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By bishounen lovah

Chapter 14

The days that followed were very hectic.  Naomi taught Syaoran to strengthen his powers.  Fujitaka taught Touya how to use his powers.  Eriol taught Sakura to strengthen her defense.  Tomoyo taught Meiling how to get the best video shots.  Nakuru taught Kero how to maximize Spinel's mouth area for stuffing in sweets.  And Yukito, well, he had been more quiet than usual, no doubt reflecting Yue's mood.

Between school, home, training, keeping Syaoran away from Sakura and acting as buffer between Yue and Naomi, Touya had his hands full but somehow he managed.  He had hoped for normalcy but it seemed like there would not be any in the near future.

He and Naomi were in the library researching about some heart problem their "baby" supposedly had.  Apparently even their make-believe family had a problem of its own.

He peeked at her from across the table and wondered (for the nth time) at her extreme likeness to his mother.  It was quite freaky although it did not mean she looked like a freak.  Contrary to it actually.  She was very beautiful just as his mother was though bit by bit he could see their differences on the inside if not on the outside.  Sure she was clumsy from time to time but there was that serious air about her that was never a part of Nadeshiko's personality.  Sometimes he would think that she was too serious for her own good.

Naomi suddenly looked up from the book she was reading and caught Touya staring at her.  She smiled at him much the same way Nadeshiko would and for a moment his heart ached as he was transported to the past.  He blushed a bit but he overcame it when he shook off his embarrassment.

"Is there something you wanted to ask me, Touya-kun?"

"Yes—no!  I mean…" He searched his brain for something—anything that would make sense.  In the end, he spoke the first thing that came into his mind.  "You should smile more often.  You're too beautiful not to."

And so the table was turned.  Naomi blushed at what he said, unaccustomed to compliments or attention of any kind.  Since he now had her full attention he decided to push his luck and ask the questions that were deemed off limits.

"Naomi-chan…do you hate your father so much?"

The confusion was visible in her eyes.  It was quite a change of topic.  "I hate what he did to my mother."

"But do you hate him so much?"  He knew he wasn't making much sense but he didn't know how else to put it.  "Look, I don't blame you for feeling that way.  I might even feel the same if I was in your position but when this is all over and we defeat Mori, is there a possibility that you'll forgive him just so you can let go?"

Nadeshiko had once spoken to her about this.  Was she speaking the truth?

Forgiveness…that's what you need to stop all of this hurting.  Your mother must forgive herself for what she didn't do and you must forgive your father for what he did do.

"I don't know," she answered truthfully.  "If you were in my position, would you?"

Touya thought for a moment.  It was such a crucial question on the sensitive topic.  "I would try very hard at it.  My mother wouldn't want me to carry any excess baggage.  Hatred is too heavy to carry around for a whole lifetime."

There was a momentary silence and all that could be heard were the rustling of pages from the other tables and hushed voices from the checkout counter.  He did not like the idea that the reason why Naomi was so serious was because she could not let go of the past.

"I'll think about it," she said after a while.  If two people (well technically one person and one angel) thought forgiveness was essential then it was worth thinking over even if she found it distasteful.

"And while we're on the subject, can I ask you another question?"  He was glad that she wasn't entirely opposed to the idea but there was something else bothering him.  "Do you hate Yue so much?"

She squirmed in her seat a bit, not liking this kind of attention at all.  "I don't suppose I do.  I know he only did what he was supposed to do.  What bothers me is that he was all too ready to do it.  He had no qualms about it at all.  Didn't he realize that erasing all love on earth would mean the end of the world?"

"I can't answer that for him but have you thought of confronting him?  I'm not doing this because his other self is my best friend.  I'm worried about you.  Sidestepping the issue won't solve anything."

"I know that.  I just don't know how to approach him."

"I don't think that's the case."

"Excuse me," Naomi looked at him in confusion.  She had a feeling that she would not like what he was going to say.  Her lips thinned as she braced herself for his words.

"I think you don't want to approach him.  You want him to make the first move since he's the one who faulted you and your mother.  Pride won't also solve anything."

There it was—the truth.  She didn't like it thrown to her face and she resented the fact that it was the man she loved who did the throwing.  And from the way he said it, it seemed like he didn't approve of it.  Fine, it was pride that kept her from talking to Yue but what was keeping Yue from apologizing to her?  It has got to be pride too but she hadn't seen Touya confronting Yue about it.

She was getting herself worked up and with good reason.  It was very obvious that his loyalty still lies with his best friend.  "So you're saying I'm being high-and-mighty," she said slowly.

