My take on what on what happened when JJ got home the night they all found out Emily was alive. And how she has to deal with telling Will after telling the team.

I lied to them , I lied to you , I lied to myself

JJ parked her car into the drive way , she turned the engine off taking her keys out , she sat back leaning her head onto the top of her seat, closing her eyes taking a moment to control herself and her thoughts , she looked out of her car window seeing the living room light on it was late but she had called Will asking to try and keep Henry up so she could put him down for the night . She grabbed her bag from the passenger side of the car locking it behind her. She took her house keys out of her purse unlocking the door locking it behind her, she heard footsteps running towards her, JJ placed her bag down on the table, she Picked Henry up as he ran towards her placing him on her hip she kissed his forehead brushing his hair out of his eyes. She looked down at Will who gave her a smile.


"Hey you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah its just been a long day"

Will nodded seeing Henry yawn in Jayje's arms JJ smiled at him walking up the stairs to his bedroom letting him crawl into his big boy bed as he liked to call it , She pulled the bed cover over him making sure he would be warm enough before sitting down next to him picking up one of his bedtime stories. Once he was asleep she put the book down kissing him one last time on the head. She turned his night lamp off closing his bedroom door behind her. JJ walked down the hallway into her and Will's bedroom she picked up her pyjamas off the end of the bed stripping off her clothes replacing them with her comfy nightwear. She walked into the bathroom staring at herself in the mirror as she took off her make up knowing when she stepped foot into the living room things were going to change.

She had lied to them to him and too herself over the last 7 months, and now she had to see his heart break like all her teams face's had that afternoon, she took a deep breath leaning her hands onto the edge of the skin supporting herself. Once she was ready she walked down the stairs and stood in the archway of the living room seeing Will flicking through the TV channels.

"Hey you"

"Hey" JJ said quietly

Will looked up at her knowing something was wrong , JJ walked towards the sofa her arms crossed around her chest she sat down on the sofa crossing her legs facing Will, she looked down at her hands trying to avoid eye contact with him , Pulling the sleeve of her top over her hands like she did whenever she was uncomfortable.

"Jay what's going on you seem nervous?"

JJ let out a little laugh looking up at him he could see the normal sparkle in her eyes was gone replaced with sadness as a single tear slid down her face, she bit her lip taking one deep breath before looking at him right in the eye.

"Something happened today that changed a lot of things and I just need you to listen to me and know that everything I did was to protect you and Henry and everyone else and that I had to do it otherwise we might of lost more than just one person "


"7 months ago Me and Hotch made a decision that changed everything , Emily's Alive"

Will sat staring at JJ not knowing what to think he felt a sharp pain in his chest from the fact he and everyone else had been lied too and that he had to help her with her grieving when she wasn't actually grieving the death of her friend but grieving because she was alive and not with them. He let her carry on he was speechless.

"She survived and was put in witness protection I met up with her in France and gave her three new identities I was the last person to speak to her until today , Emily's back and so is Doyle but we got him its over"

She took a deep breath looking up at Will letting tears escape her eyes she could see the anger and hurt in his eyes seeing him shake his head knowing he wasn't sure what to say or what to make sense of.

"You lied ?"

JJ nodded feeling another tear fall down her cheek bone onto her hand

"I'm sorry"

"But I….."

"I held you for 7 months while you cried and let you sit with Reid for 10 weeks while he cried and you sat there pretending to feel the same pain as everyone else when in fact you knew the truth ?"

JJ looked up at Will taking a breath not knowing what to say she knew he was right but she wouldn't change any of it.

"I wouldn't take it back I did what I had to do and yes I'm sorry that I lied okay but even I started to believe the lie because it hurt not being able to tell you that she's somewhere around the world alive, it was killing me that I had to held Spencer while he cried and not be able to say those two words. So yeah I get it okay because I was grieving; grieving the fact that I lost my best friend and that I started to lose myself"

Will looked over at JJ seeing the pool of tear marks down her face he listened to what she had to say and he also knew she was right no one had thought of what she had to go through by keeping it form everyone having to live with that burden for 7 months everyday not been able to tell him.

"Can we not fight because you're the last person I want to fight with right now everyone else wont even speak to me so please"

"I forgive you and I get it , you were protecting us all of us and I'm proud of you for that and I'm proud of you for staying strong by having to keep it to yourself and not betraying your oaf "

"I never , she's back that's all that matters now"

Will pulled Jayje into his arms letting her cry into his arms knowing this was the first time in a while she had become venerable , He wrapped his arm around her placing soft kisses onto her forehead as she pulled on his shirt filling it with tear marks. Once she had clamed down he looked down to see her looking up at him

"You know it was really hard to lie to you"

"I figured since we've been drifting apart and I've been wondering why but I guess I just got my answer " Will placed another kiss on top of her head

"I'm sorry I just knew that if I was close to you I wouldn't be able to lie so I shut myself out from everyone you and even Hotch and he knew " She looked up at him

Will looked at her wiping away the tears away from her cheeks.

Will gave her a little smile leaning in kissing her lips softly JJ kissed him back feeling like herself for the first time in over 7 months the secret was out Emily was back Doyle was in custody everything could go back to normal , even though she knew that would take a while with the team but not with her family , Will understood her better than anyone and that's why without she wouldn't be able to get through this.

Will laid in bed watching as Jayje slept in his arms for the first time in a while , he knew they had drifted apart because there was something different with her and now he new what that was that she couldn't lie to him, he also knew that sometime soon this secret would of real eaten her up as they were starting to lose each other but now he had her back he had his JJ back she could be herself again she didn't have to hide behind the lie or the secrets she could be her cheerful self again.

But also deep down he had a feeling something wasn't right as Jayje had never once said to him that Emily had died she only said she never made it off the table and she always seemed to be playing online scrabble a lot. He kissed the top of her head feeling her move in her sleep tugging closer to him, he ran his hand down her arm before closing his eyes.

JJ felt better the secret was out the three lies she had told to the team to her family and too herself were all out and now she could breathe again.

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