for the count. And of course the universe loves to proove me wrong so all he did was fall back and then shoot his weird arm laser. The Autobots flew through the air, smacked into a buliding, and then crashed to the ground; nearly squishing several terrifyed looking people.

I watched as Megatron then stood up from where he was and his gaze flashed over everything until it locked onto the building I was standing by, and then on me.

"GIVE ME THE CUBE!" he roared and he started charging towards me, even at the distance I could see the gleam of his red eyes.

"Damn!" I shouted and then took off inside the building, where Michael was waiting for me.

We both ran through the empty bottem floor of the cathedral-like building as the echoing booms of Megatron's footsteps started to reach us. Michael and I bolted to a flight of stairs and started climbing, our ragged breathing sounded magnifyed in the stairway. Then there was a crash of breaking glass and cracking stone as Megatron entered the building. I looked up at Michael who looked back, we didn't say anything but I could tell he was thinking the same thing as me. Were we going to die?

I pumped my legs harder, taking the stairs two at a time now despite the burning pain in my calves. Finally Michael and I both made it to the second floor and the second set of stairs was just across the open floor.

"I SMELL YOU!" the roar was just under us I swore again.

"COME ON!" I yelled and bolted towards the stairs.

Michael was just behind me when the floor behind him exploded and Megtron's gigantic head reared up. The boy screamed and ran harders as the robot's giant claws reached for us. I made it to the next stair well and grabbed Michael's hand and helped him up. Megatron roared in rage as we escaped his clutches and raced up the next set of stairs; these spiraled upwards in what seemed to be an endless pattern of thumping feet and panting.

"MAGGOTS! FILTH!" the Decepticon bellowed, shaking the floor and making me stumble.

I yelled out as my knee caught on the stair and I went down.

"Sam come on! Get up, we have to go!" Michael said shaking me shoulder but I shook my head, hot tears running down my cheeks.

"I can't! I'm no going to be able to do it!" I yelled out, more bangs and crashes coming from below us.

Michael knelt down next to me and put his hand firmly on my shoulder, "Sam...you say that you aren't from this dimention! Why are you giving up now? Do you still have friends, family, anyone you still care about back home? If you do then you need to get up, you can't die here!" he said and I looked up.

Michael had blood smeared on his face along with dirt and sweat, and I doubted that I looked any better but he was determined and his eyes were bright and hard. Was this a person who was ready to die?

'NO!' I though to myself harshly. 'NO! I am not dying in some place I don't belong! I'm going to get out of this and go back home!'

I picked myself up, careful not to slip again and started up the stairs again. My pace was slower because of my aching knee but I was able to make it up to the next set of stairs. For the next five minutes Michael and I continued our trek upwards, Megatron's rumblings constantly behind us. I just stared straight ahead taking step after step until finally Michael lifted up the hatch to the roof, momentarily blinding us with the bright sunlight.

Overhead I could hear the whooshing of helicopter blades and looked up to see three military copters circling around, waiting for the flare. Michael hit the end of the flare against the wall and with a burst of red it sparked to life.

"OVER HERE!" he bellowed and I followed him across the roof.

The helicopters saw us and turned to face us, one coming up right up to the edge of the building. I rushed over and I heard the pilot saw they had found us. Just then, as I was starting to hand the Cube over, I saw something land on the building next to us. Looking over I saw Starscream fire two missles that roared towards us.

"LOOK OUT!" I screamed but it was too late.

The copter exploded and plummeted down, sending Michael and myself flying backwards. There was a crash as the helicopter started to spin of out control and the yells of the men on board rang in my ears. Then I heard more booms that came from below us, Megatron was starting to catch up. I pulled myself upwards, followed by Michael as well, and then we darted across the building at the booms beneath us grew lounder...until finally a massive, clawed, hand reached upwards, almost grabbing us both.

I screamed bolting over to the left, next to where one of the statues attached to the top of the building. Michael grabbed my hand and pulled me over next to the ledge of the building and of all things started pushing me up onto the pedistal of the statue.

"What the Hell are you doing?" I shouted trying to shake off his hand.

"Don't panic, climb up there and hang on to the Cube! Go and just trust me okay!" he shouted over my protests and look me right in the eyes.

I hesitated one more second and then nodded, "Okay."

I grasped the side of the statue and, with the All Spark pressed against my stomach, inched my way around the statue until my back faced the city and I was staring at the leg of the statue. Within a few seconds Michael had joined me and he looked nervously down then gave a shiver.