"Of course not," his eyes widened a bit.  "You're taking this the wrong way.  What I'm trying to say is…"

"Oh I know what you're trying to say.  You think I'm being too stubborn and spiteful.  Well, if that's how you feel then why don't you go back to your angelic Yue since you think he can't do any wrong!"

"Hold on a minute.  I didn't—keep it down.  You're going to get us kicked out," he whispered rather loudly, trying to make himself heard above her rants.

"Oh so it's my fault again, is it?  Well, I'll save you the trouble.  I'm leaving and don't you dare follow me."  She gathered all of her things, shoved them in her bag then stomped out of the library.

Touya rubbed his eyes as he sighed loudly.  He had no idea what went wrong but he must have done something to anger her like that.  The librarian loudly cleared her throat and shot him a warning look and she was not the only one who was glaring at him.  Several students, mostly guys, who overheard the last part of the argument, were staring at him as though he was a first class jerk.

Perhaps he had been a jerk but he certainly did not mean it.  All he wanted was to help Naomi with her problems.  It served him right to meddle in the affairs of other magically inclined people.  He had problems of his own like the things his father was teaching him.  He hasn't mastered his new powers yet and needed all the focus he could get.

It looks like he has another distraction to bother him.  Their first lovers' tiff.  He should have guessed even that wouldn't be about normal things.  He glanced at the door where Naomi stormed off.  She said that he shouldn't follow her and he contemplated if it was a wise thing to do.  In the end, he decided that he should let her cool off first.

"Come on, Neilan," Touya gathered his things and slipped on the baby carrier.  "It looks like it's going to be just you and me for a while."


Of all the—!  Naomi couldn't finish the thought.  She was too furious…too insulted.  How dare he accuse me of those things?  I'm not the one who did something wrong.  I'm the one who was wronged.  I'm the victim.

She suddenly stopped pacing the roof top when she realized something.  She was being self-centered all of the sudden.  Had she always been like this?

It was then that she noticed another presence behind her.  She was too preoccupied with her anger that she hadn't realized that she was being observed.  "So this is where you've been hiding," she called out to the wind.

Yue neither spoke nor moved.  He just kept on staring with those cat-like silver eyes of his and it rattled more on her nerves.  But Naomi knew that it was the moon guardian's MO.  He was not a talker.  He was an observer.

Well two can play at this game, she thought with a smirk.  Slowly she faced him and threw him an accusing stare.  This entire mess was partially his fault.

If only he hadn't given the test to Mori.  He knew her father would never pass his judgment.

If only he hadn't cast the curse.  He didn't have to do that.  Wasn't denying the card captor ownership of the cards punishment enough?  Why did he have to involve everyone else?

And if only he ask for pardon.  Then maybe, just maybe, her emotions wouldn't be such a mess.  Why wouldn't he admit that he was wrong?  Why wouldn't he at least try to explain his side?

After a while, Naomi felt impatient at their staring contest.  She wasn't as cold as she'd believe herself to be and Yue had centuries of practice.  But what she said next definitely got through his defenses.

"Are you willing to risk your mistress' life?  You might lose her just as you lost your creator."

"Are you saying that you refuse to help Sakura-sama just because I refuse to give in to your demands?" his silver eyes flashed briefly.

"And what do you know of my demands?"


It irritated her how easily these people saw through her very soul.  She was angry for her mother and for herself.  She wanted justice for the wrong that was done to them.  So angry, she was, that she didn't know on whom she could put the blame.

She wanted Enishi Mori to pay for what he had done to her mother.  She wanted to make Yue regret the decision he made years ago…but not at the expense of another.  She could not involve anyone else for she would be doing the same mistake both Mori and Yue had done.

What was it that she really wanted?

"You cannot punish Sakura-sama because of me and I cannot undo the past."

"How about a simple apology?"

Yue looked away with a slight frown marring his beautiful face.  After a minute of waiting, it had looked like she was hoping for nothing.  She knew this would be the outcome if she confronted him but she just had to be a fool.

Naomi silently cursed as she made way to the stairs.  She couldn't stand another minute with the smug guardian, didn't really want to be in his presence anyway.  But as she reached for the doorknob she suddenly felt a dark presence looming above her.  She looked up but it was already too late.

A strong wind swirled around her, suffocating her with its darkness.  It was all too sudden that her mind froze in shock.  She was helpless and didn't know what to do.  The last thing she saw was a long, pristine white feather brushing her face.

To be continued…