"Is it fear or courage that compells you fleshlings?" the grinding voice of Megatron rumbled from the other side of the roof.

I considered the question rhetorical and didn't bother answering as I continued to cling for dear life to the stone statue. Megatron approached from the other side and I slid back a few inches, nearly loosing my grip with my sweaty fingers. The Decepticon was no looking over at Michael and I, his red eyes slits as he focused on us.

'Come on!' I thought to myself, 'Where the Hell is Optimus!'

"If you give me the All Spark I'll let you live to be my pets!" he growled and I froze.

I remembered this part in the movie and I really didn't want to get thrown off this extremely tall building. But I couldn't give Megatron the Cube, even if this was some movie, it was real enough to bang me around and give me some scars. So it was real enough so that I could possibly get stuck here forever and if I did give the Con the Cube that would me living under his rule. I looked over at Michael and he gave a determined nod.

"I'm never giving you this All Spark!" I finally shouted and braced myself against the statue.

"Oh...so unwise..." heard the Decepticon mutter dangerously.

There was a full three seconds of silence and then Megatron destroyed the top of the building. Michael gripped my hand as we fell, the air full of debris and sound as we tumbled. Time seemed to stop as I shut my eyes and waited for the impact. That's when I was yanked to a much more sudden stop then I had thought and my eyes were forced open.

"You're lucky I was here eh?" a voice said and I looked up into the reflective visor of Jazz.

The Autobot had caught us in mid fall and we were now dangling from his hand. Michael and I pulled ourselves up all the way onto the bot's palm.

"Hang on you two!" he said and then jumped the rest of the way down the building, using the fire escapes as a kind of step ladder.

I clutched the Cube tight to my chest as we plummeted downward again, my teeth jarring painfully with each shuttering movement. Finally the bot made it back to the earth, unfortunetly Megatron wasn't too far behind. Jazz quickly put us on the ground and transformed into his alt mode and the doors immediatly opened. That's when I noticed that Michael was still holding my hand, tightly. Quickly I broke off the contact, trying to hide my reddening cheeks, and jumped into the driver side and he the passenger side seat. Just as the Decepticon lept towards us Jazz took off with the screech of tires and swirl of smoke.

He careened around the corner at top speed, making my stomach lurch. We had to swerv around several piles of rubble and flaming cars from the battling mechs but it didn't proove too much of a problem.

"Ya need to git that Cube outta here, ASAP." the car said and I nodded, not exactly sure if he could see the motion or not.

"Are the soldiers still here?" Michael asked.

Jazz paused as he avoided another busted car and then replyed, "Yeah, their down a few blocks trying to take care of Devastator and Blackout. Ironhide and Ratchet are trying to help but Starscream is prooving to be a pain in the aft."

I frowned at his words, what had happened to turn the tide of the fight in the movie? I quickly flashed through the past hours or so trying to make sense of where I was in the actual movie but everything seemed so messed up. As far as I could gauge, we were just about at the part where Optimus was supposed to have caught the real Sam from falling and was about to face Megatron but that had changed to Jazz rescuing Michael and myself and then running from the Decepticon. What was suppsoed to happen next?

As I was racking my brains we continued our rapid pace through the hald destroyed city until I was brought out of my train of thought by a shout from Michael.

"WAIT! I found one of the bots!" he said and the Pontiac came to a screeching halt.

The boy immediatly got out of the car and ran back to a pile of jumbled cars, rubble, and...

"BUMBLEBEE?" I said and I also got out of Jazz and ran back to where the now legless mech lay.

The poor Autobot gave a pained moan and tried to drag himself foward on his hands but his bulk made it difficult. It clicked, he had been what had helped; Michaela had hitched him up to a tow-truck and that's how he had been able to take out the Devastator.

"Michael..." I said slowly, letting my eyes wander over to the broken down truck just down the street.


"You wouldn't happen to know how to hot wire a car would you?" I said just as slowly as I stared at the still struggling Bee.

The boy gave me a strange look but as his eyes also found the tow truck he seemed to understand, "Yeah, actually I do know. But I guess you already knew that huh?"

I nodded, "Can you get him over to where Lennox and the others are, Bee can help you from there. Jazz..." I turned to the still car mode Autobot.

"I need to to find Optimus, I know what has to happen." the car flashed it's light and opened it's door again.

I was about to walk over when Michael grabbed my elbow. I turned around to face him, still clutching the All Spark tight against my stomach.

"Sam, I'm glad I was able to save you that night, no matter what happens." he said awkwardly.

I blinked, "Yeah me too..."

And without my expecting he leaned forard and panted a kiss right on my lips. It lasted only a few seconds and before I could fully comprehend what he had just done Michael pulled away and turned and ran over to where the tow truck was. Numbly I ran back over to where Jazz was and quickly jumped into the driver seat. Then the car took off, in search of Optimus.

Gently I pressed my index finger against my lips and blinked rapidly. My first kiss and it had been in an alternate dimention with a guy that was the spitting image of Shia Lebouf...yeah okay not what was first on my list of things to do.

'I don't even like the guy!' I thought to myself, 'But I bet Cari is going to get a kick out of it...'

Shuving the image out of my head I focused on where Jazz was heading and soon we were turning a corner to where Optimus was just picking himself off the ground, leaving a large robot sized indent in the pavement.

I jumped back out of the Pontiac and Jazz transformered back into his bipedal form and helped his leader back onto his feet.

"Optimus, what happened?" the bot asked.

Optimus shook his head and straightened up, "Megatron his me into the building and I was knocked out for a while." he said.

From there Jazz quickly explained what had happened in the leader's absence and Optmius frowned heavily; then he looked over at me and knelt down.

"Sam, you risked your life to protect the Cube."

I smiled to myself and replied with the cheesiest answer I could think of.

"No sacrifice...no victory."

The Autobot nodded, "If I am not able to defeat Megatron then you must push the Cube into my chest. I will sacrifice myself to destroy it."

"No! You don't have to do that!" I said back, knowing that Cari would be proud of me.

Both bots blinked in surprise and shared a quick glance before turning back to me.

"You say that if I do that the Cube will be destroyed but will stop Megatron from just taking out his anger on the rest of the human race?" this seemed to stump both the bots as the continued to listen to me.

"What if you push the All Spark into Megatron's spark? It'll take care of two problems!"

Optimus seemed to think for a moment and then stood back up and looked back at Jazz.

"It seems like it would work to me Optimus." his second in command said.

"I agree, but I won't be able to hold the Cube and battle Megatron at the same time."

I sighed, of course what was an alternate dimention without a little more life or death action?

"I'll hold it, until you need it of course." I said, trying to sound as determined at possible.

Optimus looked down at me and gave a single nod, "Yes. Jazz go and assist Ironhide and Ratchet, Sam stay behind me."

I heafted the Cube underneath my arm and ran after Optimus who started walking towards the center of the city; towards to where Megatron was. Jazz ran off in the opposite direction, where many booms and crashes were coming from, to help the others. Within a minute Megatron showed himself and gave a rumbling growl as he spotted Optimus approached.

"It's just you and me Prime!" he bellowed.

"No Megatron," the Autobots replied, "it's just me."

I ducked down an alley as the two mechs charged each other and met with a thunderous clash of metal on metal.

"You still fight for the weak!" the Decepticon roared as he tried to throw Optimus into a building, "that is why you shall loose!"

I lept to the side as an explosion of concrete rained down over me and I peeked around the corner of a building. There was a sudden whooshing sound and I saw that the helicopter Decepticon, Blackout, was sneaking up behind Optimus and Megatron's fight. A rotating blade on his arm causing the whoosing noise. That's when he seemed to notice something and turned around to attack the soldiers who were trying to sneak up on him. Then I hear the roaring of an engine and saw a beat up tow truck come out of no where, hauling the upper half of Bumblebee, backwards, towards the Decepticon.

I saw as the yellow bot shot several rounds at the Con making him growl, then from underneath him there was a bang and his lower half burst with fire from where Lennox had shot him. I could almost make out his yell of victory.

I smiled to myself, 'They'll make it!' I thought and turned my attention back to the fight between Optimus and Megatron.

Overhead there was the sound of jets and I saw the calvary arrive and start to fire their weapons on the Decepticon leader, soon being attacked by Starscream. I saw Optimus trying to pick himself back up off the ground and Megatron fending off the barrage of attacking coming from the fighter jets and the now victorious soldiers. I could tell that Optimus needed the Cube, and soon so I rushed out. I closed perhaps three-quarters of the distance between the bot and myself before I had to skid to a stop as Megatron clawed at where I was missing me by only a few feet. I yelled out as the almost rabid Decepticon growled and snarled at me; nearly screaming for the Cube.

"SAM NOW! USE THE CUBE NOW!" Optimus shouted, tripping the Decepticon and making him fly over me.

I scrambled up, trying to gain footing on the rocky ground as Megatron made a second grab for me. I ran to the side, stumbling and scraping my hands and just as I whipped around I saw the grusome face of the Decepticon almost on top of me. I gave a yell and almost fell over, my heart beating in my throat as I looked up into the blazing red eyes.

"NO SAM!" Optimus shouted but I rushed forward, ignoring the screaming urge to run and the pounding in my ears from the fear and adrenline.

Without even looking I shuved the Cube upwards, not aiming but praying that it would hit it's mark. There was a high pitched buzzing and I looked up to see the front of the All Spark dissolving in my hands, the metal becoming white hot and hard to keep a hold of. For another few seconds, (for me it felt like hours), I struggled with the Cube until it finally melted all away.

Megatron gave a gurgling, strangled yell; clawing at his now molten chest. It sounded as if some sort of monster was trying to escape from his throat. He struggled to stand upwards but with one final roar his collapsed to the ground, his eyes growing dull, and his arms going limp.

I coughed and slid away from the pile of metal that had nearly collapsed on top of me, my chest heaving and my breath coming in gasps. It all of a sudden seemed too quiet as the dust, and smoke started to clear. Looking up I saw Optimus stand up off the ground and walk slowly over to the now motionless form of Megatron.

"You left me no choice brother..." he said solumly.

Slowly I stood as well and watched as the remaing soldiers and a battered tow truck come around a pile of stone and metal and stopped at the carnage that was left behind. I looked over and saw Michael jump out of the truck and give a brief glimps at Bumblebee; then he came over to where I was standing.

"I told you that you'd still be alive didn't I?" I said and gave a small smile.

"Yeah you did didn't you?" he answered back with a laugh.

Just then I felt a tingling sensation start in my feet and slowly start to travel up my legs, into my chest and out my arms and into my head. It felt like someone had just set the whole world on vibrate.

"SAM!" Michael gasped and took a step back.

I looked down at my arms and saw that I had a glowing outline surrounding me and that bit by bit I was slowly dissolving away. I looked back up at everyone gathered around, the Autobots; every single one still alive! The soldiers, who were looking on with shocked expressions, and Michael who watched with amazement as I slowly disappeared.

"What's going on?" I heard someone ask.

I grinned, "I'm going home!" I shouted, pumping my fist but then I was oddly struck with a pinch of sadness.

Even though I hadn't know any of these people (robots) long...and they were all technically fictional characters...I had come to actually respect them and befriend them. So I did the only thing I could think that would be appropriate before I totally disappeared, knowing I probably wasn't going to see them again.

"THANKS EVERYONE!" I shouted, my voice sounding faint and echoy.

"Goodbye, Samantha Devins..." I heard Optimus say, giving a nod.

There were several more goodbyes from the dumbstruck soldiers and a wave from Bumblebee and Jazz. Then i looked back at Michael who seemed extremely sad and disappointed.

"Hey! Buck up there mister, you'll find a girlfriend who is actually from your dimention!" I winked.

"What? You promise!" he shouted back, giving a slight laugh.

"I promise!" I shouted back just as my entire body started to truely disappear and I had the strange feeling of moving backwards.

Everything started to seem foggy and then suddenly with a slight flash it was all gone...

"Oooofff!" I felt like someone had kicked the air out of me as I landed on my stomach onto a hard, wood, floor.

"SAAAAAM!" I heard someone shriek and suddenly I was sitting up with the rest of the air that had been in me, being slowly squeezed out.

"CARI!" I wheezed back and giving my own hug back to my best friend.

"You're alive!" she squeeled pulling back and shaking me by my shoulders.

"And what you expected me to come back a zombie?" I laughed, trying to catch me breath.

"No it's just...you...the Transformers...AHHHHHH!" she said and hugged me again.

Just then Cari's mom walked in. She was dressed in an apron and had flour stuck in her hair, her green eyes looking over the scene with interest.

She saw what was going on and laughed, "My, Cari you didn't tell us that Sam was over."

Cari whipped around and gave an embarressed smile jabbering away nonsense that didn't seem to phaze her mom who looked behind her daughter at me.

"Sam...what happened to you? It looks like you've been through a car wreck!" the woman said, her voice taking on a concerned tone.

I stood up and brushed off the white dust that still clung to my pants, though I doubted that it made me look any better.

"Don't worry Ms. Brown, really I'm fine."

She gave a doubtful look, "Are you sure? It looks like you're hurt and all messy."

I gave a small laugh, "Don't believe everything you see Ms. B. Besides..." I shot a look over at Cari who grinned like the fangirl she was.

"There's more to me...than meets the eye."

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